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- some politicians will say anything-but how they vote counts luckyleftyme2 Sun Jan-15-12 07:00 AM1
- wingnut? seems to be luckyleftyme2 Sat Jan-14-12 03:09 AM0
- brunswick landing--kestrel manufacturing luckyleftyme2 Thu Jan-12-12 02:40 PM0
- something to ponder luckyleftyme2 Thu Jan-12-12 11:04 AM0
- a good place to get info luckyleftyme2 Thu Jan-12-12 02:14 AM0
- tip on who to vote for luckyleftyme2 Tue Jan-10-12 07:38 AM0
- well it worked luckyleftyme2 Mon Jan-09-12 01:48 PM0
- they put their money on the wrong horse luckyleftyme2 Mon Jan-09-12 01:33 AM1
- what conservative means to a liberal luckyleftyme2 Sun Jan-08-12 11:30 AM0
- New Hampshire debate luckyleftyme2 Sun Jan-08-12 10:32 AM0
- how the super pacts effect politics luckyleftyme2 Sat Jan-07-12 09:59 AM1
- just what we need-another term of fifi la pue luckyleftyme2 Sat Jan-07-12 12:13 AM4
- fraud luckyleftyme2 Fri Jan-06-12 11:49 PM0
- this should be read by all luckyleftyme2 Thu Jan-05-12 11:36 AM0
- rick santorum the re-tread from pa. luckyleftyme2 Thu Jan-05-12 10:22 AM0
- and the bull continues luckyleftyme2 Wed Jan-04-12 08:53 AM0
- you bet i'll vote for new senator luckyleftyme2 Tue Jan-03-12 11:29 PM1
- democrats are still the majority luckyleftyme2 Tue Jan-03-12 12:56 AM0
- OBAMA IN 2012 luckyleftyme2 Mon Jan-02-12 11:59 PM1
- this is a good read luckyleftyme2 Tue Dec-27-11 09:21 PM1
- a typical rant from the right luckyleftyme2 Tue Dec-27-11 09:04 AM0
- the right continues to lie luckyleftyme2 Mon Dec-26-11 01:52 PM0
- time to get involved luckyleftyme2 Sat Dec-24-11 10:49 AM1
- YES WE CAN luckyleftyme2 Fri Dec-23-11 08:08 AM0
- only 66 tea party of 242 house republicans luckyleftyme2 Fri Dec-23-11 07:55 AM0
- read on comcast today-10worse states for oui luckyleftyme2 Fri Dec-23-11 07:29 AM0
- BOEHNER FINALLY GOT BONED luckyleftyme2 Thu Dec-22-11 10:51 PM0
- the 10 am news spin luckyleftyme2 Thu Dec-22-11 11:03 AM0
- boehner pulls boner of the year luckyleftyme2 Thu Dec-22-11 02:37 AM0
- my god is a liberal luckyleftyme2 Tue Dec-20-11 05:43 PM1
- gas prices still bonkers luckyleftyme2 Mon Dec-19-11 11:32 AM0
- rip offs continue luckyleftyme2 Sun Dec-18-11 01:15 PM2
- this is worth a view luckyleftyme2 Sun Dec-18-11 12:53 PM0
- 10 reasons to vote democrat luckyleftyme2 Sun Dec-18-11 08:31 AM0
- LAPUKE ANOTHER LOSER FROM THE RIGHT luckyleftyme2 Sat Dec-17-11 10:53 AM1
- once again the right prove they can't lead luckyleftyme2 Sat Dec-17-11 10:36 AM1
- this gave me a chuckle luckyleftyme2 Wed Dec-14-11 01:57 PM0
- Lance Dutson (MHPC) is a stone cold asshole jpak Tue Dec-13-11 08:31 AM2
- gas prices vary -profit margin wide luckyleftyme2 Mon Dec-12-11 06:10 AM0
- price of heating oil in maine luckyleftyme2 Sun Dec-11-11 08:41 PM0
- what their telling you versus what they are doing luckyleftyme2 Sun Dec-11-11 11:30 AM0
- Help! Come to DU3 and post on current events in the ME forum. Gormy Cuss Sat Dec-10-11 10:54 AM6
- how to lose an argument luckyleftyme2 Thu Dec-08-11 05:54 PM0
- 65,000 MaineCare recipients to lose health coverage under LePage plan MaineDem Thu Dec-08-11 02:34 PM2
- troubled or brain washed? luckyleftyme2 Thu Dec-08-11 09:02 AM0
- has the right buried us? luckyleftyme2 Wed Dec-07-11 09:50 AM0
- Canadians arrested at border drug bust MaineDem Fri Dec-02-11 07:22 AM0
- coyote and deer=1/3 of the problem luckyleftyme2 Thu Dec-01-11 06:04 PM0
- coyote and deer=1/3 of the problem luckyleftyme2 Thu Dec-01-11 06:04 PM0
- climate change and the left? or should I say right!~! luckyleftyme2 Wed Nov-30-11 05:44 PM6
- picked this up in a daily luckyleftyme2 Tue Nov-29-11 11:56 AM0
- job openings luckyleftyme2 Tue Nov-29-11 09:32 AM1
- worth watching luckyleftyme2 Sun Nov-27-11 09:52 PM1
- Happy Thanksgiving to the Maine Forum MaineDem Thu Nov-24-11 09:16 PM2
- her's a thread in the right's blog luckyleftyme2 Thu Nov-24-11 07:31 AM5
- food for thought luckyleftyme2 Thu Nov-24-11 06:46 AM0
- when a repuke tells a fib it becomes gospel luckyleftyme2 Wed Nov-23-11 06:50 AM0
- the oil racket -and the rip off going on luckyleftyme2 Wed Nov-23-11 05:42 AM4
- TO THOSE OF YOU luckyleftyme2 Tue Nov-22-11 08:13 AM1
- its past time luckyleftyme2 Tue Nov-22-11 07:45 AM0
- this is how the right lies to itself luckyleftyme2 Tue Nov-22-11 12:32 AM6
- proven to be a lie luckyleftyme2 Mon Nov-21-11 10:25 AM0
- Alfred Representative Accused of Clean Election Violations MaineDem Mon Nov-21-11 09:58 AM2
- Video of OccupyMaine at Merrill Lynch in the Old Port high density Sun Nov-20-11 11:06 AM0
- so much for change luckyleftyme2 Sat Nov-19-11 05:48 AM0
- THE BEST QUESTION IN POLITICS luckyleftyme2 Sat Nov-19-11 05:18 AM0
- YOUR NOT ALONE! luckyleftyme2 Sat Nov-19-11 05:16 AM0
- well the gov. needs new shoes luckyleftyme2 Fri Nov-18-11 06:43 PM0
- REPORT ON THE NEW GOVERNOR luckyleftyme2 Wed Nov-16-11 11:16 PM2
- RBI I THOUGHT YOU WOULD ENJOY THIS luckyleftyme2 Wed Nov-16-11 12:02 PM2
- how the right can save money luckyleftyme2 Wed Nov-16-11 11:17 AM0
- food for thought luckyleftyme2 Wed Nov-16-11 02:12 AM0
- what to tell a republican luckyleftyme2 Mon Nov-14-11 12:18 PM1
- is it time to sell luckyleftyme2 Mon Nov-14-11 05:05 AM0
- latest poll luckyleftyme2 Sat Nov-12-11 08:15 AM1
- thanks again to all our vets luckyleftyme2 Fri Nov-11-11 05:50 PM0
- repukes fiction versus life's facts luckyleftyme2 Fri Nov-11-11 06:59 AM0
- a new christan xmas plan luckyleftyme2 Thu Nov-10-11 04:43 AM0
- we are the 99% luckyleftyme2 Tue Nov-08-11 06:22 AM2
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