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- Texas will consider death penalty for repeat sexual predators (AP) struggle4prog... Wed Feb-14-07 05:50 PM13
- Libel/ Slander/ Defamation: a link connecting ridicule to persecution? Boojatta Mon Feb-12-07 02:43 PM0
- Question I posed in GD. Anyone like to discuss it? mmonk Sun Feb-11-07 10:32 PM4
- The Sex Offender Registry varkam Thu Feb-08-07 10:03 AM0
- Salvadoran torture survivor finds justice in U.S. court after more than 20 years struggle4prog... Sat Feb-03-07 10:50 PM0
- Utah Considers Expansion of Crimes Punishable by Death struggle4prog... Sat Feb-03-07 10:40 AM4
- Look at This Website ( stewert Wed Jan-24-07 09:41 AM0
- A question of Justice - Poll (Poll) Sees Clearly Sat Jan-13-07 12:22 PM0
- NY Times: "Free Market Justice." muntrv Mon Jan-08-07 10:04 PM10
- The Wilderness Drops_not_Dop... Sat Dec-30-06 03:22 PM0
- Letter from old apt. complex demanding payment for security deposit. WTF? Roland99 Thu Dec-28-06 10:50 AM14
- Gates of Eden: A Nation in Chains struggle4prog... Wed Dec-20-06 05:07 PM3
- Witness to an Execution vincent_vega_... Sun Dec-17-06 09:36 PM3
- Kucinich announces for 2008 presidential race. Infinite Hope Mon Dec-11-06 05:55 PM18
- what i mean by justice barbtries Sat Dec-09-06 09:18 AM0
- 2 men plead guilty to Prescott Bushing archaeological site Algorem Fri Dec-08-06 09:40 AM1
- Tenant problems Christa Wed Dec-06-06 09:32 AM17
- Orange County CA Repug. gets DA to delay child sex trial Alcibiades Thu Nov-30-06 04:44 PM4
- Is the House required by law to: provide over-site, investigate and impeach - if appropriate? tommcintyre Thu Nov-16-06 06:06 AM12
- What type of lawyer for noisy neighbor? SHRED Thu Nov-09-06 01:07 PM9
- Could someone point me in the right direction? ruiner4u Thu Nov-02-06 02:35 AM1
- South Carolina looking to execute repeat child sex offenders JonathanChanc... Tue Oct-24-06 11:50 AM19
- All Saints Church asks for contributions to fight IRS El Supremo Fri Sep-22-06 04:51 PM1
- So when a repuke freepturd hits you with "Dems give more rights to zbdent Wed Sep-20-06 04:44 PM5
- Girl's Jailing Likely Breaks Federal Law, Judge Says MountainLaure... Mon Sep-18-06 08:30 AM0
- Compelling arguments in favor of the death penalty... [View All] HopeLives Sat Aug-19-06 10:53 PM33
- Yay! A pervert in the Oklahoma Courts System!!! michele77 Fri Aug-18-06 08:36 PM2
- Congrats to everone who has survived taking the Bar Exam this summer northernsoul Thu Aug-17-06 06:00 PM5
- Presidential signing statements to be challenged? RonHack Tue Aug-15-06 02:43 PM10
- Bereaved kin sue Yasukuni rumpel Fri Aug-11-06 01:45 PM0
- Can I sue the woman my spouse dancingAlone Wed Aug-09-06 10:15 PM19
- NVa Prisoner Lost in Translation (Jailed 2mos after case dismissed) MountainLaure... Fri Aug-04-06 08:56 AM2
- Most Americans Can't Name Any SCOTUS Justices . . . TaleWgnDg Mon Jul-31-06 05:16 PM19
- Corporate Fraud Alert!!! Getting Creamed in Civil Court In Pro Per! Megahurtz Wed Jul-26-06 02:32 PM0
- View the original ABA REPORT re presidential signing statements TaleWgnDg Tue Jul-25-06 12:08 PM0
- Statement by Wilsons' attorney: They will see Rove in civil court? DeepModem Mom Tue Jun-13-06 04:34 PM2
- Freed Man Still Fighting to Clear Name MountainLaure... Sat Jun-10-06 08:17 PM2
- DOL launches new web site for those who may be owed back wages papau Fri Jun-02-06 09:56 AM0
- Are GOP(Jackson) political contract awards illegal under procurement law? papau Wed May-10-06 10:56 AM0
- Wrongfully Jailed Man Wins Suit (and $2.25 mil settlement) MountainLaure... Sat May-06-06 08:33 PM2
- A new Nuremberg, just like the old Nuremberg The Mafia Squ... Sat May-06-06 05:50 PM11
- Comparison . . . Clinton gets a blow*ob, Repukes scream for him to resign zbdent Sat May-06-06 12:33 AM2
- Question: If Zacarias Moussaoui would have been sentenced to die for zbdent Thu May-04-06 10:39 AM2
- Let's check in with a freeper's/dittohead's idea of assessing guilt zbdent Thu Apr-06-06 11:48 AM0
- Once again, Justice Scalia "loses it" . . . this time, in Boston . . . TaleWgnDg Sun Apr-02-06 01:48 PM12
- Alliance for Justice introduces Full Court Press Sapphire Blue Wed Mar-29-06 09:54 PM0
- Should a change in family law be grounds for divorce? Boojatta Mon Mar-27-06 10:32 AM5
- Common Cause, League of Women Voters Decry FBI "Intimidation" LiviaOlivia Sun Mar-26-06 04:25 PM4
- What did Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes say in his famous dissent? TaleWgnDg Wed Mar-22-06 05:05 AM3
- Anyone have any experience dealing with addictionologists? mmonk Wed Mar-15-06 10:47 AM9
- Why hasnt anyone tried to find the Patriot Act unconstitutional in court? SongOfTheRayn... Wed Mar-08-06 06:53 PM2
- Dear Mr. Bush: WHAT is terrorism? SongOfTheRayn... Mon Mar-06-06 10:21 PM4
- Eminent Domain, International Politics, and International Law Boojatta Mon Mar-06-06 04:32 PM0
- The Broken Constitution (Hentoff / Village Voice) struggle4prog... Sat Mar-04-06 01:02 AM2
- Is a law against "Unauthorized reproduction" allowed under the Consitution papau Fri Mar-03-06 01:48 PM9
- Sister Helen Prejean BBC Hardtalk (video) on death penalty whirlygigspin Thu Mar-02-06 12:09 PM0
- Is there hope for democracy? SongOfTheRayn... Tue Feb-28-06 04:22 PM11
- Is there an implied warranty of merchantability for news? Usrename Tue Feb-28-06 03:14 AM6
- not sure if this is really the place but maybe there are some legal Kali Tue Feb-21-06 09:15 PM0
- Sam Alito's new law clerk Edward Copela... Tue Feb-21-06 04:11 PM5
- Good Corey Maye article by Radley Balko... hydrashok75 Thu Feb-16-06 07:14 PM0
- Abu Ghraib outrage smells a lot like illegal domestic surveillance Filius Nulliu... Thu Feb-16-06 11:16 AM1
- Scalia ...I forgot to post this! serryjw Tue Feb-14-06 04:16 PM10
- Inside the Case Files of a "Cheating Season" MountainLaure... Tue Feb-14-06 09:33 AM0
- Proposed Procedure For A Military Draft Boojatta Mon Feb-13-06 06:08 PM0
- DU lawyers? serryjw Mon Feb-13-06 12:55 AM5
- DU>>>>.....Depleted Uranium...Help tell Dustin's story serryjw Fri Feb-10-06 01:35 AM2
- What is an 'activist' judge? screwfacecapo... Sat Feb-04-06 02:01 AM17
- Law & Order: Prosecutrix fryguy Wed Feb-01-06 11:38 AM0
- Alito may dismantle environmental protections under Commerce Clause Wordie Fri Jan-27-06 11:07 PM3
- SCOTUS stay and grant of cert in HILL v. FLORIDA (death row) TaleWgnDg Thu Jan-26-06 02:35 AM0
- TaleWgnDg Wed Jan-25-06 11:42 AM4
- List of lawyers in Lay-Skilling trial struggle4prog... Fri Jan-20-06 09:29 PM0
- RIchard Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" Lefty48197 Mon Jan-16-06 12:34 PM11
- papau Sat Jan-07-06 02:33 AM12
- 70% would oppose Alito if he would overturn Roe (Raw Story from WSJ) struggle4prog... Wed Jan-04-06 05:01 PM4
- The Government's Overreaching in the Case of Jose Padilla struggle4prog... Wed Jan-04-06 01:58 PM0
- 'Hot' Blogger Who Was Judicial 'Groupie' Exits Job Kire Sun Jan-01-06 03:20 PM0
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