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- Wounded Warriors at the White House [View All] jenmito Mon Nov-09-09 09:13 PM23
- CBS News reporting roughly 40K new troops to Afghanistan (Poll) [View All] Kurt_and_Hunt... Mon Nov-09-09 09:11 PM45
- Obama will send tens of thousands more troops to Afghanistan IndianaGreen Mon Nov-09-09 09:09 PM17
- An illustrative thought experiment regarding Hyde and/or Stupak... Kurt_and_Hunt... Mon Nov-09-09 08:59 PM18
- Conservadems Who Support Killing People Who Suffer From "Pre Existing Conditions" Targeted By MoveOn TheBigotBashe... Mon Nov-09-09 08:59 PM4
- TRUCE! [View All] NanceGreggs Mon Nov-09-09 08:58 PM28
- Senator Reid will include an anti-abortion amendment in final Senate healthcare bill [View All] Better Believ... Mon Nov-09-09 08:56 PM32
- So, when Repukes use Wedge issues, it's bad. But Democrats are allowed? [View All] Aramchek Mon Nov-09-09 08:45 PM32
- Explain Abortion to me Currently... [View All] RoadRage Mon Nov-09-09 08:44 PM32
- Health insurance plans of public employees can cover abortion services eleny Mon Nov-09-09 08:40 PM2
- DOW at 10,200...up from 6500 in April...surge with the Bulls...... opihimoimoi Mon Nov-09-09 08:34 PM18
- Now they're going after the girls impik Mon Nov-09-09 08:34 PM8
- Ed and Barney are a hoot squabbling over "You're okay with the bonuses?" and valerief Mon Nov-09-09 08:31 PM6
- Jindal Presidential Material? Says who? He is Awful! [View All] SuperTrouper Mon Nov-09-09 08:21 PM25
- 2010 Preview: GOP to Be Teabagged (Gawker) struggle4prog... Mon Nov-09-09 08:04 PM1
- A new word has been added to the Dictionary -- STUPAK Hutzpa Mon Nov-09-09 08:00 PM0
- Insurance for stigmatized outcomes cannot work Kurt_and_Hunt... Mon Nov-09-09 07:51 PM0
- Weiner Statement on Passage of Historic Health Care Legislation ProSense Mon Nov-09-09 07:44 PM6
- Are the subsidies in the House Bill enough for mandating people buy insurance [View All] Jennicut Mon Nov-09-09 07:42 PM48
- Some in DU in early 2009 supported Lieberman being in the Democratic caucus-tell us again: why? AlinPA Mon Nov-09-09 07:39 PM2
- The Army Deserves Better Than Afghanistan--and Fort Hood cali Mon Nov-09-09 07:31 PM0
- The Stupak-Pitts Amendment is a tax on women [View All] me b zola Mon Nov-09-09 07:31 PM30
- The people trying to convince me this bill is good and Dennis Kucinich is a bad guy... [View All] VMI Dem Mon Nov-09-09 07:26 PM57
- where and when is the ticker tape parade? branders sein... Mon Nov-09-09 07:24 PM3
- Club for Growth backs Rubio over Crist in race for Florida Senate seat ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 07:21 PM7
- KUCINICH! [View All] AngryAmish Mon Nov-09-09 07:17 PM78
- List of the 24 Blue Dogs who voted YES on H. R. 3962, Affordable Health Care for America [View All] flpoljunkie Mon Nov-09-09 07:14 PM20
- Melody Barnes, Obama Adviser, Signals Support For Gay Marriage jefferson_dem Mon Nov-09-09 06:58 PM0
- I beat the crap out of a Freeper in golf today [View All] zulchzulu Mon Nov-09-09 06:52 PM39
- House passage of reform bill doesn't dent health-care stocks brentspeak Mon Nov-09-09 06:41 PM6
- WHAT'S BETTER? 3962 with Stupak or NO bill at all? (Poll) [View All] RoadRage Mon Nov-09-09 06:40 PM70
- Dupe Clio the Leo Mon Nov-09-09 06:39 PM1
- Interesting article by Sahil Kapur in the Guardian: Healthcare reform jumps a hurdle. Joe Chi Minh Mon Nov-09-09 06:33 PM0
- Quietly Marco Rubio is becoming a conservative Barack Obama LovinLife Mon Nov-09-09 06:31 PM11
- Catholic Church has no political influence in Italy on abortion issue where they are legal and free! Better Believ... Mon Nov-09-09 06:19 PM19
- Obama to Senate: Hurry Up babylonsister Mon Nov-09-09 06:18 PM9
- A choice between bad choices... Raven Mon Nov-09-09 06:17 PM2
- If the AFL-CIO likes the Health Care Bill passed yesterday [View All] Gman Mon Nov-09-09 06:02 PM37
- BREAKING: Democratic Party is now Anti-Women and run by the Pope!!! :sarcasm: [View All] Aramchek Mon Nov-09-09 05:48 PM86
- Hoekstra to launch investigation into Fort Hood shooting, dubs it 'homegrown jihadism' ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 05:25 PM7
- Mad magazine takes on the birthers. Mass Mon Nov-09-09 05:20 PM11
- Pawlenty (Pretender-MN) To Iowa GOP: 'Thank You, Lord, For My Red-Hot, Smokin' Wife' [View All] BeyondGeograp... Mon Nov-09-09 05:00 PM20
- Flake Endorses Moran in Kansas Senate Race ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 04:52 PM5
- Netanyahu calls for peace talks Kdillard Mon Nov-09-09 04:50 PM2
- GOP mulls stripping Dede of top post ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 04:49 PM4
- Simple Question: Why do you want to be forced to be a customer of an abusive industry? [View All] Armstead Mon Nov-09-09 04:49 PM61
- Let's see where DU really stands. Rec if you are happy that the House passed Health Care Reform [View All] Aramchek Mon Nov-09-09 04:28 PM190
- The death penalty drum beats on - Capuano calls Coakley position "absolutely wrong." ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 04:21 PM0
- Kucinich took an important stand for health care by voting "no" [View All] LoZoccolo Mon Nov-09-09 04:21 PM27
- TNR Must Read from Jacob Hacker: The House Public Plan: Yes, It's Worth It flpoljunkie Mon Nov-09-09 04:20 PM4
- Rape, Incest and the life of the mother... Kurt_and_Hunt... Mon Nov-09-09 04:17 PM11
- Congressman Gutierrez endorses Giannoulias for U.S. Senate; Pledge to work together to fix economy, ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 04:16 PM0
- I'm confused! In House HCR, what will begin immediatelly upon signing? cry baby Mon Nov-09-09 04:15 PM6
- Sarah Palin exposes CoinGate! "In God We Trust" relegated to the edge of American coins. [View All] jefferson_dem Mon Nov-09-09 04:08 PM33
- Obama to push back Asia trip for Ft. Hood memorial babylonsister Mon Nov-09-09 04:06 PM6
- PLANNED PARENTHOOD CONDEMNS PASSAGE OF STUPAK/PITTS AMENDMENT Read their full statement here. [View All] Better Believ... Mon Nov-09-09 03:21 PM22
- Rep. Kucinich was just on the Ed Schultz show and he ej510 Mon Nov-09-09 03:16 PM7
- A teabagger needed medical attention question ever... Mon Nov-09-09 03:06 PM5
- Davis Prefers Congress After All ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 02:37 PM0
- California: No Clear GOP Favorites for Senate, Governor ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 02:36 PM0
- Letter: Obama's military bearing an example for GIs, civilians alike question ever... Mon Nov-09-09 02:35 PM10
- No insurance payment for Viagra!!!!!! No insurance payment for Viagra!!!!! [View All] valerief Mon Nov-09-09 02:33 PM45
- Anyone else worried that Kucinich is setting himself up for a primary challenge to Obama in 2012? [View All] argonaut Mon Nov-09-09 02:17 PM101
- Obama Email To OFA sandnsea Mon Nov-09-09 01:55 PM5
- The word "stupak" added to the Urban Dictionary MarlaM Mon Nov-09-09 01:34 PM4
- Why the "The Democratic health care legislation is a costly, futile mess" Better Believ... Mon Nov-09-09 01:28 PM1
- If Bush had proposed this exact same health care reform bill [View All] Truth2Tell Mon Nov-09-09 01:26 PM46
- NYT - Abortion was at Heart of Wrangling Phoebe Loosin... Mon Nov-09-09 01:19 PM4
- Prospect of More U.S. Troops Worries Afghan Public Better Believ... Mon Nov-09-09 01:09 PM3
- Know This Bill By Its Opposition demwing Mon Nov-09-09 12:51 PM16
- So what happened? [View All] Kurt_and_Hunt... Mon Nov-09-09 12:43 PM27
- Gay-Marriage Fight Heads to New Jersey [View All] question ever... Mon Nov-09-09 12:42 PM22
- A public option was always more pragmatic than single payer [View All] ProSense Mon Nov-09-09 12:14 PM31
- GOP are laughing their asses off! THEY were playing chess, not us! [View All] KansasVoter Mon Nov-09-09 12:04 PM44
- NARAL explains why the idea of a "riders" under Stupak is hot air... Sparkly Mon Nov-09-09 11:57 AM7
- Obama on Health Care Reform: 'This Is Our Moment' _OOPS MINUS WOMEN!! [View All] joeycola Mon Nov-09-09 11:56 AM50
- GOP Members Shout Down Women Members of Congress CreekDog Mon Nov-09-09 11:48 AM7
- Bloodless President Barack Obama makes Americans wistful for George W Bush [View All] joeycola Mon Nov-09-09 11:29 AM62
- Obama to push back Asia trip for memorial ccharles000 Mon Nov-09-09 11:20 AM1
- Why the stupak ammendment is personal... busymom Mon Nov-09-09 11:19 AM11
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