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- Putting China First Puts America's Seniors Last jtown1123 Wed Feb-02-11 11:50 AM3
- OK 1967 exman Tue Feb-01-11 04:43 PM3
- I need cell phone help. I'm divorcing AT&T, I'm without service now [View All] monmouth Tue Feb-01-11 10:28 AM36
- Any retired state employees here? Peregrine Too... Tue Feb-01-11 03:45 AM4
- Hi. Any senior expats here? [View All] Smarmie Doofu... Mon Jan-31-11 11:06 PM20
- Medicare question: Does one become eligible for Medicare the very same month that they turn 65? raccoon Mon Jan-24-11 10:50 AM10
- Hey old timers, I was just thinking..... [View All] Paper Roses Fri Jan-21-11 06:57 PM20
- Send a Penny to the White House...Cutting Social Security Makes NO Cents! jtown1123 Wed Jan-19-11 02:15 PM10
- AARP Has Conservative Competition....... Little Star Sun Jan-16-11 09:36 PM15
- I am so this article about baby boomers! [View All] snappyturtle Thu Jan-13-11 02:28 PM31
- Let's Put Pressure on the White House jtown1123 Thu Jan-13-11 12:33 PM0
- Why don't we ever hear the real truth about the Social Security surplus? howaboutme Tue Jan-11-11 03:10 PM8
- A great organization to fight cuts of Social Security and Medicare - link; old mark Wed Jan-05-11 12:08 PM5
- Send an E-Card to Leaders in Congress & Senate: "Hands Off Social Security!" jtown1123 Mon Jan-03-11 06:30 PM4
- Wishing all of you a happy,healthy new year.......z Zoigal Sat Jan-01-11 01:03 AM1
- What's in store for Social Security in 2011... jtown1123 Mon Dec-27-10 02:35 PM5
- I think Seniors saw their last COLA increase in Social Security for [View All] monmouth Thu Dec-23-10 03:40 PM22
- A (Tax) Holiday Only Scrooge Could Love jtown1123 Tue Dec-21-10 12:28 PM0
- Call today to Stop Social Security Payroll Tax Holiday (1 800 998 0180) jtown1123 Fri Dec-10-10 12:59 PM2
- A Payroll Tax Holiday will Cripple Social Security's finances jtown1123 Thu Dec-09-10 01:40 PM3
- One more shot at COLA Relief this year, Call your Reps! jtown1123 Tue Dec-07-10 01:15 PM1
- Will those of us collecting SS be impacted with this deal? SS was monmouth Tue Dec-07-10 01:08 PM7
- Some help with Part D jtown1123 Thu Dec-02-10 01:45 PM0
- 3 Democratic Members on the Fiscal Commission need to hear from Seniors: No Social Security Cuts! jtown1123 Thu Dec-02-10 01:41 PM4
- The Incredible Flying Nonagenarian groovedaddy Thu Dec-02-10 12:30 PM0
- Japan, Checking on Its Oldest, Finds Many Gone groovedaddy Wed Dec-01-10 02:01 PM3
- National Call In Day: Protect Social Security from Cuts 11/30 jtown1123 Tue Nov-30-10 03:23 PM2
- elleng Fri Nov-26-10 02:54 PM3
- Hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving holiday with family, friends, Zoigal Wed Nov-24-10 07:52 PM4
- Oh drat, i wanted to be the last one to donate and make the new speaker cry{: Zoigal Tue Nov-23-10 02:35 PM2
- Is it time to bring back 'old age' as a cause of death? elleng Wed Nov-17-10 11:38 AM10
- I'm dreading an upcoming jury duty [View All] young_at_hear... Wed Nov-17-10 11:33 AM32
- Seniors Voted Overwhelmingly for Anti-Social Security Candidates...What went wrong? [View All] jtown1123 Tue Nov-16-10 08:29 PM20
- If the government destroys Social Security, it will ruin the economy. Paper Roses Sun Nov-14-10 04:50 PM12
- My wife got a check about a month ago from Medicare for $250, for demosincebirt... Tue Nov-09-10 09:32 PM7
- Just have a question for those who live in assisted homes or similar places Hawkeye-X Mon Oct-25-10 07:08 PM5
- Does anyone know the current status of Medicare cuts, 21%? RKP5637 Sat Oct-23-10 11:14 PM8
- Anyone got the new superflu shot for seniors yet? Zoigal Sat Oct-23-10 10:57 PM15
- I listen to song lyrics a lot more than I did when I was younger. raccoon Sat Oct-23-10 07:46 PM7
- From Taft to Obama, Victrola to DVD: Secrets of the Centenarians groovedaddy Tue Oct-19-10 11:15 AM0
- Seniors Need a COLA-Send a letter for emergency relief jtown1123 Fri Oct-15-10 02:27 PM5
- Assure me I'm not being penny wise and pound foolish. Paper Roses Mon Oct-04-10 03:23 PM11
- I notice the older I get, the more difficult it is to get out of my usual routine. raccoon Mon Sep-20-10 10:50 PM3
- on the fence about retirement date [View All] shanti Sun Sep-05-10 07:50 PM29
- Why I Love Older People and Loathe Technology [View All] NorthCarolina... Thu Sep-02-10 11:11 AM31
- AARP has up a action item to e-mail President Obama about SS Little Star Sat Aug-28-10 06:58 PM0
- Need advice irislake Sat Aug-28-10 06:56 PM7
- elleng Thu Aug-26-10 04:34 PM0
- Privatize Medicare? jtown1123 Fri Aug-13-10 01:20 PM1
- The Truth about the Social Security Trustees' Report jtown1123 Thu Aug-12-10 11:45 AM2
- Has there been any info on a SS increase in '11? What is it, two years monmouth Tue Aug-10-10 03:09 AM13
- I had a follow up appt with my Dr. regarding my use of the Booster Sun Aug-08-10 10:00 PM9
- A strong case for Social Security jtown1123 Fri Aug-06-10 12:24 PM2
- Hi old timers, I was just thinking: [View All] Paper Roses Wed Jul-28-10 01:43 PM20
- Without Social Security... jtown1123 Wed Jul-28-10 01:24 PM3
- Suggestions for women's dresses: Mother of the Bride! elleng Wed Jul-28-10 01:23 PM14
- OK, I know that as we get older, we get more sensitive to cold. [View All] raccoon Tue Jul-27-10 08:11 AM21
- Any other over 65 runner/joggers on DU? Peregrine Too... Thu Jul-08-10 09:52 PM3
- What are folks paying for Medicare supplemental insurance? [View All] rzemanfl Sat Jul-03-10 07:58 PM36
- Income funds or annuities? CTyankee Sat Jul-03-10 07:50 PM8
- Preparing More Care of Elderly groovedaddy Tue Jun-29-10 11:40 AM0
- That time of year thou mayst in me behold pscot Sat Jun-26-10 07:17 AM6
- Info on SS from VP Biden. monmouth Wed Jun-23-10 03:10 PM5
- The Coming Expansion of the Elderly Population BridgeTheGap Wed Jun-23-10 10:45 AM3
- Any other retired government employees here? Peregrine Too... Sat Jun-19-10 02:44 PM4
- Anyone else heard the latest Pete Peterson screed on the radio? Peregrine Too... Sat Jun-12-10 03:03 PM3
- How High Can the Retirement Age Go? elleng Mon Jun-07-10 05:23 PM8
- "Jersey Boys" Frankie Valli/ The Four Seasons Little Star Mon May-31-10 03:55 PM6
- Most annoying, happens every year! Paper Roses Wed May-26-10 07:47 AM4
- do you ever worry about money, housing, and taking care of yourself? 2Design Sun May-23-10 07:55 PM10
- Granny, 72, Having A Baby With Her Grandson [View All] dipsydoodle Thu May-20-10 03:23 PM43
- Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a society that didn't change much? raccoon Mon May-17-10 08:30 AM7
- RE: This last years one-time $250. SS payment for Seniors. Paper Roses Wed May-05-10 02:22 AM8
- Ladies, on the lighter side. Know how to tell you're getting old? Paper Roses Wed May-05-10 02:14 AM17
- I need socks with traction. Anyone else ever have this problem? raccoon Tue May-04-10 09:46 AM8
- I'm close to 60, and I find myself thinking about the past more than I'm comfortable with. [View All] raccoon Mon May-03-10 10:00 AM33
- Thanks, everyone, for responding. My insurance company (Oregon PERS) is trying to Zoigal Tue Apr-27-10 05:08 PM0
- Any ideas how one finds out when eligible for a colonoscopy (Medicare)? Know it's every Zoigal Tue Apr-27-10 01:20 PM4
- BridgeTheGap Tue Apr-27-10 09:13 AM6
- A Graying Population, a Graying Work Force groovedaddy Mon Apr-26-10 10:51 AM0
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