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- 5/25 Unrecountable 2010 elections.WV fraud charges? Need forensics! FFEC to Crist: veto HB131 WillYourVoteB... Tue May-25-10 10:51 PM1
- Alabama: Secretary of State investigating voter fraud charges kpete Tue May-25-10 09:15 PM8
- 5/24 Email balloting risks midterm election to hacking. Hanging Chads-10 years later WillYourVoteB... Mon May-24-10 08:38 PM0
- NY LTTE: Making It Possible For All To Vote Wilms Sat May-22-10 08:10 PM0
- 5/21 1 in 10 AZ voters get wrong info. The Kansas Report and voter purges. Nassau told ditch levers WillYourVoteB... Fri May-21-10 08:03 PM0
- PA: Cortes the (Transparent Election) Killer Prepares Invasion of Latin America Wilms Fri May-21-10 11:28 AM1
- 5/20 Dominion buys Premier-Diebold. US experts hack India EVM. Smartmatic flaw stuns officials WillYourVoteB... Thu May-20-10 11:22 PM1
- 5/19 Pennsylvania SOS hired by Internet Voting Co. AR, CA, KY and PA ballot problems WillYourVoteB... Wed May-19-10 07:58 PM0
- 5/18 AR touchscreens flip votes. KY Election fraud claims.1000s in PA could vote twice WillYourVoteB... Tue May-18-10 08:32 PM1
- PROVING ELECTION FRAUD: Mark Crispin Miller and Michael Collins review the book tiptoe Tue May-18-10 08:15 PM16
- o.m.g. why the hell does THIS guy get to have a blog on Huffington Post? garybeck Tue May-18-10 05:49 PM13
- Polling Place on fire in my county NOW, on day before the election. Paperless iVotronics burned up. demodonkey Mon May-17-10 11:21 PM10
- 5/17 Voting machines burn in Rt 22,PA fire.KY debuts paper ballots.Philippines voting machine sleepo WillYourVoteB... Mon May-17-10 08:21 PM0
- 5/14 More vote buying in KY. Berkeley WV votes counted twice. Indian EVMs ate votes WillYourVoteB... Fri May-14-10 07:55 PM0
- Good News from MO: Photo I.D. (and Early Voting) Legislation Likely Dead Wilms Fri May-14-10 04:05 PM1
- WV: Absentee Ballots Flip Two Races in Lincoln Wilms Fri May-14-10 04:04 PM2
- PA: 08 Vote Records in Montgomery County Reveals Discrepancies Between Votes Cast and Voters Wilms Fri May-14-10 01:49 PM2
- Can We Get You Anything Else? groovedaddy Fri May-14-10 11:36 AM1
- 5/13 Montgomery Co PA votes dont add up. Iowa caught in HAVA audit. Stolen India EVN is TV star WillYourVoteB... Thu May-13-10 08:23 PM0
- 5/12 Detroit ballot boxing. Few use WV overseas internet voting. Sack the UK Election Chief? WillYourVoteB... Wed May-12-10 08:24 PM0
- Here we go again! Crucial Precincts Still Using Touchscreens. Good-bye Sestak? Stevepol Wed May-12-10 02:08 PM4
- 5/11 Damn the science view riles internet voting critic.EAC i-voting plan breaks law. No Diebold UK! WillYourVoteB... Tue May-11-10 07:36 PM0
- 5/10 Experts decry US overseas Internet vote plan. PA, KY unverifiable elections. UK student voters WillYourVoteB... Mon May-10-10 07:54 PM0
- Chaotic polling problems lead to calls for e-voting (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sun May-09-10 01:03 PM4
- 5/7 UK election nightmare. Glitches in OH, TN, ACLU to FL Gov Crist: veto HB 131 WillYourVoteB... Fri May-07-10 08:07 PM0
- 5/6 Web attack stumps Butler OH BoE. Voter ID in MO, SC? Florida in Britain? WillYourVoteB... Thu May-06-10 11:54 PM2
- Worried about FL in Nov-Why does FL have an Interim SOS? mod mom Thu May-06-10 08:48 AM0
- BREAKING: Butler County, Ohio BOE Website Declared 'Under Attack: - x tiptoe Thu May-06-10 07:15 AM6
- 5/5 Glitches in IN,NC,OH,TX. Butler OH BoE website attacked. Internet voting risks WillYourVoteB... Wed May-05-10 08:17 PM0
- Controversy erupts over Facebook posting by elections' board employee kpete Wed May-05-10 09:55 AM0
- Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes, and the National Exit Poll groovedaddy Wed May-05-10 05:22 AM10
- 5/4 Double voting caught in NC. Norfolk VA touchscreen trouble. Philippines memory card recall WillYourVoteB... Tue May-04-10 08:05 PM0
- 5/3 Cuyahoga voting machines code flaw.Sarasota Comm. hire atty to defend election. $ is not speech WillYourVoteB... Mon May-03-10 11:00 PM4
- Iraqi election recount begins and criticism quickly follows WillYourVoteB... Mon May-03-10 09:34 PM2
- OH: Reason for election machine glitch found, officials expect things to be OK for the primary Bill Bored Mon May-03-10 11:52 AM3
- Electoral dysfunction: Why democracy is always unfair n2doc Sun May-02-10 01:20 PM3
- Possibly the most important words to save our democracy WillYourVoteB... Sun May-02-10 11:19 AM0
- World's Largest Democracy Can Be Hacked Bill Bored Sat May-01-10 03:59 AM2
- 4/30 Shes baack..Crist last on FL ballot. Illegal tweet of UK vote WillYourVoteB... Fri Apr-30-10 07:37 PM3
- Wilms Fri Apr-30-10 03:15 PM4
- 4/29 Imposter on Florida ballot. Why the Disclose Act matters. Birther Bills WillYourVoteB... Thu Apr-29-10 11:23 PM1
- American Statistical Association Recommends Risk-Limiting Audits of Federal and Statewide Elections Wilms Wed Apr-28-10 10:35 PM3
- 4/28 Hacking India's Voting Machines, A voting rights case to watch, Internet voting spreads WillYourVoteB... Wed Apr-28-10 07:51 PM1
- John Gideon - 1947-2009 Wilms Wed Apr-28-10 10:45 AM0
- 4/27 John Gideon remembered. New Voting Rights Act challenge. Internet Voting update WillYourVoteB... Tue Apr-27-10 07:20 PM0
- 4/26 Risk limit audits for CA? Judge halts MI voter purge. Benton TN purge contd. WillYourVoteB... Tue Apr-27-10 12:17 PM5
- New York: Association of Towns Reports on Lever Voting System Lawsuit (K&R!) Bill Bored Mon Apr-26-10 10:39 PM3
- . Wilms Mon Apr-26-10 10:46 AM17
- Old Voting Machines Have a Laudable History Wilms Sun Apr-25-10 08:37 AM2
- Arizona new Juan Cuervo Law and 2010 Elections - Fear, loathing and voter supression WillYourVoteB... Sat Apr-24-10 10:24 AM0
- EAC Releases Three Quick Start Management Guides Wilms Fri Apr-23-10 09:44 PM0
- 4/23 GA AG wont sue r/e citizenship checks. Lucas Co OH poll workers intimidated.I-vote comments due WillYourVoteB... Fri Apr-23-10 07:10 PM0
- 4/22. AZ ease of cheating. Map of US internet voting. Philippines ghost polling centers exposed WillYourVoteB... Thu Apr-22-10 07:48 PM0
- 4/21.AZ may repeal clean elections. TX AG probe Dallas mail ballot fraud. Citizens United bill gains WillYourVoteB... Thu Apr-22-10 12:50 AM3
- NY: County Challenges Electronic Voting System Wilms Wed Apr-21-10 09:47 PM12
- 4/20 DC Voting Rights bill killed. New Albany MS vote buying scheme. NY violates Voting Rights Act WillYourVoteB... Tue Apr-20-10 08:06 PM0
- 4/19. Philly Enq: Electronic voting can be foiled. Voters should voice ire over Dents actions WillYourVoteB... Tue Apr-20-10 05:36 PM1
- How many years of service are expected from OpScanners, BMDs, and DREs? [View All] Wilms Tue Apr-20-10 09:50 AM23
- Pot Calling the Kettle Black: US Raises Concerns About the Philipines! Bill Bored Mon Apr-19-10 05:56 PM12
- Election Transparency: Goodbye To All That? Bill Bored Mon Apr-19-10 10:52 AM4
- 4/16.WVA 1st in military i-voting. Boise U internet election voided. DC voting rights. ACORN epitaph WillYourVoteB... Fri Apr-16-10 08:04 PM0
- New York's PCOS machines in Philippine automated elections: failure rates, error rates Bill Bored Fri Apr-16-10 09:25 AM3
- 4/15. Vendor certifies Aspen election. Does EAC really want comments on internet voting? WillYourVoteB... Thu Apr-15-10 08:03 PM0
- Press Release: Prestigious Pinocchio Award Goes to Maryland Elections Chief Linda Lamone WillYourVoteB... Wed Apr-14-10 09:17 PM0
- OH: 10 percent of Cuyahoga County's Voting Machines Fail Pre-election Tests ("Powerful Forces") Wilms Wed Apr-14-10 09:09 PM9
- 4/14. 1 in 10 Cuyahoga voting machines fail. GA troops i-voting guinea pigs.Violence fears for Sudan WillYourVoteB... Wed Apr-14-10 08:00 PM0
- E-Vote Counting in the Filipines: "Fired up with faith and hope" [View All] Bill Bored Tue Apr-13-10 11:04 PM22
- 4/13. Diebold ATMs hacked. Buying Justice in PA. Voting machines stoke Filipinos fears WillYourVoteB... Tue Apr-13-10 08:53 PM1
- NY: E-vote-counting not welcomed by all counties Bill Bored Tue Apr-13-10 07:31 PM12
- Why doesn't Bo Lipari get a job selling Optical Scan? [View All] Wilms Tue Apr-13-10 01:59 PM64
- 4/12. VA Gov plans literacy test for ex-felons. TN to fix retroactive voter purge WillYourVoteB... Mon Apr-12-10 07:27 PM1
- Oregon Mail-in Ballots & Hand-Recount System vs. New York Lever System: 2000-2008 (TIA) -x tiptoe Sun Apr-11-10 10:25 PM2
- 4/9. Sarasota Election Sup wastes tax $ to block audits. GA Gov wants suit for voter citizen checks WillYourVoteB... Fri Apr-09-10 09:19 PM2
- 4/8. Fairfax VA now English only voting forms. Webb Co TX disabled denied secret ballot? Online Vote WillYourVoteB... Thu Apr-08-10 08:41 PM2
- 4/7. Double voting in MD unprosecuted. ACORN not dead yet.US Cyber Insecurity WillYourVoteB... Wed Apr-07-10 08:07 PM0
- 4/6. WV Coal,corruption and campaign finance. Clay KY vote buying-more arrests? WillYourVoteB... Tue Apr-06-10 09:05 PM3
- 4/5. Benton TN voter purge to hit seniors. NY election law redux. Outsourcing Philippines elections WillYourVoteB... Tue Apr-06-10 01:14 AM4
- Supreme Court Reversal on Corporate Contributions...Dead Man Walkin hbskifreak Sun Apr-04-10 02:10 AM2
- CALIFORNIA ATTY GENERAL PRESS RELEASE ON ACORN - "No Criminality" WillYourVoteB... Sat Apr-03-10 10:58 AM1
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