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- 10/28 ELECTION MODEL (TIA):...OBAMA 381 EV!...76-62m!...Pew RV 52-36!...AZ, MT, GA, play! -x tiptoe Wed Oct-29-08 03:28 AM3
- This election will not be stolen!! Stevepol Wed Oct-29-08 01:49 AM14
- A Voting Rights Disaster on Tuesday? DeepModem Mom Wed Oct-29-08 12:43 AM2
- Obama IS Going to Win, but..... [View All] BeFree Tue Oct-28-08 11:36 AM58
- Election Law Changes Likely to Increase Litigation babylonsister Tue Oct-28-08 10:06 AM0
- Good News! Look at This. Larry L. Burk... Mon Oct-27-08 11:09 PM2
- don't forget- they will have to sell it in chicago. mopinko Mon Oct-27-08 08:03 PM7
- Problem w/ paper ballots in AK (both mail-in and absentee) clear eye Mon Oct-27-08 05:43 PM6
- Welcome to Our Vote Live = Election Protection Coalition L. Coyote Mon Oct-27-08 12:14 PM0
- groovedaddy Mon Oct-27-08 11:14 AM1
- The Lakeland Ledger - 'No Match, No Vote': No Fair csziggy Mon Oct-27-08 04:29 AM0
- Quick-Where can I tell people to check to find out whether snot Sun Oct-26-08 11:45 PM2
- The Scoop Independent News USACOUP Media Project - needs help now through end of January althecat Sun Oct-26-08 10:30 PM0
- Open letter from the media to the media (re: unprovable federal election results) X-post GuvWurld Sun Oct-26-08 09:54 PM9
- DUers please write to your media about Election Fraud - We Do Not Consent To Unprovable Elections althecat Sun Oct-26-08 04:50 PM7
- Have votes ever switched from repub to Democrat? booley Sun Oct-26-08 11:46 AM8
- What's up with the Election Incident Reporting System? garybeck Sun Oct-26-08 07:43 AM5
- Stop, Drop, and Poll - What to Do if You Have Problems Voting UncountedMary Sat Oct-25-08 01:19 PM6
- Finally, LA County Democratic Party Speaks Out Regarding Fraud! diva77 Fri Oct-24-08 09:41 PM4
- Best sources of election integrity news and analyses (to bookmark) clear eye Fri Oct-24-08 09:05 PM6
- Volusia Co., FL Elections supervisor: GOP challenging votes of foreclosure victims seafan Fri Oct-24-08 01:08 PM1
- groovedaddy Fri Oct-24-08 11:23 AM0
- Peter B. Collins, Dave Berman to Discuss Unprovable Federal Election Results - 10/23 5pm PT GuvWurld Fri Oct-24-08 11:00 AM7
- GET ACTIVE: Video the Vote mod mom Fri Oct-24-08 06:47 AM0
- Scoop & Autorank: Michael Collins Full Report - "Election 2004: The Urban Legend" [View All] althecat Fri Oct-24-08 05:23 AM262
- 10/23 ELECTION MODEL (TIA): OBAMA 378EV (=MEDIAN 5K MONTE CARLO TRIALS); 98% PROB EV >350; 80% >370! tiptoe Thu Oct-23-08 08:36 PM0
- Prof Foley (OSU): "The Latest from the Land Of (Election) Litigation" mod mom Thu Oct-23-08 12:26 PM0
- groovedaddy Thu Oct-23-08 11:09 AM1
- I Live In Sarasota County... The County That "Lost" All Those Votes In 2006 AND ChiciB1 Thu Oct-23-08 10:57 AM6
- States warned to prep for election glitches cat_girl25 Thu Oct-23-08 09:25 AM0
- BEWARE: Straight Party vote may not include Presidential AND CONGRESSIONAL RACES diva77 Thu Oct-23-08 07:13 AM3
- A Response To All Those DUers Who Think That Election Fraud Is Not An Isssue In 2008 [View All] althecat Thu Oct-23-08 07:00 AM23
- Diebold's "next generation" Optical Scanner has major flaw that causes votes to be rejected garybeck Thu Oct-23-08 04:03 AM16
- "86"ing our votes? Why doesn't work? Fly by night Wed Oct-22-08 09:01 PM3
- Other machines flipping IN ADDITION TO the iVotronic? eridani Wed Oct-22-08 07:04 PM9
- STOP VOTE FLIPPING IN WVA - please help (national) WillYourVoteB... Wed Oct-22-08 06:22 PM3
- How do states insure that those who vote by absentee ballot do not vote in person on 4 November? n/t jody Wed Oct-22-08 01:06 PM8
- Is America Ready to Vote? kirby Wed Oct-22-08 11:32 AM2
- "Democrats: DuPage elections have Republican bias" orleans Tue Oct-21-08 10:53 PM13
- legal question: Is there a certain year after which every state will have to have VVPB? Eric J in MN Tue Oct-21-08 10:04 PM2
- x-post from Texas forum: TRO prevents use of electronic machines in Webb County; hearing tomorrow WolverineDG Tue Oct-21-08 09:04 PM12
- Security Breach to Ohio SOS Website. OH State Highway Patrol to assist in Investigation mod mom Tue Oct-21-08 04:36 PM9
- Velvet Revolution Offers $100,000 Reward for Information About E-Fraud In New Hampshire Primary babylonsister Tue Oct-21-08 11:28 AM18
- Votes Flipped in Tennessee UncountedMary Tue Oct-21-08 10:00 AM8
- More TX dirty tricks vis a vis straight party voting: X-post in GD Fly by night Tue Oct-21-08 09:26 AM1
- X-Post: Actual GOP Forgery of Documents Disfranchising CA voters Land Shark Mon Oct-20-08 10:58 PM1
- Electronic Vote Fraud: A Programmer's Perspective (X-post by quark219) diva77 Mon Oct-20-08 10:55 PM3
- Don't Vote Straight Ticket? Looking for some answers... Dover Mon Oct-20-08 10:11 PM4
- A little help over here please -- McCain has employed Nathan Sproul -- you remember him? IndyOp Mon Oct-20-08 06:26 PM2
- Mark Crispin Miller on Bill Moyers Journal about election fraud: Great Stuff!! Stevepol Mon Oct-20-08 05:51 PM3
- Paper-Based Voting Is Making a Comeback, Company Says babylonsister Mon Oct-20-08 01:56 PM1
- HOLT STATEMENT ON NEW JERSEY (Insecurities and Inaccuracies of the Sequoia AVC Advantage) Report [View All] Wilms Mon Oct-20-08 12:05 PM27
- "Cattle (& election) thieves should be hung": My very first DU post & why it's still relevant today Fly by night Mon Oct-20-08 07:43 AM11
- CA police Arrest Owner of Firm Hired by CA GOP for VOTER FRAUD mod mom Mon Oct-20-08 07:26 AM4
- I believe the game has changed. [View All] bleever Sun Oct-19-08 11:21 PM35
- 13 Million Voters Purged -- and Counting! jamess Sun Oct-19-08 06:44 PM4
- Blackwell's Ghost: BOE "mismatch" notice turned off? mod mom Sat Oct-18-08 10:31 PM5
- Talking Points Memo has entered the fray Robbien Sat Oct-18-08 03:18 PM6
- Some early W.Va. voters angry over switched votes cal04 Sat Oct-18-08 02:48 PM2
- althecat Sat Oct-18-08 02:14 PM10
- Gov Crist (R-FL): GOP May Be Exaggerating Voter Fraud In Florida mod mom Sat Oct-18-08 01:38 PM4
- Different day, two more systemic "glitches", same result --- disenfranchising Dems in Tennessee Fly by night Sat Oct-18-08 10:03 AM12
- Purging "Joe the Plumber"-name on 2 different voter lists in Ohio. mod mom Sat Oct-18-08 04:42 AM3
- 10/14 Election Model (TIA): Obama 372EV (51.2-44.8%, 74-64m); Elec'n Calculator:(55.7-40.4%, 80-58m) tiptoe Sat Oct-18-08 12:19 AM2
- John Nichols: 2000, 2004 Elections "Inconclusive"; Humboldt Dems to Show "Uncounted" This Sat GuvWurld Fri Oct-17-08 10:16 PM6
- Ohio Secretary Of State Will Fight Republican Challenge mod mom Fri Oct-17-08 09:17 PM9
- It has started -- voting machine "glitch" disenfranchises Nashville voter Fly by night Fri Oct-17-08 07:59 PM19
- Why isn't Acorn suing? clear eye Fri Oct-17-08 07:44 PM0
- Moved mrone2 Fri Oct-17-08 05:00 PM0
- Anyone seen this report yet? kirby Fri Oct-17-08 04:16 PM2
- Scoop's USACOUP For October 16th: Judy Woodruff Wants You To Video Your Vote althecat Fri Oct-17-08 04:03 PM2
- Help me create a flyer "Diebold's Sordid History" garybeck Fri Oct-17-08 09:52 AM0
- hi, I'm a rare visitor here but I have a serious question steve2470 Fri Oct-17-08 09:27 AM12
- X posted from Illinois Forum: "What is being done to assure accuracy of election results?" orleans Fri Oct-17-08 09:05 AM0
- Just got this in my inbox re Straight Party Voting from TX Dem party chair Melissa G Fri Oct-17-08 01:07 AM8
- All of the vote totals for Republican candidates were correct, BUT... garybeck Thu Oct-16-08 09:58 PM12
- Report: Paper Ballots More Secure, Accurate Than E-Voting kster Thu Oct-16-08 04:23 PM0
- The County's Pre-election Witch Hunt Algorem Thu Oct-16-08 02:44 PM0
- Programmer Who Stole Election from Max Cleland Tells How He Did It (X) kster Thu Oct-16-08 02:34 PM0
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Home » Discuss » Topic Forums » Election Reform | Add to My Forums [?] Donate to DU

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