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- President Obama's response to House bill passage ProSense Sun Nov-08-09 12:47 AM14
- AFL-CIO: Healtcare Vote Statement Undercurrent Sun Nov-08-09 12:47 AM3
- I Count 21 Stupoids Who Still Voted Nay on the Bill Overall DarthDem Sun Nov-08-09 12:42 AM0
- Wonder if bill is coming to NC to fundraise for SOB shuler again? angee_is_mad Sun Nov-08-09 12:39 AM3
- *** House Debate on Health Care Bill *** Thread 8 [View All] givemebackmyc... Sun Nov-08-09 12:27 AM184
- Anyone watching the Traitors now on C-Span? Hutzpa Sun Nov-08-09 12:24 AM12
- Elmore Furth Sun Nov-08-09 12:23 AM8
- *** House Debate on Health Care Bill *** Thread 9 givemebackmyc... Sun Nov-08-09 12:23 AM6
- Did the bill pass by the two seats we just picked up?? If so, that is SWEEEEEEET! ncteechur Sun Nov-08-09 12:17 AM8
- Just remember it's going to get harder in the Senate [View All] bigdarryl Sun Nov-08-09 12:13 AM20
- 39 Nay votes!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this LovinLife Sun Nov-08-09 12:13 AM14
- YES WE CAN!!! At last, on the road to meaningful health care reform! Politicub Sun Nov-08-09 12:12 AM18
- President Obama's response to House bill passage jefferson_dem Sun Nov-08-09 12:12 AM0
- What Will Unemployment Peak At (Poll) DemocratSince... Sun Nov-08-09 12:09 AM12
- 21st century "reform": captive customers paying insurance CEOs $1 trillion with their tax dollars [View All] brentspeak Sun Nov-08-09 12:08 AM21
- What Repub voted for it? Anyone know? Jennicut Sun Nov-08-09 12:07 AM9
- And to think Big Ed said the bill didn't go far enough listening to him this would have failed bigdarryl Sun Nov-08-09 12:04 AM8
- Looks like Nancy Pelosi has tears of joy (just as she was speaking now) WOW!!! WOW!!! ind_thinker2 Sun Nov-08-09 12:02 AM8
- ...and now, time for stupid media whore questions. RepublicanEle... Sun Nov-08-09 12:00 AM0
- My parents have to stay poor to have medicaid - my story Politicub Sat Nov-07-09 11:59 PM19
- Heath Schuler was a crappy quaterback! ncteechur Sat Nov-07-09 11:58 PM13
- Who's fighting currently on the HOuse?! Please tell me..I'm listening to the radio. vaberella Sat Nov-07-09 11:54 PM11
- Link to House Roll Call Vote on Health Care Bill (Blue Dog List & Dem Members in McCain Districts) flpoljunkie Sat Nov-07-09 11:54 PM3
- Those 39 moderates can sure be proud can't they? CreekDog Sat Nov-07-09 11:51 PM6
- We need a thread thanking all those who voted against Stupak saracat Sat Nov-07-09 11:49 PM0
- Its time to find out who these 39 so-called Dem's are and start to run against them bigdarryl Sat Nov-07-09 11:47 PM1
- We've got our own Lieberman now! Introducing Rep. Joseph Cao!!! tblue Sat Nov-07-09 11:45 PM16
- It's too bad the Senate isn't more like the House dmr Sat Nov-07-09 11:43 PM4
- U.S. House approves sweeping healthcare overhaul (updated) ProSense Sat Nov-07-09 11:38 PM3
- Pete Stark a vote for the repuke bill is a vote to ej510 Sat Nov-07-09 11:31 PM7
- Health Care In The House! demwing Sat Nov-07-09 11:28 PM3
- In the House tonight, it would appear the Democrats had a Cao... msallied Sat Nov-07-09 11:27 PM4
- Final Passage - Up Now! [View All] Avalux Sat Nov-07-09 11:18 PM35
- Catholics for Choice Say Stupak Amendment "Unconscionable". madfloridian Sat Nov-07-09 11:14 PM4
- HR 3962 aka Health Care bill passed, now focus shifts to senate ind_thinker2 Sat Nov-07-09 11:07 PM0
- two things you don't want to see: making sausage and making laws onenote Sat Nov-07-09 11:04 PM2
- I'm angry! Drunken Irish... Sat Nov-07-09 11:00 PM9
- Alright, who are the 64 Dems voting for Stupak CreekDog Sat Nov-07-09 10:57 PM4
- Can we stop the false propaganda? [View All] impik Sat Nov-07-09 10:55 PM32
- The compromise that governing requires can be a bitter pill to swallow [View All] cleveramerica... Sat Nov-07-09 10:54 PM27
- ROLL CALL for Stupak Amendment jefferson_dem Sat Nov-07-09 10:52 PM2
- Unemployment rate jumps to 10.2 percent [View All] Beacool Sat Nov-07-09 10:51 PM60
- Obama To Dems: GOP Will Attack Regardless Of How You Vote [View All] jefferson_dem Sat Nov-07-09 10:47 PM24
- Is there any chance these Mandates will be stripped by the Senate? [View All] LovinLife Sat Nov-07-09 10:47 PM39
- *** House Debate on Health Care Bill *** Thread 7 [View All] annabanana Sat Nov-07-09 10:47 PM140
- get rid of MICHELLE BACHMAN trueblue2007 Sat Nov-07-09 10:43 PM17
- Stupak amendment passed 240/194/1 ind_thinker2 Sat Nov-07-09 10:41 PM11
- DU Presidential Approval Poll: One year after Election Day (Poll) [View All] FlyingSquirre... Sat Nov-07-09 10:39 PM23
- Health Care Bill may receive "bipartisan" support. Cao (R-La) considering "yes" vote. jefferson_dem Sat Nov-07-09 10:36 PM7
- So who is gonna call Code Pink about the Stupak, first?! vaberella Sat Nov-07-09 10:35 PM0
- What am I going to do with this Stupak Boehner? itsrobert Sat Nov-07-09 10:32 PM2
- Boner amendment to subsitute failed.258/176 (One repub NO) ind_thinker2 Sat Nov-07-09 10:28 PM3
- This vote(if it happens) is just the first step and a smoke screen for the folks back home. CK_John Sat Nov-07-09 10:27 PM0
- Today reminds me of the West Wing charlie and a... Sat Nov-07-09 10:26 PM5
- It would take 41 "no" votes by Dems. for the bill to fail, not 40. jenmito Sat Nov-07-09 10:22 PM5
- $1.00 month abortion ryder sandnsea Sat Nov-07-09 10:21 PM1
- Jackeens Sat Nov-07-09 10:20 PM9
- 53 anti-women dems have voted yea so far for Stupak Politicub Sat Nov-07-09 10:18 PM2
- Did the Stupak amendment fail? AlinPA Sat Nov-07-09 10:06 PM17
- The Right Side of History babylonsister Sat Nov-07-09 10:04 PM11
- Does anybody here STILL trust Rahm? if so, why? Ken Burch Sat Nov-07-09 10:00 PM10
- *** House Debate on Health Care Bill *** Thread 6 [View All] annabanana Sat Nov-07-09 09:56 PM108
- TX-HOUSE; Democrat switches Parties, Joins GOP ccharles000 Sat Nov-07-09 09:55 PM12
- The republican representatives are all white save one orange one. Is there any diversity there? ncteechur Sat Nov-07-09 09:54 PM6
- babylonsister Sat Nov-07-09 09:46 PM7
- Updated:List of 34 dem nays, check if your representative is here, Hope most of them are out in 2010 [View All] ind_thinker2 Sat Nov-07-09 09:45 PM30
- A Question: Once a health reform bill is on Obama's desk, what can he do with a signing statement? Avalux Sat Nov-07-09 09:45 PM12
- Health Care Reform 2009: No Bill is Better Than a Bad Bill by John Geyman MD [View All] Better Believ... Sat Nov-07-09 09:44 PM43
- Stupak's Bill is a discriminating bill and a racist bill Hutzpa Sat Nov-07-09 09:34 PM11
- Ed Schultz wants Obama to can Rahm Emanuel. [View All] ej510 Sat Nov-07-09 09:33 PM62
- Does this House health insurance reform bill remove the Medicare Part D giveaways to ins cos.? nt valerief Sat Nov-07-09 09:31 PM7
- GOP Group of Paranoiacs...All In Love with Democrats but unable to "Express" their LOVE opihimoimoi Sat Nov-07-09 09:21 PM1
- "This Bill Will Cause You To Drink Heavily !" WillyT Sat Nov-07-09 09:08 PM6
- Now they are saying the HCR vote will be around midnight. Bullshit. AlinPA Sat Nov-07-09 09:07 PM15
- President Obama and Health Care Reform. (Poll) ZombieHorde Sat Nov-07-09 09:05 PM1
- I have a question, is medicare coming through, so little information is akbacchus_BC Sat Nov-07-09 09:04 PM6
- Why don't we use signing statements? Joanne98 Sat Nov-07-09 09:03 PM10
- *** House Debate on Health Care Bill *** thread 5 [View All] annabanana Sat Nov-07-09 08:54 PM106
- WH chart effectively rebuts Republicans' chart distorting House health bill ProSense Sat Nov-07-09 08:51 PM5
- GOP uses baby as prop during House health care debate ProSense Sat Nov-07-09 08:44 PM4
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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