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- Good thoughts for Sarge who is having a hip replacement today. Vinca Sun Mar-27-11 09:47 AM5
- Anyone have a saliva test for adrenal function? ellenrr Sun Mar-27-11 09:42 AM5
- School parents want girl with peanut allergy sent home [View All] Chemisse Sun Mar-27-11 01:36 AM24
- Influenza vs head cold uppityperson Sat Mar-26-11 07:35 PM13
- marmar Sat Mar-26-11 09:48 AM19
- Link for a reliable / recommended Canadian pharmacy? flamingdem Sat Mar-26-11 09:42 AM2
- Young, rich women getting more deadly skin cancers [View All] n2doc Fri Mar-25-11 02:36 PM24
- Friday's the day. Vinca Fri Mar-25-11 03:47 AM8
- U.S. branded drug prices soar as generic pressure rises sinkingfeelin... Thu Mar-24-11 08:20 PM13
- "gluten sensitivity not only exists, but is very different from celiac disease," dixiegrrrrl Thu Mar-24-11 05:57 PM16
- My PCP said today that alternatives to colonoscopies are coming soon! CTyankee Thu Mar-24-11 04:35 PM14
- Early-warning diabetes test hope (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Wed Mar-23-11 03:01 PM3
- Herbal Remedies, Street Drugs, and Pharmacology (Plus the "Ancient Wisdom" fallacy) [View All] HuckleB Wed Mar-23-11 02:04 PM43
- somone Wed Mar-23-11 11:44 AM11
- Animal doctors, or how they treat themselves with "medicine". HysteryDiagno... Wed Mar-23-11 07:43 AM4
- Is homeopathy (and other quackery in general) the religion of the left? [View All] FLAprogressiv... Tue Mar-22-11 01:14 AM83
- Natural Remedies for Radiation and Toxic Overload [View All] tabatha Mon Mar-21-11 09:02 PM40
- Ever wonder what a migrating cancer cell looked like? Pretty darn evil but there's good news. snagglepuss Mon Mar-21-11 10:11 AM5
- Protein found in brain cells may be key to autism (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Mon Mar-21-11 02:55 AM1
- Virginity's making a comeback, report says alp227 Sat Mar-19-11 06:25 PM16
- SNL's High Fructose Corn Syrup Commercial Parody n2doc Sat Mar-19-11 05:33 PM5
- A big THANKS to all the medical people who read this forum Tumbulu Sat Mar-19-11 03:57 PM0
- Improved nutritional status is of utmost importance in mitigating the detrimental effects of ALS. HysteryDiagno... Sat Mar-19-11 01:11 PM8
- Present clinical trials with Coenzyme Q10, number 10 has results, it was done HysteryDiagno... Sat Mar-19-11 12:15 PM0
- What are you supposed to eat if you have IBS? Aren't supposed to have fatty foods, raccoon Sat Mar-19-11 09:34 AM12
- Enzymes and radiation HysteryDiagno... Thu Mar-17-11 05:02 PM4
- Gene therapy 'treats' Parkinson's disease (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Thu Mar-17-11 01:21 AM0
- Giftedness Linked to Prenatal Exposure of Higher Levels of Testosterone n2doc Wed Mar-16-11 02:40 PM9
- Interesting website about Alzheimer's ellenrr Wed Mar-16-11 05:53 AM4
- Researchers Urge the Removal of Mercury From Flu Shots lildreamer316 Mon Mar-14-11 03:01 PM6
- 4 deaths in Japan not tied to shots: panel says [View All] HuckleB Sun Mar-13-11 10:44 PM43
- It's WORLD POOPIN' DAY! What will you do, er how will you move? HuckleB Sun Mar-13-11 11:44 AM4
- So what is a colonscopy like for those you've had one? [View All] Hawaii Hiker Sat Mar-12-11 03:27 PM32
- Keys to Long Life? Not What You Might Expect n2doc Sat Mar-12-11 11:10 AM3
- From $10 To $1,500: How A Cheap Drug That Prevents Preterm Birth Got Outrageously Expensive Purveyor Sat Mar-12-11 09:55 AM6
- snagglepuss Fri Mar-11-11 10:45 PM1
- Signs of a Bad Health Website - CBS news. cleanhippie Fri Mar-11-11 06:10 PM2
- Oregon House unanimously votes to end faith healing exception laconicsax Fri Mar-11-11 05:43 PM4
- Lancet: Doubts emerge over heart risk to 'apple shape' avaistheone1 Fri Mar-11-11 03:05 AM1
- My wife went in for a biopsy last Tuesday SHRED Thu Mar-10-11 08:35 PM18
- 15 Dangerous Drugs Big Pharma Shoves Down Our Throats [View All] bemildred Thu Mar-10-11 07:20 PM60
- Questioning the Annual Pelvic Exam (Is It Unnecessary?) HuckleB Thu Mar-10-11 01:59 PM9
- Acupuncture Curbs Severity of Menopausal Hot Flushes, Study Suggests [View All] Richard D Wed Mar-09-11 10:28 PM24
- Sleep loss = Optimism bias Populist_Prol... Wed Mar-09-11 08:29 PM5
- Study: Even "BPA-Free" Plastics Leach Endrocrine-Disrupting Chemicals HuckleB Wed Mar-09-11 06:01 PM8
- Horrific US Medical Experiments Come to Light mhatrw Wed Mar-09-11 02:50 PM13
- Teen with measles attended events laconicsax Wed Mar-09-11 09:44 AM10
- Four infant deaths trigger vaccines halt [View All] The Straight ... Wed Mar-09-11 03:28 AM54
- Experts raise questions about supplement company HuckleB Tue Mar-08-11 11:47 PM2
- Japan halts Pfizer, Sanofi vaccines after four die mhatrw Tue Mar-08-11 01:24 PM15
- World's first tissue-engineered urethras hailed success (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Tue Mar-08-11 07:05 AM4
- Homeopathy prospers even as controversy rages [View All] n2doc Mon Mar-07-11 09:13 PM45
- E. coli found on 50 percent of shopping carts Recursion Mon Mar-07-11 11:03 AM13
- Selling disease, or how big pharma drives up the cost of your healthcare by HysteryDiagno... Sun Mar-06-11 08:43 PM6
- LSU, DHA and rescuing brain cells in early Alzheimers, this does not mean that HysteryDiagno... Sun Mar-06-11 09:22 AM0
- n2doc Sun Mar-06-11 09:06 AM4
- 575-pound Spokesman For The Heart Attack Grill Dies Aged 29 WhiteTara Sat Mar-05-11 11:34 PM8
- Cell breakthrough for Alzheimer's n2doc Fri Mar-04-11 01:04 PM1
- One step closer to universal health care in Colorado Denver Dave Thu Mar-03-11 05:11 PM6
- FDA to remove unapproved cough and cold medicines HuckleB Wed Mar-02-11 06:52 PM3
- Dark Times for Herbal Medicine in Europe texastoast Wed Mar-02-11 03:06 PM13
- SCOTUS: Family Can't Sue for Side Effects in Vaccinated Baby [View All] mhatrw Wed Mar-02-11 03:05 PM30
- Some positive perspective on health to balance out the gloom and doom... Silent3 Wed Mar-02-11 02:01 AM4
- Pill-free pain relief treatments gain ground among recovering addicts Celebration Wed Mar-02-11 01:51 AM13
- Acupressure Effective in Helping to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury, Study Suggests Richard D Tue Mar-01-11 11:46 PM11
- Pediatric acupuncture brings relief from pain Celebration Tue Mar-01-11 12:45 PM15
- Gut bacteria can control organ functions Celebration Mon Feb-28-11 11:57 PM1
- Markedly Higher Vitamin D Intake Needed to Reduce Cancer Risk, Researchers Say n2doc Mon Feb-28-11 11:26 PM8
- Placebo Effect Works Both Ways n2doc Mon Feb-28-11 01:42 PM3
- Treat the Patient, Not the CT Scan BridgeTheGap Mon Feb-28-11 12:59 PM0
- [View All] cleanhippie Mon Feb-28-11 12:35 PM21
- Brain-Wasting Prions Amass Before Dealing Deathblow n2doc Sun Feb-27-11 01:43 PM0
- Gastrointestinal stimulation as a strategy for asthma control HysteryDiagno... Sun Feb-27-11 07:29 AM2
- Cholesterol 'does not predict stroke in women' (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sat Feb-26-11 11:13 PM6
- New Long-Acting Local Anesthetic Derived from Algae Effectively Blocks Pain in Surgical Patients n2doc Sat Feb-26-11 03:50 PM2
- Cholesterol for Dummies HysteryDiagno... Sat Feb-26-11 09:56 AM8
- no_hypocrisy Sat Feb-26-11 08:10 AM1
- A dangerous "natural" treatment, Horse Chestnut and renal angiomyolipoma HysteryDiagno... Fri Feb-25-11 07:31 PM5
- Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Allergies in Kids n2doc Fri Feb-25-11 07:02 PM0
- Straddling a Fault Line - Nothing to fear but fear itself? For a schizophrenic, that's plenty BridgeTheGap Fri Feb-25-11 01:06 PM6
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