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- Military backs off threat to pull atheist from ceremony rug Thu Oct-20-11 06:35 AM13
- Place of horror where Islamism meets capitalism rug Thu Oct-20-11 05:00 AM1
- Why have all the devoutly religious Democrats at DU left only 3 or 4 [View All] David Sky Thu Oct-20-11 02:07 AM45
- A strange, but entirely sincere question... [View All] Plantaganet Thu Oct-20-11 01:40 AM35
- The liberal church of Herman Cain rug Wed Oct-19-11 11:20 PM7
- 'Tumultuous elderly crowd' spurs police response in Lakewood rug Wed Oct-19-11 10:27 PM3
- Poetic Atheism rug Wed Oct-19-11 09:10 PM3
- Atheism And The Concept Of Enlightened Self-Interest cleanhippie Wed Oct-19-11 08:17 PM11
- cleanhippie Wed Oct-19-11 07:49 PM4
- Atheists Helping the Homeless completes its 31st giveaway, begins charter groups [View All] rug Wed Oct-19-11 07:02 PM40
- White House Petition: Edit the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the phrase "Under God". cleanhippie Wed Oct-19-11 07:00 PM14
- Posing a threat: Religious right objects to raunchy robots rug Wed Oct-19-11 06:45 PM6
- What Americans believe. Darwin help us all. [View All] Lionel Mandra... Wed Oct-19-11 05:20 PM39
- Ritualized child abuse: circumcision cleanhippie Wed Oct-19-11 03:56 PM0
- Sister Rosetta Tharpe Didn't It Rain xchrom Wed Oct-19-11 03:54 PM4
- cleanhippie Wed Oct-19-11 01:18 PM8
- Politics and the bugnut Christians [View All] SecularMotion Wed Oct-19-11 12:36 PM22
- Atheists Scare American Cancer Society David Sky Wed Oct-19-11 09:55 AM14
- The Pious Atheist rug Wed Oct-19-11 08:45 AM12
- 5 People Who Started Religions Just to Get Laid onager Wed Oct-19-11 04:54 AM10
- When Religion Fails To Comfort rug Wed Oct-19-11 02:28 AM3
- United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Influential in Passage of Let Women Die Act cleanhippie Wed Oct-19-11 12:22 AM6
- Demon Days - Exorcism is experiencing a renaissance in American Catholicism BridgeTheGap Tue Oct-18-11 09:38 PM10
- Religious folks should FEAR a nation of freedom like the USA David Sky Tue Oct-18-11 07:26 PM17
- Church HIV prayer cure claims 'cause three deaths cleanhippie Tue Oct-18-11 07:26 PM10
- Circus ministry a high-wire act of faith for chaplain rug Tue Oct-18-11 07:23 PM0
- Japanese Folk Tales - THE PROCESSION OF GHOSTS AsahinaKimi Tue Oct-18-11 06:50 PM1
- Catholicism steals a generation of Spanish children [View All] cleanhippie Tue Oct-18-11 06:48 PM50
- The atheist saints of Assisi rug Tue Oct-18-11 05:56 PM2
- With the 99% ers [View All] Thats my opin... Tue Oct-18-11 05:34 PM83
- How about a poll about religion and evolution? OR maybe not.. maybe more a discussion! David Sky Tue Oct-18-11 02:35 PM13
- 'JesusWeen' the Latest Failure to Grasp the Point of Halloween drakonyx Tue Oct-18-11 11:44 AM15
- Amish Renegades Are Accused in Bizarre Attacks on Their Peers groovedaddy Tue Oct-18-11 11:14 AM6
- Police Eyes Hovering Over Muslims rug Tue Oct-18-11 11:03 AM3
- The Evangelical Rejection of Reason groovedaddy Tue Oct-18-11 10:24 AM1
- Buffet, Gates, and Pat Robertson. [View All] cleanhippie Tue Oct-18-11 10:12 AM20
- Public schools are criminal institutions that are 'teaching the religion of Humanism' ..... cleanhippie Tue Oct-18-11 09:23 AM14
- God Dissolves into the Occupy Movement [View All] rug Tue Oct-18-11 09:06 AM48
- Taxpayers Pay for Televangelists' Lavish Lifestyles cleanhippie Tue Oct-18-11 07:36 AM3
- Megachurch cleanhippie Mon Oct-17-11 09:25 PM1
- Nonbelievers striving for humanist connections rug Mon Oct-17-11 08:25 PM0
- The Power of Religion cleanhippie Mon Oct-17-11 05:29 PM16
- America: With God on our side rug Mon Oct-17-11 05:09 PM10
- Atheist Activist Participating In Local Parade Is Attacked By A Muslim [View All] cleanhippie Mon Oct-17-11 04:21 PM203
- Some deep thinkers over on the Rapture Ready site are discussing the Cern neutrinos. Kablooie Mon Oct-17-11 04:18 PM12
- Making Life of Brian would be risky now, says Terry Jones progressoid Mon Oct-17-11 04:15 PM12
- Compassionate Catholicism "Archiocese shuts off heat and water at St. James in Wellesley" David Sky Mon Oct-17-11 03:50 PM6
- Nonbelievers striving for humanist connections SecularMotion Mon Oct-17-11 09:27 AM0
- Nazarbayev signs laws for the control of religious groups [View All] rug Mon Oct-17-11 09:26 AM24
- Air Force Academy Cadets Decide They Must Pretend To Be Fundamentalist Christians [View All] cleanhippie Mon Oct-17-11 09:02 AM27
- Tolerating the wrong kind of language rug Mon Oct-17-11 07:17 AM4
- If a woman is raped, did she have it coming if she wore a miniskirt? [View All] Humanist_Acti... Mon Oct-17-11 07:10 AM57
- South Korean mega-churches For God and country xchrom Mon Oct-17-11 06:40 AM3
- Is Christmas a religious holiday? (Poll) [View All] ZombieHorde Mon Oct-17-11 12:58 AM32
- Bible's authors decoded by computer rug Mon Oct-17-11 12:43 AM6
- Multi-faith crematorium opens in Al Ain rug Sun Oct-16-11 10:10 PM1
- Pagan Pride Day returns to dispel myths, promote understanding rug Sun Oct-16-11 08:18 PM8
- Anita Caspary dies at 95; 'rebel nun' founded Immaculate Heart Community rug Sun Oct-16-11 05:37 PM3
- Childhood religious tradition vs. current one or lack thereof (Poll) ButterflyBloo... Sun Oct-16-11 05:26 PM14
- The Clergy Project rug Sun Oct-16-11 08:06 AM5
- Atheist Ugandan works his magic on British humanists rug Sat Oct-15-11 11:32 PM2
- 'Rapture' Prophet Camping: World Will 'Probably' End Quietly Next Friday rug Sat Oct-15-11 07:04 PM11
- A Miraculous Post-Soviet Religious Revival rug Sat Oct-15-11 04:43 PM19
- Teachers of Witchcraft and Wicca Needed to Supply Global Shortage rug Sat Oct-15-11 03:33 PM4
- X-post from GD: How Christian Fundamentlism empowers top 1% Deep13 Sat Oct-15-11 02:57 PM0
- For Bachmann, God and Justice Were Intertwined rug Sat Oct-15-11 02:52 PM2
- Not Just St. Francis: Churches Show A Love of Animals rug Sat Oct-15-11 02:41 PM17
- (OWS) Christian group divests millions in big banks in solidarity with protesters. moobu2 Sat Oct-15-11 02:28 PM2
- cleanhippie Sat Oct-15-11 01:10 PM1
- NMMNG Sat Oct-15-11 01:01 PM13
- Are Religious People Better at Forgiveness? LAGC Sat Oct-15-11 01:01 PM17
- Actual photo! Militant Russian atheists marching! onager Sat Oct-15-11 02:22 AM6
- Sukkot invites us to think of those for whom transient living is the norm rug Fri Oct-14-11 09:22 PM0
- Alabama minister: New law has created one of Alabama's worst times since Jim Crow struggle4prog... Fri Oct-14-11 08:44 PM0
- rug Fri Oct-14-11 08:31 PM0
- Muslim conference booted from hotel rug Fri Oct-14-11 07:19 PM15
- Nonreligious students start alliance SecularMotion Fri Oct-14-11 07:17 PM9
- How Can Atheists Console Religious Believers? [View All] rug Fri Oct-14-11 07:07 PM21
- Along the Heated Trail of the Man Who Created Muslim Superheroes rug Fri Oct-14-11 06:50 PM7
- Highest ranking church official and the first American Bishop indicted in abuse cover up moobu2 Fri Oct-14-11 05:36 PM4
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