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- Authorities had concerns about suspect - web postings referred to suicide bombers as brave heroes-AP [View All] jefferson_dem Fri Nov-06-09 11:27 AM41
- Kay Bailey Hutchison mentioned man fired possibly due to being sent over to Iraq. [View All] Drunken Irish... Fri Nov-06-09 11:26 AM28
- Time's Joe Klein: Another Afghan Problem flpoljunkie Fri Nov-06-09 11:13 AM1
- PHOTOS White House Tribal Nations Conference (Nov 5) Jackeens Fri Nov-06-09 10:52 AM14
- What can an energized Democratic Base do during an off election year? Tom Rinaldo Fri Nov-06-09 10:09 AM15
- Wisconsin Physician Taking On Democratic Rep. Kagen ccharles000 Fri Nov-06-09 10:07 AM1
- NCGOP brings in Hoffman, NY candidate ccharles000 Fri Nov-06-09 09:50 AM12
- This was a reply to another thread but I decided to post it as a new thread. Re the Public Option Monk06 Fri Nov-06-09 09:44 AM11
- The 42 pages of amendments to the House healthcare bill HR 3962 are now posted online. Better Believ... Fri Nov-06-09 09:41 AM3
- Partisanship is one thing, but dumb is so different ccharles000 Fri Nov-06-09 09:38 AM4
- I'd like to know the font size teabaggers use to print the health care bill that they are holding AlinPA Fri Nov-06-09 09:37 AM7
- You will never guess who says those "Death Panels" don't exist... DeadElephant_... Fri Nov-06-09 09:32 AM1
- Daily Mail: Obama is too skinny! SemiCharmedQu... Fri Nov-06-09 09:28 AM13
- Texas Rep. Sessions Draws Primary Challenger ccharles000 Fri Nov-06-09 09:27 AM0
- Video - MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Obama: Smells Like Clinton, Waddles Like Cleveland [View All] rhombus Fri Nov-06-09 09:21 AM24
- Pence endorses Hoffman for 2010 ccharles000 Fri Nov-06-09 09:20 AM9
- I feel we need more detailed discussion like the Republicans are offering.... mdavies013 Fri Nov-06-09 09:11 AM1
- What the hell is wrong with NYC mayor and elected officials, Wall Street gets vaccine, 1st..RANT [View All] Peacetrain Fri Nov-06-09 09:07 AM21
- Obama Plans Health Care Pep-Talk to House Democrats babylonsister Fri Nov-06-09 08:47 AM12
- The Next Phase of Healthcare Apartheid: "healthcare reform has degenerated into a sick joke" Better Believ... Fri Nov-06-09 08:26 AM5
- Teabaggers want to ban contraceptives! [View All] ej510 Fri Nov-06-09 08:23 AM63
- BREAKING NEWS: Suspected shooter is not dead, in custody, stable condition jefferson_dem Fri Nov-06-09 07:56 AM15
- Club for growth launches TV spot smacking Charlie Crist on stimulus ccharles000 Fri Nov-06-09 07:22 AM3
- PHOTO Is Mao not, you know, deceased? Jackeens Fri Nov-06-09 06:49 AM15
- A Look Back: Frontline, 8 min clip from "Dreams of Obama" ginnyinWI Fri Nov-06-09 06:47 AM10
- Pelosi: Nobody Goes Home Saturday! flpoljunkie Fri Nov-06-09 06:36 AM14
- Eugene Robinson: Republicans vs. the Palinites babylonsister Fri Nov-06-09 06:21 AM0
- Stewart Does Beck!!!!! Perky Fri Nov-06-09 04:42 AM14
- When Obama salutes the military, goes to church or hands out candy, he makes me mad [View All] PretzelWarrio... Fri Nov-06-09 04:05 AM43
- Did anyone see John Boehner at the tea party today? He Thrill Fri Nov-06-09 03:17 AM16
- White House official slams Dem Rep. Anthony Weiner [View All] NorthCarolina Fri Nov-06-09 03:07 AM47
- tell the DSCC "DEMS WITH SPINE, OR NOT ONE DIME!!!!!" [View All] mkultra Fri Nov-06-09 02:39 AM21
- I have a buddy who works at Fort Hood who gets shit all the time for his support of Obama zulchzulu Fri Nov-06-09 01:57 AM8
- Gay marriage loss in Maine had NOTHING to do with Obama. [View All] RBInMaine Fri Nov-06-09 01:52 AM85
- Which do you Prefer if you had your choice? Two "D" Votes in the House, or Two Dem Governors? (Poll) [View All] FrenchieCat Fri Nov-06-09 01:23 AM43
- As much as I hate the wars, this shooting is just a nut job losing it. KansasVoter Fri Nov-06-09 12:37 AM10
- Obama promises to include US Indians in 'American dream' [View All] babsbunny Thu Nov-05-09 11:26 PM20
- events with the POTUS in attendence question charlie and a... Thu Nov-05-09 11:20 PM4
- producer of countdown with keith olbermann on malloy. RepublicanEle... Thu Nov-05-09 11:16 PM1
- CBO - new information on H.R. 3962 ... slipslidingaw... Thu Nov-05-09 11:05 PM9
- Exclusive photo of teabaggers that broke into Speaker Pelosi's office! All identified!! onehandle Thu Nov-05-09 11:05 PM18
- I envy the Republicans Onlooker Thu Nov-05-09 11:01 PM5
- Medicare For All-(single payer)--list of upcoming sit-in rallies.& Weiner Amendment...... [View All] joeycola Thu Nov-05-09 10:55 PM29
- Senate rejects bid to restrict Guantanamo trials ProSense Thu Nov-05-09 10:52 PM2
- These Anti Gay-Marriage Bigots are just like the anti interracial marriage Bigots of the 60s [View All] KansasVoter Thu Nov-05-09 10:50 PM63
- The 'Tea Party' rally today is not about health care. It is about ignorance, bigotry and hate. flpoljunkie Thu Nov-05-09 10:14 PM19
- Dow reclaims 10,000 on bigger-than-expected drop in jobless claims and improved retail numbers jefferson_dem Thu Nov-05-09 10:08 PM10
- Independents need DEPENDS wowimthere Thu Nov-05-09 10:04 PM11
- Mark my word the rethugs will be blaming Obama for this shooting [View All] bigdarryl Thu Nov-05-09 10:02 PM23
- Despite tweety et al, West Wing sees little national meaning in election results babylonsister Thu Nov-05-09 10:00 PM13
- Ed Schultz goes off on Obama again [View All] rhombus Thu Nov-05-09 09:59 PM40
- President Obama to meet Friday with newly elected U.S. Rep. Bill Owens alsame Thu Nov-05-09 09:56 PM2
- Top contender for Ga. governor wants to see proof of Obama birth [View All] CatWoman Thu Nov-05-09 09:38 PM22
- Kerry Statement on EPW Passage of Kerry-Boxer Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act ProSense Thu Nov-05-09 09:14 PM5
- President Obama doesn't Scare Me Ichingcarpent... Thu Nov-05-09 09:13 PM11
- malloy discussing teabagger holocaust signs. RepublicanEle... Thu Nov-05-09 09:12 PM0
- Video of President Obama speaking about AARP, AMA endorsements. 'This is no small endorsement.' flpoljunkie Thu Nov-05-09 09:02 PM4
- " While Democrats were touting AARP's endorsement... [View All] jenmito Thu Nov-05-09 09:01 PM49
- The people we really need to watch! Divine Discon... Thu Nov-05-09 08:23 PM0
- Brewer to announce she'll run for governor ccharles000 Thu Nov-05-09 07:55 PM3
- GOP's Allen Quist aiming for U.S. Rep. Tim Walz ccharles000 Thu Nov-05-09 07:45 PM1
- GOP insurgent challenges Brown-Waite, cites her Scozzafava support ccharles000 Thu Nov-05-09 07:39 PM3
- This military shooting is another reason to get out of [View All] ej510 Thu Nov-05-09 07:37 PM21
- Dinniman to endorse Trivedi in PA-6 ccharles000 Thu Nov-05-09 07:27 PM0
- Single payers protest at Pelosi's office joeycola Thu Nov-05-09 07:16 PM0
- Some asshole on the Blitzer show is standing in front of one of those Google map things on the wall, AlinPA Thu Nov-05-09 07:16 PM2
- RE: Fort Hood Shootings [View All] FrenchieCat Thu Nov-05-09 07:00 PM21
- When it comes to the Obama and Clinton administrations, Democrats are conflicted ProSense Thu Nov-05-09 06:58 PM9
- Prosense was just mentioned on the Thom Hartmann show! [View All] ej510 Thu Nov-05-09 06:56 PM45
- NBC's Williams reports: A US official identifies the shooter as Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan [View All] jefferson_dem Thu Nov-05-09 06:46 PM34
- AARP, AMA endorsements huge Blue-Jay Thu Nov-05-09 06:43 PM18
- Fuck the Neo Nazi Right TheBigotBashe... Thu Nov-05-09 06:43 PM2
- The ONLY reason I'm glad the Yankees won last night: tblue Thu Nov-05-09 06:33 PM9
- GOP Primary Possible in Mississippi 1 ccharles000 Thu Nov-05-09 06:29 PM4
- The House bill has a death sentence for patients with AIDS, breast cancer, and other serious illness joeycola Thu Nov-05-09 06:17 PM3
- Dunne to run for Vermont governor ccharles000 Thu Nov-05-09 06:16 PM0
- Inching toward guv race, Rohrer looks to test power of conservatives ccharles000 Thu Nov-05-09 06:15 PM0
- Morse decides against running for governor ccharles000 Thu Nov-05-09 06:14 PM0
- The mindless teabaggers go wherever they're told. jenmito Thu Nov-05-09 06:10 PM17
- Senate healthcare bill pays for Christian prayer "treatments"!!! [View All] Better Believ... Thu Nov-05-09 05:54 PM42
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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