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- Paula Ettelbrick, Veteran LGBT Leader, Dies William769 Fri Oct-07-11 04:50 PM2
- New Polish party on the rise William769 Fri Oct-07-11 04:23 PM3
- Police Haven't Found Any Crime in Rodemeyer Bullying William769 Fri Oct-07-11 03:38 PM2
- Larry Kramer, inside his normal heart William769 Fri Oct-07-11 02:22 PM1
- Osteen: Being Gay Still a Sin, Always Will Be [View All] w8liftinglady Fri Oct-07-11 02:13 PM20
- PFLAG NYC Awards to Highlight Growth of Anti-Bullying Program William769 Fri Oct-07-11 02:09 PM0
- Minnesota Republicans Unite Against Marriage Amendment William769 Fri Oct-07-11 01:41 PM1
- w8liftinglady Fri Oct-07-11 11:32 AM15
- Hi my favorites peeps. I am looking for some wedding song recommendations [View All] La Lioness Pr... Fri Oct-07-11 11:19 AM31
- Teacher facing more controversy after joining anti-gay group n2doc Fri Oct-07-11 01:00 AM5
- w8liftinglady Thu Oct-06-11 11:12 PM0
- DCCCD considering transgender policy w8liftinglady Thu Oct-06-11 11:09 PM0
- Making a difference w8liftinglady Thu Oct-06-11 11:07 PM0
- DNC open to funding fight against anti-gay amendments William769 Thu Oct-06-11 10:13 PM6
- A friend of mine died on Monday. undeterred Thu Oct-06-11 12:30 PM8
- How Republican leadership cherry-picks religious values to suit anti-gay narrative racaulk Thu Oct-06-11 11:49 AM2
- Gay SF couple take their case to the Capital Duncan Grant Thu Oct-06-11 10:45 AM0
- WillParkinson Thu Oct-06-11 06:44 AM6
- w8liftinglady Thu Oct-06-11 05:35 AM4
- New Book Explores Latino Gay Activists w8liftinglady Wed Oct-05-11 07:01 PM0
- A powerful video. William769 Wed Oct-05-11 06:26 PM2
- An Act of Defiance in North Carolina William769 Wed Oct-05-11 05:32 PM0
- Some robo caller called me abt Gay Marriage tonight. truedelphi Wed Oct-05-11 04:32 PM13
- Have you ever been so frustrated, so fed up with where you are, that you just want to throw it all William769 Wed Oct-05-11 12:51 PM4
- Wow! "Wearing that letter A" Zorra Wed Oct-05-11 11:16 AM1
- Prop. 8 backers press claims on gay trial judge n2doc Wed Oct-05-11 10:38 AM4
- Inconclusive Results of Ex-Gay Study Cause Dispute William769 Wed Oct-05-11 09:57 AM6
- I know it's late but found this picture celebrating NY Marriage Equality and it's a doozy... WillParkinson Wed Oct-05-11 04:24 AM9
- Study: Gay Men Offered Less Job Interviews William769 Wed Oct-05-11 12:54 AM4
- Do you ever have a day where you just overload your brain? William769 Wed Oct-05-11 12:36 AM4
- House Republicans Triple Budget To Defend Gay Marriage Ban w8liftinglady Tue Oct-04-11 04:46 PM4
- Anderson Cooper, Rodemeyer Parents Confront Bullies William769 Tue Oct-04-11 04:35 PM0
- Herman Cain Says Being Gay is a Choice and Wants to See the Science That Proves Otherwise w8liftinglady Tue Oct-04-11 04:16 PM11
- Christian Pastor Attacks Gay Couple To Keep Them From Church [View All] NorthCarolina Tue Oct-04-11 04:13 PM30
- Rick Perry Prayer Rally Endorser C. Peter Wagner Says Being Gay 'Not Will Of God' w8liftinglady Tue Oct-04-11 03:25 PM6
- Obama 'still working' on views of gay marriage [View All] MNBrewer Tue Oct-04-11 02:46 PM23
- Rick Perry Endorser Al Baldasaro Cheers Booing Of Gay Soldier w8liftinglady Tue Oct-04-11 12:28 PM2
- Group calls for equal marriage rights (Irish Times) struggle4prog... Tue Oct-04-11 12:22 PM1
- Suicide Leads to Calls for Improved Treatment of LGBT Mormons [View All] William769 Tue Oct-04-11 12:13 PM26
- Protest against ban on gay marriage begins in Asheville w8liftinglady Tue Oct-04-11 11:56 AM0
- Melissa Harris-Perry: LGBT Advocates Need Public Progressive Faith MNBrewer Tue Oct-04-11 10:40 AM0
- Montana Antigay Campaigner: Conspiracy Behind Charges William769 Tue Oct-04-11 09:38 AM5
- Thomas Jane, Gay Men, and "The Old Sandwich Metaphor" William769 Mon Oct-03-11 10:35 PM2
- [View All] trumad Mon Oct-03-11 10:16 PM20
- Student Suspended After Rodemeyer Parents Share Story William769 Mon Oct-03-11 09:32 PM7
- For the record, I got my "gay DNA" shirt- it's Fabulous! w8liftinglady Mon Oct-03-11 07:17 PM8
- House Spending Proposal Sets Back Domestic HIV/AIDS Programs William769 Mon Oct-03-11 07:16 PM1
- The Coming-Out Story That We Can All Learn Something From xchrom Mon Oct-03-11 06:57 PM3
- BREAKING: AIDS Partnership Michigan forced to close highly efffective REC Boyz prevention program w8liftinglady Mon Oct-03-11 05:24 PM3
- Elton John's Colorful Life to Become Musical Film William769 Mon Oct-03-11 04:17 PM0
- Attended HRC dinner this past weekend justiceischea... Mon Oct-03-11 12:21 PM1
- William769 Mon Oct-03-11 12:17 PM0
- Bitter Battle Over Same-Sex Benefits Divides El Paso w8liftinglady Mon Oct-03-11 09:06 AM1
- Calling Out the GOP's Anti-LGBT Falsehoods w8liftinglady Mon Oct-03-11 08:21 AM0
- Republican Candidates Silent After Obama Criticizes Their Gay Soldier Booing Silence w8liftinglady Mon Oct-03-11 08:17 AM1
- Man kiils wife, son, self... tnlefty Mon Oct-03-11 05:21 AM7
- A Breakdown of Gay Marriage Support by Religion LAGC Sun Oct-02-11 07:46 PM7
- w8liftinglady Sun Oct-02-11 06:28 PM16
- Gaston senator corrects resume after gay rights group raises question w8liftinglady Sun Oct-02-11 01:16 PM4
- Some Music Videos (Queer and Otherwise) queerart Sun Oct-02-11 10:10 AM1
- Toon - Hangman n2doc Sun Oct-02-11 08:31 AM2
- yardwork William769 Sat Oct-01-11 11:50 PM18
- Thanks to every one who came before Thirtieschild Sat Oct-01-11 11:40 PM17
- Military chaplains can perform gay weddings ZombieHorde Sat Oct-01-11 10:32 PM1
- I feel like a million dollars. [View All] William769 Sat Oct-01-11 09:57 PM22
- My school blocks access to this site: Smarmie Doofu... Sat Oct-01-11 10:14 AM9
- Right Wing Tulsa Paper Calls Gay Appointee Perverted w8liftinglady Sat Oct-01-11 08:51 AM2
- Zorra Sat Oct-01-11 05:25 AM2
- NOM's Spooky Message to Lawmaker: "You're Next" w8liftinglady Fri Sep-30-11 10:49 PM1
- Gay congressman announces birth of new son w8liftinglady Fri Sep-30-11 09:55 PM1
- Question for GLBT DUers re: the MHP article. [View All] MNBrewer Fri Sep-30-11 06:42 PM21
- w8liftinglady Fri Sep-30-11 06:16 PM12
- Two gay men attacked by gang in possible hate crime in Immokalee w8liftinglady Fri Sep-30-11 03:10 PM2
- Toon: We support our troops! n2doc Fri Sep-30-11 01:32 PM4
- Serbia gay pride march is banned xchrom Fri Sep-30-11 01:27 PM5
- Iranian President Ahmadumbjerk disses the LGBT community again [View All] stevenleser Fri Sep-30-11 12:57 PM25
- Judge Throws Out Binational Couple's Lawsuit Challenging DOMA William769 Fri Sep-30-11 11:24 AM7
- xchrom Fri Sep-30-11 09:37 AM10
- Pentagon To Allow Military Chaplains To Perform Same-Sex Marriages In Some States Ian David Fri Sep-30-11 09:11 AM0
- Investigation clears gay ft worth teacher w8liftinglady Fri Sep-30-11 06:50 AM2
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