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- 7/27 CalTech on voter roll gaps. NY Group - test all scanners. The Hacker advantage WillYourVoteB... Tue Jul-27-10 08:05 PM0
- NY Court Allows Optical Scanner Inspection by Nassau County’s Experts Wilms Tue Jul-27-10 07:05 PM3
- X-post: fake election watchdog site, piece of breitbartia: EFerrari Tue Jul-27-10 02:58 PM0
- HAVA Doesn't Ban Lever Voting Machines Bill Bored Tue Jul-27-10 01:58 AM3
- 7/25 Cumberland Co TN lost voting machine and cards. Vote Buying in Perry Co KY WillYourVoteB... Mon Jul-26-10 01:01 PM3
- 7/23 Judge Says Test NY DS-200 voting machines. Wilkinson GA election meltdown WillYourVoteB... Fri Jul-23-10 07:28 PM0
- NY: (U.S. District Court Decision) A Boost for Nassau's Fight to Keep Lever Voting Machines Wilms Fri Jul-23-10 02:39 AM14
- 7/21 Montgomery CO PA exempt from election code? New Mexico not so secret ballot WillYourVoteB... Wed Jul-21-10 11:55 PM1
- NY Overvoting on the Tee Vee! "Are we expecting Florida 2000 redux?" Bill Bored Tue Jul-20-10 09:24 PM4
- 7/20 Online Voting: All That Glitters Is Not Gold. Does your vote count in Georgia? WillYourVoteB... Tue Jul-20-10 08:08 PM0
- Stanislevic: N.Y.'s Elections Being Floridized Wilms Mon Jul-19-10 09:34 PM4
- Brennan Center Drops The Ball On WNYC Radio As Host Suggests Keeping Levers Would Prevent Overvoting [View All] Bill Bored Mon Jul-19-10 08:44 PM20
- 7/19 CalTech - little support for internet voting. Aspen's never ending election integrity war WillYourVoteB... Mon Jul-19-10 08:13 PM0
- New Yorkers Cast Votes on Levers that Were Miscounted on Computers (TIA) [View All] tiptoe Sun Jul-18-10 12:46 AM26
- 7/16 Hackers invade Colorado SOS site. SC Voting machines ‘buggy...exploitable’ WillYourVoteB... Fri Jul-16-10 08:07 PM0
- 7/15 Cancel the Voting Machines? Lost Voters, Lost Votes. MontCo PA blames voters WillYourVoteB... Thu Jul-15-10 08:07 PM0
- 7/14 Vote or Vice? Internet voting $1.5 B industry. AZ Election evidence disappears WillYourVoteB... Wed Jul-14-10 08:11 PM0
- NY: "Someone must have gotten a very nice contract out of this." - Chryssos Wilms Wed Jul-14-10 09:15 AM5
- 7/13 Montgomery PA voters thwarted by Sequoia machines. Why CT Finance Ruling matters WillYourVoteB... Tue Jul-13-10 11:14 PM1
- NY: "People trust the lever machines... They are reliable, accurate and difficult to tamper with." Wilms Tue Jul-13-10 02:31 AM3
- Brennan Center Sues NY Over Seasoning in Poisonous Brew Wilms Mon Jul-12-10 09:01 PM0
- 7/12 Ohio Vote Center Pilots slash polling places. Ireland e-voting mistake still costs WillYourVoteB... Mon Jul-12-10 08:15 PM0
- Oregon Mail-in Ballots & Hand-Recount System vs. New York Lever System: 2000-2008 (TIA, 4/11) tiptoe Mon Jul-12-10 10:37 AM3
- 7/9 Internet voting helps WHO? Groups clever strategy forces India to use paper ballots WillYourVoteB... Fri Jul-09-10 07:25 PM0
- 7/8 Florida must fix voting system flaws. NY 1 Person No Vote? SC must ditch e-voting WillYourVoteB... Thu Jul-08-10 08:18 PM2
- 7/7 Fix New York voting machines flaw. Tanner: Why Voter ID won't fly in Texas WillYourVoteB... Thu Jul-08-10 03:50 AM3
- NYC Cannot Afford To Pay For Primary And General Elections Bill Bored Wed Jul-07-10 11:24 PM1
- NY Does not compute: Board of Elections needs to fix glitch in new voting machines Bill Bored Tue Jul-06-10 11:43 PM5
- 7/6 Unsafe at any cost – Internet voting. Illinois special election a $30M travesty? WillYourVoteB... Tue Jul-06-10 08:11 PM0
- Wonderful letter to AG Holder pleading with him to outlaw DREs for upcoming elections. Stevepol Tue Jul-06-10 06:11 PM3
- 7/4 DC Internet vote risks update. The reality of cyber threats. Bingo $ and ballots WillYourVoteB... Sun Jul-04-10 05:52 PM0
- NAACP Says NY's Computerized Voting Will Disenfranchise Blacks and Latinos Bill Bored Sat Jul-03-10 11:46 PM3
- 7/2 Risks of DC Internet Voting Pilot for military voters. Letter to Holder: ban DREs WillYourVoteB... Fri Jul-02-10 09:52 PM2
- 7/1 Voter roll flaws impact 1 in 10 voters. Voters sue to count 12,563 RivCo ballots WillYourVoteB... Thu Jul-01-10 07:45 PM0
- Report on New York's Dominion / Smartmatic / Sequoia / Diebold Voting System -- from the Philippines Bill Bored Thu Jul-01-10 02:40 PM0
- 6/30 EAC issues advisory on ES&S system. Voter registration boom in Arizona, Ohio WillYourVoteB... Thu Jul-01-10 01:29 PM1
- 6/29 US Burgers, Ballots, Bogus Polls. Diebold-ing Brazil. Mexico's Bullets and Ballot WillYourVoteB... Tue Jun-29-10 07:50 PM0
- NY: New Ballot Machines Are Flawed, (Yet Another!) Suit Says Wilms Tue Jun-29-10 02:35 AM4
- 6/28 Suit- NY voting machine flaw risks 1,000s of votes. SC editorials FOR paper ballots WillYourVoteB... Mon Jun-28-10 06:24 PM0
- NY: New Voting Machines Get Chilly Reception on Upper West Side Wilms Sun Jun-27-10 01:34 PM6
- 6/25 The Game of Electoral Fraud. Michigan ends voter purges. Riverside ballot limbo WillYourVoteB... Sun Jun-27-10 06:56 AM2
- 6/24 Why can’t I vote at my ATM? South Carolina's 'discredited' voting machines WillYourVoteB... Thu Jun-24-10 08:01 PM0
- 6/23 Audit-Maryland Elections Board 'sloppy'. Show Me State's 'Trust Us Elections' WillYourVoteB... Thu Jun-24-10 01:12 AM1
- 6/22 No tangible record of the vote - DC overseas troops to email voted 'ballots' WillYourVoteB... Tue Jun-22-10 07:59 PM0
- 6/21 SC invisible ballots. Canadian E-vote firm buys Sequoia. 'What IS my ballot, really?' WillYourVoteB... Mon Jun-21-10 07:59 PM0
- CA: Counties Return to Central Count to Save $. Wilms Sun Jun-20-10 09:38 PM3
- 6/20 The Color of Money in elections. Alabama election computer accessed impropery? WillYourVoteB... Sun Jun-20-10 08:08 PM0
- Verified Voting's Statement On the South Carolina Primary Bill Bored Sun Jun-20-10 08:52 AM1
- Experts Eye the E-Vote system in SC Over Obviously Erroneous Result Stevepol Sun Jun-20-10 07:57 AM6
- NY: Worries About E-Voting Persist As Primary Looms Bill Bored Sat Jun-19-10 02:33 PM4
- 6/18 SC's frail election system. VV best practices for overseas vote. India elections - PC or MAC? WillYourVoteB... Fri Jun-18-10 07:56 PM0
- NY (Election Commisioner) Letter: Columbia County Will Continue to Fight for Lever Voting Wilms Fri Jun-18-10 12:25 AM8
- Brennan Center: Planned Voting System for New York State Violates Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Wilms Thu Jun-17-10 10:51 PM4
- New York's "most proactive county in HAVA implementation" wants to keep lever voting system Bill Bored Thu Jun-17-10 10:47 PM5
- 6/17 SC primary results stand. Electronic voting the Cheat Box. NJ perfect election storm WillYourVoteB... Thu Jun-17-10 08:15 PM1
- Watch Protest of SC Primary LIVE via BradBlog AtLiberty Thu Jun-17-10 04:02 PM0
- 6/16 The scramble to save SC election data. Paper, Please! GAO clears ACORN WillYourVoteB... Wed Jun-16-10 08:15 PM0
- S.C. Sen. Phil Leventis wants voting machines impounded kpete Wed Jun-16-10 09:40 AM9
- 6/15 SC-Greene voters blues.1000s of CA mail ballots dont count. HAVAs real scandal WillYourVoteB... Tue Jun-15-10 08:27 PM0
- 20,000 ballots cannot be counted in Riverside California election WillYourVoteB... Tue Jun-15-10 09:02 AM6
- 6/14 SC Primary 'This whole election is unbelievable.' Aspen DA election probe WillYourVoteB... Mon Jun-14-10 08:51 PM2
- SC Index Poll on May 18 indicated Demint @ 50% to Rawls 43% w MoE 4.6% mod mom Sat Jun-12-10 09:41 AM6
- 6/11 Was SC Dem Primary punked? 20,000 Riverside CA mail ballots wont count WillYourVoteB... Fri Jun-11-10 09:41 PM2
- 6/10 SC lawmaker: probe Primary, 2 other races.Monroe KY vote buying conspiracy WillYourVoteB... Fri Jun-11-10 08:52 AM2
- 6/9 Voters Sue Garland, Arkansas Election Officials.Validity of Election Challenged WillYourVoteB... Wed Jun-09-10 10:27 PM9
- They're pickin' on Brad, again. Wilms Wed Jun-09-10 02:34 PM4
- 6/8 Garland Arkansas election debacle.Problem reports for CA, NV, NJ, NV, SC WillYourVoteB... Wed Jun-09-10 08:46 AM5
- 6/7 Garland Arkansas election fiasco. Ballot error in NJ Primary. Summit OH ballot fail WillYourVoteB... Mon Jun-07-10 07:58 PM0
- Impossible Election Results in Monroe County AR bode ill for Halter. Stevepol Sat Jun-05-10 04:35 AM3
- 6/4 Monroe Co Arkansas impossible election results. Want to Email Your Ballot? Email ballot security WillYourVoteB... Fri Jun-04-10 07:40 PM0
- 6/3 Vote by Mail fallout. Dead Lincoln WV voters NOT dead. Pakistan mulls e-voting WillYourVoteB... Thu Jun-03-10 07:58 PM0
- its always enjoyable to see Diebold get another bloody nose WillYourVoteB... Thu Jun-03-10 12:45 AM0
- 6/2 SEC charges Diebold with fraud. McAllen voter fraud case fails. India election officials panic WillYourVoteB... Wed Jun-02-10 08:11 PM0
- 6/1 Florida law wrongs disabled voters. GAO on AZ, ME public finance. Do-over in Philippines? WillYourVoteB... Tue Jun-01-10 08:11 PM0
- The True MATH: Confirming Election Fraud 2000-2008 (TIA) [View All] tiptoe Sun May-30-10 07:57 PM31
- Fair Vote Chairman mocks verified voting movement, says "where are the prosecutions?" WillYourVoteB... Sun May-30-10 03:01 PM3
- 5/28 WV overseas internet election- 54 votes for 5 counties, cost about $75K WillYourVoteB... Fri May-28-10 07:36 PM0
- 5/27 Double voting in Hoke NC? TX Voter ID again? Elections automation, a lemon? WillYourVoteB... Thu May-27-10 08:08 PM0
- 5/26 Ohio CD-18 recount. Double voting in Jefferson WV? Smartmatics alarming admission WillYourVoteB... Wed May-26-10 08:23 PM0
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