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- Another motivation to exercise - Exercise keeps BONE MARROW from becoming flabby. snagglepuss Wed Feb-09-11 01:38 PM0
- Resources scarce for young adults with autism, indicates survey HuckleB Wed Feb-09-11 01:27 PM5
- Lymph Node Study Shakes Pillar of Breast Cancer Care (NYT) somone Tue Feb-08-11 06:35 PM7
- Sticking up for gluten Ian David Tue Feb-08-11 02:49 PM17
- Wellness: Does your Doc Know What to Look For? BridgeTheGap Tue Feb-08-11 08:54 AM0
- My grandson has bilateral amblyopia and strabismas and we're getting some conflicting CTyankee Sun Feb-06-11 10:17 PM18
- commensal Lactobacillus is transformed w/ gene sequence of Borrelial OspA w/ Yersinia pestis kickysnana Sun Feb-06-11 02:49 PM0
- I'm going to be assessed for a hip replacement. Vinca Sun Feb-06-11 02:21 PM17
- Artificial Blood Vessels Work Well, Have Long Shelf Life mhatrw Sun Feb-06-11 12:55 AM1
- Is an honest discussion of homeopathy possible without "big pharma" red herrings? FLAprogressiv... Sat Feb-05-11 10:37 PM17
- I just paid $35.17 for four meds that would have cost virgogal Sat Feb-05-11 04:44 PM12
- Best foods to help you sleep snagglepuss Sat Feb-05-11 02:38 AM3
- New York smoking ban extended to parks and coastlines (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Fri Feb-04-11 05:34 PM13
- Potential Vaccine to Prevent Gastritis, Ulcer Disease, Gastric Cancer trotsky Fri Feb-04-11 03:08 PM2
- Court Sides With Father: Vaccination in Best Interests of Child Ian David Fri Feb-04-11 03:08 PM2
- The Complexities Of Polypharmacy, Overprescribing And "Fixing The Problem" HuckleB Fri Feb-04-11 11:15 AM5
- Court Sides With Father: Vaccination in Best Interests of Child Ian David Thu Feb-03-11 10:02 PM8
- No Link between Flu Vaccine and Paralyzing Disorder semillama Thu Feb-03-11 08:43 PM6
- elleng Thu Feb-03-11 08:18 PM12
- [View All] mhatrw Thu Feb-03-11 06:25 PM26
- All food is NOT neutral tabatha Thu Feb-03-11 05:16 PM3
- Pandemic Flu Vaccine Was Safe, Chinese Say HuckleB Thu Feb-03-11 04:43 PM19
- Book: "Over-diagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health" -- A Review HuckleB Thu Feb-03-11 03:53 PM6
- Rewiring the Human Arm -- Researchers are working on bringing the sense of touch to prosthetics HuckleB Thu Feb-03-11 03:52 PM1
- Study: Physiological Impacts of Homophobia HuckleB Thu Feb-03-11 03:51 PM3
- H1N1 Gives Clues to Universal Flu Vaccine [View All] HuckleB Thu Feb-03-11 03:46 PM39
- Finland: link between swine flu shot, narcolepsy [View All] mhatrw Thu Feb-03-11 03:29 PM42
- Blood test for vCJD 'could identify carriers' (BBC) {prion disease} eppur_se_muov... Thu Feb-03-11 02:39 PM2
- Getting the regular flu vaccine in 2008 made it more likely to get swine flu in 2009 in Canada. [View All] mhatrw Thu Feb-03-11 01:47 PM28
- Ask the doctor if symptoms consistent w meningitis, get a spinal tap, no choice- reasonable or BS? mahina Thu Feb-03-11 12:44 PM11
- GM lab creates chicken that cannot spread bird flu HuckleB Thu Feb-03-11 01:45 AM9
- Every Child by Two: What is the economic value of vaccines? trotsky Thu Feb-03-11 12:30 AM10
- Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine May Be Effective in Young Men HuckleB Thu Feb-03-11 12:28 AM4
- tabatha Wed Feb-02-11 04:57 PM10
- Come On, Get Happy BridgeTheGap Wed Feb-02-11 03:54 PM2
- Autism and MMR Vaccine Study an 'Elaborate Fraud,' Charges BMJ uppityperson Wed Feb-02-11 03:03 PM5
- EPA to limit rocket fuel chemical in tap water tabatha Wed Feb-02-11 01:43 PM1
- HuffPost shills for homeopathy FLAprogressiv... Wed Feb-02-11 12:36 PM8
- Safety of Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine in Children 6 to 23 Months Old [View All] HuckleB Wed Feb-02-11 09:54 AM45
- If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe Liberal Veter... Wed Feb-02-11 05:47 AM2
- The CDC on single-dose vs. multi-dose vials of vaccines or any other medications [View All] mhatrw Tue Feb-01-11 06:09 PM138
- Has anyone here dealt with post herpetic neuralgia? [View All] Vinca Tue Feb-01-11 05:41 PM20
- Fighting Flu in Newborns Begins in Pregnancy, Study Suggests HuckleB Tue Feb-01-11 04:23 PM10
- What's the harm in homeopathy? [View All] FLAprogressiv... Tue Feb-01-11 02:28 PM38
- A vaccine booster / Limit exemptions mhatrw Tue Feb-01-11 01:43 PM2
- 5 Unexpected Foods That Prevent Insomnia and 5 Foods That Promote It no_hypocrisy Tue Feb-01-11 01:06 PM8
- Are you ...? (Poll) [View All] HuckleB Mon Jan-31-11 03:44 PM61
- Callous Disregard, what he really said. HysteryDiagno... Sun Jan-30-11 11:42 PM12
- Another comment on Vitamin D - from the Scientific American hedgehog Sun Jan-30-11 06:20 PM3
- a family member was recently diagnosed with MHFRE genetic deficiency grasswire Sun Jan-30-11 04:00 PM3
- Absorption of thyroid drug levothyroxine improves with vitamin C HysteryDiagno... Sun Jan-30-11 02:58 PM2
- Why would a respiradone be recommended as a sleep aid BanzaiBonnie Sun Jan-30-11 10:04 AM9
- "Orthostatic intolerance", it's a new thing I've just learned about uppityperson Sun Jan-30-11 12:35 AM8
- The aging brain and the nutrients that protect it and even reverse damage already HysteryDiagno... Sun Jan-30-11 12:02 AM13
- Oh, the beauty of the US health care system! I am two years out from my cancer diagnosis and sinkingfeelin... Sat Jan-29-11 10:58 AM8
- Scientists fear MMR link to autism, plus Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ [View All] stockholmer Sat Jan-29-11 10:53 AM26
- The trouble with supplements if you are diabetic, a list of potential drug-supplement HysteryDiagno... Sat Jan-29-11 08:36 AM6
- ANTI-VACCINE DOCTOR PLANNED TO PROFIT FROM SCARE [View All] rayofreason Fri Jan-28-11 09:25 PM24
- trotsky Fri Jan-28-11 09:14 PM16
- Tywyn vaccine fridge 'will save lives' in hot countries HuckleB Fri Jan-28-11 09:11 PM5
- Potential "Cure" for Type 1 Diabetes? HysteryDiagno... Fri Jan-28-11 05:52 PM4
- Effectiveness of flu vaccines [View All] mhatrw Fri Jan-28-11 01:10 PM28
- Is your computer use detrimental to your health? Some ergonomic solutions - Dover Fri Jan-28-11 04:42 AM9
- Ancient Body Clock Discovered That Helps Keep All Living Things on Time n2doc Fri Jan-28-11 04:02 AM10
- Irrationality vs vaccines: Fighting for reality [View All] HuckleB Fri Jan-28-11 02:14 AM128
- Novartis Q4 Profit Falls On Charges, Lower Vaccine Sales mhatrw Fri Jan-28-11 12:54 AM2
- AP: Feds checking post-vaccine seizures in young kids [View All] mhatrw Thu Jan-27-11 09:44 PM169
- I turned on a Google email alert for Vitamin D.... RagAss Thu Jan-27-11 07:21 PM14
- Childhood Leukemia, Brain Cancer on the Rise ~ WEB MD mzmolly Thu Jan-27-11 02:46 PM3
- New vaccine to fight pneumococcal diseases introduced in Sierra Leone HuckleB Thu Jan-27-11 10:50 AM1
- Britain: Study Supports Virus Vaccine laconicsax Wed Jan-26-11 06:53 PM5
- The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear Ian David Wed Jan-26-11 09:49 AM2
- Common weed petty surge as a skin cancer treatment (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Wed Jan-26-11 07:46 AM4
- groovedaddy Wed Jan-26-11 07:10 AM18
- Insurance premium DROPPED $70?? Beartracks Wed Jan-26-11 02:22 AM4
- Not looking for advice but sharing of plantar fasciitis treatments [View All] uppityperson Tue Jan-25-11 03:17 PM26
- TB vaccine protects before and after exposure laconicsax Tue Jan-25-11 01:15 PM4
- Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong somone Tue Jan-25-11 01:08 PM6
- Just how friendly are those probiotics in your food? From very interesting site about food. snagglepuss Tue Jan-25-11 10:59 AM1
- Curing the vaccine scare: Recent report debunks autism link as 'a deliberate fraud' cleanhippie Tue Jan-25-11 12:06 AM6
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