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- PHOTOS Bill & The Nose-Pincher Meet Again Jackeens Tue Nov-03-09 10:02 PM7
- In an election this close, Corzine has to keep his counties counted at the end AngryAmish Tue Nov-03-09 09:50 PM8
- Creigh Deeds ran against a public option [View All] ProSense Tue Nov-03-09 09:46 PM34
- Recovery watch: Auto sales rebound in October DrToast Tue Nov-03-09 09:31 PM12
- This needs to be DU'd :) Christa Tue Nov-03-09 09:10 PM4
- When the GOP starts spinning NY 23 TheBigotBashe... Tue Nov-03-09 09:08 PM18
- The movie "The Box" and Joe Lieberman.. who would have thought? Peacetrain Tue Nov-03-09 09:04 PM5
- Jesus Christ could have endorsed Creigh Deeds and the result would be the same. VMI Dem Tue Nov-03-09 09:02 PM6
- Anyone know where we can follow Maine election results? CTLawGuy Tue Nov-03-09 08:56 PM15
- VOTE TODAY!!!!!! Even though it's not a presidential election, it is an important one. [View All] old mark Tue Nov-03-09 08:51 PM23
- Keith and Howard Fineman: Running to the middle might not be such a good idea for Dems polichick Tue Nov-03-09 08:46 PM13
- Exit poll: Obama not a big factor in Virginia, New Jersey usregimechang... Tue Nov-03-09 08:43 PM5
- Caller on the Mark Thompson show said McDonnell ran as Obama ej510 Tue Nov-03-09 08:21 PM6
- New Jersey Exit Pole BzaDem Tue Nov-03-09 08:14 PM10
- Deeds Lost VA County by 20 points, while Obama won it in 2008 by 4 points MadBadger Tue Nov-03-09 08:09 PM13
- MSNBC Projects Bob McDonnell has Won VA Governor's Race MadBadger Tue Nov-03-09 08:06 PM5
- Hardball: Cantor being slammed by Matthews big time. LiberalFighte... Tue Nov-03-09 08:02 PM3
- Anybody have a link to the full exit polls for Virginia? MadBadger Tue Nov-03-09 07:58 PM5
- A New Jersey voter just called in Mark Thompson and stated that ej510 Tue Nov-03-09 07:46 PM16
- Clio the Leo Tue Nov-03-09 07:41 PM10
- Yes, Virginia. There is an opposition ticket. Kurt_and_Hunt... Tue Nov-03-09 07:37 PM12
- Geez... how much money do the neo-cons have, anyway??? Kurt_and_Hunt... Tue Nov-03-09 07:27 PM3
- By the People: The Election of Barack Obama airs tonight... kjackson227 Tue Nov-03-09 07:25 PM3
- LBN: Reid indicates timetable for health care may slip IndianaGreen Tue Nov-03-09 07:25 PM13
- No Difference Between Candidate and President Obama Undercurrent Tue Nov-03-09 07:24 PM9
- No story. The groom didn't show... Kurt_and_Hunt... Tue Nov-03-09 07:14 PM4
- Any boots on the ground in NY-23? yourguide Tue Nov-03-09 07:03 PM3
- God Bless Eugene Robinson impik Tue Nov-03-09 06:57 PM18
- Exit Polls: Obama as (non) factor? Jennicut Tue Nov-03-09 06:50 PM9
- Democratic Underground, and I am pulling for the Democratic candidates. Peacetrain Tue Nov-03-09 06:46 PM7
- Snowe to TPaw: GOP should "borrow" my approach Perky Tue Nov-03-09 06:36 PM2
- The Free Republic 'TOTAL WAR' Manifesto: A Reflection. denem Tue Nov-03-09 06:12 PM3
- PHOTOS Apologies for the nostalgia, but it's a year ago tonight..... [View All] Jackeens Tue Nov-03-09 06:01 PM30
- What the media won't tell you about the Virginia gubernatorial elections majamay Tue Nov-03-09 05:51 PM3
- Ivey May Challenge Edwards ccharles000 Tue Nov-03-09 05:45 PM2
- The public option mirage IndianaGreen Tue Nov-03-09 05:45 PM2
- Mass Mobilization to Shut Down the School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC)! IndianaGreen Tue Nov-03-09 05:44 PM0
- Well that was a depressing voting experinece (Northern VIrginia) [View All] Perky Tue Nov-03-09 05:44 PM35
- White House (Rahm) helps House dems gut post-Enron reform Enrique Tue Nov-03-09 05:26 PM5
- An airhead on CNBC asked Jon Huntsman, Jr., Ambassador to China what his plans were for 2012. AlinPA Tue Nov-03-09 05:23 PM2
- How did they make it EEEEEEVIL! I just do not understand iwillalwayswo... Tue Nov-03-09 05:21 PM16
- steny hoyer on randi show, explaining house healthcare reform. RepublicanEle... Tue Nov-03-09 05:10 PM0
- PHOTOS: First Lady launches Girls Mentoring Initiative alsame Tue Nov-03-09 05:03 PM5
- dupe / deleted Enrique Tue Nov-03-09 05:00 PM0
- The Corporate media is pushing the meme that the voters are rejecting Obama ej510 Tue Nov-03-09 04:56 PM12
- The GOP is imploding [View All] ProSense Tue Nov-03-09 04:53 PM24
- Do you Approve of the Job Eric Holder is Doing as Attorney General? (Poll) MadBadger Tue Nov-03-09 04:51 PM10
- Green jobs for real people: The story behind the recovery numbers ProSense Tue Nov-03-09 04:50 PM8
- GOP health bill - approval for pre-existing conditions = Obama victory (Poll) mdmc Tue Nov-03-09 04:44 PM4
- Afghanistan Just Got Messier: "Obama needs to reverse course and head for the exits" Better Believ... Tue Nov-03-09 04:38 PM3
- Randy Rhodes is shredding Hoffman and McDonnell! ej510 Tue Nov-03-09 04:31 PM2
- Kerry Champions Child Care for Working Families ProSense Tue Nov-03-09 04:29 PM2
- SO....I'm listening to these eerie people talking about today's elections... rasputin1952 Tue Nov-03-09 04:25 PM10
- Dylan Ratigan has been saying what 99.9% of duers have been [View All] ej510 Tue Nov-03-09 04:20 PM24
- Do you Approve of the Job Barack Obama is Doing as President? (Poll) [View All] MadBadger Tue Nov-03-09 04:20 PM20
- Since the 70's Va. has voted in a Gov., in the party opposite of the sitting Presidents party Peacetrain Tue Nov-03-09 04:14 PM10
- Obama a Complete Non-Factor in Governor's Race? Jennicut Tue Nov-03-09 04:10 PM15
- German chancellor prods U.S. on global warming joeycola Tue Nov-03-09 04:08 PM0
- Mulvaney makes his move against Spratt ccharles000 Tue Nov-03-09 04:05 PM0
- CBO Affirms H.R. 3962 Will Control Costs, Lower Premiums SpartanDem Tue Nov-03-09 03:59 PM17
- By The People babylonsister Tue Nov-03-09 03:56 PM3
- Do you Approve of the Job Hillary Clinton is Doing as Secretary of State? (Poll) [View All] MadBadger Tue Nov-03-09 03:54 PM22
- NC's Foxx: health care reform is a bigger threat than any terrorist ccharles000 Tue Nov-03-09 03:53 PM9
- Who had a rougher first year, Clinton or Obama? (Poll) bluestateguy Tue Nov-03-09 03:51 PM14
- One year later 54% approval Hawaii Hiker Tue Nov-03-09 03:42 PM4
- Hillary Clinton to Appear on Fox. [View All] Clio the Leo Tue Nov-03-09 03:42 PM43
- Christie: It's not about Obama Jennicut Tue Nov-03-09 03:42 PM11
- repuke email says Fox doing special on Obama? medeak Tue Nov-03-09 03:39 PM7
- Calling Out the House Progressive Caucus: Are You Men and Women, or Are You Mice? [View All] Better Believ... Tue Nov-03-09 03:32 PM24
- Big Ed:The Dem's are going to get there ASS handed to them tomorrow election day [View All] bigdarryl Tue Nov-03-09 02:58 PM61
- Report: Police Called To NY-23 Polling Sites...To Deal With Rowdy Hoffman-Backers deminks Tue Nov-03-09 02:57 PM3
- So would 2-1 be a win for Obama tonight? Drunken Irish... Tue Nov-03-09 02:48 PM16
- Timothy Geithner: Keep or Fire? (Poll) [View All] Kurt_and_Hunt... Tue Nov-03-09 02:31 PM43
- Who do you think Obama should have dressed up as for Halloween? (Poll) [View All] HopeOverFear Tue Nov-03-09 02:29 PM50
- Are we going to be allowed to see the Senate Bill? Phoebe Loosin... Tue Nov-03-09 02:00 PM1
- Robert Reich: Getting Americans Back to Work is More Urgent Than Healthcare Reform [View All] Better Believ... Tue Nov-03-09 01:54 PM59
- FREEPERS demand TOTAL WAR (really) [View All] denem Tue Nov-03-09 01:39 PM71
- Did Bush and the Republicans get everything they wanted? CTLawGuy Tue Nov-03-09 01:38 PM13
- Alan Grayson discusses the House bill on Countdown [View All] ProSense Tue Nov-03-09 01:36 PM27
- All this Republican whining about the stimulus and the deficit. What happened to Reagan's mantra? flpoljunkie Tue Nov-03-09 01:34 PM2
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