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- TOO DAMNED HOT! FLORIDA IN JULY JOKES Crewleader Sun Jul-29-07 02:46 PM0
- RETIRED?OR JUST TIRED? Crewleader Fri Jul-27-07 09:57 PM3
- No Longer Just Canasta, Condoms Are A Big Hit At Old Folks Homes DeSwiss Thu Jul-26-07 05:00 PM9
- LIFE IS SHORT.JUMP AT IT! Crewleader Sat Jul-21-07 12:23 AM1
- Ya Gotta Like George Crewleader Thu Jul-19-07 01:38 PM10
- U.S. Heading For Financial Trouble? Crewleader Tue Jul-17-07 11:54 PM3
- MAD MAX Crewleader Sun Jul-15-07 09:55 PM2
- Classic Cars Crewleader Sun Jul-08-07 08:36 PM7
- GOING TO THE DOG JOKES! Crewleader Sat Jul-07-07 04:13 PM0
- THE FIRST RULE OF GEEZERDOM Crewleader Fri Jul-06-07 11:21 PM18
- The Best All Wet Jokes! Crewleader Tue Jul-03-07 11:46 PM4
- Remember When Service Stations Gave Service? Crewleader Wed Jun-20-07 10:35 PM13
- Crewleader Mon Jun-18-07 11:15 AM10
- Happy Father's Day Jokes! Crewleader Sun Jun-17-07 05:03 PM1
- The Facts Of Life Crewleader Sat Jun-02-07 11:02 PM3
- A Few Battle Of The Sexes Jokes! Crewleader Sun May-27-07 11:29 AM1
- Suddenly Senior Crewleader Sun May-20-07 02:23 PM0
- Dems discuss Health Care - note delay in any attack on Social Security until 2009 papau Sat May-19-07 09:39 AM0
- OPERATION SPACE CAMP Crewleader Sat May-19-07 12:12 AM4
- Senior News From: Frank Kaiser Crewleader Thu May-17-07 02:24 PM0
- From Suddenly Senior Crewleader Wed May-16-07 11:46 PM1
- Solution to future Pension crisis? Employers must offer Defined Benefit Plans, or pay into a SS fund papau Thu May-03-07 06:09 AM3
- Question: Where are you comfortable getting info re: finances? timeforarevol... Thu Apr-26-07 08:30 AM1
- Truman experts: what happened to cause his ratings to fall so? oscar111 Tue Apr-24-07 11:06 AM5
- 2007 Social Security Trustees report says SS getting heathier - Trust Fund adds one year to 2041 papau Mon Apr-23-07 09:25 PM0
- How did the ins. co's bribe the NAACP and League of United Latin American Citizens to dis Medicare? papau Mon Apr-23-07 03:48 AM5
- Help me make a decision on SS. napi21 Sat Apr-21-07 06:38 PM16
- North Dakota Law Says ElderHippies Are "Living In Sin" DeSwiss Sat Apr-14-07 01:42 PM4
- Kent Conrad D-N.D starts up panel to change SS by cutting SS benefits papau Sun Apr-08-07 10:31 AM7
- Fidelity study says average person will replace 58% of pre-retirement income papau Wed Mar-14-07 06:03 AM0
- Seniors and Aging; what constitutes a senior? babylonsister Tue Mar-13-07 06:31 AM18
- Age, al Natural. Dove pro-age commercials banned from T.V. find a home on the web. Dover Sat Mar-03-07 09:54 AM5
- GRANDPARENTS RAISING GRANDCHILDREN walk softly Thu Feb-08-07 02:31 PM5
- Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Have any of you seniors clydefrand Mon Jan-22-07 09:59 AM13
- Does anyone have experience with AARP's supplementary medical ins.? Lydia Leftcoa... Mon Jan-22-07 09:48 AM3
- Medicare Part D --- Bait and Switch Tracer Fri Jan-19-07 01:07 AM3
- S S Trustees project both "likely insolvency in 2041" and "no problem" papau Sun Dec-31-06 09:45 AM2
- Substantially Higher Part B Premiums in 2007 As Medicare Means Testing Starts Lasher Tue Dec-26-06 10:55 AM3
- How does one go about getting assistance for an elderly person ? [View All] bearfan454 Wed Nov-29-06 11:29 AM20
- Action to repeal medicare part D and replace it. liberaldemocr... Mon Nov-20-06 09:07 AM0
- Back to work after retirement question re: earnings yy4me Fri Nov-17-06 07:19 AM10
- Seniors back Brown; he makes Medicare priority Algorem Sat Nov-11-06 08:53 AM0
- The GOP plan to destroy Medicare is moving right along... antigop Fri Oct-13-06 12:26 AM5
- PBS FRONTLINE "Can You Afford to Retire," (under GOP pers. acct's) review papau Thu Jul-27-06 06:45 AM5
- [WSJ]:As workers' pensions wither, those for executives grow antigop Fri Jul-07-06 11:48 PM3
- Back from the Dead [Social Security privatization] antigop Sun Jul-02-06 12:01 PM9
- How big a cut in SS benefits before too many going below poverty line? papau Wed Jun-14-06 02:26 PM3
- GOP proposed 4th leg of retirement - continue working - Kohl S 1826 papau Thu May-25-06 07:46 PM9
- If workers knew the GOP/Employers killed retirement, they'd stop saving? papau Thu May-25-06 11:47 AM5
- U.K. confirms retirement age will rise papau Wed May-24-06 09:45 AM0
- Brits to mandate Employer 3% of pay contrib, as GOP/US C of C screws EE's papau Tue May-23-06 12:29 PM3
- 2006 SS Trustee's Report low cost projection again shows no change needed! papau Mon May-01-06 03:40 PM0
- Cash Balance Plan Conversion recent Court Cases go both ways papau Mon Apr-10-06 09:35 AM0
- SS & Medicare Reports delayed as new Trustees not approved by Senate papau Tue Apr-04-06 09:05 PM0
- Does anyone have any information about the Dana corp bankruptcy? JitterbugPerf... Wed Mar-29-06 06:18 PM2
- Bush trying to pass Social Security private accounts via Budget Bill papau Mon Mar-20-06 12:16 PM3
- Defined Pension to Cash Balance Conversion Suit by Duke Energy Workers papau Mon Mar-20-06 12:08 PM1
- House/Senate Pension Conference Bill may be ready for vote by April 7th papau Fri Mar-10-06 10:33 AM0
- Democrats make pitch to seniors, offer Medicare changes papau Thu Feb-16-06 11:37 AM1
- DOL has new guide to help plan retirement papau Thu Feb-16-06 11:35 AM2
- CNN Fact Check: Bush on Social Security struggle4prog... Thu Jan-26-06 05:45 PM4
- Savings from an Efficient Medicare Drug Program... REACTIVATED I... Tue Jan-24-06 12:54 PM1
- The K Street Prescription REACTIVATED I... Tue Jan-24-06 11:41 AM0
- Chile's Candidates Agree to Agree on Pension Woes (Bush Accounts suck) papau Wed Jan-11-06 12:45 PM0
- Lets talk about 65 plus and income tax? oneighty Wed Jan-11-06 10:53 AM8
- Start of Medicare Drug Plan Sees Successes and Struggles papau Wed Jan-04-06 10:07 AM5
- New Year, New Medicare Plan (expecting confusion on Part D-Drugs) papau Fri Dec-30-05 09:51 AM0
- Republicans Find They Have to Sell Drug Benefit Plan papau Thu Dec-22-05 03:30 PM1
- High Tech walker with GPS-like KIT the car say "bedroom"&it takes U there papau Sun Dec-18-05 09:51 PM0
- Paul Krugman on the senior prescription drug benefit (WOW!) Bozita Fri Nov-18-05 12:46 AM4
- GOP in Senate propose Medicare Drug Cuts papau Wed Nov-02-05 01:21 PM3
- Another question about Medicare Prescription Drug Plan clydefrand Sun Oct-30-05 09:42 PM1
- What A Social Security Deal Could Look Like REACTIVATED I... Mon Oct-17-05 09:59 PM4
- I got this email on Social Security... and I added my own rant. Virginian Mon Oct-03-05 02:38 PM4
- struggle4prog... Tue Aug-16-05 01:12 PM2
- H.R. 3304 !! Triana Fri Aug-05-05 09:52 AM6
- How President Bush's Social Security Reform Died (House Bill now dead) papau Mon Aug-01-05 09:40 AM1
- Almost 30 years later, seniors to return to 'I-Hotel' struggle4prog... Thu Jul-28-05 07:52 PM0
- Bush Drug Discount Plan is Ruse To Probe Senior Finances JDPriestly Sun Jul-24-05 11:42 PM3
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