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- Hello Skinny's your taste for today! Debi Fri Mar-14-08 11:57 AM6
- Davenport police consider using undercover cops in classrooms Bluzmann57 Thu Mar-13-08 09:00 PM3
- Looking for Iowa election integrity activists Fly by night Wed Mar-12-08 09:57 AM1
- Not Steve King again from GD-P IADEMO2004 Tue Mar-11-08 07:27 PM16
- Anyone here go to greet Rove in IC? Hardrada Mon Mar-10-08 03:49 PM5
- Yepsen: 2012 caucuses? Iowa had better get to work progressoid Mon Mar-10-08 03:39 PM5
- Steve King comments Vet31203 Mon Mar-10-08 11:59 AM4
- Anyone else here go to legislative forums rurallib Mon Mar-10-08 01:48 AM7
- Who is paying for the Negative Ads on Culver? pstans Sun Mar-09-08 09:46 PM2
- County Convention Credentials... IA_Seth Sun Mar-09-08 09:55 AM18
- Reminder KKKKarl in IC Sunday night rurallib Sun Mar-09-08 12:43 AM8
- Okay Vet31203 , tell us about your candidate Debi Sat Mar-08-08 06:14 PM7
- Helllllllooooo Skinny - choc full-o gossip today! Debi Fri Mar-07-08 07:35 PM17
- Whatever happened to the Woodbury county Repub central committee rurallib Fri Mar-07-08 10:15 AM1
- Have you all called Mr. Boswell about FISA? rurallib Fri Mar-07-08 09:55 AM6
- State Sen. Hartsuch Might Run Against Braley pstans Thu Mar-06-08 07:28 PM5
- I HAS A QSTN! progressoid Thu Mar-06-08 11:07 AM12
- McCain as "Bush Lite" letter to the Burlington Hawkeye..... IowaGirl Thu Mar-06-08 09:18 AM2
- Iowa's Poo Surplus... IA_Seth Wed Mar-05-08 10:26 PM2
- Linn County Dems Website.. IA_Seth Wed Mar-05-08 05:30 PM1
- Once again Iowa DUers Essential Estrogen has a great piece Debi Wed Mar-05-08 03:30 PM1
- What's wrong with Harkin?? 4dsc Wed Mar-05-08 12:20 PM6
- Nominations for woman bloggers rurallib Tue Mar-04-08 10:53 AM2
- I need to apologize for my 'no snow this winter' post a while back. rurallib Mon Mar-03-08 02:09 PM11
- Girls' Basketball in Iowa rurallib Mon Mar-03-08 11:58 AM2
- Blue Cross B. S. for 2 $496.70+we want $112.50 more=$609.20 /mo. IADEMO2004 Sun Mar-02-08 10:26 PM3
- Who died? petersjo02 Sat Mar-01-08 01:49 PM8
- Ed Fallon's 'I'm for Iowa' newsletter for Feb. 26 rurallib Sat Mar-01-08 01:48 PM4
- I won't vote for Culver again was the comment.. 4dsc Sat Mar-01-08 01:47 PM5
- State Rep smearing? Vet31203 Thu Feb-28-08 04:52 PM7
- "Republicans are searching for a slogan to spin" rurallib Thu Feb-28-08 04:28 PM3
- Petition kelligesq Wed Feb-27-08 06:06 PM6
- Iowa Caucus Captains or Co-Captains [View All] kelligesq Wed Feb-27-08 11:23 AM29
- The Hillbots are sensitive now and easily miffed. Hardrada Tue Feb-26-08 02:04 PM16
- On the Bill Press show, Sen. Ron Wyden (D - Ore) was discussing rurallib Tue Feb-26-08 11:18 AM3
- DFA took up Ed Fallon 4dsc Tue Feb-26-08 11:09 AM4
- If someone here gave me a heart...thank you very much! youthere Tue Feb-26-08 10:43 AM1
- This week's skinny - lots of blah blah blah Debi Tue Feb-26-08 10:42 AM9
- Karl Rove in Iowa City Sunday night Feb. 17th at the IMU rurallib Mon Feb-25-08 12:16 PM16
- Rudolfski Center? justgamma Sun Feb-24-08 09:18 PM6
- Lunar eclipse I'd like to watch and it's freaking 10 below rurallib Sat Feb-23-08 08:01 PM6
- bazoona - you still with us? rurallib Sat Feb-23-08 03:59 PM5
- Now I may be looking to burn a Pub but... Vet31203 Sat Feb-23-08 12:22 PM2
- William J Meyers for House 2008 Vet31203 Sat Feb-23-08 10:52 AM8
- League of conservation voters ratings for Iowa congresscritters rurallib Sat Feb-23-08 09:42 AM4
- McCain pulls a slick Willy? Vet31203 Fri Feb-22-08 07:54 PM15
- How bad are road conditions where you live? Blue Gardener Thu Feb-21-08 10:29 AM8
- State Central Committee walk softly Wed Feb-20-08 10:42 AM2
- Blue dog dems help Houe Repubs on FISA - top name: rurallib Tue Feb-19-08 06:24 PM4
- rurallib - I woke up this morning to freezing rain and now it's snowing and the wind is blowing [View All] Debi Tue Feb-19-08 02:34 PM24
- Ok, here's a proposal for all of you Bluzmann57 Tue Feb-19-08 12:02 AM8
- Teahen considering a run against Loebsack IA_Seth Mon Feb-18-08 05:33 PM7
- Culver to endorse Obama Debi Mon Feb-18-08 04:41 PM5
- Too late Boswell 4dsc Mon Feb-18-08 08:23 AM1
- Boswell vs. Fallon - war of words over funds Debi Mon Feb-18-08 08:20 AM2
- Iowa Lawmakers on Gay Marriage - what a dissapointment by our Democratic legislators Debi Mon Feb-18-08 08:15 AM19
- Guess whose birthday it is???? I'll give you all a hint..... [View All] Debi Fri Feb-15-08 01:26 PM22
- Just want your opinions on the proposed smoking ban Bluzmann57 Fri Feb-15-08 12:03 AM18
- Straight from the Skinny - Iowa Republicans are cheaters.....Uh....DUH! Debi Thu Feb-14-08 08:31 AM4
- Iowa DU public library friends & users...PLEASE READ AND ACT! Hobarticus Wed Feb-13-08 05:39 PM6
- keep pressure on Culver to fund optical scan machines for 2008 rurallib Mon Feb-11-08 04:28 PM0
- 'Fess up! cyberswede Mon Feb-11-08 01:47 PM0
- If it was anyone in here who gave me a heart, thank you. Bluzmann57 Mon Feb-11-08 12:57 PM3
- The new SDS Graphic History is out! Hardrada Mon Feb-11-08 02:02 AM0
- VP Nussle? pstans Sun Feb-10-08 07:19 PM7
- 14 inches of snow on my weary village Hardrada Fri Feb-08-08 10:35 PM7
- Did he know he was speaking out loud? Steve King IADEMO2004 Fri Feb-08-08 01:07 PM6
- Can Clinton win? Somebody please convince me... iowasocialist Thu Feb-07-08 10:32 PM5
- Know what I'd like to see? rurallib Thu Feb-07-08 10:30 PM9
- Superdelegate-orama Debi Thu Feb-07-08 05:36 PM0
- Didn't Nuss-hole do us proud with that budget? rurallib Thu Feb-07-08 01:35 PM4
- Iowa Falls to 4th in Wind Power Production pstans Thu Feb-07-08 07:32 AM14
- Meant to post this earlier - Black Hawk County Voter Registrations (thanks to the caucuses)! Debi Wed Feb-06-08 01:28 PM3
- Iowa primary? Cairycat Wed Feb-06-08 01:12 PM6
- Fallon run sparks blogs 4dsc Wed Feb-06-08 11:19 AM10
- DM Register - Culver/Mauro - how much to spend? which machines to use? Debi Tue Feb-05-08 10:24 PM3
- Now what? Who is a central committee member? who is a platform committee member [View All] Debi Tue Feb-05-08 11:28 AM33
- Fallon says Boswell hurts Dems' long-term prospects 4dsc Mon Feb-04-08 09:47 AM2
- Go Drake Bulldogs!!! HuskiesHowls Sun Feb-03-08 08:07 PM5
- Someone explain this to me... Counciltucky Fri Feb-01-08 01:52 PM10
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