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- 10 months in, President Obama achieves an historic victory. Amazing. [View All] Faygo Kid Mon Nov-09-09 11:17 AM41
- How far right do you think this party can go and still expect progressive support? [View All] Ken Burch Mon Nov-09-09 11:15 AM31
- Another Candidate Joins Crowded N.H. Senate Primary ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 11:14 AM0
- If the Public Option dies in the Senate let Health Care Reform go down with it. [View All] Tom Rinaldo Mon Nov-09-09 10:49 AM41
- Paranoia Strikes Deep, By PAUL KRUGMAN jefferson_dem Mon Nov-09-09 10:41 AM8
- Palin: "...America on a path toward an unrecognizable country," revives "death panel" nonsense jefferson_dem Mon Nov-09-09 10:41 AM18
- Stupak was a floor amendment - correct? What OTHER floor amendments were voted on? Phoebe Loosin... Mon Nov-09-09 10:35 AM9
- REMEMBER, majority of Americans...ONLY ONE REPUBLICAN LynnTheDem Mon Nov-09-09 10:34 AM2
- We need a massive campaign to target all Dems in the Senate joeprogressiv... Mon Nov-09-09 10:32 AM4
- To make anything possible, it ain't about what you want that counts, its about what you can achieve! [View All] FrenchieCat Mon Nov-09-09 10:17 AM61
- Josh Marshal lives in reality impik Mon Nov-09-09 10:11 AM10
- All Texas Democrats voted for HCR except Chet Edwards joeprogressiv... Mon Nov-09-09 09:59 AM1
- Is the House Health Care Bill Better than Nothing? joeycola Mon Nov-09-09 09:54 AM12
- When HCR passes, 38 million Americans, many of them minorities, [View All] FrenchieCat Mon Nov-09-09 09:46 AM27
- Curious what has Kucinich accomplished toward the progressive [View All] Kdillard Mon Nov-09-09 09:28 AM65
- ...the G.O.P. has been taken over by the people it used to exploit. elehhhhna Mon Nov-09-09 08:52 AM3
- Time vs. Ideals -- and the Kucinich vote. [View All] dave29 Mon Nov-09-09 08:17 AM48
- Has one single DUer heard the Democratic gains in 2008 referred to as a "revolution"? CatWoman Mon Nov-09-09 08:00 AM11
- You people trashing Kucinich should be ashamed of yourself! He is the only brave Dem there! [View All] KansasVoter Mon Nov-09-09 07:52 AM73
- Where was all the hue and cry about mandates during the primary? msallied Mon Nov-09-09 07:18 AM17
- Here's how we should respond to the vote on Stupid-pak CTLawGuy Mon Nov-09-09 07:08 AM1
- Stupak passed. boppers Mon Nov-09-09 05:40 AM15
- Planned Parenthood statement and petition ProSense Mon Nov-09-09 04:53 AM15
- I'm more concerned about the deal the Gov is making with the Pharma industry LovinLife Mon Nov-09-09 04:51 AM2
- How long will YOU support us staying in the Afghan War (Poll) Ken Burch Mon Nov-09-09 04:00 AM19
- Will the Exchange/"Public Option" plans be more affordable than private insurance when... Oregone Mon Nov-09-09 03:16 AM6
- More people die every year from lack of health care than died on 9/ll - do you think jillan Mon Nov-09-09 02:31 AM6
- One of the gravest errors partisans are making with HCR is the false belief that ideals... [View All] Writer Mon Nov-09-09 02:20 AM44
- Stupak Gave Women A List of Representatives to De-Select. TheBigotBashe... Mon Nov-09-09 01:52 AM11
- Which minority (or feminine) group will the wingnuts attack THIS WEEK?! agentS Mon Nov-09-09 01:34 AM1
- Remember when it used to be Democrats vs, Republicans, rather than Democrats vs. Democrats? Armstead Mon Nov-09-09 12:53 AM10
- December 7 - a day that still lives in infamy question ever... Mon Nov-09-09 12:40 AM1
- ATTENTION FREEPERS [View All] krispos42 Mon Nov-09-09 12:07 AM20
- House health care bill includes "a poison pill 'public option' that is designed to fail" Better Believ... Mon Nov-09-09 12:02 AM5
- The 81,135th Day [View All] grantcart Sun Nov-08-09 11:48 PM40
- Damn you Blackburn.... vaberella Sun Nov-08-09 11:44 PM16
- Jill Biden on Veterans Day and Beau's service Muttocracy Sun Nov-08-09 11:24 PM1
- "If I was in Congress my vote on the Stupak ammendment would have been..." (Poll) [View All] Kurt_and_Hunt... Sun Nov-08-09 11:14 PM33
- My letter to Harry Reid MurrayDelph Sun Nov-08-09 10:49 PM5
- STUPAK and his cronies are warning to defeat the bill if his amd is removed in conf, women rights ?? [View All] ind_thinker2 Sun Nov-08-09 10:49 PM28
- Congressman John Garamendi: The Most Important Vote I Have Ever Cast ProSense Sun Nov-08-09 10:39 PM5
- Obama Leaning Toward 34,000 More Troops for Afghanistan [View All] Better Believ... Sun Nov-08-09 10:31 PM23
- Michael Steele. I mean, what the ****? [View All] Jackeens Sun Nov-08-09 10:29 PM24
- Freeptard Heads are Exploding over the Passage of Health Care Reform in the House stevenleser Sun Nov-08-09 10:15 PM16
- So where is our president speaking out on the egregious Stupak Amendment? Isn't he a husband [View All] saracat Sun Nov-08-09 10:08 PM78
- Can everyone agree with this statement, at least? Ken Burch Sun Nov-08-09 09:48 PM7
- After Cao voted yea, baby Cantor stormed out per Huff Post [View All] Jennicut Sun Nov-08-09 09:41 PM21
- MTP - David Gregory President Dec... Sun Nov-08-09 09:40 PM14
- Serious q, is this true? PELOSI: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail [View All] Christa Sun Nov-08-09 09:39 PM35
- Fox News: "They've rammed through their party-line vote" [View All] Jackeens Sun Nov-08-09 09:34 PM25
- Was it ever WORTH trying to appease the Blue Dogs on healthcare? [View All] Ken Burch Sun Nov-08-09 09:32 PM20
- I think its an insult to Grayson and Weiner [View All] demwing Sun Nov-08-09 09:10 PM31
- The Drama Was In the History babylonsister Sun Nov-08-09 09:06 PM4
- Question for DU ATTORNEYS: Is it possible for "We, the People" to file a class-action suit... [View All] polichick Sun Nov-08-09 09:05 PM26
- Please register your Choice...... (Poll) [View All] FrenchieCat Sun Nov-08-09 08:59 PM40
- They really are the party of hate... Drunken Irish... Sun Nov-08-09 08:54 PM13
- Maybe the government isn't competent to handle healthcare after all. Kurt_and_Hunt... Sun Nov-08-09 08:42 PM14
- Will the Senate now produce any HC bill before the July recess? CK_John Sun Nov-08-09 08:29 PM1
- I don't know who this Jeffrey Stewart person is on Politico, but I love what he said about Obama [View All] LovinLife Sun Nov-08-09 08:22 PM24
- I am unhappy with this "reform" based on pragmatism --not " ideological purity" Armstead Sun Nov-08-09 08:15 PM10
- know this place has gone to hell when Big Ed and Kucinich are the bad guys! [View All] KansasVoter Sun Nov-08-09 07:57 PM41
- *** House Debate on Health Care Bill *** thread 4 [View All] annabanana Sun Nov-08-09 07:53 PM99
- House health care bill has nowhere to go in Senate [View All] cali Sun Nov-08-09 07:26 PM30
- Can this please be the LAST time we let anything get this watered-down? Ken Burch Sun Nov-08-09 07:25 PM10
- The unions on the passage of the House health care bill ProSense Sun Nov-08-09 07:25 PM0
- I think most people run for Congress in order to do things [View All] CreekDog Sun Nov-08-09 07:21 PM20
- Well this is DEMOCRATIC Underground. While you may not like this bill, if it passes, it will be [View All] ncteechur Sun Nov-08-09 06:58 PM108
- I don't know if we won tonight or not. [View All] Ken Burch Sun Nov-08-09 06:55 PM101
- The Corp. Media is gonna go fucking crazy tomorrow! They will have to ramp it up for the Senate! FrenchieCat Sun Nov-08-09 06:45 PM12
- GOP Rep Cao, back in March: "I Might Be A Closet Democrat" onehandle Sun Nov-08-09 06:37 PM15
- "this is a...bill that will protect Americans and hold health insurance companies accountable" ProSense Sun Nov-08-09 06:36 PM6
- There is no ways on earth that the House bill will pass the Senate [View All] cali Sun Nov-08-09 06:36 PM58
- "I Object": Tom Price Tries To Shut Down Democratic Congresswomen Canuckistania... Sun Nov-08-09 06:26 PM3
- What part about Kucinich's statement are the corporate suck-ups angry about the most? (Poll) brentspeak Sun Nov-08-09 06:21 PM10
- Krugman: Why not a WPA? [View All] Kurt_and_Hunt... Sun Nov-08-09 06:13 PM26
- "Kucinich is only as good as his votes. " [View All] ProSense Sun Nov-08-09 06:12 PM66
- I don't understand the rationale behind it -- I need help? Hutzpa Sun Nov-08-09 06:10 PM12
- Why the abortion amendment is bad public policy even if you are against abortion [View All] dsc Sun Nov-08-09 05:24 PM30
- [View All] FrenchieCat Sun Nov-08-09 05:23 PM28
- Are there any indications that the House bill will lower premiums by $2,500 per year as promised? MarlaM Sun Nov-08-09 05:04 PM4
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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