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- Disbelief Is Not a Choice [View All] cleanhippie Sat Sep-17-11 03:07 AM83
- For Many Americans Their Christianity Is Just For Show... rsmith6621 Sat Sep-17-11 02:15 AM1
- Court says teacher has no right to banners referring to God cleanhippie Sat Sep-17-11 02:10 AM7
- One Nation, Under Dog... Taverner Sat Sep-17-11 01:46 AM11
- Japanese Folk Tales - THE STORY OF KATO SAYEMON AsahinaKimi Sat Sep-17-11 12:05 AM3
- Brazil charges church leaders with embezzling millions from poor cleanhippie Fri Sep-16-11 09:58 PM4
- Despite my Atheism, I do firmly believe there is a part of religion that is beautiful Taverner Fri Sep-16-11 09:40 PM17
- Fight thread to hash out the dispute between Atheists and Deists. Boojatta Fri Sep-16-11 02:30 PM3
- Question for Christians: Can Christians be assholes? [View All] Humanist_Acti... Fri Sep-16-11 01:48 PM59
- How China kept lid on Ramadan rug Fri Sep-16-11 01:48 PM6
- Even if Yawhew exists, why should we follow him? [View All] white_wolf Fri Sep-16-11 01:45 PM56
- Religious leaders demand equality in new voting map rug Fri Sep-16-11 11:29 AM1
- Converts vs. 'Cradle Catholics' rug Fri Sep-16-11 08:10 AM3
- Should judges mix courts with religion? (Graphic warning) rug Fri Sep-16-11 08:00 AM9
- Vatican rejects cover-up claims over Cloyne report cleanhippie Fri Sep-16-11 03:27 AM4
- Religious college pushes diversity rug Fri Sep-16-11 02:15 AM1
- My Life as a Daughter in the Christian Patriarchy Movement MountainLaure... Fri Sep-16-11 02:03 AM19
- Japanese Folk Tales - A CARP GIVES A LESSON IN PERSEVERANCE AsahinaKimi Thu Sep-15-11 11:35 PM1
- letter to the editor [View All] Thats my opin... Thu Sep-15-11 06:04 PM24
- If It Feels Right ... rug Thu Sep-15-11 03:56 PM16
- rug Thu Sep-15-11 03:34 PM3
- [View All] rug Thu Sep-15-11 02:53 PM64
- Pope accused of crimes against humanity by victims of sex abuse cleanhippie Thu Sep-15-11 02:29 PM15
- Anti-racist group: Get rid of 'Jew or Not Jew' app rug Thu Sep-15-11 08:52 AM8
- Pagan Pride Takes Root, Forges Close Ties With LGBT Movement drakonyx Thu Sep-15-11 02:54 AM0
- Do Christians who believe the Earth is only 6000 years old also [View All] valerief Thu Sep-15-11 12:40 AM57
- The "spiritual but not religious" debate [View All] rug Thu Sep-15-11 12:30 AM20
- rug Wed Sep-14-11 10:46 PM2
- 2 Ad Agencies Compete to Make an Ad for the End of Religion (Poll) [View All] laconicsax Wed Sep-14-11 09:14 PM46
- If I tell a Christian I am an Atheist, 7 times out of 10 they see red [View All] Taverner Wed Sep-14-11 08:02 PM82
- More Americans customize religion to fit their needs cleanhippie Wed Sep-14-11 07:37 PM19
- Islamic faith source of peace, comfort rug Wed Sep-14-11 05:28 PM0
- Brazil charges church leaders with embezzling millions from poor xchrom Wed Sep-14-11 04:02 PM5
- 100 years ago, Jewish colony left its mark on Utah and a people rug Wed Sep-14-11 02:28 PM6
- Lebanon's Maronite Christian head sparks Syria debate rug Wed Sep-14-11 02:08 PM3
- WaPo: Walter C. Righter dies; Episcopal bishop played role in gay rights in church markpkessinge... Wed Sep-14-11 02:22 AM2
- Prayer: The Ultimate Hypocrisy [View All] cleanhippie Wed Sep-14-11 01:52 AM48
- Bishop Walter C. Righter, RIP markpkessinge... Tue Sep-13-11 09:49 PM0
- Court tosses teacher's suit over religious banners rug Tue Sep-13-11 08:26 PM1
- The Meaningfulness of Lives [View All] rug Tue Sep-13-11 07:39 PM22
- Free will: the neuroscientists versus the philosophers rug Tue Sep-13-11 04:23 PM6
- US sounds alarm on threats to religious freedom in post-revolt Arab nations rug Tue Sep-13-11 02:41 PM0
- A Christian confronts my 13-year-old daughter [View All] kag Tue Sep-13-11 02:20 PM129
- 84-year-old priest sentenced to 3 months rug Tue Sep-13-11 02:14 PM2
- [View All] cleanhippie Tue Sep-13-11 02:12 PM51
- Sex abuse victims ask International Criminal Court to prosecute pope trotsky Tue Sep-13-11 12:25 PM6
- rug Mon Sep-12-11 11:43 PM8
- Why the kung-fu monks are losing their religion rug Mon Sep-12-11 09:39 PM5
- Need some sermons? onager Mon Sep-12-11 09:29 PM0
- The other religiously motivated September 11th terrorist attack. moobu2 Mon Sep-12-11 07:22 PM0
- Jesus, bombs and ice cream rug Mon Sep-12-11 05:20 PM0
- xpost from Health: Anita Moorjani's amazing story Voice for Pea... Mon Sep-12-11 02:58 PM1
- Positive side of Christianity [View All] MellowOne Mon Sep-12-11 01:01 PM158
- Applauding Executions Might be American, but it is not Christian [View All] rug Mon Sep-12-11 11:06 AM40
- Interesting scriptures at Mass today. rug Mon Sep-12-11 10:26 AM17
- Muslims miffed at seattle FBI presentation rug Mon Sep-12-11 08:39 AM1
- bananas Mon Sep-12-11 06:40 AM2
- "Are You A Christian Hipster?" quiz ButterflyBloo... Mon Sep-12-11 04:38 AM8
- My spiritual awakening Dragonbreathp... Sun Sep-11-11 07:08 PM6
- Thailand's female monks (cautiously) lobby for legal recognition rug Sun Sep-11-11 05:00 PM1
- Personality and Belief in God Survey cleanhippie Sun Sep-11-11 01:48 PM12
- cleanhippie Sun Sep-11-11 01:33 PM15
- Obama proclaims National Days of Prayer and Remembrance rug Sun Sep-11-11 12:05 PM13
- Selling the End of Religion cleanhippie Sun Sep-11-11 11:25 AM12
- Religious and ethnic groups seek common ground on 9/11 rug Sun Sep-11-11 04:40 AM1
- All Together Now rug Sat Sep-10-11 11:46 PM0
- An effective way to lie is to express the truth in a way that makes it appear very implausible. Boojatta Sat Sep-10-11 09:04 PM6
- Sam Harris - September 11, 2011 [View All] pokerfan Sat Sep-10-11 08:44 PM26
- Vigil protests lack of clergy prayer at 9/11 event edhopper Sat Sep-10-11 02:01 PM0
- Religious fundies do not understand equal relationships. Manifestor_of... Sat Sep-10-11 12:33 PM7
- A simple message that some will never grasp... cleanhippie Sat Sep-10-11 12:30 PM18
- Personality and Belief in God Survey Ian David Sat Sep-10-11 11:56 AM5
- Christian killed every 5 minutes [View All] rug Sat Sep-10-11 11:23 AM72
- Religious groups deep in NM driver's license fight rug Sat Sep-10-11 09:16 AM0
- Progressive Christians stand up for excluded clergy and unity at Mayor Bloomberg's 9/11 commemoratio cleanhippie Sat Sep-10-11 09:06 AM13
- Brown vetoes Calif. funeral protest ban rug Fri Sep-09-11 11:05 PM5
- My Take: Muslims should stop apologizing for 9/11 rug Fri Sep-09-11 09:27 PM7
- Omitting Clergy at 9/11 Ceremony Prompts Protest Silent3 Fri Sep-09-11 08:41 PM7
- NYC mayor: NYPD not unfair in surveillance [View All] rug Fri Sep-09-11 06:31 PM22
- Krishna on Republicans ... Billy Burnett Fri Sep-09-11 02:07 PM1
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