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- Fish oils block chemotherapy drug (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Thu Sep-15-11 02:53 PM5
- An American Death [View All] McCamy Taylor Thu Sep-15-11 07:45 AM45
- Pediatricians Fact-Check Bachmann's Bashing of HPV Vaccine HuckleB Thu Sep-15-11 03:07 AM5
- HHS Launches Heart Disease Prevention Campaign cbayer Wed Sep-14-11 01:23 PM0
- Eel removed from man's bladder after entering penis during beauty spa Ian David Wed Sep-14-11 10:02 AM17
- The Bystander Effect Renew Deal Wed Sep-14-11 09:09 AM1
- Book Review: Food Truths, Food Lies HuckleB Tue Sep-13-11 11:34 PM9
- Trained Cancer Killers - reprogramming T-cells to attack cancer Dover Tue Sep-13-11 06:00 PM4
- Obesity is less common in pot smokers salvorhardin Mon Sep-12-11 06:28 PM12
- Anybody ever hire a lawyer to help lower an insane E.R. bill? bamboo harves... Mon Sep-12-11 11:12 AM11
- Anita Moorjani's amazing story Voice for Pea... Mon Sep-12-11 11:03 AM3
- cleanhippie Mon Sep-12-11 09:16 AM8
- Perrycare Puts Lone Star State at Back of the Health Care Pack drakonyx Sun Sep-11-11 11:51 PM2
- Weight-Loss Program in Medicare Could Save Billions cbayer Sun Sep-11-11 02:20 PM10
- Common virus kills nearly 100 children in Vietnam xchrom Sun Sep-11-11 12:39 PM2
- Certain foods may be the best medicine for lowering 'bad' cholesterol [View All] bemildred Sun Sep-11-11 10:47 AM24
- Measles continues to ravage Isles as 262 contract disease Ian David Sun Sep-11-11 10:02 AM1
- NDM-1 superbug enzyme's 'photofit' taken xchrom Sun Sep-11-11 10:02 AM0
- Piper and THE END OF POLIO Ian David Sat Sep-10-11 10:16 AM0
- Until Every Woman Knows. Pass it on. Xipe Totec Sat Sep-10-11 08:59 AM1
- More hospitals offering alternative therapy services bemildred Fri Sep-09-11 08:24 AM9
- Ban on gay men giving blood to be lifted {uk} xchrom Thu Sep-08-11 10:17 AM3
- Healthcare costs rose while insurance coverage fell, studies show bemildred Thu Sep-08-11 09:52 AM2
- What the doctor ordered bemildred Thu Sep-08-11 08:53 AM1
- Medication more effective than stenting in stroke patients, study finds bemildred Thu Sep-08-11 08:41 AM0
- 12 Things You Should Stop Buying Now! #1 - Homeopathic Flu Remedies [View All] cleanhippie Thu Sep-08-11 05:08 AM75
- Are mercury-amalgam fillings safe or not? [View All] ThatPoetGuy Wed Sep-07-11 07:08 PM36
- The Tooth About Dentistry salvorhardin Wed Sep-07-11 06:44 PM2
- Socialising enhances fat conversion and loss in mice xchrom Wed Sep-07-11 01:29 PM3
- Warning over global cancer levels xchrom Wed Sep-07-11 12:34 PM0
- OKIsItJustMe Wed Sep-07-11 10:25 AM2
- doctors - is Angies List a good way to pick one? Who's the "3rd party" that supposedly nixes sam11111 Tue Sep-06-11 06:52 PM11
- 'Gene Overdose' Causes Extreme Thinness n2doc Tue Sep-06-11 12:29 PM6
- X-POST: Prenatal exposure to phthalates linked to decreased mental and motor development OKIsItJustMe Tue Sep-06-11 09:55 AM0
- How To Pay For Your Homeopathic Treatments cleanhippie Sat Sep-03-11 05:15 PM4
- New Cancer-fighting Virus A World First DeSwiss Sat Sep-03-11 01:40 AM7
- Listerine may cause oral cancer. Interesting lawsuit by company that produces snagglepuss Fri Sep-02-11 11:30 PM9
- Need a New Liver? Then Just Print Yourself One DeSwiss Fri Sep-02-11 11:23 PM3
- Tattoo ink brimming with cancer causing, toxic chemicals. snagglepuss Fri Sep-02-11 11:20 PM11
- New Half-Match Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure Yields Promising Outcomes for Cancer Patients slipslidingaw... Fri Sep-02-11 08:43 PM0
- uppityperson Fri Sep-02-11 07:30 PM1
- Biological 'Computer' Destroys Cancer Cells: Diagnostic Network Incorporated Into Human Cells HysteryDiagno... Fri Sep-02-11 07:21 PM0
- Trust in Your Neighbors Could Benefit Your Health, MU Study Shows OKIsItJustMe Fri Sep-02-11 04:13 PM8
- U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Worse Than in 40 Other Countries OKIsItJustMe Fri Sep-02-11 01:56 PM8
- Cancer-fighting virus shown to target tumors alone n2doc Fri Sep-02-11 01:33 AM6
- Increased prevalence of stroke hospitalizations seen in teens and young adults OKIsItJustMe Thu Sep-01-11 04:55 PM1
- Researchers Successfully Perform First Injection of Cultured Red Blood Cells in Human Donor OKIsItJustMe Thu Sep-01-11 02:36 PM1
- Fighting flames with greener (nano)materials OKIsItJustMe Thu Sep-01-11 11:33 AM0
- Faster diagnostics through cheap, ultra-portable blood testing OKIsItJustMe Thu Sep-01-11 10:45 AM0
- Now how did they get in that shake? n2doc Thu Sep-01-11 10:12 AM8
- Does the new vaccine study change your mind about vaccines and autism? (Poll) [View All] ZombieHorde Thu Sep-01-11 07:56 AM29
- California Passes Rectal Injection Bill For Teachers Modern School Thu Sep-01-11 05:56 AM6
- Emergency Room Rights [View All] bamboo harves... Thu Sep-01-11 12:28 AM39
- 'Anti-cancer virus' shows promise (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Wed Aug-31-11 11:33 PM1
- Mengele in America Modern School Wed Aug-31-11 11:06 PM0
- Report: Dietary Supplement Industry Lavishes Cash on Congress, Gets Its Way [View All] HuckleB Wed Aug-31-11 10:18 PM102
- Not So Far Out - Researchers reopen their minds to the healing potential of pychedelic drugs BridgeTheGap Wed Aug-31-11 02:49 PM3
- 21st Century Sex - What Kinsey couldn't find out, now available on the internet BridgeTheGap Wed Aug-31-11 11:19 AM3
- Why some people don't get the flu Chemisse Wed Aug-31-11 05:20 AM12
- Homeopathy and Plausibility (Er, Homeopathy Shouldn't Work, And It Doesn't Work) [View All] HuckleB Wed Aug-31-11 12:11 AM22
- CFI and CSI Petition FDA to Take Action on Homeopathic Drugs cleanhippie Wed Aug-31-11 12:08 AM1
- Help Stamp Out Quackery PSA HuckleB Tue Aug-30-11 07:00 PM5
- Microscope on the go: Cheap, portable, dual-mode microscope uses holograms, not lenses OKIsItJustMe Tue Aug-30-11 10:18 AM0
- Chocolate 'may cut stroke risk' xchrom Mon Aug-29-11 11:52 PM9
- Thoughts on: Evolution and Homeopathy. (Poll) FLAprogressiv... Mon Aug-29-11 06:17 PM10
- Free Radicals Crucial to Suppressing Appetite. Jim__ Mon Aug-29-11 04:03 PM3
- Ingredients of Shady Origins, Posing as Supplements groovedaddy Mon Aug-29-11 03:47 PM10
- Dear Dr. Gupta, when will you if ever, do a show that discusses, proves/disproves the HysteryDiagno... Mon Aug-29-11 11:30 AM8
- Age Of Autism Wants Autism Speaks To Shut Up (Dan Olmstead Throws Another Tantrum) HuckleB Mon Aug-29-11 11:16 AM3
- Bird flu fear as mutant strain hits China and Vietnam xchrom Mon Aug-29-11 11:01 AM3
- Vaccine Cleared Again as Autism Culprit alp227 Mon Aug-29-11 10:30 AM18
- The color of controversy bemildred Sun Aug-28-11 03:43 PM1
- Cholera pandemic has a single global source xchrom Sun Aug-28-11 12:04 PM3
- Lack of Free Play Among Children is Causing Harm, Say Experts in American Journal of Play OKIsItJustMe Sat Aug-27-11 06:35 PM17
- The marriage of medicine and nature (Renal Function) HysteryDiagno... Sat Aug-27-11 01:19 PM3
- I told someone here on the Health Forum I would try a homeopathic remedy the next time I got sick. [View All] ZombieHorde Sat Aug-27-11 12:14 PM20
- Vaccine Cleared Again as Autism Culprit cleanhippie Sat Aug-27-11 08:30 AM5
- Goodbye, virus... laconicsax Fri Aug-26-11 09:43 PM1
- Scented laundry products emit hazardous chemicals through dryer vents [View All] OKIsItJustMe Fri Aug-26-11 03:07 PM21
- Potential benefits of Thioctic Acid, otherwise known as Lipoic Acid, R-Lipoic Acid seems HysteryDiagno... Fri Aug-26-11 11:10 AM7
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