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- Rye's Binnie makes official his run for U.S. Senate ccharles000 Wed Nov-04-09 10:18 PM0
- Perhaps the way to go is throught the Supreme Court question ever... Wed Nov-04-09 09:37 PM6
- Those expressing most worry about economy went heavy for pugs (VA, NJ) Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-04-09 09:06 PM4
- Personal bankruptcies surge 9% brentspeak Wed Nov-04-09 08:50 PM7
- PHOTOS Time Out. Jackeens Wed Nov-04-09 08:41 PM13
- The Dems did okay yesterday WI_DEM Wed Nov-04-09 08:12 PM11
- Here's what happens in a lop-sided election... Barbara-fucking-Comstock won! Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-04-09 07:59 PM6
- What the heck is up with Jack Cafferty? Jackeens Wed Nov-04-09 07:51 PM19
- **Tonight 7 PM ET: Classical Music Concert live from the White House** alsame Wed Nov-04-09 07:41 PM12
- Retrospective of Obama from Election... KoKo Wed Nov-04-09 07:28 PM2
- TPM: House Health Care Vote Likely at 6PM Saturday flpoljunkie Wed Nov-04-09 07:20 PM7
- Republicans fired up their base. Democrats, um, less so. [View All] Tom Rinaldo Wed Nov-04-09 07:13 PM44
- Breaking: AP Sources: Dem Health Bill to Get AARP Backing Perky Wed Nov-04-09 06:57 PM4
- CHIP on Chopping Block in House Health Reform Bill (DROPED BY THE HOUSE BILL!! joeycola Wed Nov-04-09 06:53 PM6
- Senate acts to extend aid for jobless, homebuyers ProSense Wed Nov-04-09 06:43 PM2
- UT-Sen: Shurtleff Drops Out ccharles000 Wed Nov-04-09 06:32 PM1
- Perspective on why the NJ and VA Governor races had nothing to do with Obama (updated) ProSense Wed Nov-04-09 06:25 PM2
- Kirk primary challenger threatens indy bid ccharles000 Wed Nov-04-09 06:17 PM1
- McGovern: Get Out of Afghanistan joeycola Wed Nov-04-09 06:16 PM4
- An Apology to those I called dumb bastards last night [View All] AllentownJake Wed Nov-04-09 06:14 PM38
- Two very different messages last night [View All] Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-04-09 06:11 PM27
- Dear Sara Palin, since your attempt at NY Kingmaker failed, here's a career tip: demwing Wed Nov-04-09 06:09 PM10
- my bad PretzelWarrio... Wed Nov-04-09 05:56 PM5
- O'Donnell: Won't drop out for Castle ccharles000 Wed Nov-04-09 05:44 PM0
- So I think I've got the hang of the librul media... LynnTheDem Wed Nov-04-09 05:25 PM1
- GOP elected "morans" ProSense Wed Nov-04-09 05:23 PM5
- The only news of note in yesterdays' elections randr Wed Nov-04-09 05:18 PM8
- Bill Clinton to debate George Bush in February--in related news.... PretzelWarrio... Wed Nov-04-09 05:15 PM9
- Obama Is A Progessive In A Political Environment That's Hostile To Progressive Policies [View All] Yavin4 Wed Nov-04-09 05:08 PM30
- Is Bloomberg (R-NYC Mayor) mortally wounded in political near death experience??!! HamdenRice Wed Nov-04-09 05:07 PM2
- Hey Connecticut DU'ers Ned Lamont is Going For Governor bdamomma Wed Nov-04-09 04:51 PM8
- Republicans. LynnTheDem Wed Nov-04-09 04:49 PM3
- Sweet Mother Mcrea.. its like pulling a 1000 lb stone through the mud Peacetrain Wed Nov-04-09 04:24 PM12
- Jesus Christ eating a corndog! Drunken Irish... Wed Nov-04-09 04:17 PM11
- Since not everyone lives in Virginia... the 3rd party anti-Deeds ads were beyond belief Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-04-09 04:14 PM5
- We won! The Pees-supported candidate lost question ever... Wed Nov-04-09 04:13 PM5
- Ending Afghanistan's Rampant Corruption No DUplicitou... Wed Nov-04-09 03:59 PM3
- can you guys stop saying Jesus Christ? It offends my Christian sensibilities. [View All] PretzelWarrio... Wed Nov-04-09 03:48 PM23
- Democrats score big in local races across Pa. struggle4prog... Wed Nov-04-09 03:42 PM8
- How strong will this 85% medical loss ratio cap on insurance companies be? [View All] andym Wed Nov-04-09 03:29 PM36
- Last night's Democratic victories make health care reform a little easier ProSense Wed Nov-04-09 03:29 PM4
- PHOTOS New Official Photos (Nov 4) Jackeens Wed Nov-04-09 03:29 PM10
- Web stream/live blog of Barack Obama in Madison this morning [View All] zulchzulu Wed Nov-04-09 03:29 PM31
- 95 grantcart Wed Nov-04-09 03:24 PM5
- So are they celebrating over in Freeperville? HopeOverFear Wed Nov-04-09 03:13 PM19
- My response to a personal funding request from DSCC "Grow a SPINE or NOT ONE DIME!!!" calimary Wed Nov-04-09 03:12 PM18
- The Media has it WRONG!!!! again it's not about a few Blue Dog Dems bigdarryl Wed Nov-04-09 03:05 PM4
- NYT article: coming out of recession, weaknesses are more obvious than strengths ProSense Wed Nov-04-09 03:01 PM3
- Krugman: Obama and the conventional wisdom (set your phasers on unrec') [View All] Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-04-09 02:57 PM33
- Jesus Christ!!!!! Now the Dem's are talking about 2010 for a health care bill [View All] bigdarryl Wed Nov-04-09 02:55 PM25
- Small Change You Can Believe In? [View All] Armstead Wed Nov-04-09 02:52 PM20
- a NASTYGRAM about Obama trayfoot Wed Nov-04-09 02:45 PM4
- So a teabagger lost a House election in one of the reddest districts in the US Doctor_J Wed Nov-04-09 02:38 PM12
- As Obama gets a read on some of the whining going on among Democrats..... PretzelWarrio... Wed Nov-04-09 02:32 PM11
- All was not lost in NJ ProSense Wed Nov-04-09 02:27 PM2
- A petition to the Mods [View All] Hutzpa Wed Nov-04-09 02:23 PM51
- Voters send Congress two more Dems and YES votes for Public Option - corpmedia uninterested. blm Wed Nov-04-09 02:07 PM8
- How do you get people to vote tabbycat31 Wed Nov-04-09 02:04 PM11
- Democrats won 2 house seats formally repub... isn't that better for HCR Peacetrain Wed Nov-04-09 02:03 PM19
- Pawlenty offers Snowe a nice cup of tea. Sorry, she only drinks the Maine blend in her thermos. Phoebe Loosin... Wed Nov-04-09 01:55 PM9
- Salt Lake City elects its first openly gay council member! Drunken Irish... Wed Nov-04-09 01:47 PM11
- The Meaning of Election 2009 and Grading Obama's First Ten Months stevenleser Wed Nov-04-09 01:43 PM9
- There was failed leadership on the health care issue. [View All] madfloridian Wed Nov-04-09 01:43 PM104
- Yesterday's message was, help the working class instead ej510 Wed Nov-04-09 01:38 PM19
- REALITY CHECK: Two new Democrats in the HOUSE. Garamendi and Bill Owens emulatorloo Wed Nov-04-09 01:37 PM15
- A question about Campaign Finance Reform and Talk Radio PBS Poll-435 Wed Nov-04-09 01:35 PM1
- Axelrod gives RW nuts a new name "Palinistas" Thrill Wed Nov-04-09 01:29 PM11
- The Fred and Jeri Thompson Show sounds a lot like a funeral today PBS Poll-435 Wed Nov-04-09 01:26 PM9
- Queen to Queen's Level Three.......... [View All] Clio the Leo Wed Nov-04-09 01:24 PM23
- The reliable Democratic activist base came out and voted, but the new voters stayed home..... FrenchieCat Wed Nov-04-09 01:04 PM8
- Say what you like about state races in NJ and VA - The voters have sent a clear national message demwing Wed Nov-04-09 01:04 PM12
- Thom Hartmann straw poll NOW on the Obama presidency Sebastian Doy... Wed Nov-04-09 12:50 PM6
- Your tax dollars could fund medical prayer Christa Wed Nov-04-09 12:24 PM8
- A little info regarding Virginia Governor's Races...... Burma Jones Wed Nov-04-09 12:18 PM8
- Progress: The Republican House bill might have been a good bill back in the day Kurt_and_Hunt... Wed Nov-04-09 12:15 PM0
- My expectations were a loss in Virginia and NY-23 and a win in CA-10 and New Jersey PBS Poll-435 Wed Nov-04-09 11:53 AM7
- New Jersey hardly a referendum on President Obama - he has 57% approval rating there Hawaii Hiker Wed Nov-04-09 11:43 AM14
- NJ has four years to figure out how to get rid of this ProSense Wed Nov-04-09 11:40 AM18
- HOFFMAN Concedes!!!!!!! [View All] Clio the Leo Wed Nov-04-09 11:39 AM36
- Don't even turn on Cable News for a few days. [View All] Thrill Wed Nov-04-09 11:33 AM20
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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