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- Does anyone else ever feel sick when taking antibiotics? Crystal Clari... Fri Feb-25-11 10:03 AM14
- Venom: Nature's killer - also used in developing medicines - NOVA BridgeTheGap Thu Feb-24-11 02:43 PM6
- DHA and pseudoscience HysteryDiagno... Wed Feb-23-11 07:04 PM3
- High vitamin-D bread could help solve widespread insufficiency problem Celebration Wed Feb-23-11 12:43 PM1
- Trial Shows Cystic Fibrosis Drug Helped Ease Breathing (But Drug Cost Will Be Exhorbitant) HuckleB Wed Feb-23-11 12:42 PM0
- Study: Electrical Brain Activity May Spot Autism Risk HuckleB Wed Feb-23-11 12:35 PM0
- Markedly Higher Vitamin D Intake Needed to Reduce Cancer Risk Richard D Wed Feb-23-11 10:19 AM5
- Vegetarian Weight Watchers Boogie 2011 [View All] nolabear Wed Feb-23-11 10:04 AM25
- Cell Phone Use May Have Effect on Brain Activity, but Health Consequences Unknown Richard D Tue Feb-22-11 05:52 PM0
- Big Pharma to begin microchipping drugs indimuse Tue Feb-22-11 03:10 PM17
- Belief that a drug will not work can become a self fulfilling prophecy, according to published snagglepuss Tue Feb-22-11 09:57 AM1
- Has anyone on here ever used a Neti Pot for sinus problems..I movonne Mon Feb-21-11 05:54 PM14
- Must-see TV: Nat Geo Explorer, growing organs, tissues in the lab ... eppur_se_muov... Mon Feb-21-11 05:49 PM0
- Using amphetamines may increase risk of Parkinson's disease Celebration Mon Feb-21-11 02:49 PM6
- 'Printing out' new ears and skin (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Mon Feb-21-11 02:26 PM0
- Environmental Lithium Uptake Promotes Longevity, Scientists Demonstrate n2doc Mon Feb-21-11 02:13 PM2
- [View All] HuckleB Sun Feb-20-11 07:48 PM46
- Protein dose reverses learning problems in Down's mice n2doc Sun Feb-20-11 06:09 PM5
- Reversing Aging (Harvard affiliated medical centers) HysteryDiagno... Sun Feb-20-11 04:46 PM4
- Study of Breast Biopsies Finds Surgery Used Too Extensively no_hypocrisy Sun Feb-20-11 02:35 PM3
- Access to health care for everyone - Colorado Health Care Cooperative Denver Dave Sat Feb-19-11 03:10 PM2
- learning 2nd language may delay dementia ellenrr Sat Feb-19-11 01:43 PM5
- Gonorrhea Acquires Human DNA HysteryDiagno... Sat Feb-19-11 12:40 PM6
- Naturally occurring toxins in food, Nightshade and chronic pain (arthritis) HysteryDiagno... Fri Feb-18-11 08:08 PM4
- Knee Replacement Patients Thrive, (20-year follow-up) Study Says HuckleB Fri Feb-18-11 05:04 PM9
- A Breast-Feeding Plan Mixes Partisan Reactions groovedaddy Fri Feb-18-11 04:43 PM8
- Psychotherapy Eases Chronic Fatigue, Study Finds HuckleB Fri Feb-18-11 01:32 PM3
- Corporations These Days - How advertising can effect the health of children BridgeTheGap Fri Feb-18-11 01:04 PM0
- Good Old 'Murican Made Drugs, Are Not Entirely So Kennah Thu Feb-17-11 03:58 PM3
- Obtaining drugs from Canada CountAllVotes Thu Feb-17-11 03:54 PM17
- The Unkindest Cut: How Wounds Can Trigger Tumor Growth HuckleB Thu Feb-17-11 02:07 PM11
- 'nother article on Alzheimer's ellenrr Thu Feb-17-11 06:18 AM0
- Snake Oil Science: The Truth About Complementary & Alternative Medicine [View All] FLAprogressiv... Wed Feb-16-11 07:57 PM44
- Recalled (Medical) Devices Mostly Untested, New Study Says (FDA Says Study Is Flawed Or Not New) HuckleB Wed Feb-16-11 12:50 PM2
- Zinc may shorten the common cold by about one day somone Wed Feb-16-11 01:35 AM5
- Self-deleted by member OKIsItJustMe Tue Feb-15-11 06:48 PM0
- Gonorrhea Steals DNA From Humans n2doc Tue Feb-15-11 05:27 PM8
- Grief, unedited groovedaddy Tue Feb-15-11 03:15 PM0
- ICSPP Endorses the FDA Advisory Panel's Decision Regarding ECT Devices Cetacea Tue Feb-15-11 07:03 AM6
- Vermont Gov. Proposes Single-Payer Health Plan HuckleB Tue Feb-15-11 12:00 AM17
- Be Wary of Acupuncture, Qigong, and "Traditional Chinese Medicine" [View All] FLAprogressiv... Mon Feb-14-11 11:54 PM89
- How to get big discounts on Vitamins & Supplements! Raffi Ella Mon Feb-14-11 05:22 PM3
- Widely Used Pesticides with Previously Unknown Endocrine Activity Revealed as in Vitro Anti-Androgen OKIsItJustMe Mon Feb-14-11 04:12 PM1
- OKIsItJustMe Mon Feb-14-11 03:51 PM0
- Oh bullpucky n2doc Mon Feb-14-11 03:27 PM5
- For Some Troops, Powerful Drug Cocktails Have Deadly Results groovedaddy Mon Feb-14-11 11:58 AM0
- Green tea extracts in supplements could be harmful to liver and kidneys snagglepuss Mon Feb-14-11 06:29 AM6
- Doctor Issues Vaccine Manifesto in "Pediatrics": Refuse Care if Parents Question Vaccines [View All] mhatrw Sun Feb-13-11 11:32 PM80
- More Raw Truth About Raw Vegan Diets Ian David Sun Feb-13-11 07:05 PM11
- Indole Three Carbinol, the Israeli researchers get it, plus 1,000,000 for them. HysteryDiagno... Sun Feb-13-11 06:14 PM0
- Why we need people who actually look at the research instead of saying it HysteryDiagno... Sun Feb-13-11 06:01 PM0
- When Given Control, Women Use Less Epidural Anesthesia During Delivery HuckleB Sun Feb-13-11 05:01 PM3
- Compound Blocks Brain Cell Destruction in Parkinson's Disease n2doc Sun Feb-13-11 11:02 AM3
- Nutrition and cardiomyopathy: lessons from spontaneous animal models. HysteryDiagno... Sun Feb-13-11 09:08 AM6
- Cost Keeps Stroke Meds Out of Reach for Some, Indicates American Stroke Association Research HuckleB Sun Feb-13-11 09:01 AM5
- The Newest Dangerous Sweetener to Hit Your Food Shelves... (Monsanto strikes again) gateley Sat Feb-12-11 10:31 PM16
- Single-dose pre-filled syringes cost manufacturers just 13.7 cents more per dose! [View All] mhatrw Sat Feb-12-11 09:52 PM117
- The superiority of supplements over food, in certain instances such as green HysteryDiagno... Sat Feb-12-11 08:04 PM2
- Age related macular degeneration clue discovered (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sat Feb-12-11 12:32 PM10
- Fear and Its Consequences: Why States Should Get Tough with Vaccinations [View All] cleanhippie Sat Feb-12-11 04:35 AM203
- APIC: Get the flu vaccine or get fired. mhatrw Fri Feb-11-11 08:02 PM10
- How many here deny that the incidence of autism in the USA has increased over the last 20 years? [View All] mhatrw Fri Feb-11-11 01:26 PM71
- Evil Marin County, CA, home of the American Taliban, hotbed of the vaccine wary. [View All] mhatrw Fri Feb-11-11 12:34 PM58
- Opinion: Vaccinations - Let parents make the choice [View All] mhatrw Fri Feb-11-11 12:28 PM20
- Vaccination may be Associated with Autoimmune Diseases [View All] mhatrw Fri Feb-11-11 11:35 AM43
- Study: Major benefits for spina bifida surgery in the womb laconicsax Thu Feb-10-11 10:51 PM4
- "Vaccines are dangerous and should never be injected into anyone for any reason." slackmaster Thu Feb-10-11 10:39 PM16
- Your poop is unique, or how the communities inside you do what they do. HysteryDiagno... Thu Feb-10-11 10:22 PM5
- Common Insecticide Used in Homes Associated With Delayed Mental Development of Young Children n2doc Thu Feb-10-11 08:46 PM6
- Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration [View All] mhatrw Thu Feb-10-11 08:05 PM50
- BridgeTheGap Thu Feb-10-11 02:49 PM1
- Manganese in our water is detrimental to cognitive development Celebration Thu Feb-10-11 01:21 PM6
- The Wealth Gap is Making Us Sick Modern School Thu Feb-10-11 08:58 AM8
- 2 Drugs Look Promising for Rare Pancreatic Cancer HuckleB Thu Feb-10-11 07:09 AM3
- Anyone have experience with thrombosed external hemorrhoids? Leftist Agita... Wed Feb-09-11 09:34 PM4
- Couch Hazards. Inactivity is harmful even with trips to the gym. snagglepuss Wed Feb-09-11 08:43 PM5
- So, tomorrow I have to starve myself all day. Tea, broth, water. [View All] Paper Roses Wed Feb-09-11 06:22 PM26
- WHO reviews GSK H1N1 flu shot after narcolepsy link Celebration Wed Feb-09-11 04:53 PM4
- The polio virus fights back bemildred Wed Feb-09-11 02:40 PM3
- James Randi's Challenge to Homeopathy Manufacturers and Retail Pharmacies [View All] cleanhippie Wed Feb-09-11 02:17 PM313
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