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- UK Labor Vs. US Dems: Snobbery and stubbornness? romulusnr Wed May-12-10 09:27 AM11
- Why Does Nick Clegg Hide His Muslim Roots ? dipsydoodle Wed May-12-10 07:40 AM2
- Labour-Lib Dem talks break down muriel_volest... Wed May-12-10 07:35 AM14
- UK Parties: The Conservative Party T_i_B Wed May-12-10 06:42 AM7
- Labour leader: Johnson backs David Miliband for leader muriel_volest... Wed May-12-10 06:25 AM8
- National Security Advisor dipsydoodle Wed May-12-10 06:05 AM2
- 1931 again? No, a Lib Dem coalition could destroy Labour for good T_i_B Wed May-12-10 04:43 AM13
- Emergency budget within 50 days. EmilyKent Tue May-11-10 06:46 PM2
- Brown to quit tonight. Dave PM tomorrow - Evening Standard Hopeless Roma... Tue May-11-10 05:17 PM14
- Is this really what Britain might have walking into Number 10 tomorrow? Turborama Tue May-11-10 04:31 PM10
- We could be getting a rainbow coalition after all [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Tue May-11-10 10:13 AM23
- Labour's Douglas Alexander rules out deal with SNP FunkyLeprecha... Tue May-11-10 08:55 AM9
- There's no way Jeneral2885 Tue May-11-10 06:39 AM16
- UK and US elections Jeneral2885 Tue May-11-10 06:38 AM0
- Georgey Boy, being Chancellor is not that good a job. TheBigotBashe... Tue May-11-10 04:08 AM0
- delete TheBigotBashe... Tue May-11-10 04:08 AM0
- Well, it looks like A Tory-LibDem pact with the Tory cuts on and voting reform off the agenda. non sociopath... Mon May-10-10 11:27 PM19
- Gordon Brown 'stepping down as Labour leader' T_i_B Mon May-10-10 04:55 PM11
- The Guardian: "Sack Kay Burley" - Top Twitter Trend Turborama Mon May-10-10 02:14 PM7
- So, when do we reckon Gordon will resign then? Hopeless Roma... Mon May-10-10 12:20 PM6
- OK, could somebody help me out here? non sociopath... Mon May-10-10 11:34 AM18
- Local elections May 6 T_i_B Mon May-10-10 08:22 AM14
- Next leader of the Labour Party? Hopeless Roma... Mon May-10-10 08:01 AM18
- The election's stats clearly prove why PR is so essential for the Lib Dems & Britain as a whole Turborama Mon May-10-10 04:05 AM6
- If Clegg unites with the Tories without PR.... [View All] Vicar In A Tu... Sun May-09-10 08:44 AM25
- Tory-Lib Dem coalition threatened by secret hardline memo on Europe mr blur Sun May-09-10 05:45 AM3
- Hung Parliament FunkyLeprecha... Sat May-08-10 11:34 PM15
- Boris renationalised the tube. Seriously. TheBigotBashe... Sat May-08-10 03:40 PM0
- Who would you say have been the best British PMs of the last 60 years? Donald Ian Ra... Sat May-08-10 11:09 AM10
- Anyone been keeping an eye on the Tory press fedsron2us Sat May-08-10 06:59 AM0
- How do you feel about a hung parliament? T_i_B Sat May-08-10 04:50 AM10
- Who's your MP? [View All] T_i_B Fri May-07-10 06:21 PM36
- And even though there's 90 years to go, the 21st Century Award for Taking The Piss.... non sociopath... Fri May-07-10 04:39 PM6
- Question from an admittedly uninformed American. SteppingRazor Fri May-07-10 03:40 PM11
- There was some very good news from last night. The British Nazi Party got smashed. TheBigotBashe... Fri May-07-10 12:05 PM3
- Local election results are quite interesting fedsron2us Fri May-07-10 11:45 AM1
- Any results local to you in yet? muriel_volest... Fri May-07-10 11:36 AM9
- 'Brown worst ever PM', says Labour candidate T_i_B Fri May-07-10 11:25 AM4
- A scandal waiting to happen TheBigotBashe... Fri May-07-10 06:25 AM1
- BBC reporting many instances of polling place irregularities LSdemocrat Fri May-07-10 03:50 AM8
- National Union of Students condemns vote blocking in Sheffield TheBigotBashe... Fri May-07-10 02:27 AM1
- ITV Prediction CON 303 LAB 256 LIB 63 TheBigotBashe... Fri May-07-10 02:07 AM2
- Where would you recommend us non-UKers watch the election results? Clintonista2 Fri May-07-10 12:41 AM7
- Official Exit Poll: Tory Largest Party [View All] Vicar In A Tu... Fri May-07-10 12:40 AM23
- Have there been any updated UK national projections yet? LSdemocrat Thu May-06-10 10:42 PM3
- Goodbye Geoff Hoon, You Hoon. TheBigotBashe... Thu May-06-10 10:10 PM17
- Tories Planning To Steal Power From A Hung Parliament Prophet 451 Thu May-06-10 10:03 PM13
- Recount difference in Birmingham Edgbaston may be less than 10 votes. TheBigotBashe... Thu May-06-10 09:52 PM0
- Our first green MP TheBigotBashe... Thu May-06-10 07:41 PM4
- Pollster ICM 'Tweets' Exit Poll Rumour Vicar In A Tu... Thu May-06-10 04:02 PM6
- Come on UKers, I want your election predictions (Poll) Anarcho-Socia... Thu May-06-10 12:41 PM14
- Honestly, why would Labour want to win this election? liberalpragma... Thu May-06-10 12:40 PM11
- Why not to vote for Cameron - Common People muriel_volest... Thu May-06-10 10:19 AM1
- Nigel Farage injured in plane crash in Northamptonshire muriel_volest... Thu May-06-10 04:05 AM0
- What's worse: Tory-UUP majority or Tory-UUP minority large enough for DUP to hold the balance? BolivarianHer... Wed May-05-10 08:44 AM8
- Labour under fire for tactical vote call dipsydoodle Wed May-05-10 06:59 AM2
- Green Party are winning at 25.96% so far from 197,566 completed online surveys @ Turborama Wed May-05-10 06:44 AM3
- Tories may form coalition with DUP liberalpragma... Wed May-05-10 06:17 AM3
- Election 2010: Does it matter if your MP's a local? dipsydoodle Tue May-04-10 02:13 PM10
- No - This is a bigoated woman. TheBigotBashe... Tue May-04-10 06:25 AM6
- Tory "Star" is bigoted loon mr blur Sun May-02-10 08:55 AM1
- Latest polls are NOT looking good Hopeless Roma... Sat May-01-10 06:07 PM5
- He really is an absolute liability - Christ! Hopeless Roma... Fri Apr-30-10 05:23 PM16
- I missed the leaders debate tonight Hopeless Roma... Fri Apr-30-10 02:33 PM9
- Proof that the English Defence League are thick as 2 short planks T_i_B Fri Apr-30-10 06:19 AM1
- UK Parties: The Greens and the Socialist parties T_i_B Fri Apr-30-10 02:06 AM9
- You can't buy OUR election, Murdoch Hopeless Roma... Thu Apr-29-10 03:59 PM4
- Terror suspects' spouses can claim benefits, says EU dipsydoodle Thu Apr-29-10 01:25 PM4
- UK General Election: Poll Watch [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Wed Apr-28-10 07:23 PM26
- Clegg is evil! Lock up the children... [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Wed Apr-28-10 08:08 AM28
- British PM Candidate Helped Smuggle Teen Girl into Belgium! miscsoc Tue Apr-27-10 11:23 PM1
- Ministers apologise for insult to Pope dipsydoodle Mon Apr-26-10 02:04 PM4
- If the iPad were a British party leader would it be: muriel_volest... Mon Apr-26-10 08:29 AM0
- Is the Tory press's war against the LibDems entering a cleverer, more subtle phase? non sociopath... Sun Apr-25-10 02:40 PM6
- How's that recession doing for you? TheBigotBashe... Sun Apr-25-10 07:39 AM1
- Anarcho-Socia... Sat Apr-24-10 05:56 PM1
- The B3TA Guide to Voting. TheBigotBashe... Sat Apr-24-10 05:45 PM0
- Did we all have a lovely St George's Day? non sociopath... Sat Apr-24-10 02:49 PM7
- Cameron's got a "fuck you" coming for the north east Anarcho-Socia... Sat Apr-24-10 01:52 PM3
- Is Daily Mail a Tory or a BNP paper? BolivarianHer... Sat Apr-24-10 10:53 AM10
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