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- Welcome to the Open Source and Free Software Group Skinner Admin Fri Nov-12-04 06:07 PM0
- Is anyone using Audacity? pscot Sat Dec-10-11 05:12 AM3
- Making UEFI Secure Boot Work With Open Platforms (Linux Foundation) struggle4prog... Tue Nov-29-11 08:09 PM0
- I finally installed Ubuntu 11.10 Syrinx Tue Nov-29-11 05:54 PM15
- Doom 3 source code released Ohio Joe Mon Nov-28-11 12:46 PM2
- What's the best way to share documents across multiple distributions? Syrinx Sun Nov-13-11 05:45 AM3
- New BeagleBoard released pokerfan Thu Nov-03-11 12:09 PM4
- Ultra-cheapo computing adventures [View All] struggle4prog... Fri Oct-28-11 12:39 AM38
- Android Phone Apps Old and In th... Thu Oct-27-11 08:42 PM4
- The Story of Linux: Commemorating 20 Years of the Linux Operating System pokerfan Thu Oct-27-11 07:35 PM7
- Ubuntu 11.10 is here madokie Fri Oct-14-11 11:29 AM1
- Windows 8 OEM specs may block Linux booting pokerfan Fri Sep-30-11 01:40 AM11
- Ubuntu 11.10 beta 2 download is here madokie Thu Sep-22-11 07:54 PM0
- Anyone have a Google+ invite to share? oxymoron Wed Sep-21-11 10:31 AM3
- Playing with Oneiric Ocelot Beta 1 (ubuntu 11.10) madokie Sat Sep-10-11 03:46 AM6
- Microsoft: Mouse without Borders ChromeFoundry Fri Sep-09-11 09:07 PM0
- FreeNAS ChromeFoundry Fri Sep-02-11 01:54 AM2
- Something to do that speeds up firefox a tad madokie Sat Aug-27-11 08:44 PM2
- Happy birthday, Linux! pokerfan Fri Aug-26-11 04:57 PM2
- Linux Mint 11 hobbit709 Fri Aug-19-11 05:48 PM6
- Torvalds calls for GNOME fork pokerfan Mon Aug-15-11 01:17 PM7
- What is using all your HD space? ChromeFoundry Sat Aug-13-11 12:38 AM5
- ubuntu 11.10 madokie Wed Aug-03-11 08:36 AM3
- Open-ended question re: prolonging SSD life by keeping some files in ramdisk struggle4prog... Tue Jul-26-11 05:24 PM3
- After only 24 hours, I have a minimal Gentoo installation and can boot to a shell! struggle4prog... Tue Jul-19-11 02:12 PM0
- Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot Alpha 2 madokie Mon Jul-18-11 09:07 PM16
- Replacing Gnome with OpenBox in Ubuntu struggle4prog... Tue Jul-12-11 05:19 PM6
- Dear Ubuntu (DistroWatch) struggle4prog... Thu Jun-30-11 11:04 AM0
- Ubuntu (and other linux) users should install Wireshark or something similar if they haven't already Occulus Wed Jun-29-11 02:17 AM3
- Just a reminder, Ubuntu 11.04 is to be released today. madokie Tue Jun-28-11 05:00 PM16
- So I need to set up a custom modeline for xorg.conf in Ubuntu 11.04. Occulus Wed Jun-22-11 09:44 PM1
- Thinking about trying out some Linux - suggestions for first time user TroubleMan Wed Jun-22-11 09:36 PM10
- tinycore 3.7 is available struggle4prog... Mon Jun-20-11 06:40 PM2
- The Sins of Ubuntu (OS News) struggle4prog... Sat Jun-18-11 08:16 AM3
- new release of SystemRescue CD struggle4prog... Mon Jun-06-11 06:32 PM0
- Needing software suggestions for converting .flv files eleny Sun May-29-11 07:07 PM5
- new stable release of GParted Live (0.8.1-3) struggle4prog... Wed May-25-11 09:55 PM0
- OK, linux gurus. What's wrong with my wired network in ubuntu 11.04? struggle4prog... Sat May-21-11 02:25 PM2
- Virtualbox 4.0.8 is out. eom struggle4prog... Fri May-20-11 09:23 PM0
- I would like to put ubuntu 10.10 on a usb 4 gig pny flash drive madokie Mon May-16-11 09:42 PM4
- Oracle gives up on OpenOffice after community forks the project Old and In th... Tue May-10-11 06:56 PM2
- $25 dollar computer that plugs into your TV alfredo Tue May-10-11 10:20 AM1
- Weird problem with debian struggle4prog... Sat May-07-11 12:38 AM0
- Here's an interesting distro: struggle4prog... Wed Apr-27-11 01:19 AM0
- Isn't the firefox cache supposed to be persistent? Syrinx Sun Apr-17-11 02:46 PM3
- Ubuntu 11.04 beta 2 is out, two more weeks and the real thing will be released madokie Sat Apr-16-11 05:54 AM2
- Favorite independent distro (Poll) [View All] toddaa Thu Apr-14-11 11:32 PM31
- self delete madokie Mon Apr-11-11 05:59 PM0
- 10 Ways Linux Is Making Life Better pokerfan Tue Mar-22-11 06:32 PM0
- Not sure if this is the right forum for this question... XanaDUer Sat Mar-19-11 05:56 PM2
- Ubuntu 11.04 alpha 2 has been released today madokie Sat Mar-19-11 02:08 AM2
- VirtualBox 4.04 is out struggle4prog... Fri Mar-18-11 06:30 AM10
- Anybody ever successfully install Scientific Linux in Virtual Box? struggle4prog... Mon Mar-14-11 08:46 PM2
- Ubuntu + Wine + Turbotax online worked fine for me for this year's taxes. I used RKP5637 Wed Mar-09-11 03:07 AM2
- Anybody out there using Damn Vulnerable Linux? struggle4prog... Sun Mar-06-11 05:37 PM0
- Ubuntu's two big advantages over Windows and Mac pokerfan Tue Feb-22-11 12:40 AM10
- One-third of agencies pass the Federal Open Technology Report Card Renew Deal Fri Feb-18-11 05:43 PM1
- whyverne Fri Feb-11-11 07:17 PM2
- Every Unix except Linux sucks warthog balls. Commie Pinko ... Fri Feb-11-11 07:16 PM3
- So, has anyone tried the Kylo web browser? Occulus Fri Feb-11-11 07:14 PM1
- I'm looking for a freeware that can create animated gifs. Any suggestions? Bucky Fri Feb-11-11 07:10 PM3
- Having trouble. Installed Ubuntu 10.10 on an old computer that had Hardy Heron working ok. elocs Fri Jan-28-11 06:38 AM7
- Open Source Hardware the new revolution-Arduino Ichingcarpent... Sat Jan-22-11 08:12 PM2
- Wide screen LCD monitor question madokie Sat Jan-08-11 07:33 PM2
- Virtual Box 4.0 is out struggle4prog... Thu Dec-23-10 02:31 PM1
- I'm playing with ubuntu 11.04 alpha 1 madokie Sun Dec-19-10 11:47 AM7
- Paint.NET help. Probably a pretty simple question, actually Bucky Sun Dec-12-10 05:38 PM2
- Mind Technologies To Offer Thought-Controlled Apps For Android Commie Pinko ... Fri Nov-26-10 10:07 AM0
- The 50 Free Apps We're Most Thankful For (Lifehacker) pokerfan Fri Nov-26-10 02:36 AM0
- Ubuntu 10.04 Networking Question.... CrownPrinceBa... Tue Nov-23-10 10:43 AM5
- Linux Mint 10 madokie Sun Nov-21-10 08:30 PM11
- Kubuntu 10.10 - Tiny Review RoyGBiv Wed Nov-03-10 03:40 AM6
- I just know there has to be some waiting for this day madokie Mon Nov-01-10 10:46 PM5
- Okay, so. I installed Steam in Ubuntu 10.04. (crosspost from Gaming Group) Occulus Thu Oct-28-10 02:42 PM1
- (x-post from Mac Users Forum re: Eclipse Mercurial plugin) struggle4prog... Mon Oct-25-10 07:15 AM0
- Ubuntu 10.10 RC is out madokie Mon Oct-25-10 05:47 AM8
- Pandigital Novel (Android Tablet) nadinbrzezins... Sun Oct-10-10 06:10 PM3
- The third Blender Open Movie is now available for download! Occulus Tue Oct-05-10 06:43 AM2
- Surely, the fidonet software wasn't written in assembly language Syrinx Sat Oct-02-10 07:06 PM13
- Does anybody know the score on concurrent booting in Lucid Lynx? struggle4prog... Sat Oct-02-10 07:49 AM2
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