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- Florida: ID-match law stalls 5,000 voter applications (only 10% are R's!!) nashville_bro... Wed Oct-01-08 06:16 AM0
- Please report online dirty tricks to Common Cause. kthxbai eridani Wed Oct-01-08 04:21 AM0
- What do you Not Understand about Paper Ballots Counted by Hand by public witnesses kster Wed Oct-01-08 04:19 AM5
- Another Election, More Pain At The Polls babylonsister Tue Sep-30-08 05:25 PM0
- MCM's Keynote Address @ Columbus Election Protection Conference mod mom Tue Sep-30-08 11:45 AM1
- Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 election (X) post btmlndfrmr Tue Sep-30-08 10:30 AM2
- Bowen pushes for open source software. Stevepol Mon Sep-29-08 11:32 PM4
- Fed Judge in Ohio: Early Voting is OK (allowing same-day voter registration and voting) mod mom Mon Sep-29-08 01:44 PM1
- Got yer October surprise right here. tbyg52 Sun Sep-28-08 04:22 PM4
- Permanent Chill for Democracy/Accountability: Modified Bailout delegates Voting Power Land Shark Sun Sep-28-08 04:20 PM0
- Law puts thousands of Florida voter IDs in question babylonsister Sun Sep-28-08 03:28 PM3
- Ohio Battles Over Tuesday's Early Voting cal04 Sun Sep-28-08 01:23 PM2
- Preemptive poll-watching question regarding number of voting machines per precinct diva77 Sun Sep-28-08 01:10 PM3
- NYT: Certified but Not Guaranteed tbyg52 Sun Sep-28-08 11:56 AM1
- As Goes Ohio...Election Protection Conference 9/26-28 (Fitrakis, MCM, Wasserman & more) mod mom Sun Sep-28-08 03:04 AM2
- Where are the flawed absentee ballot forms being printed? AtLiberty Sat Sep-27-08 03:59 PM2
- Got a local election integrity group that can take on a small project? emlev Sat Sep-27-08 03:03 AM6
- There will be no more ER news threads here for the forseeable future. tbyg52 Fri Sep-26-08 09:29 PM16
- 2 Ohio justices step down in cases challenging early-voting procedure kpete Fri Sep-26-08 07:30 PM3
- Is my suggestion from '05 still crazy? Postcard Affidavits to check results? mod mom Fri Sep-26-08 05:04 PM5
- Great "Mac vs PC" takeoff ad by Jason Osgood in Washington! Truth2Tell Fri Sep-26-08 12:53 PM5
- How close were Presidential Elections? TrogL Fri Sep-26-08 12:04 PM0
- If there's no gas, how will you get to the polls? Bill Bored Fri Sep-26-08 11:49 AM12
- 9/22 ELECTION MODEL ( TIA ): Obama! 330 EV, 99% win probability - x tiptoe Fri Sep-26-08 01:25 AM7
- Voter Registration Shut Down? Bad Timing for Social Security Maintenance WillYourVoteB... Thu Sep-25-08 10:49 PM2
- GuvWurld - The Real Election Math (xpost) Wilms Thu Sep-25-08 09:16 PM2
- ABC evening news reporting on problems with voting machines tbyg52 Thu Sep-25-08 12:47 PM5
- Hundreds Of Thousands Of Votes Are Being Stolen RIGHT NOW (RFK Jr-on-Air America) kpete Thu Sep-25-08 12:17 PM15
- October 1st--National Guarantee Your Vote Day eridani Wed Sep-24-08 08:23 PM2
- Kucinich Introducers ‘Voter Foreclosure’ Bill babylonsister Wed Sep-24-08 01:44 PM2
- Pay No Attention to the Private Corporations Behind Our Elections UncountedMary Wed Sep-24-08 10:00 AM9
- Great voter registration advice from Michael Moore's "Election Guide" panader0 Wed Sep-24-08 08:53 AM0
- Alabama GOP Stops (Lawful) Prison Voter Registration Fly by night Wed Sep-24-08 08:32 AM1
- Cross post in GD:P helderheid Tue Sep-23-08 05:58 PM0
- A chance to weigh in on Blackwell vs. Brunner in SW OH newspaper column by wingnut rosebud57 Tue Sep-23-08 05:51 PM4
- A Conversation about the 2004 Election ( TIA ) tiptoe Tue Sep-23-08 05:44 PM1
- Indiana's troops to benefit from virtual vote undeterred Mon Sep-22-08 08:59 PM2
- Uncounted Loves LA! (and San Diego) UncountedMary Mon Sep-22-08 01:09 PM0
- "Best Practices For Post-Election Audits" garybeck Mon Sep-22-08 12:39 PM3
- "One Out of Five Voters Failed The Data Check." garybeck Mon Sep-22-08 04:52 AM6
- My Idea To Do Exit-Polling BeFree Mon Sep-22-08 01:24 AM4
- How the GOP Wired Ohio's 2004 Vote Count for Bush to Win kpete Sun Sep-21-08 08:30 PM13
- Action Item- Let's make the movie "Stealing America Vote By Vote" Go Viral KaryninMiami Sun Sep-21-08 08:05 PM3
- STEALING AMERICA...Now on DVD!! L. Coyote Sun Sep-21-08 06:15 PM2
- 9/20 ELECTION MODEL (TIA): 98.5% OBAMA EV WIN PROBABILITY (4926 WINS/5000 SIMULATION TRIALS) tiptoe Sun Sep-21-08 02:15 AM2
- Armenia: Planned Presidential Election Exit Poll Creates Controversy, or...Who is the IRI? Wilms Sat Sep-20-08 10:00 PM13
- Voter Suppression Wiki - Introduction babylonsister Sat Sep-20-08 08:56 PM3
- Voter Suppression Wiki Now Online! Bill Bored Sat Sep-20-08 08:29 PM7
- I'm going to work at the polls on election day! Marnieworld Sat Sep-20-08 06:56 PM4
- Explosive Events Happening in King-Lincoln v. Blackwell Case (Ohio Election Theft) emlev Sat Sep-20-08 06:28 PM14
- What State(s) Are Requiring A Copy Of A Valid Color Photo ID For Absentee Voting?? orleans Sat Sep-20-08 05:51 PM2
- Alabama Republicans Move to Block Prisoner Voting Registration kpete Sat Sep-20-08 12:00 PM2
- Katrina vanden Heuvel: US Vets Fight for the Vote (still) babylonsister Sat Sep-20-08 11:58 AM2
- My LTTE about auditing elections: the only means of regulation for this arm of corporate control. Stevepol Sat Sep-20-08 11:55 AM3
- MCM in NY: "High Turnout Will Wash Away All Fraud." (And NY Should Keep Lever Machines) Bill Bored Sat Sep-20-08 02:06 AM4
- Election Defense Radio: Andi Novick and Rady Ananda Explain the Virtues of New York's Lever Machines Wilms Sat Sep-20-08 02:05 AM4
- 9 Ohio County Boards of Election did not know convicted felons are eligible to vote mod mom Fri Sep-19-08 10:49 PM2
- Hey Media! - Don't Report As Fact What Can't Even Be Proven (Federal Election Results)--(X) GuvWurld Thu Sep-18-08 06:31 PM1
- Election Reform Forum Rant BeFree Thu Sep-18-08 04:42 PM2
- Can some smart person here tell me...(re: "caging") Duke Newcombe Thu Sep-18-08 04:40 PM2
- "Flaws In DuPage County Voting Machines?" orleans Thu Sep-18-08 02:09 PM0
- Keating Law Firm files Suit for GOP Against Ohio SOS Brunner for GOP's Mistake in Ballot Dispute mod mom Thu Sep-18-08 11:11 AM7
- Transparent Ballot Box, for 500 - 800 Paper Ballots, with Deposit Trap and Counter [View All] kster Thu Sep-18-08 11:00 AM98
- Why Hurricane Ike Demands Paper Ballots on November 4-by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman kpete Thu Sep-18-08 08:53 AM1
- Constitution Day and Citizenship Day GuvWurld Thu Sep-18-08 01:52 AM8
- Counsel for Change: Attorneys Needed to Volunteer for Election Protection Wilms Wed Sep-17-08 09:13 PM0
- BRAD BLOG: Candidates Nationwide Called Upon to Challenge Suspicious Elections emlev Wed Sep-17-08 06:19 PM17
- I called the national Obama campaign about the election fraud & lack of leadership from his campaign [View All] debbierlus Wed Sep-17-08 01:33 PM20
- Richard Hayes Phillips to speak on election fraud 9/19 in Seattle eridani Wed Sep-17-08 01:32 PM9
- Missouri Increases Security Checks (Manual Audits) on Voting Equipment Wilms Wed Sep-17-08 01:19 PM6
- Common Cause/Century Foundation: Some Swing States Not Prepared for Voting Problems in November Wilms Wed Sep-17-08 01:15 PM3
- Voter Database Glitches Could Disenfranchise Thousands kokono Wed Sep-17-08 02:32 AM0
- Just making clear- my plaints were *not* directed at former ER editors! tbyg52 Tue Sep-16-08 07:19 PM0
- Election Justice Newsletter - Read/Forward/Blast This Everywhere! garybeck Tue Sep-16-08 06:28 PM5
- Gang of Thugs Announces Elections Will Be Flawless kpete Tue Sep-16-08 06:25 PM5
- Even NY's Blind Governor (like most others) Doesn't Use Accessible Ballot Marker. Votes on Levers. Wilms Mon Sep-15-08 10:18 PM16
- How To Steal An Election kpete Mon Sep-15-08 05:20 PM5
- States Restore Voting Rights for Ex-Convicts groovedaddy Mon Sep-15-08 11:16 AM1
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