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- Diane Farrell needs volunteers. Eric J in MN Wed Oct-25-06 08:57 PM0
- LIEberman's Loophole on $387,000 of Petty Cash REACTIVATED I... Wed Oct-25-06 09:57 AM1
- Oct 25 - John Kerry and vets at Town Hall meeting in support for Lamont blm Mon Oct-23-06 06:15 PM0
- Lamont supporters: The Day needs to hear from us femmedem Mon Oct-23-06 10:10 AM2
- Code Pink will attend Ned Lamont/ Joe Lieberman Debate tomorrow 98geoduck Mon Oct-23-06 09:29 AM1
- Police 'confident' slain neighbor didn't molest tot [View All] madmusic Sun Oct-22-06 08:50 PM35
- Diane Farrell gives radio address. Eric J in MN Sat Oct-21-06 07:42 PM3
- Do you think Blumenthal, Dodd, etc regret not running for gov? NewJeffCT Sat Oct-21-06 04:41 PM7
- Anyone think... woldnewton Sat Oct-21-06 04:37 PM10
- Debate? connecticut y... Fri Oct-20-06 05:35 PM7
- LIEberman's Whiny Ass Has Got To Go !!! urbuddha Fri Oct-20-06 01:59 PM0
- Is Dean there for Lamont today or next Friday? madfloridian Fri Oct-20-06 11:45 AM2
- Great cartoon from Engelhart in the Courant today NewJeffCT Thu Oct-19-06 09:27 AM0
- What's going on with Chris Shays. madinmaryland Thu Oct-19-06 08:47 AM3
- Is Schlesinger's "casino" performance getting him votes? CTyankee Thu Oct-19-06 07:48 AM0
- Unfortunately [View All] connecticut y... Tue Oct-17-06 08:36 PM21
- Nancy Johnson coming unhinged? NewJeffCT Sat Oct-14-06 11:43 PM1
- what's the latest on Shays-Farrell? CTyankee Sat Oct-14-06 09:22 PM9
- Anti-Joe/Pro-Schlesinger Site Gains Momentum in CT Mercury_Risin... Sat Oct-14-06 12:53 PM1
- Whoops bigpathpaul Sat Oct-14-06 10:44 AM0
- Hartford Courant rips Johnson's attack on Murphy NewJeffCT Sat Oct-14-06 09:08 AM0
- Finally, Dodd's campaigning with Lamont. femmedem Fri Oct-13-06 10:00 PM7
- Three CT Senatorial Debates! DODI Fri Oct-13-06 07:19 PM0
- Anyone interested in helping Chris Murphy? Next week calls will truckin Fri Oct-13-06 10:46 AM0
- Did anybody catch the DeStefano - Rell debate? NewJeffCT Thu Oct-12-06 07:26 PM8
- Johnson demands ad featuring birth defect baby be pulled Nutmegger Thu Oct-12-06 04:58 PM1
- Hi CT DUers MissMillie Thu Oct-12-06 03:11 PM3
- Anyone want to help me put together a flyer aimed at swing voters femmedem Wed Oct-11-06 09:10 PM5
- Lamont has a lot to take advantage of. Nutmegger Wed Oct-11-06 08:04 PM5
- Colin McEnroe: The Strange Race (Lamont-Lieberman race) Larkspur Tue Oct-10-06 11:37 PM2
- Larkspur Mon Oct-09-06 02:36 PM1
- Hillary Clinton connecticut y... Sun Oct-08-06 08:15 PM1
- Stamford Advocate: Poll shows close Senate race in area Larkspur Sun Oct-08-06 09:58 AM0
- My LTTE on Lieberman/Hastert/Foley femmedem Sun Oct-08-06 09:05 AM8
- Wes Clark stumps for Ned Lamont (link to video and pictures) Larkspur Sat Oct-07-06 06:50 AM4
- Anyone see that joke of an ad by LIEber/LOSERman? Nutmegger Thu Oct-05-06 07:33 PM2
- Diane Farrell (D) and Chris Shays (R) debate C-Span tonight (Oct 4 2006) Eric J in MN Thu Oct-05-06 08:13 AM3
- Does Nancy Johnson have anything besides attack ads? NewJeffCT Thu Oct-05-06 01:32 AM2
- Arlington East coming to Cape Cod on October 14 (xpost from MA) unhappycamper Wed Oct-04-06 04:16 PM3
- How to Volunteer for Democrat Diane Farrell of Connecticut: Eric J in MN Tue Oct-03-06 09:47 PM0
- My e-mail to Dodd (I also called state dem HQ about this.) femmedem Tue Oct-03-06 01:41 PM6
- Lamont/Lieberman debate 10/23 New London REACTIVATED I... Tue Oct-03-06 11:45 AM4
- Please submit opinion to my local Speak Out (it's anonymous) NewJeffCT Tue Oct-03-06 10:14 AM0
- Wow, quick turnaround from the Lamont campaign NewJeffCT Mon Oct-02-06 05:23 PM0
- What would you most like to hear someone ask Lamont or Lieberman? femmedem Mon Oct-02-06 03:41 PM5
- CT-05: GOPer Johnson Coins New Term: "Ned Lamont Liberal" Nutmegger Fri Sep-29-06 07:44 PM6
- Quinnipiac poll shows Rell continues to hold commanding lead Nutmegger Fri Sep-29-06 06:56 PM4
- Lamont blasts Lieberman over detainee bill Nutmegger Fri Sep-29-06 06:38 PM5
- Lamont going to be on Politically Direct tonight (Fri Sep 29) Nutmegger Fri Sep-29-06 03:01 PM0
- Editorial - Rob Simmons & the Constitution NewJeffCT Fri Sep-29-06 09:16 AM0
- Amb. Joseph Wilson speaking at Southern REACTIVATED I... Wed Sep-27-06 04:02 PM4
- Greg Palast & Jeff Cohen of F.A.I.R. in New Haven, 10/7/06 truckin Wed Sep-27-06 08:26 AM0
- Would I be crazy to relocate to New London/Groton (from GA)? bunkerbuster1 Wed Sep-27-06 08:02 AM10
- Cablevision Customers Are Warned: You May Lose Your Fox News RamboLiberal Tue Sep-26-06 08:17 PM4
- Rob Simmons flip-flops, calls for Bush to "outline" plan for withdrawal NewJeffCT Tue Sep-26-06 05:00 PM1
- GQ article on Lieberman/Lamont paints ugly picture of Lieberman campaign. femmedem Tue Sep-26-06 07:49 AM2
- I donated a hundred dollars to Diane Farell today. Eric J in MN Mon Sep-25-06 07:48 PM3
- 2nd poll shows Ned within 2% against Lieberman jackbourassa Mon Sep-25-06 04:00 PM4
- Nancy Johnson's newest attack ad is just political terrorism NewJeffCT Mon Sep-25-06 10:02 AM9
- Minor parties need a voice in debates Nutmegger Mon Sep-25-06 02:20 AM0
- Rob Simmons flip-flops on Plame outing - ammo for Joe Courtney NewJeffCT Sun Sep-24-06 09:59 PM6
- Spread this photo of Lieberman's car far and wide. Finnfan Thu Sep-21-06 09:36 PM8
- Is anybody else unhappy with Ned's newest TV ads? CTyankee Thu Sep-21-06 08:11 PM11
- Rowland cronies throwing fundraiser for Nancy Johnson NewJeffCT Thu Sep-21-06 12:20 PM0
- My LTTE in The Day today: Fascism Has Nothing To Do With Most Religions Larkspur Thu Sep-21-06 07:54 AM3
- Did Joe Lieberman Vote To Confirm Ted Olsen? VogonGlory Wed Sep-20-06 08:57 PM1
- So I read that Chris Murphy was to give the JerseygirlCT Wed Sep-20-06 03:11 PM2
- Schelsinger will be 1st Senate candidate on ballot REACTIVATED I... Tue Sep-19-06 03:11 PM0
- CT Senate: Lamont (D) 43%, Schlesinger (R) 5%, Lieberman (Lieberman) 45% skipos Tue Sep-19-06 09:26 AM0
- Rell proposes four-year, $500 million energy plan Nutmegger Tue Sep-19-06 12:33 AM0
- Rell seeks debate, but DeStefano wants one-to-one match-up Nutmegger Tue Sep-19-06 12:31 AM0
- Nancy Johnson's blatantly misleading ad! truckin Mon Sep-18-06 02:41 PM8
- Manchester paper blasts Rob Simmons for ducking debate NewJeffCT Sun Sep-17-06 07:02 PM0
- Rasmussen's latest poll has it 45 LIEberman-43 Lamont. NewJeffCT Sun Sep-17-06 02:47 PM2
- Another letter of mine coming up in the J-I this week: NewJeffCT Fri Sep-15-06 08:01 PM1
- Lamont is BLOWING this!!!! [View All] jackbourassa Fri Sep-15-06 11:07 AM28
- Anybody want to paraphrase my LTTE to the Courant - I'm not eligible yet NewJeffCT Fri Sep-15-06 04:40 AM0
- Democrats criticize Rell over campaign contributions Nutmegger Fri Sep-15-06 02:13 AM0
- Courtney leads Simmons in early poll, but Shays ahead of Farrell NewJeffCT Thu Sep-14-06 09:02 AM3
- Why does it seem that most don't have an interest in the Governor's race? Nutmegger Tue Sep-12-06 04:24 AM8
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