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- if this isn't a fool luckyleftyme2 Tue Aug-21-12 09:04 AM0
- the two faces of the right luckyleftyme2 Thu Aug-02-12 07:34 AM0
- so you really think the gop is for you luckyleftyme2 Tue Jul-31-12 07:36 AM0
- those who hate obama care luckyleftyme2 Mon Jul-30-12 11:40 PM0
- the republican congress has stalemated everything that would bring jobs luckyleftyme2 Fri Jul-27-12 10:21 AM0
- hunger in Maine luckyleftyme2 Wed Jul-25-12 08:33 PM0
- supreme court upholds obama care luckyleftyme2 Fri Jun-29-12 07:25 AM0
- the senate race results luckyleftyme2 Wed Jun-13-12 09:30 AM0
- some election results were fine by me luckyleftyme2 Wed Jun-13-12 09:21 AM0
- soon boehner and cantor will speak after- luckyleftyme2 Fri Jun-08-12 11:32 AM0
- this is a fruitcakes outlook! luckyleftyme2 Fri Jun-08-12 05:28 AM0
- can this be true luckyleftyme2 Fri Jun-08-12 04:52 AM0
- so you think luckyleftyme2 Wed Jun-06-12 08:17 AM0
- this kind of thinking ruins our state luckyleftyme2 Thu May-31-12 06:45 AM0
- gas goughing luckyleftyme2 Wed May-30-12 10:43 AM0
- can we deport this idiot luckyleftyme2 Mon May-28-12 02:26 PM0
- right is a hodge podge of insecurity luckyleftyme2 Thu May-24-12 07:19 AM1
- an expert's comment luckyleftyme2 Tue May-22-12 04:42 AM0
- whats printed needs to be filtered luckyleftyme2 Mon May-14-12 04:43 AM0
- how many miles of road in Maine luckyleftyme2 Thu May-10-12 10:29 PM0
- once again for the record! luckyleftyme2 Mon May-07-12 05:46 AM0
- how tunnel vision is this joker luckyleftyme2 Wed May-02-12 09:45 PM0
- the big con artist on the right luckyleftyme2 Wed May-02-12 03:32 PM0
- here is why I left the right luckyleftyme2 Mon Apr-30-12 12:16 PM0
- the governor exposed luckyleftyme2 Sat Apr-28-12 07:58 AM0
- like I've often said luckyleftyme2 Sat Apr-21-12 08:47 PM0
- why the right worships their masters luckyleftyme2 Tue Apr-17-12 10:54 AM0
- you can blame the alec influence luckyleftyme2 Fri Apr-13-12 11:30 AM0
- to good to pass up luckyleftyme2 Thu Apr-12-12 10:02 AM0
- we are up for sale! luckyleftyme2 Thu Apr-12-12 08:00 AM0
- bubba's cuts luckyleftyme2 Wed Apr-11-12 08:06 AM0
- thank god luckyleftyme2 Wed Apr-11-12 04:17 AM0
- ain't this the truth in maine! luckyleftyme2 Tue Apr-10-12 09:50 AM0
- the koch brothers and alec luckyleftyme2 Fri Apr-06-12 07:23 AM1
- keep in mind big money is running at election time! luckyleftyme2 Wed Apr-04-12 04:30 AM0
- beware of ALEC and its influence luckyleftyme2 Wed Apr-04-12 03:48 AM1
- Man he sure deserves this luckyleftyme2 Tue Apr-03-12 04:42 AM0
- a little humor for the droids luckyleftyme2 Tue Apr-03-12 04:19 AM0
- the laughable right luckyleftyme2 Thu Mar-29-12 09:02 AM0
- the flip flopping right luckyleftyme2 Wed Mar-28-12 07:14 AM0
- the forgetting right luckyleftyme2 Fri Mar-23-12 10:09 AM2
- if you scan the forums luckyleftyme2 Fri Mar-23-12 08:04 AM0
- a good read luckyleftyme2 Wed Mar-21-12 06:51 AM0
- to maine citizens luckyleftyme2 Wed Mar-21-12 06:18 AM0
- can this be true? luckyleftyme2 Sun Mar-18-12 11:11 PM0
- happy st. patricks day luckyleftyme2 Sat Mar-17-12 07:35 AM0
- interesting luckyleftyme2 Tue Mar-13-12 12:49 AM1
- oh really luckyleftyme2 Thu Mar-08-12 08:24 AM0
- can we hire this judge? luckyleftyme2 Thu Mar-08-12 07:00 AM0
- who really interprets the law? luckyleftyme2 Sun Mar-04-12 10:30 AM1
- RUSH THE LUSH luckyleftyme2 Sun Mar-04-12 10:21 AM0
- unbeliveable- leadership ? what leadership? luckyleftyme2 Fri Mar-02-12 05:19 AM0
- have you checked your male lately?? luckyleftyme2 Thu Mar-01-12 05:28 AM0
- here is something that is worth reading luckyleftyme2 Fri Feb-24-12 12:23 PM0
- I still post here cuz luckyleftyme2 Fri Feb-24-12 08:25 AM0
- an eye opener luckyleftyme2 Sun Feb-19-12 10:14 PM0
- this smells of cover up luckyleftyme2 Sat Feb-18-12 07:36 AM0
- gop fears luckyleftyme2 Thu Feb-16-12 10:33 AM2
- how true this is luckyleftyme2 Tue Feb-07-12 12:24 PM4
- FbI hacked? luckyleftyme2 Mon Feb-06-12 02:06 PM0
- be aware of this post luckyleftyme2 Mon Feb-06-12 12:59 PM2
- a true repuke luckyleftyme2 Sat Feb-04-12 09:26 AM1
- a true republican luckyleftyme2 Fri Feb-03-12 10:11 AM2
- warren buffet says raise taxes on 1% luckyleftyme2 Fri Feb-03-12 10:04 AM1
- some interesting social security ideas luckyleftyme2 Fri Feb-03-12 09:07 AM0
- newt the liar! yup a whopper! luckyleftyme2 Tue Jan-31-12 11:11 PM1
- our president is real luckyleftyme2 Wed Jan-25-12 07:20 AM0
- you hear on the street the 99% protest group does nothing luckyleftyme2 Wed Jan-25-12 07:02 AM1
- some people just don't get it luckyleftyme2 Wed Jan-25-12 05:44 AM0
- NOTHING PERSONAL NEWT BUT REALLY luckyleftyme2 Mon Jan-23-12 07:50 AM0
- Newt -the phony luckyleftyme2 Sun Jan-22-12 05:48 AM2
- lapuke he thought he was a king-but found he was a popper! luckyleftyme2 Sat Jan-21-12 07:19 AM0
- newt the toot sameo sameo luckyleftyme2 Fri Jan-20-12 12:52 PM0
- lepage wants to cut welfare rolls luckyleftyme2 Tue Jan-17-12 11:13 PM0
- lepage wants to cut welfare rolls luckyleftyme2 Tue Jan-17-12 11:13 PM0
- what has the 99% group done for you luckyleftyme2 Tue Jan-17-12 12:41 PM0
- what happened to kestrel luckyleftyme2 Tue Jan-17-12 09:10 AM0
- say it ain't so sam luckyleftyme2 Mon Jan-16-12 09:21 AM2
- of course it matters who places the surpreme court justices luckyleftyme2 Sun Jan-15-12 10:29 AM0
- beware the old newt is back luckyleftyme2 Sun Jan-15-12 09:56 AM5
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