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- Arpaio campaign fined for illegal mailers targeting Romley JonLP24 Thu Sep-02-10 09:03 PM1
- Another Brewer stupidity - furloughs? Monique1 Thu Sep-02-10 02:09 PM1
- Heads UP!! Brewer Vs Goddard debate Tonite!!! [View All] jillan Wed Sep-01-10 10:11 PM60
- Jan Brewer's campaign committee + KPHO Monique1 Wed Sep-01-10 08:26 PM2
- Question about tires... Catshrink Wed Sep-01-10 11:43 AM6
- Anyone around? [View All] jillan Tue Aug-31-10 12:35 PM31
- Isn't Tucson bigger than 100 people? SargeUNN Tue Aug-31-10 10:11 AM5
- We've got our work cut out for us - Both Goddard & Glassman are down by jillan Tue Aug-31-10 09:33 AM1
- Holy crap, Batman. Catshrink Sun Aug-29-10 03:40 PM4
- Arpaio Wins SargeUNN Sat Aug-28-10 03:12 PM16
- With support like this who needs republicans? Monique1 Fri Aug-27-10 10:14 PM3
- Bummer, looks like Parraz is last place phantom power Fri Aug-27-10 08:05 PM6
- Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Gilbert): "Education does not create jobs" ThoughtCrimin... Fri Aug-27-10 06:39 PM9
- Hey, AZ DUers! Does anyone know if Romley could run as an Independent??? alstephenson Thu Aug-26-10 12:55 PM5
- okay please weigh in ...... Rodney vs Gabby KILL THE WISE... Wed Aug-25-10 11:17 PM0
- Well this is a good sign jillan Wed Aug-25-10 10:11 PM2
- J.D. Hayworth Election Night Fiesta Turns to I-Hate-John-McCain-Apalooza as J.D. Concedes JonLP24 Wed Aug-25-10 10:04 PM3
- Harry, Terry and Rodney jillan Wed Aug-25-10 01:15 AM6
- Primary - Embarrased to be ignorant drmeow Wed Aug-25-10 12:51 AM7
- Arizona to change how it evaluates schools SargeUNN Tue Aug-24-10 11:54 PM1
- My mail in ballot didn't have the sticker Catshrink Tue Aug-24-10 03:57 PM3
- Commercial promotes troubled early childhood program SargeUNN Mon Aug-23-10 08:44 PM2
- Brewer accusing Goddard of "political plagiarism" re his jobs proposal. jillan Fri Aug-20-10 11:19 AM2
- Who are you voting for in the Dem Primary on Tues? (Poll) [View All] jillan Thu Aug-19-10 09:06 PM21
- Arpaio's Spending passes 1 million Mark SargeUNN Thu Aug-19-10 11:37 AM0
- Holy Sh*t!! Another inmate escaped! This time from Tucson! jillan Wed Aug-18-10 11:47 PM2
- This is some wicked wind! Catshrink Tue Aug-17-10 09:12 PM2
- purged from the voters rolls again KILL THE WISE... Mon Aug-16-10 09:13 PM3
- US Senate race is now two-way tie for first JonLP24 Mon Aug-16-10 03:04 AM5
- Sheriff Joe in the news - grand jury documents open in his investigations Monique1 Sun Aug-15-10 07:33 AM2
- Anyone around? Be sure to watch Rachel Maddow tonite... jillan Sat Aug-14-10 02:01 AM4
- Rodney Glassman POSTS at KOS!!! jillan Sat Aug-14-10 01:32 AM6
- Come on people Monique1 Sat Aug-14-10 01:29 AM2
- AZ Democratic Primary Attorney General debate on PBS 7pm tonight (WED) JonLP24 Fri Aug-13-10 10:29 PM2
- Volunteer opportunities this weekend & Monday nite in Scotts & Tempe jillan Fri Aug-13-10 10:20 PM1
- Do Arizona Democrats Have A Good US Senate Candidate This Year? [View All] Vogon_Glory Fri Aug-13-10 10:11 PM42
- August 20th "Countdown to Zero" at El Con Kali Wed Aug-11-10 12:46 AM2
- Tucson Duers - Rachel Maddow will be there Tuesday nite. jillan Tue Aug-10-10 06:34 PM2
- Pinal County Supervisor's $600K Home to be sold at auction Tansy_Gold Mon Aug-09-10 09:25 PM3
- Is AZ a 'red' state? We might be moving there. [View All] trof Mon Aug-09-10 01:07 PM24
- Dueling signs: Horne & Thomas Catshrink Mon Aug-09-10 12:26 PM1
- Maricopa County Sheriff's Office spent loosely SargeUNN Sun Aug-08-10 12:42 PM1
- Arpaio Ad SargeUNN Sat Aug-07-10 11:09 AM5
- Sheriff Joe is the news again, another investigation Monique1 Thu Aug-05-10 09:17 AM0
- Why does Gov. Brewer Lie? SHRED Tue Aug-03-10 08:24 PM1
- SB1070 Actions Bryan Buchan Mon Aug-02-10 08:32 AM0
- Chris Deschene For Sec. of State northtempe Sat Jul-31-10 11:39 PM0
- Who the hell is Jesse Kelly ??!??!!? (R-running for Congress) Whoa_Nelly Sat Jul-31-10 11:00 AM2
- Yikes! - - -> Medical copter crashes in north-side Tucson neighborhood Ptah Sat Jul-31-10 12:40 AM1
- Wallace and Ladmo Kali Fri Jul-30-10 05:53 AM3
- This is not politics Monique1 Wed Jul-28-10 07:23 PM0
- Goddard needs to speak out and look different than Brewer SargeUNN Wed Jul-28-10 06:36 PM3
- Anyone want organic fruits and veggies delivered? Monique1 Wed Jul-28-10 06:34 PM2
- I am so tired of this heat [View All] SargeUNN Wed Jul-28-10 06:33 PM23
- Prison Lobbyists working for Brewer will profit from SB1070 liberalla Wed Jul-28-10 11:15 AM1
- East Valley pool owners drmeow Tue Jul-27-10 04:26 PM3
- Do any of you zonies have a garden? [View All] Catshrink Sun Jul-25-10 08:52 PM21
- Interesting stuff - If you have 5 minutes this is good tv. jillan Fri Jul-23-10 09:27 PM0
- Oooops!!! Kali Wed Jul-21-10 07:53 PM1
- I am getting a little disgusted with Terry Goddard and his mouth. jillan Sun Jul-18-10 11:12 PM7
- Did you watch the Libertarian gub. candidate debate? Catshrink Wed Jul-14-10 09:27 PM5
- Kyl: "Unemployment Insurance Is A 'Necessary Evil'." tucsonlib Tue Jul-13-10 09:08 PM1
- Does anyone want Glassman bumperstickers? buttons? yard signs? jillan Mon Jul-12-10 09:01 AM0
- John Dougherty - check this guy out. He is also running for Senate. jillan Sun Jul-11-10 10:39 PM2
- How many are against the Phx parking fees Monique1 Sun Jul-11-10 01:40 PM2
- report from the Battlefield SargeUNN Sun Jul-11-10 01:36 PM0
- We've got rain! Catshrink Sun Jul-11-10 11:47 AM4
- Brewer has already raised $1 million to fight the lawsuit. jillan Sun Jul-11-10 11:17 AM3
- How much longer are we going to take this? Monique1 Sat Jul-10-10 02:25 PM3
- Isn't this a little early for monsoon weather? Yuck - it is gross outside! jillan Sat Jul-10-10 02:23 PM4
- Nebraska town copies AZ immigration law... Zoroastor Tue Jul-06-10 06:39 PM0
- Arizona's illegal immigrants should have utilities cut, candidate says. amb123 Wed Jun-30-10 10:17 AM0
- Barry Goldwater a Moderate?? Zoroastor Mon Jun-28-10 08:41 PM0
- Should all Arizonians carry their birth certificates with them... SHRED Sat Jun-26-10 12:41 PM3
- AZ activities? JeffersonChic... Thu Jun-24-10 08:25 PM3
- S. Arizona gets ready for its Super Bowl of weather events Ptah Thu Jun-24-10 08:15 PM2
- JD Hayworth's greatest informercial pitchman moments DesertRat Mon Jun-21-10 06:09 PM0
- Link to video of GOP gub. candidate debate Catshrink Fri Jun-18-10 08:57 PM0
- Police: Arizona mom says she no longer wants her kids (punches one in front of the cops) LynneSin Thu Jun-17-10 09:46 AM3
- GOP governor candidate debate tonight. Catshrink Tue Jun-15-10 09:29 PM1
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