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- There is no alternative to deficits currently Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-04-09 11:27 AM3
- Yesterday's Overwhelming Historic Republican Victory Makes Dem Health Care Reform Just a Bit Easier flpoljunkie Wed Nov-04-09 11:22 AM6
- Dear Media, "Governors races are worth diddly-squat" Rosa Luxembur... Wed Nov-04-09 11:19 AM2
- GOP wins 2 governorships, DEM wins 2 house seats - and the MSM says "it's a big night for the GOP?" harry_pothead Wed Nov-04-09 11:12 AM16
- Colorado ski town legalizes pot struggle4prog... Wed Nov-04-09 11:07 AM3
- Mr. President, when you eventually fire Timmy the Keebler Elf (and the sooner the better) Sebastian Doy... Wed Nov-04-09 11:04 AM3
- Let's play "How Long til Christie crashes and burns in a corruption scandal?" (Poll) struggle4prog... Wed Nov-04-09 11:02 AM3
- It's Wednesday, have you called your US Rep yet? Clio the Leo Wed Nov-04-09 11:02 AM1
- We Lost two Races in which we Ran Awful Candidates [View All] MadBadger Wed Nov-04-09 11:01 AM36
- You know what 2 new Republican governors gets you in Washington? Jack shit. PretzelWarrio... Wed Nov-04-09 10:58 AM19
- November 3rd 2009 will long warm the hearts of Democrats everywhere! grantcart Wed Nov-04-09 10:50 AM11
- Good God! Obama's only been in office 10 MONTHS! [View All] wowimthere Wed Nov-04-09 10:41 AM26
- Maine Same-Sex Marriage ("No on #1") Results [View All] jefferson_dem Wed Nov-04-09 10:39 AM52
- NY-23: Biden Backs Owens, Slams Limbaugh and Palin UPDATED w/Palin response alsame Wed Nov-04-09 10:21 AM19
- If Corzine and Deeds had won... Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-04-09 10:00 AM3
- Statement from President Obama: Iran's Choice alsame Wed Nov-04-09 09:50 AM1
- Corzine next stop? Treasury Department Thrill Wed Nov-04-09 09:48 AM17
- Obama is coming after our children ....... AGAIN!!!! Clio the Leo Wed Nov-04-09 09:45 AM0
- Charlotte, NC gets first Dem Mayor in 22 years! [View All] timber84 Wed Nov-04-09 09:34 AM25
- CTLawGuys' patented foolproof strategy for passing health reform CTLawGuy Wed Nov-04-09 09:13 AM3
- The GOP loses a congressional race it has held since the Civil War! WI_DEM Wed Nov-04-09 09:10 AM4
- NY-23 Results Coming In [View All] Adelante Wed Nov-04-09 08:50 AM131
- Questions: [View All] ProSense Wed Nov-04-09 08:47 AM29
- Didn't the rethugs loose VA, and NJ in Governorships after Bush stole the 2000 election? bigdarryl Wed Nov-04-09 08:36 AM7
- Tonight's Repub Victories are as HUGE as in 2001 when Mark Warner(D-VA) & Jim McGreevey(D-NJ) won Pirate Smile Wed Nov-04-09 08:29 AM11
- My Prediction for the 2010 midterm elections is the Rethugs are NOT going to win that many seats bigdarryl Wed Nov-04-09 08:27 AM1
- (LOL!) Sasha Obama Orders Secret Service Agent To Stop Squirming During Makeover proteus_lives Wed Nov-04-09 08:14 AM2
- Josh Marshall: NJ Overview [View All] ProSense Wed Nov-04-09 08:12 AM35
- You dumb bastards [View All] AllentownJake Wed Nov-04-09 07:15 AM53
- Best GOP excuses on what Democratic victory in NY-23 race means for the Obama administration? (Poll) zulchzulu Wed Nov-04-09 06:40 AM8
- No nation can liberate another [View All] IndianaGreen Wed Nov-04-09 05:28 AM36
- Michelle Obama Just Gets Better and Better [View All] babylonsister Wed Nov-04-09 03:50 AM23
- I'm worried the election results will destroy any chance of real Health Care passing [View All] LovinLife Wed Nov-04-09 03:46 AM21
- I think I missed the memo where gubernatorial races were referendums on Presidencies. msallied Wed Nov-04-09 03:41 AM16
- ***HBO's "By The People: The Election of Barack Obama" Official Thread***** HopeOverFear Wed Nov-04-09 03:30 AM18
- If NJ and VA is a rejection of Obama in Republican world, is NY23 a rejection of Palin? dkf Wed Nov-04-09 03:12 AM4
- Lesson for 2010: voters like knowing who's a 'D' and who's an 'R' depakid Wed Nov-04-09 02:45 AM1
- The NY-23rd race is a referendum on Sarah Palin!!! Hippo_Tron Wed Nov-04-09 02:04 AM15
- The Democrats needs to get their acts together Hutzpa Wed Nov-04-09 01:50 AM11
- So the Democrats lost? How many House seats did the GOP pick up? itsrobert Wed Nov-04-09 01:41 AM15
- Ed Schultz is acting stupidly. [View All] Drunken Irish... Wed Nov-04-09 01:40 AM53
- An OWENS WIN will signal RENEWED strength among DEMOCRATS!! Rosa Luxembur... Wed Nov-04-09 01:38 AM3
- Fox News Projects: Democrat Owens Wins Race for New York's 23rd Congressional District!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KansasVoter Wed Nov-04-09 01:23 AM3
- Howard Fineman on MSNBC says Obama voters did not show up tonight, but old people did. onehandle Wed Nov-04-09 01:11 AM8
- CA10 called for John garamendi (D) ind_thinker2 Wed Nov-04-09 12:46 AM5
- Maine Votes 'Yes' on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries KansasVoter Wed Nov-04-09 12:43 AM5
- Freepers are already blaming ACORN on the Ny 23rd. If you choose to go over to that wasteland ej510 Wed Nov-04-09 12:35 AM19
- Election Day Special! FREE Republican Illusion desktop screen zulchzulu Wed Nov-04-09 12:28 AM4
- What message will the Obama administration take from the election news? (Poll) Onlooker Wed Nov-04-09 12:22 AM4
- We had two one blue dog and teabagger down!!! (Warning shot to you know who) ind_thinker2 Wed Nov-04-09 12:18 AM3
- Teabagger goes down! NBC calling NY-23 for Owens. [View All] jefferson_dem Wed Nov-04-09 12:16 AM52
- Dems lose VA Governor's race. Does this mean Obama has failed as President? (Poll) [View All] Cali_Democrat Wed Nov-04-09 12:14 AM32
- Attention media, the Democrats won BOTH congressional seats tonight DrToast Wed Nov-04-09 12:08 AM4
- I think the Dem is going to win NY23. Faux News has nothing on their homepage about the race at all jezebel Wed Nov-04-09 12:04 AM14
- Obama faces defeat in election test [View All] babsbunny Wed Nov-04-09 12:00 AM30
- Ad running in Georgia saying that health care reform will cost you your job. onehandle Tue Nov-03-09 11:51 PM2
- Obama Refused Deal with Edwards [View All] babylonsister Tue Nov-03-09 11:50 PM146
- $17 Million? Hutzpa Tue Nov-03-09 11:45 PM6
- Self Delete! KansasVoter Tue Nov-03-09 11:43 PM2
- This won't end well: Bill Clinton and W go head to head in a Presidential-style debate! [View All] Clio the Leo Tue Nov-03-09 11:35 PM20
- Go Owens, I guess! Drunken Irish... Tue Nov-03-09 11:26 PM16
- CNN Poll: More Americans are saying that things are going well jefferson_dem Tue Nov-03-09 11:03 PM2
- Eric Cantor thinks the Virginia race is a repudiation of Obama's Administration. [View All] Avalux Tue Nov-03-09 11:02 PM22
- Owens still winning in NY :) jillan Tue Nov-03-09 11:01 PM10
- Well I will not listen to media (radio) tomorrow, because the stooges will try be out Peacetrain Tue Nov-03-09 11:00 PM6
- NY Mayoral Race Too Close to Call! jenmito Tue Nov-03-09 10:58 PM5
- PPP poll conducted 2 days ago: Hoffman by 17% in NY-23 majamay Tue Nov-03-09 10:55 PM2
- "Quick, quick, Obama! Save the world!" [View All] Writer Tue Nov-03-09 10:55 PM50
- Arianna: Obama overruled Summers on unemployment benefits [View All] Enrique Tue Nov-03-09 10:53 PM30
- NY TIMES: Bloomberg has Won his Third Term as Mayor of New York City MadBadger Tue Nov-03-09 10:53 PM14
- Perry leads KBH by 12 ccharles000 Tue Nov-03-09 10:51 PM5
- MSNBC seems to be still pushing the "Obama Referendum" meme Proud Liberal... Tue Nov-03-09 10:48 PM10
- I wanna know on what basis the NYT declared Bloomberg winner already majamay Tue Nov-03-09 10:47 PM6
- Dede Scozzanader? CTLawGuy Tue Nov-03-09 10:43 PM1
- AP just called it for Christie Thrill Tue Nov-03-09 10:26 PM12
- Let's get drunk and trash this place. Drunken Irish... Tue Nov-03-09 10:19 PM1
- Which is better for us in NY-23? A loss or a win? [View All] Perky Tue Nov-03-09 10:12 PM30
- Looks like Corzine is going to lose. Drunken Irish... Tue Nov-03-09 10:10 PM14
- NJ Gov results [View All] Kdillard Tue Nov-03-09 10:10 PM136
- You will pay a price for running away from Obama [View All] angee_is_mad Tue Nov-03-09 10:03 PM22
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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