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- Results of medication studies in top medical journals may be misleading to readers OKIsItJustMe Fri Aug-26-11 10:39 AM0
- Carrie Fisher reveals 50 pound weight loss sinkingfeelin... Fri Aug-26-11 10:26 AM12
- I am worried sick about my sister in law. CTyankee Thu Aug-25-11 02:11 PM12
- OKIsItJustMe Thu Aug-25-11 10:29 AM0
- OKIsItJustMe Thu Aug-25-11 07:40 AM2
- Marriage's 'dark side': Spouses catch each other's bad behavior LaurenG Wed Aug-24-11 11:40 PM4
- West Nile Virus is kicking around Amelia La. Test birds are coming back with positive HysteryDiagno... Wed Aug-24-11 09:30 PM4
- Eradicating dangerous bacteria may cause permanent harm Celebration Wed Aug-24-11 07:32 PM3
- Breakthrough offers hope in breast cancer fight xchrom Wed Aug-24-11 02:30 PM2
- Does anyone have experience with Equate sleep aid liquidcaps? RKP5637 Wed Aug-24-11 01:21 PM9
- Chronic fatigue syndrome researchers face death threats from militants salvorhardin Wed Aug-24-11 10:08 AM2
- Obesity's big fat cost to states: $15 billion per year sinkingfeelin... Wed Aug-24-11 07:40 AM4
- Common Cause of All Forms of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Discovered n2doc Wed Aug-24-11 06:05 AM8
- For those who have had Root Canals [View All] PotatoChip Tue Aug-23-11 10:10 PM42
- HPV Vaccine Protects Against Anal HPV Infection Which Can Lead To Anal Cancer HuckleB Tue Aug-23-11 03:27 PM7
- Boys Reach Sexual Maturity Younger and Younger n2doc Tue Aug-23-11 01:28 PM12
- FDA approves new treatments for advanced melanoma LongTomH Mon Aug-22-11 11:53 PM1
- Exposing Quackery In Medical Education [View All] HuckleB Mon Aug-22-11 11:38 PM24
- Dear Patient HuckleB Mon Aug-22-11 11:36 PM8
- HuckleB Mon Aug-22-11 11:35 PM11
- Lange Eye Institute discusses astaxanthin and eye health, C Reactive Protein, HysteryDiagno... Mon Aug-22-11 09:51 AM4
- How Small Events Trigger Depression n2doc Mon Aug-22-11 07:41 AM2
- No bones about it: Eating dried plums helps prevent fractures and osteoporosis [View All] Celebration Mon Aug-22-11 04:13 AM21
- Out of the Labyrinth (Of evidence based nonsense) [View All] HysteryDiagno... Sun Aug-21-11 11:16 AM22
- A Radical New Definition of Addiction Creates a Big Storm cleanhippie Sun Aug-21-11 01:53 AM4
- Blue Green Algae as Food, you can take it to heart. HysteryDiagno... Sat Aug-20-11 04:40 PM4
- Modified ecstasy 'attacks blood cancers' (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sat Aug-20-11 09:48 AM4
- Coffee's Cancer Reducing Effect "Explained" Via Mouse Study. HuckleB Fri Aug-19-11 11:43 PM5
- The truth about colonic irrigation: It doesn't work (Review of research shows) HuckleB Fri Aug-19-11 10:42 PM13
- Study Finds Majority of Pharmaceutical Ads Do Not Adhere to FDA Guidelines OKIsItJustMe Fri Aug-19-11 05:23 PM5
- Bastyr University's Clinical Medical Director Ignores The Science On Colon Cleansing HuckleB Thu Aug-18-11 12:04 PM15
- From omnivore to vegan: The dietary education of Bill Clinton PoliticAverse Thu Aug-18-11 11:25 AM2
- Homeopathy Is 'Dangerous and Wasteful,' Bioethics Expert Argues [View All] Liberal Veter... Thu Aug-18-11 10:41 AM47
- Chronic low grade inflammation, LEF gives kudos to Trental, a generic drug that [View All] HysteryDiagno... Thu Aug-18-11 10:39 AM40
- The Value of Replication (in research) HuckleB Thu Aug-18-11 08:32 AM6
- Possibility of Temporarily Reversing Aging in the Immune System HysteryDiagno... Thu Aug-18-11 12:22 AM4
- FDA Approves Sale of Prescription Placebo laconicsax Wed Aug-17-11 08:08 PM11
- If your dog is old, on statins and you care for him/her beyond words, you may want to HysteryDiagno... Wed Aug-17-11 05:12 AM5
- Study: Fat People Can Be Healthy Lunabelle Tue Aug-16-11 11:58 PM10
- Cancer sneakier than scientists suspected Celebration Tue Aug-16-11 08:01 PM4
- "I Am Not A Businessman. I Am A Holistic Healer." -- Seinfeld Explains The Medical Establishment HuckleB Tue Aug-16-11 06:56 PM2
- The "don't knock it til you've tried it" and the "it's been used for X number of years" fallacies. [View All] FLAprogressiv... Tue Aug-16-11 06:49 PM20
- Dry Eye Disease and those crazy Europeans, especially those Scandinavians, just can't trust HysteryDiagno... Tue Aug-16-11 06:36 PM3
- Age Related Eye Disease, Bausch and Lomb Resource page, info we all can use, please HysteryDiagno... Tue Aug-16-11 06:28 PM2
- Bastyr University opening another campus near San Diego HysteryDiagno... Tue Aug-16-11 06:07 PM15
- Exercising 15 Minutes a Day Adds 3 Years to Life Expectancy, Study Finds xchrom Tue Aug-16-11 05:45 PM7
- Reversing brain damage in former NFL players: implications for traumatic brain injury HysteryDiagno... Tue Aug-16-11 05:36 PM0
- A new buying club for organic foods. MedicalAdmin Tue Aug-16-11 10:24 AM0
- Short Videos on CAM from your government help you get a feel for what each HysteryDiagno... Tue Aug-16-11 05:46 AM0
- How much protein do you really need? mzteris Mon Aug-15-11 08:21 PM12
- Protein Malnutrition in the Elderly and what is available to counter it. HysteryDiagno... Mon Aug-15-11 07:52 PM5
- Do anti-depressants cause bowel movements? [View All] laconicsax Mon Aug-15-11 07:07 PM26
- 'Amazing' new cancer treatment coming to Seattle n2doc Mon Aug-15-11 11:58 AM0
- 'Late' asthma research unearths potential new treatment (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sun Aug-14-11 01:55 PM2
- Infertile women sing acupuncture's praises Celebration Sat Aug-13-11 09:24 PM15
- Freaking slightly, son may have MSRA, waiting to take him to the docs in the morning, mahina Sat Aug-13-11 07:26 PM19
- Molecular scalpel hope for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sat Aug-13-11 05:19 PM4
- German Commission E, the ANTI SCAM HysteryDiagno... Sat Aug-13-11 04:51 PM3
- Hot Chemotherapy Bath: Patients See Hope, Critics Hold Doubts Chemisse Sat Aug-13-11 12:16 PM3
- Consumer Safety Information Questioned On Herbal Supplements HuckleB Fri Aug-12-11 10:42 PM13
- Measles hits Ethiopian refugee camp (1:28) video xchrom Fri Aug-12-11 12:34 PM2
- If homeopathic remedies work so well, then what would be the problem with the FDA regulating them? [View All] FLAprogressiv... Fri Aug-12-11 10:41 AM96
- On The Dangers Of Using Valid Placebo Controls In Clinical Trials Of Acupuncture HuckleB Fri Aug-12-11 01:42 AM1
- Gutting Regulation Sickens Your Guts Modern School Thu Aug-11-11 09:39 PM2
- Brain scans show that creative minds 'mimic schizophrenia' [View All] snagglepuss Thu Aug-11-11 05:22 PM21
- [View All] steven johnso... Wed Aug-10-11 06:16 PM23
- Study Finds High Levels of Flame Retardant Chemicals in California Pregnant Women OKIsItJustMe Wed Aug-10-11 04:17 PM1
- PattyPacks - for families with infants/children born with heart defects RT Atlanta Wed Aug-10-11 01:13 PM0
- Metabolic Detoxification HysteryDiagno... Wed Aug-10-11 11:42 AM12
- 10 Years and a Diagnosis Later, 9/11 Demons Haunt Thousands - PTSD groovedaddy Wed Aug-10-11 10:56 AM0
- Medicare/Medicaid Fraud golfguru Wed Aug-10-11 01:59 AM14
- Who was Peter the Wild Boy? xchrom Tue Aug-09-11 10:48 PM1
- USC Scientist Develops Virus That Targets HIV OKIsItJustMe Tue Aug-09-11 04:29 PM4
- Schizophrenia: genes matter (even though inheritance might not) n2doc Tue Aug-09-11 12:04 PM1
- Belly button home to bacterial zoo: home to at least 60 species of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, snagglepuss Mon Aug-08-11 05:34 PM19
- groovedaddy Mon Aug-08-11 05:33 PM1
- DNA Mutation Found in Patients with Non-Inherited Schizophrenia Jim__ Mon Aug-08-11 12:00 PM1
- Could Natural Treatments Have Helped Amy Winehouse? Richard D Mon Aug-08-11 06:13 AM13
- US Research links huge increase in asthma cases with electronic devices, snagglepuss Sun Aug-07-11 06:20 PM5
- My friend's husband has 8 months to live. CTyankee Sun Aug-07-11 06:02 PM14
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