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- Complementary therapy in diabetic patients with chronic complications: a pilot study. HysteryDiagno... Fri Apr-22-11 03:41 PM0
- Lack of Success Terminates Study in Africa of AIDS Prevention in Women alp227 Fri Apr-22-11 10:20 AM3
- Learning to Tolerate Our Microbial Self n2doc Fri Apr-22-11 09:49 AM0
- From Johns Hopkins about Cancer. [View All] kimmerspixela... Fri Apr-22-11 09:23 AM30
- Autism Guru Fights for His Reputation and Theory n2doc Fri Apr-22-11 08:13 AM12
- Gut Bacteria Divide People Into 3 Types, Scientists Say [View All] salvorhardin Thu Apr-21-11 09:42 PM20
- 'Simulated' Needles Just as Effective as Real Acupuncture in Treating Nausea in Cancer Patients cleanhippie Thu Apr-21-11 08:44 PM15
- Low Carbohydrate Diet May Reverse Kidney Failure in People With Diabetes n2doc Thu Apr-21-11 01:38 PM2
- OKIsItJustMe Wed Apr-20-11 04:38 PM0
- Why are the prices at my Co-op so much higher? [View All] cleanhippie Wed Apr-20-11 02:22 PM29
- Diane Francis on Canadian and American health care in a Conservative newspaper murphyj87 Tue Apr-19-11 05:44 PM5
- For the HFCS is the same as table sugar crowd [View All] Richard D Tue Apr-19-11 04:37 PM21
- FTC Seeks to Halt 10 Operators of Fake News Sites from Making Deceptive Claims About Acai Berry Ian David Tue Apr-19-11 12:57 PM1
- Can prayer help surgery? n2doc Tue Apr-19-11 11:53 AM18
- Do cell phones cause brain cancer? salvorhardin Tue Apr-19-11 10:10 AM7
- Hospital Bars Surgeon From Operating Room Celebration Tue Apr-19-11 08:37 AM11
- New Alzheimer's guidelines tap precursors to the disease BridgeTheGap Tue Apr-19-11 07:42 AM0
- Organic on a food stamp budget? Richard D Mon Apr-18-11 06:59 PM16
- Is Sugar Toxic? [View All] n2doc Mon Apr-18-11 03:48 PM21
- Coffee studies should warm your heart bemildred Mon Apr-18-11 01:05 PM11
- Brain bypass surgery may help restore lost brain tissue polly7 Mon Apr-18-11 02:00 AM5
- Aluminum free deodorant SHRED Sun Apr-17-11 10:24 PM18
- Statins, Coenzyme Q10, Carnitine and Medscape based woo science. [View All] HysteryDiagno... Sun Apr-17-11 09:07 PM20
- EJSTES2005 Sun Apr-17-11 04:49 PM0
- Big Lesson. What I thought was too insignificant to mention to my doc during my yearly physical snagglepuss Sun Apr-17-11 04:26 PM10
- Why do people have the urge to hate and fight? [View All] Voice for Pea... Sat Apr-16-11 06:18 PM40
- No safe dose of radiation? [View All] Arcana Fri Apr-15-11 10:02 PM38
- Healthy breast cells police for cancer Snoutport Fri Apr-15-11 10:39 AM1
- Acupuncture for Pain No Better Than Placebo -- And Not Without Harm, Study Finds salvorhardin Fri Apr-15-11 02:16 AM17
- It looks like cancer. FLyellowdog Thu Apr-14-11 11:22 PM18
- Honey can reverse antibiotic resistance Celebration Thu Apr-14-11 10:30 PM11
- Anyone else here suffers from tremors? sakabatou Thu Apr-14-11 06:42 AM4
- How to Save a Trillion Dollars groovedaddy Thu Apr-14-11 01:22 AM1
- Journal withdraws article after complaints from Pharma medeak Wed Apr-13-11 03:27 PM4
- Why can't Planned Parenthood... [View All] Quist Tue Apr-12-11 01:42 PM88
- Zicam disproves homeopathy ZombieHorde Mon Apr-11-11 11:27 PM10
- Jelly Beans cause acne! n2doc Mon Apr-11-11 11:20 PM3
- Bristol-Myers Bribed Doctors in Drug Scheme, California Commissioner Says Celebration Mon Apr-11-11 06:32 PM4
- FDA Panel Says No Support for Linking Food Dyes, Hyper Kids HuckleB Sun Apr-10-11 02:57 PM15
- meditation ... more powerful than medication mzteris Sat Apr-09-11 05:41 PM3
- Homeopathy's Ineffectiveness Saves Lives cleanhippie Sat Apr-09-11 03:31 PM4
- Whooping cough outbreak in Floyd County blamed on lax vaccinations laconicsax Sat Apr-09-11 02:02 PM9
- 7 Basic Things You Won't Believe You're All Doing Wrong n2doc Sat Apr-09-11 11:22 AM9
- Chronic Subclinical Scurvy HysteryDiagno... Sat Apr-09-11 09:07 AM0
- Chemical found which 'makes bone marrow repair skin' (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Fri Apr-08-11 07:35 PM4
- How many women will die? Quist Fri Apr-08-11 04:32 PM1
- The Resident Anti-Vaccine Reporter at CBS News Strikes Again [View All] Godhumor Fri Apr-08-11 06:52 AM108
- EPA reevaluates and lowers safe levels of Fluoride Why Syzygy Thu Apr-07-11 10:36 PM18
- This is what rationing of health care looks like Cowpunk Thu Apr-07-11 10:35 PM7
- Bad Gene For Beer Lovers Modern School Thu Apr-07-11 07:34 PM1
- Does anyone have tinnitus? [View All] RebelOne Wed Apr-06-11 01:10 PM20
- Vaccines and Autism: a new scientific review [View All] mhatrw Wed Apr-06-11 10:33 AM27
- ~*URINE THERAPY* ~ WOW! [View All] indimuse Wed Apr-06-11 05:22 AM23
- More Questions About Whooping Cough Vaccine In Kids 8 To 10 mhatrw Tue Apr-05-11 10:37 PM16
- Are your joints older than you?: Interesting article and quiz to determine the age of your joints. snagglepuss Tue Apr-05-11 11:59 AM8
- Taking aspirin just once a month 'reduces risk of pancreatic cancer' snagglepuss Tue Apr-05-11 10:56 AM12
- G.O.P. Blueprint Would Remake Health Policy groovedaddy Tue Apr-05-11 10:54 AM0
- ED HysteryDiagno... Tue Apr-05-11 06:45 AM2
- Study finds routine periodic fasting is good for your health, and your heart Celebration Sun Apr-03-11 07:33 PM8
- Prostate screening has no benefit Celebration Sun Apr-03-11 06:13 PM5
- Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing 2009 1/3 VACCINES Gulf War Vets BRAVO!! indimuse Sun Apr-03-11 02:31 PM11
- Print this and give it to your doctor, please note the double blind, randomized, HysteryDiagno... Sat Apr-02-11 11:58 PM12
- Investigational New Drug Application For Clinical Testing of Oral Drug to Treat Radiation Exposure. HysteryDiagno... Sat Apr-02-11 04:30 PM0
- Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome [View All] n2doc Sat Apr-02-11 04:07 AM24
- Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong BridgeTheGap Sat Apr-02-11 12:57 AM7
- James Randi Foundation names CVS pharmacy and Andrew Wakefield "Pigasus Awards" cleanhippie Sat Apr-02-11 12:40 AM7
- A Bacterium That Acts Like a Toothbrush n2doc Fri Apr-01-11 08:00 PM3
- Lipstick on the Medical Capitation Pig McCamy Taylor Fri Apr-01-11 08:58 AM3
- MN measles outbreak started in area targeted by anti-vaccine activists now 14 cases, 8 hospitalized Ian David Thu Mar-31-11 03:48 PM17
- Forty two communities struggle with disease clusters truedelphi Thu Mar-31-11 06:51 AM11
- Nurses to play a greater role in healthcare -- welcome to 21st centrury healthcare Elmore Furth Wed Mar-30-11 01:42 PM5
- F.D.A. Panel to Consider Warnings for Artificial Food Colorings groovedaddy Wed Mar-30-11 11:28 AM1
- Packaged food raises levels of bisphenol A n2doc Wed Mar-30-11 09:48 AM0
- Beyond Patient Reported Pain: Perfusion MRI Shows Reproducible Brain Images of Post-Surgical Pain HuckleB Tue Mar-29-11 02:40 PM1
- Tabloid Medicine: How the Internet is being used to hijack medical science for fear and profit HuckleB Tue Mar-29-11 02:37 PM7
- So I saw the orthopedic surgeon on Friday and it's a "go" for THR. Vinca Tue Mar-29-11 12:48 PM17
- misleading labels on natural/organic nutritional supplements eShirl Tue Mar-29-11 05:28 AM1
- Anyone here have a Pacemaker/ICD implant? I just got one a week ago Friday! [View All] Better Believ... Tue Mar-29-11 12:29 AM21
- I have had inner body vibrations/trembling every night after I go to bed and fall movonne Sun Mar-27-11 07:30 PM14
- The rainbow of food dyes in our grocery aisles has a dark side n2doc Sun Mar-27-11 01:37 PM5
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