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- Live Forever- Heads Up! Discovery channel..hard science's progress so far sam11111 Wed Oct-19-11 11:10 AM6
- Lower your cholesterol with plant stanols and sterols HysteryDiagno... Wed Oct-19-11 06:22 AM8
- [View All] OKIsItJustMe Wed Oct-19-11 01:37 AM23
- A very famous eyecare, contact lens company that goes by the name of B***** and L*** HysteryDiagno... Tue Oct-18-11 10:10 PM13
- Low birthweight 'linked to autism', says US study xchrom Tue Oct-18-11 09:50 PM5
- Is it Quackery? Find Out for Yourself! MineralMan Tue Oct-18-11 07:23 PM16
- The Scam Scam (How The Supplement Industry Fights Back Against Science) HuckleB Tue Oct-18-11 02:30 PM19
- Important Resource for Cancer Patients Considering Alternatives MineralMan Tue Oct-18-11 12:18 PM5
- Autism Doc Faces Discipline Over Treatment Methods HuckleB Tue Oct-18-11 11:09 AM2
- Concerned about the CODEX Alimentarius? Learn the facts. MineralMan Mon Oct-17-11 09:32 PM7
- The difference between cheap vitamins and minerals and properly made, scientifically HysteryDiagno... Mon Oct-17-11 06:52 PM12
- Finding Accurate Medical Information on Illnesses and Health MineralMan Mon Oct-17-11 01:23 PM1
- Great Source of Factual Information about Vitamins MineralMan Mon Oct-17-11 12:51 PM10
- Need Information on a Specific Health Issue? Here's a Great Starting Place. MineralMan Mon Oct-17-11 11:25 AM2
- Why Giving or Taking Medical Advice on Discussion Forums is Unwise. [View All] MineralMan Mon Oct-17-11 10:47 AM21
- Vitamin Supplements are OK..Mostly... MineralMan Mon Oct-17-11 09:20 AM17
- Fighting fire with fire or poo with poo, "Scientists fight bugs with poo" [View All] HysteryDiagno... Mon Oct-17-11 07:12 AM26
- Hypertension, micronutrients, macronutrients, diet, exercise and healthcare cost HysteryDiagno... Sun Oct-16-11 03:27 PM7
- Statin Related Myopathy [View All] HysteryDiagno... Sun Oct-16-11 10:32 AM20
- Venture Firms Reduce Biotechnology Investment on FDA Risk xchrom Sun Oct-16-11 09:16 AM0
- Branched Chain Amino Acids (From Medscape) HysteryDiagno... Sun Oct-16-11 09:16 AM0
- Some Encouraging Backlash Against "Health-Care Freedom" Nonsense HuckleB Sat Oct-15-11 06:46 PM8
- Hoax Alert: Autism and Vaccine Link Based on Fraud Modern School Sat Oct-15-11 03:50 PM5
- Scientists correct sickle cell disease in mice n2doc Sat Oct-15-11 03:45 PM3
- The Memory of Water cleanhippie Sat Oct-15-11 02:02 PM17
- Attention celiacs. Enthusiast Fri Oct-14-11 11:06 PM8
- Magnesium and Hypertension [View All] HysteryDiagno... Fri Oct-14-11 09:59 PM22
- Electrical brain activity and contol of neural gene expression. azul Fri Oct-14-11 09:59 AM0
- Mice Study Gives Preliminary Hope For Future Peanut Allergy Treatment HuckleB Thu Oct-13-11 10:44 PM4
- General Mills Prepackaged Food HysteryDiagno... Thu Oct-13-11 06:50 PM0
- Alzheimer's and Dementia vs DHA HysteryDiagno... Thu Oct-13-11 06:42 PM6
- GLA and Eczema HysteryDiagno... Thu Oct-13-11 06:41 PM5
- Pregnancy, DHA and the March of Dimes HysteryDiagno... Thu Oct-13-11 06:34 PM3
- Pharmocracy, -Misguided- Regulations- Bankrupting- America HysteryDiagno... Thu Oct-13-11 06:03 PM0
- Hope for Strawberries and Huperzine A HysteryDiagno... Thu Oct-13-11 05:23 PM0
- Vitamin E Link To Prostate Cancer Warning dipsydoodle Thu Oct-13-11 06:30 AM2
- Woman nearly dies from allergic reaction to sexually-transmitted brazil nuts n2doc Wed Oct-12-11 11:45 PM5
- New buzzwords 'reduce medicine to economics' Celebration Wed Oct-12-11 10:34 PM5
- The Youth Suicide Hysteria Modern School Wed Oct-12-11 10:12 PM1
- How sleep can save your life xchrom Wed Oct-12-11 08:51 PM10
- Vitamins May Increase Women's Risk of Dying, Research Finds [View All] Orrex Wed Oct-12-11 04:41 PM26
- Eating your greens can change the effect of your genes on heart disease, say researchers Celebration Tue Oct-11-11 09:29 PM5
- Woman runs marathon, has baby a few hours later bemildred Tue Oct-11-11 04:34 PM4
- Natural Compound Helps Reverse Diabetes in Mice n2doc Tue Oct-11-11 11:48 AM3
- Obesity 'cure is free - eat less' [View All] Nihil Tue Oct-11-11 02:35 AM54
- We discount the pain of people we don't like OKIsItJustMe Mon Oct-10-11 10:43 PM1
- HIV drug resistance slashed in Europe closeupready Mon Oct-10-11 01:23 PM1
- Will there ever be a cure for excema? [View All] TheBigotBashe... Mon Oct-10-11 11:26 AM30
- More vitamin D means less pain (News for the elderly) HysteryDiagno... Sun Oct-09-11 08:20 PM6
- Expanding Flu Vaccinations to Older Children Reduces Emergency Visits for Flu-Like Illnesses by 34% salvorhardin Sun Oct-09-11 07:54 PM3
- HPV jab: doctors call for teenage girls to be given more effective vaccine against sexual disease alp227 Sun Oct-09-11 04:19 PM18
- N-acetylglucosamine may help combat MS (Glyconutrition has its day in court) HysteryDiagno... Sun Oct-09-11 03:42 PM0
- CNN: 1 in 10 Kids not properly vaccinated. Renew Deal Sat Oct-08-11 11:04 PM16
- Top Cause of Workplace Sickness Dubbed Black Death of 21st Century HysteryDiagno... Sat Oct-08-11 10:12 PM15
- THE WHITE HOUSE | Office of the First Lady | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | October 5, 2011 struggle4prog... Sat Oct-08-11 07:14 PM1
- Update of info on shingles vaccine. [View All] CTyankee Sat Oct-08-11 04:57 PM32
- Natural Compound Helps Reverse Diabetes in Mice HysteryDiagno... Sat Oct-08-11 06:23 AM9
- Study shows daily aspirin intake can lead to blindness Celebration Fri Oct-07-11 06:22 PM12
- Research Reveals Oral Sex May Be Leading Cause of Mouth, Throat Cancers BridgeTheGap Fri Oct-07-11 05:14 PM7
- Allergies linked to baby's birthplace, gut bugs Celebration Fri Oct-07-11 03:13 PM3
- Scientists use cloning to make human stem cells xchrom Fri Oct-07-11 07:25 AM3
- Electro-acupuncture boosts IVF success in study Celebration Thu Oct-06-11 11:31 PM0
- Naturopathic Medicine: How to Feel Sexy on Your Period Ian David Thu Oct-06-11 09:04 PM8
- High-Profile 2009 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study In Dispute (XMRV retrovirus study) HuckleB Thu Oct-06-11 04:05 PM10
- Part of placebo effect ascribed to cannabinoids n2doc Thu Oct-06-11 01:20 PM2
- When I Needed Help, I Got Propaganda dtotire Thu Oct-06-11 12:36 PM2
- Kids' ER concussion visits up 60 pct over decade xchrom Thu Oct-06-11 12:03 PM0
- Pancreatic Cancer HysteryDiagno... Wed Oct-05-11 07:58 PM1
- Men 'more prone to type 2 diabetes' (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Wed Oct-05-11 02:24 PM1
- The Pathological Altruist Gives Till Someone Hurts groovedaddy Wed Oct-05-11 03:04 AM1
- Those who have experienced hip problems, how did they begin? elocs Tue Oct-04-11 11:58 AM12
- A question about treating adolescent acne with birth control pills. [View All] CTyankee Tue Oct-04-11 07:35 AM25
- Beta blockers 'may stop breast cancer spreading' (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Tue Oct-04-11 03:57 AM1
- Drug shortage slows clinical trials n2doc Mon Oct-03-11 07:20 PM0
- Researchers Transform iPhone into High-quality Medical Imaging Device OKIsItJustMe Mon Oct-03-11 02:57 PM0
- cleanhippie Mon Oct-03-11 06:18 AM9
- Anxiety Disorders, if you don't read anything else today, READ THIS. HysteryDiagno... Sun Oct-02-11 04:51 PM17
- Glucomannan enhances antioxidant defense systems in the colon, liver and plasma. HysteryDiagno... Sun Oct-02-11 10:23 AM0
- Mainstream medicine backs up what the "supplement companies" have been knowing HysteryDiagno... Sun Oct-02-11 10:15 AM4
- Celebration Sun Oct-02-11 03:25 AM8
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