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- Health insurance question. leftyladyfrom... Fri Nov-12-10 10:09 PM11
- When antibiotics kill the wrong bacteria, harmful bugs thrive. BrklynLiberal Fri Nov-12-10 09:16 PM10
- Modeling Autism in a Lab Dish HysteryDiagno... Fri Nov-12-10 09:07 PM1
- Could Lung Cancer in Smokers Vs. 'Never-Smokers' Be Different Diseases? n2doc Fri Nov-12-10 05:11 PM5
- Chocolate eaters may have healthier hearts: study Celebration Fri Nov-12-10 12:05 PM4
- Life in Shadows for Mentally Ill in China groovedaddy Fri Nov-12-10 10:32 AM2
- Fructose poses gout risks even in women n2doc Thu Nov-11-10 07:51 PM0
- The benefits of HPV vaccination keep rolling in... trotsky Thu Nov-11-10 04:22 PM3
- Doctor may be sued for criticism of breast enhancement cream n2doc Thu Nov-11-10 12:20 PM3
- groovedaddy Thu Nov-11-10 12:12 PM0
- So much for cheaper health insurance. leftyladyfrom... Thu Nov-11-10 11:23 AM16
- Fish and Seafood from The Gulf no_hypocrisy Wed Nov-10-10 10:00 PM3
- Inside My Haunted Head -- What It's Like to be a Schizophrenic unhappycamper Wed Nov-10-10 08:37 PM4
- Have sympathy for those who rely on the mainstream media HysteryDiagno... Wed Nov-10-10 07:49 PM1
- HuckleB Wed Nov-10-10 07:01 PM2
- Vapor rub may help relieve kids' cold symptoms [View All] Celebration Wed Nov-10-10 03:36 PM22
- China's Quarantine U.S. Corn Cargo Refused Entry into China Independem Wed Nov-10-10 02:28 PM7
- More than a chicken, fewer than a grape bemildred Tue Nov-09-10 11:19 PM0
- Got My Canadian Drugs In The Mail Yesterday Kennah Tue Nov-09-10 10:34 PM6
- Breast Cancer: Reducing the Risk of Unnecessary Chemo [View All] HuckleB Tue Nov-09-10 06:22 PM32
- Ex-Glaxo lawyer indicted for role in US drug probe Celebration Tue Nov-09-10 03:43 PM0
- Scientists convert skin to blood n2doc Tue Nov-09-10 07:35 AM0
- Bilingualism delays onset of Alzheimer's symptoms Celebration Tue Nov-09-10 07:28 AM2
- Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds salvorhardin Mon Nov-08-10 11:19 PM11
- Benzodiazepines (e.g. Valium) linked to brain damage n2doc Mon Nov-08-10 10:53 PM11
- Look out, your medicine is watching you Celebration Mon Nov-08-10 09:51 PM3
- AIDS info from Boston Globe----I lost a Godson to the disease virgogal Mon Nov-08-10 07:23 PM1
- Medicare Enrollment Begins Nov. 15 harvey007 Mon Nov-08-10 06:30 PM5
- So now a tax cut for us, is held hostage to Paris Hilton getting hers ? KILL THE WISE... Mon Nov-08-10 06:27 PM2
- More info on supplements coming from China leftyladyfrom... Mon Nov-08-10 05:53 PM6
- How Ultra-Processed Foods Are Killing Us n2doc Mon Nov-08-10 05:08 PM3
- While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales harvey007 Mon Nov-08-10 03:12 PM1
- List of recalled Halloween candy. snagglepuss Mon Nov-08-10 01:13 PM4
- Did anyone else see an article on the dangers of fish oil supplements? leftyladyfrom... Mon Nov-08-10 10:34 AM11
- Any advice for me? I have cold feet all winter. This is not new, Paper Roses Mon Nov-08-10 09:16 AM18
- Supplements do nothing, which is why you will find this page HysteryDiagno... Mon Nov-08-10 07:41 AM9
- Ask your doctor about Metformin HysteryDiagno... Mon Nov-08-10 07:13 AM3
- Native Americans, Beans and Atypical MS Mimosa Mon Nov-08-10 04:52 AM3
- Demand PERFECTION! zbdent Sun Nov-07-10 08:31 PM2
- I'm tired of theBS about how Big Pharma has to make a killing off of mudplanet Sun Nov-07-10 05:55 PM13
- Antibiotics Research Subsidies Weighed by U.S. n2doc Sun Nov-07-10 11:49 AM3
- Pathological gambling and nicotine dependence HysteryDiagno... Sun Nov-07-10 09:21 AM1
- Focus on HIV prevents us from curing a billion people, say scientists alp227 Sun Nov-07-10 09:19 AM5
- While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Sales of Cheese alp227 Sat Nov-06-10 08:23 PM8
- The Secret Life of Placebos BridgeTheGap Sat Nov-06-10 12:23 PM7
- Note: Fast Food Does Go Bad evirus Fri Nov-05-10 11:08 PM3
- Multi-vitamins may reduce the risk of heart attacks. Big Blue Marb... Fri Nov-05-10 06:29 PM3
- Time to kick the multivitamin habit, studies suggest: Don't help prevent disease, might cause harm. [View All] salvorhardin Fri Nov-05-10 11:43 AM23
- Clue to how some 'control' their HIV without medication (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Fri Nov-05-10 01:55 AM1
- Positive psychological changes from meditation training linked to cellular health Celebration Thu Nov-04-10 10:45 PM8
- Daily dose of beet juice promotes brain health in older adults Celebration Thu Nov-04-10 05:19 PM13
- Study Of Corn Sweetener In Soda Stirs Up Controversy n2doc Wed Nov-03-10 01:55 PM13
- The Untold Secret Life of the Humble Microglia: How Some Brain Cells Hook Up Surprises Researchers HuckleB Wed Nov-03-10 10:47 AM0
- Fatigued by a Fake Disease [View All] HuckleB Tue Nov-02-10 02:38 PM36
- H1N1 Flu Linked to Serious Bacterial Infections in Children HuckleB Tue Nov-02-10 11:25 AM5
- News Flash: The Sun does not kill people. [View All] Naturyl Tue Nov-02-10 06:24 AM55
- Health care "advice" I got this week. Have you gotten any "good" ones? uppityperson Tue Nov-02-10 01:55 AM5
- At the Age of Peekaboo, in Therapy to Fight Autism HuckleB Tue Nov-02-10 12:01 AM1
- Does it matter what's in a placebo? [View All] HuckleB Mon Nov-01-10 09:19 PM38
- Can you identify the fructose molecule? (Poll) laconicsax Mon Nov-01-10 06:37 PM13
- Scientists suggest that cancer is purely man-made [View All] tabatha Mon Nov-01-10 06:32 PM69
- More alarm on raw milk from Gibbon, Minn., farm NickB79 Mon Nov-01-10 04:48 PM5
- FLU map? CDC months old, Google map blank billlll Mon Nov-01-10 10:40 AM5
- NZ TV News Video: High dosage vit. C by IV brings back swine flu victim from "brink of death" JohnyCanuck Sat Oct-30-10 07:14 AM6
- New DNA Tests Aimed at Reducing Colon Cancer Elmore Furth Fri Oct-29-10 10:53 PM2
- Editorial - Placebos in Trials Why Syzygy Fri Oct-29-10 07:29 PM7
- Popcorn a healthy nutritional treat? I did not know that. [View All] Dover Fri Oct-29-10 04:10 PM81
- Experts say efforts to beat malaria may backfire (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Fri Oct-29-10 03:45 PM0
- Diabetes to double or triple in U.S. by 2050 n2doc Thu Oct-28-10 11:33 PM7
- 3 Saltine Crackers Fastest Relief From Hart-Burn Independem Thu Oct-28-10 06:26 PM9
- Study Shows No Differences in Weight Gain Between Sucrose, High-Fructose Corn Syrup [View All] HuckleB Thu Oct-28-10 10:50 AM36
- Vibration May Improve Bone Health in Older Adults Celebration Thu Oct-28-10 10:39 AM9
- My son's food diary (as promised) [View All] mzteris Thu Oct-28-10 10:37 AM22
- High Dose Flu Vaccine Available for the Elderly [View All] HuckleB Thu Oct-28-10 09:40 AM21
- Testicular cancer risk 'greater' for tall men (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Wed Oct-27-10 03:56 PM0
- Thinking of getting an EMF meter SHRED Wed Oct-27-10 01:47 PM15
- Does Fast Food Rot? Yes, If You Don't Let It Dry Out HuckleB Tue Oct-26-10 10:30 PM4
- Just a Halloween/Candy question .... Parents are trying to improve school lunches .... [View All] defendandprot... Tue Oct-26-10 10:26 PM89
- Glaxo Settles Defective Drug Suit for $750 Million HuckleB Tue Oct-26-10 09:53 PM0
- Contraceptive gel could offer alternative to pill HuckleB Tue Oct-26-10 03:01 PM2
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