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- History of the Secret Ballot (Its impacts were racist, classist and depressed turnout) Land Shark Sat Sep-18-10 07:41 AM9
- 9/16 New voting machines, angry New Yorkers. New arrest over India EVMs WillYourVoteB... Fri Sep-17-10 11:07 AM1
- 9/14 New York Voting machine problems. The 'sovereign' power of voting machines WillYourVoteB... Thu Sep-16-10 11:22 PM9
- Angry New Yorkers Hate New Voting Machines Bill Bored Thu Sep-16-10 07:25 PM5
- CASTLE DEFEATS O'DONNELL IN DELAWARE!!!!!! Stevepol Thu Sep-16-10 09:27 AM6
- My attempt to vote in Maryland Primary this morning. yellowcanine Tue Sep-14-10 10:28 PM12
- Election Day Problems Reported Statewide on NY's New Dominion/Sequoia E-Voting System Wilms Tue Sep-14-10 08:28 PM0
- Early reports of voting issues with new machines in NY Renew Deal Tue Sep-14-10 02:17 PM6
- 9/13 Voting News WillYourVoteB... Mon Sep-13-10 07:54 PM0
- Columbia County, NY: Election Commissioner Keeps Pledge NOT to Certify Computerized Vote Counts! Wilms Mon Sep-13-10 07:28 PM0
- Right-Wing Voter Suppression Effort Caught Using Doctored Photo (VIDEO, PHOTOS) mod mom Mon Sep-13-10 04:50 PM10
- 9/12 NY's ballot quirks. Shelby Tenn. elections - 'There must be reforms.' GOV2.0 elections WillYourVoteB... Mon Sep-13-10 07:18 AM1
- 9/11 Suing Sarasota Election Sup: the Sequel. Shelby Co TN lawsuits update WillYourVoteB... Sat Sep-11-10 08:10 PM0
- Friday news dump - Candidate sues Sarasota County FLA Supervisor of Elections Over Recount Refusal SugarShack Fri Sep-10-10 11:31 PM2
- Voting News this Friday WillYourVoteB... Fri Sep-10-10 09:32 PM1
- 9/9 AZ election lawsuit begins. Hawaii cuts 97 poll sites. Mail ballots dont help turnout WillYourVoteB... Thu Sep-09-10 08:02 PM0
- 9/8 NM SoS fires critics. Moldova voter roll hacked. Military Voters get your ballot! WillYourVoteB... Wed Sep-08-10 07:59 PM0
- Recount in VT is a friggin' JOKE ! garybeck Wed Sep-08-10 02:33 PM17
- 9/7 NY ballots fine print. 1600 Hawaii ballots missing contest. Internet Voting Pt 3 WillYourVoteB... Tue Sep-07-10 08:12 PM1
- The Voting News issssssssss.... WillYourVoteB... Sat Sep-04-10 12:09 AM2
- The Highest Court in the Land to Rule on Use of Lever Voting Machines (so far) Bill Bored Fri Sep-03-10 12:59 AM2
- 9/2 New York warned of 'Electoral Chaos'. Sarasota Fl - Recounts belong to the voters WillYourVoteB... Thu Sep-02-10 08:08 PM0
- Nassau County Challenges Feds, State to Beat Back Electronic Voting Wilms Thu Sep-02-10 01:06 AM3
- 9/1 I-Voting, direct democracy. 'Hack is Wack'. Sarasota Election Sup faces class action? WillYourVoteB... Wed Sep-01-10 08:08 PM0
- 8/31 Virginia State Election server still down. DC internet vote experiment delayed WillYourVoteB... Tue Aug-31-10 08:34 PM0
- 8/30 VA Election Site IT outage. Kathy Dent recount flap. AK's 11,200 iffy mail ballots WillYourVoteB... Mon Aug-30-10 08:24 PM0
- 8/29 AZ, FL, TN vote probs. Harris TX voting equip burned up. EVM expert bailed out WillYourVoteB... Sun Aug-29-10 08:52 PM1
- Shelby County (Memphis) TN: Massive votiing improprieties Stevepol Sun Aug-29-10 06:07 AM5
- Breaking News: All electronic voting machines in Houston TX burned this AM demodonkey Sat Aug-28-10 12:11 PM12
- Electronic voting machines security risk (From 2003) Renew Deal Sat Aug-28-10 08:10 AM1
- 8/28 Senate Forecast Simulation Model - Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll) tiptoe Sat Aug-28-10 12:49 AM0
- Pac-Man for president: Hack highlights e-voting flaws Renew Deal Fri Aug-27-10 11:24 AM1
- Bo Lipari Knows a Cryptic Message When He Sees One! Bill Bored Fri Aug-27-10 11:13 AM1
- 8/26 India's Electronic Voting Controversy. Suit seeks to void Shelby TN election WillYourVoteB... Thu Aug-26-10 08:36 PM1
- 8/25 Why Pac-Man voting hack matters.FL vote problems. Citizens United aftershocks WillYourVoteB... Thu Aug-26-10 01:09 AM2
- 8/24 DOJ approves GA voter check system. Rutherford TN election official fired WillYourVoteB... Tue Aug-24-10 08:15 PM0
- 8/22 India E-voting expert arrested. TN voters deserve answers. Australia Bush v Gore? WillYourVoteB... Tue Aug-24-10 02:01 PM1
- 8/23 Florida voter alert! After India EVM expert arrest. Dan Rather on voting machines WillYourVoteB... Mon Aug-23-10 08:13 PM0
- Are Arizona's Political Leaders Deliberately Blocking Electronic Voting Machine Transparency? kpete Mon Aug-23-10 07:57 PM2
- TIA: How Internet Voting CAN Work Wilms Mon Aug-23-10 06:54 PM3
- NY: Disquieting Video Meant to Reassure Voters About Optical Scan Wilms Mon Aug-23-10 12:24 AM0
- Dan Rather on Chris Matthews today, "Electronic voting machines still alot of problems..." WillYourVoteB... Sun Aug-22-10 12:53 PM1
- 8/20 Shelby CO TN certifies flawed election. Are election audits worth it? Pac-Man II WillYourVoteB... Fri Aug-20-10 08:10 PM0
- PAC-MAN on the Sequoia AVC-Edge DRE voting machine hunter Fri Aug-20-10 06:41 PM3
- Holt asks Holder to ensure viability of voting systems Bill Bored Fri Aug-20-10 06:26 PM15
- 8/19 Touchscreens recycled as PacMan games.Verified Voting Internet Voting Pt 1 WillYourVoteB... Fri Aug-20-10 04:30 AM2
- It still bothers me that the very integrity of the electoral process is endangered by EVMs. I BridgeTheGap Fri Aug-20-10 12:32 AM6
- Open Letter from Vermonters for Voting Integrity Re: Governor Candidate Deb Markowitz garybeck Thu Aug-19-10 02:13 PM1
- 8/18 Maricopa AZ election protection suit filed. TN and WA election websites crash WillYourVoteB... Wed Aug-18-10 07:58 PM0
- 8/17 Waukesha WI clerk keeps vote data on her PC, El Paso CO invites public oversight WillYourVoteB... Wed Aug-18-10 01:49 AM1
- 8/16 MORE Tenn. election fiascos. New Lee FL mail ballot probs. Wallach's 'The Wřrd' WillYourVoteB... Tue Aug-17-10 06:38 AM3
- Premier Elections Solutions pays up in Ohio Diebold suit-offers more faulty voting machines for free kpete Sun Aug-15-10 03:06 PM2
- 8/13 Shelby TN investigation Diebolded. Internet voting 'nothing to deter attacker.' WillYourVoteB... Sun Aug-15-10 01:47 PM2
- NY: United States Eastern District Court Sides With Lever Advocates Wilms Sun Aug-15-10 01:02 AM7
- NY: (State Supreme Court Decision) Another Boost for Nassau's Fight to Keep Lever Voting Machines! Wilms Sun Aug-15-10 01:02 AM7
- 8/12 Pitkin CO touchscreen woes. Foul play in TN vote? Free Xpress for military ballots WillYourVoteB... Thu Aug-12-10 08:07 PM0
- Brennan Center says overvoting is just "one of the things that can happen with the [new] machines." Bill Bored Thu Aug-12-10 12:15 AM3
- Absentee ballots returned to sender - Votes boomerang thanks to automatic sorters kpete Wed Aug-11-10 08:45 PM3
- 8/11 Feds, TBI called on TN election. FL mail ballot fiasco. '3 Idiots' and India elections WillYourVoteB... Wed Aug-11-10 08:01 PM0
- 8/10 TN Election fiasco. Internet voting? 'Pleash just help me inshert..key in the lock' WillYourVoteB... Wed Aug-11-10 11:33 AM1
- An Open Letter to John Fund - Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll) tiptoe Tue Aug-10-10 10:25 AM3
- Voting News is taking tonight off WillYourVoteB... Tue Aug-10-10 01:23 AM4
- Beware Absentee By Mail Ballots - mail ballot problems in the news WillYourVoteB... Sun Aug-08-10 10:58 PM13
- A Response to Madeline Rawley’s article in the Coalition for Voting Integrity News and Opinion (TIA) tiptoe Sun Aug-08-10 09:03 AM3
- 8/6 TN e-poll book blocks 3,000 voters. Rivest-Risks of Internet Voting negate benefits WillYourVoteB... Sat Aug-07-10 11:01 AM4
- Florida: Weak Election Audits Only, Thank You Wilms Sat Aug-07-10 01:39 AM8
- Voters in Bell tell of possible fraud cal04 Fri Aug-06-10 08:32 PM4
- 8/5 SC Voting machine lawsuit heads to court. Target 'sorry' political donations offend WillYourVoteB... Fri Aug-06-10 08:30 PM2
- 8/4 ATMs AND Voting Machines are hackable. Obama admin on the military vote WillYourVoteB... Wed Aug-04-10 07:55 PM0
- PA: Another Threat to Public Scrutiny of the Election Process Wilms Wed Aug-04-10 12:57 AM1
- 8/3 1 in 10 MN mail ballots rejected. DOJ on MOVE Act Waivers, military vote WillYourVoteB... Tue Aug-03-10 08:11 PM0
- 8/2 On Dept of Justice, Military Vote rumors . Sarasota SoE Dent's anti-audit 'timeline' WillYourVoteB... Mon Aug-02-10 07:58 PM0
- Have You Seen This E-Voting System?? What Do You Think?? snot Mon Aug-02-10 12:00 AM13
- FLORIDA: Election audits not needed, judge tells Sarasota County Bill Bored Sun Aug-01-10 07:43 PM6
- 8/1 Beware Absentee Ballots. Judge nixes Sarasota audits. OR online primary hype WillYourVoteB... Sun Aug-01-10 07:42 PM0
- 7/31 NY ballot fraud ring. Hacker makes ATMs spew cash. OR online 'primary' 4%turnout WillYourVoteB... Sat Jul-31-10 08:25 PM0
- 7/29 Calloway KY Co picks optical scan. More WV cntys. mull troop internet vote test WillYourVoteB... Fri Jul-30-10 01:00 AM1
- 7/28 KS vote flipping. NASS-overseas vote must be recountable! DISCLOSE Fails WillYourVoteB... Wed Jul-28-10 08:17 PM1
- 20th Anniversary of the ADA Calls for Increased Accessibility to the Ballot demodonkey Wed Jul-28-10 01:16 AM7
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