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- Well *I* didn't wanna say *THIS* but I will... [View All] LaydeeBug Thu Nov-12-09 06:51 AM63
- Tea parties inspire some GOP challengers ccharles000 Thu Nov-12-09 06:49 AM4
- unhappycamper Thu Nov-12-09 06:47 AM1
- PHOTO: Another Afghanistan Meeting Today Thrill Thu Nov-12-09 06:29 AM18
- AHIP still issuing RW talking point ProSense Thu Nov-12-09 06:26 AM8
- US Ambassador to Afghanistan is against sending more troops Thrill Thu Nov-12-09 05:46 AM7
- Big Ed:I'm going after Bill Clinton tonight who was he talking to on the hill [View All] bigdarryl Thu Nov-12-09 04:12 AM26
- I didn't want to say this but I will... [View All] vaberella Thu Nov-12-09 03:44 AM134
- Obama nominates leader for USAID Forkboy Thu Nov-12-09 03:27 AM4
- Democratic Underground has New Moderators! Skinner Admin Thu Nov-12-09 02:50 AM11
- Delaware Businessman Announces For Castle's Seat ccharles000 Thu Nov-12-09 02:21 AM0
- The Houston George Bush Airport has a FOX NEWS STORE.... [View All] Flabbergasted Thu Nov-12-09 02:16 AM23
- Write to the White House!! impik Thu Nov-12-09 01:58 AM0
- Breaking - US Deports Lou Dobbs! XOKCowboy Thu Nov-12-09 01:28 AM4
- AP - Official: Obama won't take any current war options phleshdef Thu Nov-12-09 01:18 AM11
- Did Obama ignore a PDB saying the guy in Ft. Hood was going to shoot and kill people? [View All] jenmito Thu Nov-12-09 12:51 AM44
- NOW (National Organization for Women) releases statement on the House Health bill [View All] MarlaM Thu Nov-12-09 12:07 AM264
- PHOTO of the COIN that President Obama placed at the marker of each Fallen Soldier at Fort Hood [View All] Tx4obama Wed Nov-11-09 11:49 PM28
- Thank you for signing the petition. Now please help spread the word. kevinmc Wed Nov-11-09 11:40 PM0
- Poll feature doesn't seem to be working. Please delete. (Poll) Onlooker Wed Nov-11-09 11:35 PM1
- The wingnuts are running the GOP ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 11:28 PM14
- South Park is doing a Glenn Beck bit Renew Deal Wed Nov-11-09 10:29 PM2
- Stupak does not ban abortions from the exchange [View All] demwing Wed Nov-11-09 10:06 PM45
- Hoyer, Reid move to finish health reform legislation by December babylonsister Wed Nov-11-09 09:41 PM6
- The House Health Care Bill Makes Progress For Gay Rights [View All] ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 09:29 PM26
- "There's one thing I must confess .... I'm not really a pacifist." [View All] Clio the Leo Wed Nov-11-09 09:26 PM52
- NY Times - MoDo - "Who Are You Calling a Narcissist, Rush?" - Praises Obama TomCADem Wed Nov-11-09 08:51 PM4
- Remember when the Iranians altered this photo? Drunken Irish... Wed Nov-11-09 08:35 PM4
- The Daily Show and Countdown exposed FOX's fraud about the Bachman rally LiberalFighte... Wed Nov-11-09 08:31 PM4
- OH-Gov: Strickland, Kasich Tied at 40 ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 08:15 PM2
- Wicker may run ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 08:11 PM1
- Is it right that some DUers who have been "pushing " the House HCR bill... [View All] MNDemNY Wed Nov-11-09 08:05 PM84
- Florida 8: Eisnaugle Declines To Run ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 08:04 PM1
- Boxer: Senate Has Votes to Block Stupak Amendment [View All] flpoljunkie Wed Nov-11-09 07:54 PM27
- My heart goes out to the president [View All] impik Wed Nov-11-09 07:47 PM30
- How can anyone here support the President on his escalation of the war in Afghanistan? [View All] cali Wed Nov-11-09 07:43 PM99
- Biden: "I Have Everything To Hope, But Little To Fear" (w/Photos) alsame Wed Nov-11-09 07:42 PM10
- I cannot in good conscience compromise on matters of principle [View All] CreekDog Wed Nov-11-09 07:12 PM38
- President Obama Helping Lobbyists Weaken Offshore Tax Crackdown Democrats Passed in 2002 Better Believ... Wed Nov-11-09 07:09 PM6
- Are we civilized enough for national health? Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-11-09 07:02 PM8
- Some duers accuse Kucinich of being a fraud, because he use to be [View All] ej510 Wed Nov-11-09 06:58 PM24
- Stupak Was A Planned Distraction, And You Are All Falling For It. AllexxisF1 Wed Nov-11-09 06:56 PM14
- Can anyone list 3 big differences between the Stupak and the Hyde amendments? [View All] uponit7771 Wed Nov-11-09 06:42 PM106
- Obama has probably already made up his mind about Afghanistan 27inCali Wed Nov-11-09 06:39 PM5
- Health Care Bill Closes Corporate Tax Loopholes (from July) ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 06:29 PM2
- US starts effort to boost hiring of veterans Forkboy Wed Nov-11-09 06:22 PM12
- RamboLiberal Wed Nov-11-09 06:21 PM10
- Obama Administration Endorses Paid Sick Leave babylonsister Wed Nov-11-09 05:50 PM17
- Reality Check: Obama knew from day one he had to appease the Insurance Lobby [View All] Truth2Tell Wed Nov-11-09 05:30 PM83
- Actual Text of the Stupak Amendment...shall we discuss? [View All] Dr Robert Wed Nov-11-09 05:28 PM94
- Self-funders in Illinois, Ohio up with ads ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 05:23 PM1
- If Stupak amendment doesn't change, it would break one of Obama's campaign promises ( [View All] Teramis Wed Nov-11-09 05:08 PM34
- Dodd releases regulatory reform bill ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 05:08 PM7
- Kerry, Kirk Applaud Confirmation of Carmen Ortiz as Next U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 04:44 PM1
- Gen.Jones: "Reports that President Obama has made a decision about Afghanistan are absolutely false" [View All] ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 04:41 PM27
- The unemployment compensation bill deception. 80% of funds will be used for corporate tax rebates! [View All] Better Believ... Wed Nov-11-09 04:30 PM24
- Jenny Sanford endorses in gov race ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 04:21 PM2
- ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 04:13 PM3
- Did any DUers make it to City Hall Plaza today? unhappycamper Wed Nov-11-09 04:11 PM0
- Etheridge not yet decided ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 04:08 PM1
- PHOTOS: Farewell [View All] NYC Liberal Wed Nov-11-09 04:01 PM22
- Crist fires longtime communications director ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 03:58 PM2
- A "Cut to the chase" poll... (Poll) Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-11-09 03:53 PM14
- Military Families Decry Move to Send More Troops to Afghanistan Better Believ... Wed Nov-11-09 03:51 PM2
- Roberts out, Labrador in, Sali mum in Idaho's 1st District Congressional race ccharles000 Wed Nov-11-09 03:47 PM0
- The Talking Points Few Noticed [View All] babylonsister Wed Nov-11-09 03:30 PM22
- I can't wait till all the naysayers read what Clinton 42 told the Dems on the Hill [View All] xultar Wed Nov-11-09 03:24 PM42
- If the insurance industry only wanted new customers ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 03:23 PM15
- AP-GfK Poll: A grouchy public sticking with Obama...thanks Liz Sidoti Jennicut Wed Nov-11-09 03:13 PM10
- Words should mean something... even "terrorism" Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-11-09 03:08 PM3
- I became a democrat back in the 1970's because the definition of our rights as Americans WCGreen Wed Nov-11-09 02:59 PM3
- Sometimes you need someone from the outside impik Wed Nov-11-09 02:52 PM12
- Rachel Maddow Takes On Pete Hoekstra's 'Epic Grandstanding' IndianaGreen Wed Nov-11-09 02:42 PM5
- White House takes on NYTimes over healthcare costs story babylonsister Wed Nov-11-09 02:28 PM9
- Top Republican says White House hiding info on Fort Hood babylonsister Wed Nov-11-09 02:19 PM19
- Terre Haute parade salutes slain soldier IndianaGreen Wed Nov-11-09 02:16 PM0
- If ths bill is so dreadful, a gift to insurance Cos, slavery for women, why is the GOP against it? [View All] Hamlette Wed Nov-11-09 02:12 PM58
- LiberalFighte... Wed Nov-11-09 02:05 PM19
- Were any NEW abortion laws created by the Stupak amendment? [View All] demwing Wed Nov-11-09 02:02 PM114
- What happened at Ft. Hood was not Domestic Terrorism. It was Guerilla Warfare! Plain and Simple! Perky Wed Nov-11-09 02:01 PM9
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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