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- Welcome to the DU Writing Group Skinner Admin Mon Oct-10-05 10:06 AM0
- Dear obsolete fellow DU writers The Backlash ... Tue Jan-31-12 11:12 PM0
- Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest 2012 is up and running. valerief Sat Jan-28-12 08:34 AM2
- Occupy Writers deutsey Thu Dec-01-11 09:54 PM0
- Anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year? icymist Wed Nov-30-11 07:44 PM14
- Writer's digest is having a warehouse sale. The Backlash ... Mon Nov-14-11 03:29 PM1
- Writing jobs out there now Tsiyu Mon Nov-14-11 01:07 PM0
- Any good sources for 5 act stories or more? The Backlash ... Thu Nov-10-11 10:20 PM4
- My books are now on iTunes...!!! kag Mon Nov-07-11 11:39 PM3
- Somebody please 'splain self-publishing trends, like on Amazon? MorningGlow Sat Nov-05-11 12:51 PM11
- Another step closer to full-time writing DavidDvorkin Tue Nov-01-11 11:44 AM2
- Advice from reader/editors which proved to be near useless. The Backlash ... Mon Oct-24-11 03:27 PM18
- For anyone interested, I have two books that should be out by next year Quixote1818 Tue Oct-04-11 08:52 PM4
- My writing group has a new book NV Whino Tue Oct-04-11 08:06 PM0
- The Dragon Tattoo books The Backlash ... Sat Oct-01-11 02:42 PM8
- Author fires publisher at her book opening for "fluffy and degrading" covers sybylla Fri Sep-16-11 04:11 PM1
- Writer's Digest October 2011 Edition Re: Agents. The Backlash ... Fri Sep-16-11 11:50 AM13
- Anyone out there have an actual Kindle? Give me a hand. Pab Sungenis Fri Sep-16-11 09:28 AM0
- My favorite story is being published! yellerpup Tue Sep-13-11 06:37 AM14
- Well...found some really old files nadinbrzezins... Sat Sep-10-11 09:00 AM3
- (New post-apocalyptic story, 2 gen. after crash, still untitled) AlienGirl Fri Sep-02-11 03:53 PM3
- What's the policy on referring to businesses in one's fiction? Orrex Thu Sep-01-11 03:16 PM6
- On method... nadinbrzezins... Thu Aug-25-11 11:42 AM1
- Oh cool, doing some clening and I found a novel I shoped nadinbrzezins... Tue Aug-23-11 07:50 PM0
- Who here writes for real? icymist Sat Aug-20-11 05:44 PM16
- Well just took one more step AWAY from paper based nadinbrzezins... Thu Aug-18-11 05:45 PM0
- I sold a short story "Ironheart" to a Halloween antholgoy... Ozymanithrax Sun Aug-14-11 09:53 AM4
- Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children orleans Wed Aug-10-11 12:22 AM3
- I now have time GiveMeFreedom Mon Aug-08-11 06:09 PM0
- Best writing sites on the 'net? "Experience Project?" "Live Journal?" Peregrine Too... Sun Aug-07-11 07:24 PM0
- On storyist for ipad nadinbrzezins... Fri Aug-05-11 10:09 PM0
- On self publishing nadinbrzezins... Fri Aug-05-11 07:27 PM13
- Slaughtered sparrows simile wins 2011 bad writing contest sinkingfeelin... Thu Aug-04-11 05:14 AM2
- Any plagiarism experts out there? tabasco Mon Aug-01-11 01:55 AM14
- Question: If a famous author you ask for a blurb for your yellerpup Wed Jul-27-11 09:19 PM4
- Got my first two rejections from agents today MorningGlow Tue Jul-26-11 08:09 AM4
- Well after a long time of not submiting a thing nadinbrzezins... Sun Jul-24-11 06:32 PM2
- Star Trek royalties DavidDvorkin Thu Jul-21-11 08:37 PM4
- Need help picking blog site to use: Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr...or? Whoa_Nelly Thu Jul-14-11 07:45 AM9
- My first novel is now out for the Kindle and the Nook. Pab Sungenis Thu Jul-14-11 02:23 AM18
- Writing as a tool to deal with ... death nadinbrzezins... Sun Jul-03-11 12:32 AM2
- I know I don't come here often but I have a fairly serious question.... WCGreen Thu Jun-30-11 11:41 PM5
- More on my 'aviation career' (military) possible book. trof Mon Jun-27-11 05:48 PM2
- Are writers groups helpful to published non-fiction writers? carolinayello... Tue Jun-14-11 11:42 AM4
- Need a good science fiction example. The Backlash ... Tue Jun-14-11 09:13 AM3
- Question about word count MorningGlow Fri Jun-10-11 06:23 PM8
- DU Writing Challenge for the rest of June and all of July Boojatta Mon Jun-06-11 08:02 PM0
- Well after a lot of thinking et al nadinbrzezins... Sun Jun-05-11 02:27 AM2
- Rewriting to Increase Clarity Boojatta Sat Jun-04-11 08:40 PM1
- Describing voices, accents and tone. The Backlash ... Sun May-29-11 02:39 PM0
- technical writing question shireen Sun May-29-11 05:40 AM1
- Working the Novel...Working it. Ozymanithrax Wed May-25-11 07:58 PM5
- An interview with Philip Roth: I'm not caged in by reality Swede Wed May-25-11 07:57 PM0
- How many DUers also work with the Critique Circle? icymist Wed May-25-11 07:38 AM3
- Save the Writing Group - go to DU3 and subscribe now. sybylla Sat May-21-11 09:10 PM3
- I'd appreciate your honest opinions on this 'work' of mine. trof Fri May-06-11 01:30 AM6
- Traditional publishing vs Self publishing. Can we talk? supernova Fri Apr-29-11 05:01 PM14
- Maybe some here will have an interest in this: OneGrassRoot Tue Apr-12-11 05:27 AM0
- Anyone else in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest? nuxvomica Thu Mar-31-11 03:46 PM10
- The Dead Hand of Mrs. Stifle DavidDvorkin Thu Mar-24-11 03:06 PM2
- My poem: Leave Open The Door CaliforniaPeg... Tue Mar-22-11 09:24 PM7
- Market: 69 Flavors of Paranoia Ozymanithrax Tue Mar-15-11 08:37 PM0
- I hope I don't offend anyone, but I need help finding broad name lists. The Backlash ... Mon Mar-07-11 04:48 PM7
- A Humorous Basic English Lesson - There, They're and Their undertakerliv... Wed Mar-02-11 06:45 PM0
- Asimov has a writer's contest nadinbrzezins... Tue Feb-15-11 03:38 PM0
- SCRIVENER for windows nadinbrzezins... Sat Feb-12-11 06:48 PM8
- Ah the mind plays a trick nadinbrzezins... Thu Feb-10-11 04:54 PM1
- More links needed for last name lookups. The Backlash ... Tue Feb-08-11 11:38 AM2
- Scrivener -- would like input from people who are actually using it. The Backlash ... Mon Feb-07-11 09:06 PM4
- What's the best Writer's Market book for nonfiction? The Backlash ... Thu Jan-20-11 03:55 PM1
- Earthmen and Other Aliens DavidDvorkin Wed Jan-19-11 11:10 PM1
- How would you use cathexis in a sentence? The Backlash ... Wed Jan-19-11 02:35 PM9
- Tools for plotting nadinbrzezins... Tue Jan-18-11 11:40 AM4
- Gumshoe lingo...A web source of informaiton on Private Dicks and Crime... Ozymanithrax Tue Dec-21-10 12:47 PM3
- One more of those useless tech tips for writers nadinbrzezins... Fri Dec-10-10 10:22 PM0
- Been doing some short ficiton on the side nadinbrzezins... Sun Dec-05-10 08:33 PM3
- I did it! I did it! I did it! SheilaT Sat Dec-04-10 12:32 AM10
- Can you write a 50.000-word novel in 30 days? [View All] Subdivisions Wed Dec-01-10 10:40 AM26
- In search of a word The Backlash ... Tue Nov-30-10 10:31 AM4
- OPML, well if you have ever had a mac you know nadinbrzezins... Sat Nov-20-10 05:33 PM0
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