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- When does public health supersede personal choice? The vaccination debate [Most commented] bemildred Fri Jul-24-15 09:45 AM18
- Dr. Mercola: Visionary or Quack? (Excellent profile piece from Chicago Magazine) salvorhardin Sun Feb-12-12 07:50 PM0
- An American psychosis ellenrr Sun Jan-15-12 12:47 PM1
- This is almost beyond belief but a 2 year bout of insomnia is over & I've had tremendous weight loss snagglepuss Wed Dec-21-11 05:57 PM19
- Researchers Design Alzheimer’s Antibodies OKIsItJustMe Tue Dec-13-11 02:52 PM3
- Vitamin B12 – The Energy Panacea? HuckleB Sat Dec-10-11 10:38 PM10
- "Subscribe" to Health and any other favorite groups on DU3 maddezmom Sat Dec-10-11 09:44 PM5
- Ready-to-Bake Cookie Dough not Ready-to-Eat, Study of E. coli Outbreak Finds OKIsItJustMe Sat Dec-10-11 01:45 AM2
- Attention women over 60 in NW Arkansas- A 5 yr breast cancer prevention study snagglepuss Sat Dec-10-11 12:02 AM0
- Why Get the HPV Vaccine For Your Children? [View All] Modern School Fri Dec-09-11 10:23 PM50
- Pycnogenol and Diabetic Nephropathy HysteryDiagno... Fri Dec-09-11 03:54 PM8
- Cancer risk in Northern Ireland lower than the Republic of Ireland OKIsItJustMe Fri Dec-09-11 12:26 PM0
- Neti pots are dangerous if used improperly, DHH warns (2nd Death this Year) Sgent Fri Dec-09-11 03:41 AM11
- Why Small, Self-Selected Studies Are A Bad Way To Make Health Care Recommendations HuckleB Thu Dec-08-11 08:53 PM16
- Federal Agencies Act to Remove hCG Weight Loss Products HuckleB Thu Dec-08-11 05:41 PM2
- Why Sugar Makes Us Sleepy (And Protein Wakes Us Up) n2doc Thu Dec-08-11 01:16 PM10
- Supplements Set to Become Illegal in 2012 under FDA Dover Wed Dec-07-11 09:50 AM8
- Snake Oil -- Hey, Maybe It's Good For You! Kali Wed Dec-07-11 05:39 AM4
- The promise and pitfalls of palliative care bemildred Tue Dec-06-11 02:50 PM2
- Vaccine developed against Ebola (BBC) {not quite ready} eppur_se_muov... Tue Dec-06-11 12:40 PM3
- Vitamin D Associated With A Higher Risk Of Atrial Fibrillation HuckleB Tue Dec-06-11 09:49 AM10
- Fish and Alzheimer's Disease, but then, you already knew this. HysteryDiagno... Tue Dec-06-11 07:59 AM4
- Childhood disorder prompts study of infection link to mental illness bemildred Tue Dec-06-11 06:34 AM4
- ADHD - Four Genes Linked To The Disorder (Study) HuckleB Mon Dec-05-11 10:35 PM6
- Dartmouth Researchers Evaluate Rice as a Source of Fetal Arsenic Exposure OKIsItJustMe Mon Dec-05-11 08:03 PM1
- medical mystery will hopefully soon be resolved. CTyankee Mon Dec-05-11 07:59 PM6
- Lab-grown glands, eyes and brain parts xchrom Mon Dec-05-11 05:32 PM4
- Sensing Fat salvorhardin Mon Dec-05-11 05:15 PM8
- Encyclopedia of American Loons: #1 Mike Adams [View All] HuckleB Mon Dec-05-11 02:01 PM34
- HPV Vaccine Victim Sues Merck [View All] The Straight ... Mon Dec-05-11 01:57 PM34
- Stem cell therapy poised to come in from the cold n2doc Mon Dec-05-11 01:03 PM2
- The Nanomembrane Probe Brings Us Closer to a Cure for Epilepsy xchrom Mon Dec-05-11 12:27 PM0
- Lasers show promise for stroke victims PADemD Sun Dec-04-11 08:01 PM5
- FLU Season - handshake, not hug is the wise man's choice.Hug spreads flu sam11111 Sun Dec-04-11 04:57 PM12
- Wouldn't it be mildly interesting to know who among us is alive today because of vaccination? [View All] HuckleB Sat Dec-03-11 10:02 PM39
- This is going to sound dumb - foot odor [View All] Aerows Sat Dec-03-11 08:53 PM42
- WHO Issues Europe Measles Warning: Countries Need To Act Now HuckleB Sat Dec-03-11 08:05 PM3
- How effective are carb blockers? Swede Sat Dec-03-11 03:04 PM15
- B-12 Supplementation HysteryDiagno... Fri Dec-02-11 06:05 PM4
- Intracellular calpain activity: a pointer to disorders of the ageing brain? xchrom Fri Dec-02-11 05:41 PM1
- Woman's face catches on fire during surgery sinkingfeelin... Fri Dec-02-11 03:45 PM3
- Stalking immune cells: a new way to monitor "Mutiny on the Body" xchrom Fri Dec-02-11 02:41 PM2
- Skin care companies that use nanoparticles in their products snagglepuss Thu Dec-01-11 06:35 PM1
- Can Ambien Wake the Near-Dead? elleng Thu Dec-01-11 02:28 PM2
- Mistaken identity: New report highlights the global impact of medical misdiagnosis OKIsItJustMe Thu Dec-01-11 11:37 AM0
- Two Out of Three Medical Students Do Not Know When to Wash Their Hands OKIsItJustMe Thu Dec-01-11 11:28 AM2
- Obesity billboard draws fire: Notion of it not being a choice stirs ‘ugly’ email salvorhardin Thu Dec-01-11 10:55 AM16
- Mourning in America - should grief be treated the same as depression? BridgeTheGap Thu Dec-01-11 09:23 AM9
- Stem cells engineered to kill cancer HysteryDiagno... Thu Dec-01-11 07:21 AM2
- Engineers pioneer use of 3D printer to create new bones (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Thu Dec-01-11 12:21 AM2
- MTHFR follow-up hedgehog Wed Nov-30-11 08:59 PM4
- …research probes potential link between cancer and a common chemical (nano-sized zinc oxide)… OKIsItJustMe Wed Nov-30-11 07:44 PM12
- (Some Of The Media's Problems When) Reporting Preliminary (Science) Studies HuckleB Wed Nov-30-11 07:24 PM7
- Finding Good Apps for Children With Autism Celebration Wed Nov-30-11 04:30 PM2
- Scientists discover anti-inflammatory polyphenols in apple peels OKIsItJustMe Wed Nov-30-11 01:14 PM2
- Human Nature's Pathologist groovedaddy Wed Nov-30-11 08:03 AM4
- Study demonstrates a connection between a common chemical and Parkinson's disease OKIsItJustMe Tue Nov-29-11 04:26 PM3
- 'Heading' a soccer ball could cause brain injury: study Celebration Tue Nov-29-11 12:45 PM7
- Alzheimer's: Deep brain stimulation 'reverses' disease (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Tue Nov-29-11 12:25 PM3
- follow up to my Oct. post about treating adolescent girl's acne with b.c. pills CTyankee Tue Nov-29-11 10:39 AM7
- Vitamin D Fortified Yogurt, cholesterol levels and biomarkers of heart disease HysteryDiagno... Tue Nov-29-11 10:25 AM1
- Sambucol TV Ad is Misleading, and Probably Illegal [View All] MineralMan Tue Nov-29-11 09:41 AM23
- Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? Why Syzygy Tue Nov-29-11 09:19 AM9
- Geriatric doctor doesn't shy from tough talk bemildred Tue Nov-29-11 03:55 AM10
- First Time Mothers' Home Births Have A Higher Risk Of Complications ZombieHorde Tue Nov-29-11 01:17 AM13
- Walgreens Giving Free Flu Shots to the Uninsured HuckleB Mon Nov-28-11 08:30 PM11
- Nuke accident-linked cancer may be impossible to detect xchrom Mon Nov-28-11 05:56 PM4
- Brain find sheds light on autism (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Mon Nov-28-11 03:19 PM1
- The Medical Miracle You'll Get Arrested for Using Why Syzygy Mon Nov-28-11 01:05 AM18
- Ouch ouch ouch... n2doc Sun Nov-27-11 06:43 PM4
- Scientists Turn On Fountain of Youth in Yeast HysteryDiagno... Sun Nov-27-11 10:25 AM4
- Ok, what did you eat on turkey day?? MindMover Sun Nov-27-11 08:39 AM5
- My dog just vomited up two peach pits in a 12 hour span tridim Sat Nov-26-11 10:45 PM0
- Walgreens harrasses customers/employees to make them get the flu shot ellenrr Sat Nov-26-11 09:23 PM9
- Finding Purpose After Living With Delusion groovedaddy Sat Nov-26-11 08:43 PM5
- Research on Sambucol HysteryDiagno... Sat Nov-26-11 02:31 PM3
- Drugs Used for Psychotics Go to Youths in Foster Care groovedaddy Fri Nov-25-11 07:02 AM5
- Four Drugs Cause Most Hospitalizations in Older Adults. elleng Thu Nov-24-11 08:39 PM7
- Mirror Therapy May Help To Reduce The Pain Of Arthritis HuckleB Thu Nov-24-11 08:18 PM8
- Purchasing Health Insurance SHRED Wed Nov-23-11 04:48 PM10
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