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- "Of Mice or Men: The problems with animal testing." flvegan Thu Jun-01-06 06:34 PM0
- Goldfish have feelings too, say fish researchers Elad Admin Thu Jun-01-06 02:55 PM0
- I was bad tonight mzteris Thu Jun-01-06 09:17 AM5
- "...only one other beast known to show that kind of behavior: a toddler." flvegan Thu Jun-01-06 01:16 AM3
- "Apes, Birds May Plan, Remember Like Humans Can, Studies Find"... Robeson Thu Jun-01-06 12:41 AM1
- Happy Birthday, Kitties! SemiCharmedQu... Thu Jun-01-06 12:00 AM13
- If Pigs Could Fly (*Warning: Heart Wrenching*)... Robeson Tue May-30-06 08:30 PM8
- DominionThe Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy BrklynLiberal Tue May-30-06 07:10 PM2
- "Happy Meal" SHRED Tue May-30-06 01:26 AM4
- How We Are Here - US K-9 soldier in Iraq Omaha Steve Mon May-29-06 01:02 PM1
- Apparently google wants to irritate me or stupid freegans LeftyMom Mon May-29-06 12:27 PM5
- Interesting article on the sentance in the Wegmans Cruelty case LeftyMom Sun May-28-06 09:28 PM6
- Japan to Murder 260 Whales in the North Pacific this Summer flvegan Sun May-28-06 08:21 PM3
- Is anybody interested in discussing the ethics of faux fur? LeftyMom Sun May-28-06 03:05 AM11
- For Rattlesnake - A Dialogue of Creatures. A poem by Peter Blue Cloud annces8 Sat May-27-06 07:47 PM2
- Stop the taxpayer-funded expansion of Hudson Valley Foie Gras LeftyMom Sat May-27-06 05:29 PM1
- Debarking should never be an option (petition; please sign!) CountAllVotes Sat May-27-06 02:09 PM8
- SICK! Dead ducklings sold as "collectibles" by dollmaker Lorien Sat May-27-06 01:41 AM2
- Hmmmm LeftyMom Fri May-26-06 11:31 PM15
- I am having the smoothest vegan red wine tonight. Ilsa Fri May-26-06 11:02 PM2
- Daring rescue of whale off Farallones Omaha Steve Fri May-26-06 07:50 PM5
- VVAR group...keep up the good fight flvegan Fri May-26-06 01:20 PM2
- So, I get my latest Southern Living magazine in the mail and there's Ilsa Fri May-26-06 09:50 AM6
- flvegan Thu May-25-06 02:03 PM4
- Prince, Kristen Bell are PETA's Sexiest Vegetarians, 2006 flvegan Wed May-24-06 05:44 PM2
- A little blurb about vegan junk food in Newsweek LeftyMom Wed May-24-06 01:24 PM1
- Alternet story on Peter Singer's, "The Way We Eat..." flvegan Wed May-24-06 09:37 AM1
- Does anyone have a recipe for vegan Chimichangas??? n/t emmajane67 Wed May-24-06 09:24 AM5
- PETA launches new site flvegan Mon May-22-06 08:25 PM5
- I need cold food ideas LeftyMom Mon May-22-06 08:12 PM10
- Study: Vegan Women Less Likely To Have Twins Elad Admin Mon May-22-06 07:41 PM19
- Some spiffy vegan shirts being sold to benefit Peter Young's defense LeftyMom Mon May-22-06 05:10 PM0
- National Geographic has a great article on Sea Shepherd LeftyMom Mon May-22-06 03:40 PM1
- Sea Shepherd in National Geographic...awesome. flvegan Mon May-22-06 03:39 PM8
- Dry cheeze sauce mix CrispyQGirl Mon May-22-06 07:39 AM4
- Guess what? We're terrorists! [View All] Coventina Sun May-21-06 06:45 PM23
- Odd Obedience experience mycritters2 Sun May-21-06 01:21 PM11
- Beyond Vegan... peacebuzzard Sun May-21-06 11:08 AM6
- AR2006 Catchawave Sat May-20-06 07:34 PM1
- Animal-rights activist who filmed egg farm draws 6-month sentence Elad Admin Sat May-20-06 09:13 AM8
- "Sport" killing of rabbits in CA - need your help! Hell Hath No ... Sat May-20-06 08:38 AM7
- Man squeezes cat to death for scratching girlfriend's daughter friesianrider Fri May-19-06 10:39 PM9
- (excellent) My Adventure Presenting Animal Rights Philosophy to the FBI Elad Admin Fri May-19-06 10:12 AM4
- Nice article on a raw foodist, vegan athlete Elad Admin Thu May-18-06 10:28 PM3
- Shelter dog help needed in the Pets group... friesianrider Tue May-16-06 11:00 PM1
- Vegan Family Website BrklynLiberal Tue May-16-06 10:24 PM3
- Arctic Harp Seals Show Up On US Beaches Beaverhausen Tue May-16-06 03:39 PM0
- Vegan baby products co. sees increased sales, interest after web stories Elad Admin Tue May-16-06 02:50 PM2
- Thousands of Washington Elk Starving to Death friesianrider Tue May-16-06 05:39 AM1
- If you ever loved a pet read this, A different day at Rainbow Bridge Omaha Steve Mon May-15-06 07:41 PM9
- Blair signs petition in support of vivisection Elad Admin Mon May-15-06 01:59 PM0
- Rising oil prices raises vegetarian profile in Phichit (Thailand) Elad Admin Mon May-15-06 01:43 PM0
- check out the action blog (just for people like us) Omaha Steve Mon May-15-06 12:18 PM1
- DU doesn't feel "safe" to me anymore. Coventina Sun May-14-06 11:35 AM14
- Take action to ensure that pets are not left behind in natural disasters. BrklynLiberal Sun May-14-06 12:45 AM1
- Congress trying to lower organic food standards.... Robeson Sun May-14-06 12:17 AM7
- Just came from the belly of the beast: UCLA Pharmacology lab Coventina Sat May-13-06 09:20 PM6
- Costco- still promoting the seal hunt and those who support it. LeftyMom Sat May-13-06 09:40 AM4
- I'm leaving my comfy native habitat for five days flamingyouth Sat May-13-06 01:54 AM11
- New bear found-- let's shoot it! SemiCharmedQu... Sat May-13-06 01:50 AM4
- I'm all aglow....flvegan gave me props!! Coventina Sat May-13-06 01:34 AM5
- LIP started a thread in GD. LeftyMom Fri May-12-06 05:24 PM2
- Cat stomped to death in film draws outrage Omaha Steve Thu May-11-06 03:21 AM6
- Stopping Cow Farts.... Robeson Wed May-10-06 12:14 PM1
- Vegan breakfast foods LeftyMom Mon May-08-06 01:57 PM18
- Pit bulls are getting a negative press again. peacebuzzard Mon May-08-06 02:19 AM2
- Try Pet Promise FREE!!!!! Omaha Steve Sun May-07-06 11:50 PM4
- Hawk Cam and Falcon Cam with chicks!!! BrklynLiberal Sun May-07-06 03:10 PM1
- Iron rich food advice mzteris Sun May-07-06 08:50 AM6
- Man nabbed for dog's torture death rainbow4321 Sat May-06-06 10:55 PM2
- Thank you for making bail, Virgil. flvegan Sat May-06-06 10:50 PM5
- Need a bit of advice. I am giving up meat and fish for health reasons. KyndCulture Fri May-05-06 07:36 PM12
- Elad Admin Fri May-05-06 02:29 AM1
- How to choose?! The "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" flvegan Fri May-05-06 02:06 AM9
- Supplements: Do you take them, and which ones? (Poll) BuffyTheFundi... Thu May-04-06 11:14 PM11
- Why do people act like being veg means you can never go out to eat? sbj405 Thu May-04-06 06:28 PM9
- Things that make me smile- HLS is having a really bad day LeftyMom Thu May-04-06 05:21 PM2
- Idaho Humane Society Rescues Hundreds of Cats from Deplorable Conditions friesianrider Wed May-03-06 11:42 PM3
- Oldest living person has been a vegetarian her whole life Elad Admin Wed May-03-06 06:00 PM6
- Puppy found chained in cold, wet basement; owner cited Omaha Steve Wed May-03-06 01:02 AM3
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