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- Went to a Willard appearance today - I need a bath rurallib Sat Nov-24-07 05:15 PM6
- Happy Thanksgiving - Story for the holiday rurallib Fri Nov-23-07 07:56 PM2
- The Early Word: Itís All About Iowa progressoid Fri Nov-23-07 05:08 PM1
- My picturebook makes a great Christmas gift for kids 6 to 9 Quixote1818 Thu Nov-22-07 01:23 PM0
- Jan 3rd and the college student vote [View All] cyberswede Thu Nov-22-07 01:23 PM23
- Congrats Cornfield!! Debi Thu Nov-22-07 01:22 PM7
- Tancredo ad redux rurallib Thu Nov-22-07 02:14 AM8
- Irish Democrat January 4th? Rambis Wed Nov-21-07 10:10 AM17
- Have some Thanksgiving Day Skinny! Debi Wed Nov-21-07 10:08 AM0
- Edwards in IC Monday with Bonnie Rait, Jackson Brown rurallib Wed Nov-21-07 09:55 AM15
- Jeez I wish the Big(?) 10(?) would play a round robin rurallib Tue Nov-20-07 06:19 PM7
- I attended the IDP's Caucus training Saturday...Ask Me Anything! [View All] Debi Tue Nov-20-07 02:43 PM21
- Hey Iowa DUers - Seth is all over GD and GD-P defending Iowa Debi Tue Nov-20-07 02:34 PM0
- The Quote of the Week, compliments of the Romney Campaign CornField Tue Nov-20-07 01:38 PM1
- Guess where I was Sunday??! Debi Tue Nov-20-07 12:24 PM3
- Sharon Savage for State Senate Soup Supper fundraiser Broke Dad Mon Nov-19-07 11:11 PM4
- UNI 48 So. Utah 10 !!!! Debi Mon Nov-19-07 02:17 PM3
- Ron Paul ad [View All] cyberswede Mon Nov-19-07 11:59 AM20
- Political Calendar of Events? CornField Sun Nov-18-07 02:45 PM2
- Didn't the Souther Utah coach needle UNI as not having played rurallib Sun Nov-18-07 08:39 AM1
- Anyone in Iowa able to get some Biden swag for a PA Du'er? 48percenter Fri Nov-16-07 03:13 PM5
- KCCI poll - your thoughts? Debi Fri Nov-16-07 01:22 PM2
- Krugman was GREAT! What a voice of reason rurallib Fri Nov-16-07 09:43 AM3
- Debi... cyberswede Fri Nov-16-07 08:57 AM6
- Seth should be outraged! Debi Thu Nov-15-07 08:59 PM8
- Daughter makes Peoria TV with creative biology lesson rurallib Thu Nov-15-07 06:06 PM5
- Debi [View All] Hardrada Thu Nov-15-07 02:30 PM28
- Newest twist in Sen. Matt McCoy case Debi Thu Nov-15-07 12:25 PM2
- Rural ? Edwards coffee tonight? Rambis Thu Nov-15-07 11:10 AM0
- CBS/NYT poll doesn't know squat about how the caucuses work Debi Wed Nov-14-07 12:47 PM0
- Loebsack Birthday party rurallib Tue Nov-13-07 10:12 PM0
- Hillary pens a letter to the editor in my hometown's paper. leQ Tue Nov-13-07 08:56 PM2
- Our county chair got this email rurallib Tue Nov-13-07 03:01 PM1
- Kucinich and Gravel NOT invited to JJ Dinner in DM. [View All] Hardrada Tue Nov-13-07 12:39 PM21
- Krugman in Iowa City 11/14/07 at the Englert rurallib Tue Nov-13-07 12:19 PM0
- Congrats, Councilman Rambis! cyberswede Mon Nov-12-07 05:25 PM9
- The whole Hillary not tipping flap [View All] rurallib Mon Nov-12-07 05:18 PM26
- Camp Dodge photo is on the greatest page... progressoid Mon Nov-12-07 04:39 PM3
- Video from NYT on behind the scenes at the JJ Debi Mon Nov-12-07 03:11 PM2
- Voting by Mail IA_Seth Sun Nov-11-07 11:52 AM15
- Well it's official. Gluba is the new Mayor of Davenport Bluzmann57 Sat Nov-10-07 05:50 PM10
- Podcasts? IA_Seth Sat Nov-10-07 12:06 PM6
- It's an Iowa-DU double-whammy! Debi Sat Nov-10-07 02:14 AM10
- There is a thread over in GD-P that has me thinking... Debi Fri Nov-09-07 10:39 AM5
- Omaha Steve says Hillary Clinton has chosen her VP candiate Debi Fri Nov-09-07 10:33 AM13
- Post election day Skinny! Debi Fri Nov-09-07 12:04 AM1
- Tomorrow is are you and your family going to dress up? [View All] Debi Thu Nov-08-07 03:29 PM22
- One last rant - Fall Colors and winter prediction rurallib Thu Nov-08-07 03:37 AM7
- Someone posted some pics from Obama in Muscatine today rurallib Wed Nov-07-07 10:34 PM0
- Any other good news for DUers besides Rambis & Gluba? rurallib Wed Nov-07-07 08:26 PM6
- Linn County Pancake Breakfast, Nov. 17 CornField Tue Nov-06-07 11:45 PM0
- Senator Edwards Talks Education at UNI josh_edwards0... Tue Nov-06-07 10:21 PM6
- On the radio: Chuckles going after fake evangelists? rurallib Tue Nov-06-07 10:06 PM0
- What a turnout for the Cedar county fundraiser! rurallib Tue Nov-06-07 12:05 PM13
- Howard Dean finally gives Iowa his thanks for a third place finish Debi Mon Nov-05-07 05:31 PM5
- Tomorrow is election day for you IA-DUers who live 'in town' Debi Mon Nov-05-07 04:42 PM9
- UNI 38 MSU 17!!!!! Debi Mon Nov-05-07 02:25 PM9
- Final rant on radio - Steve Deace rurallib Mon Nov-05-07 11:18 AM4
- Caucus4Priorities - - Your Endorsement Input Needed! progressoid Mon Nov-05-07 10:36 AM3
- IPR had their fundraising about two weeks ago rurallib Sun Nov-04-07 10:54 AM6
- UNI's Parsons dismissed for forging prescription for pain-killer Debi Sun Nov-04-07 08:47 AM0
- josh_edwards07 asked me to inform you all about the Senator's event at UNI Debi Sun Nov-04-07 08:36 AM11
- Good Luck to the UNI Panthers - on their way to visit former head coach Terry Allen Debi Sat Nov-03-07 12:18 PM2
- Something for fun rurallib Fri Nov-02-07 10:09 PM0
- Invite a reporter to your New Year's party Debi Fri Nov-02-07 02:37 PM3
- Cedar Rpaids group files for NCE license rurallib Thu Nov-01-07 04:44 PM1
- Culver caves to Gross & Pomerantz on Education Committee. Hardrada Thu Nov-01-07 04:22 PM0
- My goodness - Panthers escape. rurallib Tue Oct-30-07 12:55 PM7
- Guess none of the men-folk will be attending the caucuses [View All] Debi Tue Oct-30-07 11:28 AM24
- Get Fuzzy - cartoon from last week. Gave me a chuckle Debi Tue Oct-30-07 10:38 AM6
- KMA radio poll: rate Steve King job performance (licking lips) IADEMO2004 Mon Oct-29-07 09:31 PM10
- Thank you Cornfield - Debi Mon Oct-29-07 02:34 PM4
- Civic Skinny is boring this week - except one little tid bit (I want to keep Hardrada happy!) Debi Mon Oct-29-07 03:21 AM2
- Since josh_edwards07 is new to DU and the Iowa Forum let us all welcome him and say hello [View All] Debi Sun Oct-28-07 03:33 PM31
- GOOOOOOOOOO PANTHERS!!!!!!! Debi Sun Oct-28-07 11:16 AM6
- Loebsack has opponents rurallib Sat Oct-27-07 10:43 AM3
- New era politics Rambis Fri Oct-26-07 04:21 PM11
- Jan 3rd it is? Rambis Fri Oct-26-07 02:26 PM16
- Counciltucky - are you staying dry? Debi Thu Oct-25-07 02:19 PM3
- Rants/Angelo for Gov/Lt.. Gov?!? cyberswede Thu Oct-25-07 02:13 PM6
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