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- Souder facing GOP rival ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 01:59 PM3
- 2,266 Veterans Died In 2008 Because They Were Uninsured onehandle Wed Nov-11-09 01:46 PM11
- Check in if you-or loved one-have previously existing condition-will be helped by Health Care Reform [View All] HamdenRice Wed Nov-11-09 01:45 PM130
- Obama honors veterans at Arlington cemetery babylonsister Wed Nov-11-09 01:40 PM5
- Claiming the Insurance industry loves this bill is beyond dumb. [View All] ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 01:32 PM39
- Jamal Simmons on Mark Thompson's show: "This is a ej510 Wed Nov-11-09 01:20 PM16
- 3 Top Obama Advisers Favor Adding Troops in Afghanistan IndianaGreen Wed Nov-11-09 01:13 PM5
- Obama thinks Americans should go to jail for not buying health [View All] ej510 Wed Nov-11-09 01:12 PM44
- AP's Sidoti calls Obama "novice" commander in chief babylonsister Wed Nov-11-09 01:12 PM13
- Jonathan Cohn: New Evidence of Pharma's Sweetheart Deal flpoljunkie Wed Nov-11-09 12:45 PM13
- Clinton To Dems: GOP Will Define Debate If Health Care Fails jefferson_dem Wed Nov-11-09 12:38 PM8
- Pharma Deal With White House on Course to Net Industry Billions IndianaGreen Wed Nov-11-09 12:10 PM3
- Six Smart Progressive Complaints About House Health Bill IndianaGreen Wed Nov-11-09 11:52 AM19
- ****Heads Up: POTUS Honors Veterans at Arlington, Live!**** Clio the Leo Wed Nov-11-09 11:51 AM2
- "Follow Olympia"? Please tell me Bill Clinton was joking [View All] Dr Robert Wed Nov-11-09 11:50 AM23
- This is not a call out but am sure it will get locked. Brentspeak speakest! akbacchus_BC Wed Nov-11-09 11:47 AM7
- Let us applaud President Obama for recognizing that Stupak is a new and distinct policy issue [View All] Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-11-09 11:35 AM30
- Tim Kaine was a disgrace this morning on This Week [View All] eleny Wed Nov-11-09 11:07 AM66
- Jeb Jr. and George P Bush raising money for Marco Rubio ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 10:51 AM9
- Poll by Chafee shows him atop race for governor ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 10:47 AM4
- At this point the Stupak=Hyde people are just lying. [View All] Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-11-09 10:05 AM97
- Veterans Day In the USA: Veterans For Peace Statement for Armistice/Veterans' Day 2009 Better Believ... Wed Nov-11-09 10:00 AM1
- Am I in the tank for POTUS or is this just another one of his best speeches. . . [View All] wndycty Wed Nov-11-09 08:56 AM48
- I support the President [View All] freddie mertz Wed Nov-11-09 08:09 AM87
- Question: Did the media ever cover the protestors at Sasha and Malia's school? vaberella Wed Nov-11-09 08:05 AM7
- Remember a few months back when RWers THREW A FIT over the DHS report Empowerer Wed Nov-11-09 07:58 AM14
- Just got a heartbreaking call from my local dental lab owner. Going out of business. Mika Wed Nov-11-09 07:51 AM13
- Tonight, Obama and the Dem leadership delivered a great victory for insurance company CEOs [View All] brentspeak Wed Nov-11-09 07:20 AM118
- It;'s time to have a moratorium on any further mentions of Nader's 2000 campaign [View All] Ken Burch Wed Nov-11-09 06:12 AM52
- Giving up what's good for the sake of perfect and losing both is unwise [View All] uponit7771 Wed Nov-11-09 05:39 AM24
- Why the Right hates President Barack Obama so [View All] FrenchieCat Wed Nov-11-09 05:15 AM60
- babylonsister Wed Nov-11-09 04:30 AM4
- I love it! Obama socks it to Bonehead Boehner in Berlin [View All] DFW Wed Nov-11-09 03:30 AM20
- I wonder if that PUNK ASS tough talking Rick Perry said anything to PRESIDENT OBAMA [View All] wndycty Wed Nov-11-09 01:54 AM27
- Arguing with a nut... and-justice-f... Wed Nov-11-09 12:45 AM8
- Salt Lake City Council passes gay rights ordinances Drunken Irish... Wed Nov-11-09 12:04 AM2
- Most disgusting thing I've ever seen a so-called (D) try-attempt to hijack HCR by abortion language [View All] Politics_Guy2... Tue Nov-10-09 11:16 PM20
- Obama takes the stage at Memorial Service and some of the crowd screams? [View All] wndycty Tue Nov-10-09 11:08 PM25
- President Obama is against this Abortion Amendment [View All] Thrill Tue Nov-10-09 10:39 PM88
- "Fuck NAFTA asshole Bill Clinton" denem Tue Nov-10-09 10:34 PM14
- Confidence in Obama slips more, poll shows brentspeak Tue Nov-10-09 10:26 PM18
- Obama Wants Afghans and Pakistanis to Commit to War Plan, Officials Say Elmore Furth Tue Nov-10-09 10:17 PM1
- Utah's Matheson may get Dem rival over health vote ccharles000 Tue Nov-10-09 10:08 PM3
- CNN reporting that Bill Clinton will address the Senate tomorrow [View All] ProSense Tue Nov-10-09 10:08 PM72
- Kerry Legislation Provides Medical Coverage to Children with Rare Health Disorder ProSense Tue Nov-10-09 09:58 PM4
- Blitzer actually praising Obama's speech. Drunken Irish... Tue Nov-10-09 08:54 PM18
- Another Republican signs up for Markey challenge ccharles000 Tue Nov-10-09 08:47 PM0
- Latest Headcount? Public Option Laura PourMeA... Tue Nov-10-09 08:46 PM17
- Barrett says governor's race decision coming ccharles000 Tue Nov-10-09 08:46 PM0
- CO-GOV: Penry steps aside fearing 527 ccharles000 Tue Nov-10-09 08:40 PM0
- Who is not running for governor, plus contract dispute ccharles000 Tue Nov-10-09 08:38 PM0
- I cannot edit at this point, but I apologize for broad-brushing too many people as liars Kurt_and_Hunt... Tue Nov-10-09 08:33 PM14
- Kerry: Climate Change Legislation Would Stimulate Economy, Create Jobs ProSense Tue Nov-10-09 07:56 PM8
- Can you help me debunk this? Snippet about Health Care Reform in the company newsletter PBS Poll-435 Tue Nov-10-09 07:55 PM10
- Obama's Afghan Plan: About 40K More [View All] SHRED Tue Nov-10-09 07:41 PM25
- Tea-baggers attack Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel [View All] givemebackmyc... Tue Nov-10-09 07:38 PM88
- Both parties credit Catholic Bishops for the inclusion of the Stupak amendment. [View All] madfloridian Tue Nov-10-09 07:33 PM76
- Blake Hall, Idaho GOP leader, busted (is a deviant) Bravo Zulu Tue Nov-10-09 06:56 PM9
- President Obama's Remarks at Ford Hood Memorial Service (VIDEO and TEXT) jefferson_dem Tue Nov-10-09 06:39 PM5
- Anita Dunn stepping down as WH Comm Director alsame Tue Nov-10-09 06:21 PM15
- GOP official lies (what a shocker) proud2BlibKan... Tue Nov-10-09 06:12 PM3
- Big Ed and Barney Frank get ito it WOW!!! [View All] bigdarryl Tue Nov-10-09 06:11 PM23
- Stupak Amendment (Possible solution?) [View All] Proud Liberal... Tue Nov-10-09 05:36 PM21
- How Arnold Schwarzenegger may have insured Orly Taitz will practice law through 2010. WeDidIt Tue Nov-10-09 05:28 PM2
- President Clinton tells Senate Dems clock ticking on healthcare babylonsister Tue Nov-10-09 05:28 PM2
- direct vs. indirect (rant) Kurt_and_Hunt... Tue Nov-10-09 05:18 PM4
- I understand the frustration, but why lump folks like Barbara Lee in with Blue Dogs? CreekDog Tue Nov-10-09 05:10 PM10
- No one gets their own version of the facts..not "you", not "me", not "them" Peacetrain Tue Nov-10-09 05:10 PM7
- Sen. Bernie Sanders on HCR: This bill is chock full of good things....... [View All] FrenchieCat Tue Nov-10-09 04:34 PM46
- "There is no health care bill worth supporting that sells out women's civil rights." Better Believ... Tue Nov-10-09 04:32 PM10
- Dupe Clio the Leo Tue Nov-10-09 04:15 PM0
- "Mr. President .... put Americans back to work and put the brakes on escalating the Afghanistan war" Better Believ... Tue Nov-10-09 04:04 PM4
- Co-Chair of House pro-choice caucus "enormously encouraged" by Obama statement on Stupak amendment [View All] geek tragedy Tue Nov-10-09 04:02 PM23
- Charlie Gibsin " A Somber President Bush" otohara Tue Nov-10-09 03:51 PM16
- Bloomington, Ind., woman says she'll challenge Bayh in primary [View All] IndianaGreen Tue Nov-10-09 03:50 PM37
- We are always on the virtuous side of Solomon's quandary... sigh Kurt_and_Hunt... Tue Nov-10-09 03:44 PM5
- Obtained: In Letter To Pelosi, 41 House Dems Pledge To Vote Against Bill With Abortion Amendment jefferson_dem Tue Nov-10-09 03:38 PM18
- Stupak says busymom Tue Nov-10-09 03:35 PM0
- I wonder what the repubs did with the largest tax cut ever for the middle class by Pres. Obama Peacetrain Tue Nov-10-09 03:18 PM3
- Obama pressed into role as national healer babylonsister Tue Nov-10-09 03:12 PM3
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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