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- Alma {radio} telescope begins study of cosmic dawn (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Tue Oct-04-11 01:58 AM0
- Researchers find world's first x-ray laser produces most coherent x-ray radiation ever Bosonic Tue Oct-04-11 01:16 AM2
- Meteor storm this Saturday (maybe) pokerfan Tue Oct-04-11 12:21 AM5
- Richard Feynman on beauty (part one of a new series) pokerfan Mon Oct-03-11 04:04 PM1
- Tevatron atom smasher shuts after more than 25 years (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Mon Oct-03-11 03:31 PM3
- DARPA robots continue to improve pokerfan Mon Oct-03-11 02:11 PM7
- Michael Behe versus the history of material culture (specifically, the history of mouse traps) Boojatta Mon Oct-03-11 01:55 PM1
- Pee power: Urine-loving bug churns out space fuel Bosonic Mon Oct-03-11 11:18 AM9
- Mercury's magnetic field -- and why it has one n2doc Mon Oct-03-11 05:49 AM3
- SpaceX Unveils Plan for World's First Fully Reusable Rocket n2doc Sun Oct-02-11 02:26 PM2
- Prediction or cause? Information theory may hold the key Bosonic Sun Oct-02-11 12:39 PM4
- NASA Figures Show That Commercial Rocket Costs Less Than Half as Much as Government-Run Effort Would n2doc Sat Oct-01-11 10:24 PM13
- A pretty cool real video from the Dawn Spacecraft and the asteroid Vesta Ichingcarpent... Sat Oct-01-11 08:01 PM6
- Do human dwellings need windows - or would skylights suffice? [View All] txlibdem Sat Oct-01-11 06:31 PM26
- pokerfan Sat Oct-01-11 05:14 PM3
- packing squares in squares pokerfan Sat Oct-01-11 05:12 PM1
- Space Telescopes Reveal Secrets of Turbulent Black Hole HysteryDiagno... Sat Oct-01-11 12:36 PM1
- Dan Rather's show on Bee Deaths n2doc Sat Oct-01-11 03:59 AM2
- Kepler Analysis Projects One-Third of Sun-Like Stars Have an Earth-Like Planet Orbiting n2doc Sat Oct-01-11 12:43 AM7
- When Neil deGrasse Tyson met Carl Sagan Ian David Fri Sep-30-11 09:50 PM2
- Elon Musk Outlines Grand Plans In Speech (Video) bananas Fri Sep-30-11 09:05 PM2
- 'Flying carpet' of conductive plastic takes flight dipsydoodle Fri Sep-30-11 05:19 PM3
- Galaxy caught blowing bubbles n2doc Fri Sep-30-11 02:23 PM3
- Superluminal neutrinos -- first seen in America, to be tested at Fermilab? eppur_se_muov... Fri Sep-30-11 01:10 PM1
- Check out this botched science article about near-Earth asteroids. Towlie Fri Sep-30-11 12:52 PM8
- 'Hollows' mark Mercury's surface (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Fri Sep-30-11 12:42 PM3
- Ig Nobel Awards announced n2doc Fri Sep-30-11 12:15 PM2
- A science experiment... Ian David Fri Sep-30-11 11:05 AM4
- Cloud-Powered Facial Recognition Is Terrifying Swede Fri Sep-30-11 09:25 AM7
- Heavy metal stars produce Earth-Like planets Ichingcarpent... Fri Sep-30-11 09:10 AM0
- Water supersaturation in the Martian atmosphere discovered Bosonic Fri Sep-30-11 07:00 AM1
- GRAIL and the Mystery of the Missing Moon Dover Fri Sep-30-11 02:17 AM3
- Baby Sharks Birthed in Artificial Uterus n2doc Thu Sep-29-11 08:45 PM1
- pokerfan Thu Sep-29-11 08:40 PM5
- n2doc Thu Sep-29-11 05:18 PM8
- Self-healing materials take cue from nature Bosonic Thu Sep-29-11 03:20 PM1
- Dimension-hop may allow neutrinos to cheat light speed n2doc Thu Sep-29-11 02:35 PM7
- Another dead satellite will crash into Earth soon n2doc Thu Sep-29-11 02:05 PM5
- Weird New Forms of Bacterial Life Found in the Dead Sea n2doc Thu Sep-29-11 01:30 PM2
- China Launches Its First Space Station Module Into Orbit n2doc Thu Sep-29-11 01:11 PM0
- As its Tevatron collider goes dark, Fermilab ponders a muon-rich future n2doc Thu Sep-29-11 01:02 PM0
- 'Accelerating universe' could be just an illusion Jim__ Thu Sep-29-11 11:44 AM4
- Prehistoric Colors Preserved in Near-Perfect Beetle Fossils n2doc Thu Sep-29-11 10:57 AM4
- Norway - dialup warning.. Sept 27 Auroras Ichingcarpent... Thu Sep-29-11 12:30 AM15
- Astrophoto: The Great Orion Nebula by Arturo Montesinos pokerfan Wed Sep-28-11 11:59 PM11
- Archimedes sent a fax to XXI century n2doc Wed Sep-28-11 07:53 PM6
- Fossil beetles show true colours (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Wed Sep-28-11 02:49 PM0
- New Photos Show Blazingly Bright Uranus & Neptune in Infrared n2doc Wed Sep-28-11 02:43 PM3
- Tesla, neutrinos, speed of light, 1932 [View All] Ichingcarpent... Wed Sep-28-11 02:35 PM31
- Ancestors' lifestyle change probed by archaeologists xchrom Wed Sep-28-11 01:37 PM4
- You can't use tachyons to send information faster than the speed of light. bananas Wed Sep-28-11 09:09 AM7
- I'm for neutrinos exceeding the speed of light (Poll) [View All] Onlooker Wed Sep-28-11 07:51 AM24
- Big space pic: Hundreds of billions of stars.... n2doc Tue Sep-27-11 10:22 PM7
- Japanese tsunami mapped in detail for the first time n2doc Tue Sep-27-11 07:17 PM1
- Reader submitted photos of last night's aurora pokerfan Tue Sep-27-11 03:13 PM7
- Bronze Age finds at Llangollen's Pillar of Eliseg xchrom Tue Sep-27-11 11:54 AM4
- Aurora (Northern Lights) alert for tonight pokerfan Mon Sep-26-11 10:59 PM13
- How Life Arose on Earth, and How a Singularity Might Bring It Down n2doc Mon Sep-26-11 09:56 PM11
- New neutrino speed of light jokes Ichingcarpent... Mon Sep-26-11 09:51 PM7
- Cloaking study yields antimagnet Bosonic Mon Sep-26-11 08:27 AM2
- Evolution of the feather HysteryDiagno... Sun Sep-25-11 11:50 PM5
- Great site for astronomically challenged.Basic stuff you've wanted to know but were afraid to ask. snagglepuss Sun Sep-25-11 07:38 PM5
- Two ways of looking at something Ian David Sun Sep-25-11 04:10 PM0
- Team creates 'living' cells made of metal Ian David Sun Sep-25-11 02:40 PM4
- Robots Invent Their Own Language Ichingcarpent... Sun Sep-25-11 02:31 PM9
- Japanese Govt. withholds photos taken by expensive satellites, citing security reasons bananas Sun Sep-25-11 11:00 AM2
- CERN: Light Speed May Have Been Exceeded By Subatomic Particle kristopher Sun Sep-25-11 07:51 AM3
- Sea Launch rocket company returns to service (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sun Sep-25-11 05:11 AM1
- Particle physics refresher, via Rachel Maddow shireen Sun Sep-25-11 01:49 AM4
- Lock of hair pins down early migration of Aborigines xchrom Sat Sep-24-11 11:01 PM2
- Video and slides from CERN conference on neutrino faster-than-light results bananas Sat Sep-24-11 07:28 PM0
- Faster than light neutrinos? A quick calculation Motown_Johnny Sat Sep-24-11 07:13 PM6
- Flying microrobot takes steps toward full autonomy (w/ video) Bosonic Sat Sep-24-11 04:43 PM5
- NASA launches sound bite gallery for ringtones, alarms n2doc Sat Sep-24-11 08:58 AM2
- Particles recorded moving faster than light: CERN [View All] Bosonic Sat Sep-24-11 07:45 AM21
- More details on the "faster than the speed of light" neutrinos jayfish Fri Sep-23-11 05:26 PM11
- UK Telegraph: CERN scientists 'break the speed of light' Occulus Fri Sep-23-11 05:18 PM1
- xkcd toon on Neutrinos n2doc Fri Sep-23-11 05:02 PM0
- They've narrowed down where that falling satellite is going to hit [View All] pokerfan Fri Sep-23-11 04:58 PM23
- I suggest 'Ophryotrocha dickcheneii" n2doc Fri Sep-23-11 02:58 PM4
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