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- Casper City Council weighing options on whether to ban open-carry guns in city meetings (WY) jpak Sun Nov-06-11 06:24 PM8
- Everything going according to schedule Katya Mulleth... Sun Nov-06-11 05:46 PM12
- WISCONSIN: State House passes Castle Doctrine, 71-24, goes to State Senate. [View All] GreenStormClo... Sun Nov-06-11 11:51 AM79
- Concealed weapons allowed in Wisconsin Assembly's public galleries [View All] hue Sun Nov-06-11 11:41 AM70
- From today's testimony on Fast and Furious [View All] burf Sun Nov-06-11 11:29 AM77
- That Famous Gallup Poll [View All] mikeb302000 Sun Nov-06-11 11:29 AM32
- Risk, of a gun in the home, is greater than benefit. [View All] russ1943 Sun Nov-06-11 11:27 AM76
- A telling quote from Dianne Feinstein re: Fast & Furious [View All] friendly_icon... Sat Nov-05-11 11:06 PM88
- Winnipeg gun store raid may be tied to AK-47s [View All] alp227 Sat Nov-05-11 03:02 PM36
- Military Suicides and How the NRA has Helped [View All] mikeb302000 Sat Nov-05-11 01:24 PM48
- Where should you be able to carry concealed? (Poll) [View All] discntnt_irny... Fri Nov-04-11 03:36 PM77
- Wisconsin should be a wake-up call to those who ignore gun rights in politics. [View All] Atypical Libe... Fri Nov-04-11 02:37 PM73
- Will more handguns being carried for self-defense save more lives or cost more lives? (Poll) [View All] Starboard Tac... Fri Nov-04-11 12:40 PM126
- One Good Reason for "May Issue" [View All] mikeb302000 Fri Nov-04-11 12:01 PM20
- The Daily Show: "The Fast & The Furious: Mexico Grift" Remmah2 Fri Nov-04-11 10:43 AM7
- New York Times op-ed on HR 822 [View All] mikeb302000 Fri Nov-04-11 10:37 AM57
- TSA: Screeners find 4-5 guns on a typical day alp227 Fri Nov-04-11 10:27 AM11
- Only one left. [View All] Atypical Libe... Fri Nov-04-11 09:45 AM44
- WV man shoots teen in leg and back... [View All] ileus Fri Nov-04-11 08:58 AM20
- Gun Flow Between States [View All] mikeb302000 Thu Nov-03-11 06:50 PM71
- Harvard Study: Would banning firearms reduce murder and suicide? [View All] Howzit Thu Nov-03-11 04:31 PM53
- Police in California use taser not gun on domestic violence suspect who had knife [View All] alp227 Thu Nov-03-11 02:08 PM20
- Arizona Sheriff Says 2 Guns Found in Bust Linked to 'Fast and Furious' spin Thu Nov-03-11 01:31 PM3
- Who Guards The National Guard jody Thu Nov-03-11 01:13 PM8
- Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves [View All] RamboLiberal Thu Nov-03-11 01:01 PM50
- Ad for gun training bars Muslims and Obama voters [View All] LAGC Thu Nov-03-11 12:18 PM38
- Cenk Uygur & Ana Kasparian Don't Care For Pro Gun Rally at VT [View All] RSillsbee Thu Nov-03-11 12:06 PM161
- All Glocks down at church, please [View All] marmar Wed Nov-02-11 11:18 PM30
- Halloween in New Orleans - 2 Dead Many Wounded [View All] mikeb302000 Wed Nov-02-11 10:53 PM83
- What is a right? (Poll) [View All] TPaine7 Wed Nov-02-11 10:17 PM91
- The overall ban question: (Poll) [View All] discntnt_irny... Wed Nov-02-11 05:34 PM29
- Poll: Most oppose assault weapon ban [View All] TPaine7 Wed Nov-02-11 05:30 PM102
- Man tries to stop robbery with baseball bat, gets shot dead. [View All] Atypical Libe... Wed Nov-02-11 02:38 AM35
- Will eliminating all handguns save lives? (Poll) [View All] Starboard Tac... Wed Nov-02-11 12:10 AM82
- Maryland Heights Gun Theft Nets 71 Weapons [View All] mikeb302000 Tue Nov-01-11 11:27 PM99
- What *empirical* evidence do you have that legal CCW weapons at colleges are harmful? [View All] friendly_icon... Tue Nov-01-11 10:13 PM174
- Victory for Gun Owners: Criminal Charges Against Joshua Beck Dismissed! [View All] Hoopla Phil Tue Nov-01-11 07:21 PM80
- Seattle gun ban in parks ruled illegal. Atypical Libe... Tue Nov-01-11 07:16 PM9
- "Assault weapons" ban (Poll) [View All] discntnt_irny... Tue Nov-01-11 05:40 PM26
- Wisconsin Concealed Carry's Big Day [View All] mikeb302000 Tue Nov-01-11 04:14 PM26
- WISCONSIN: Both House and Senate to vote on Castle Doctrine bill early next week. [View All] GreenStormClo... Tue Nov-01-11 08:52 AM39
- Armed man tells Minneapolis police: I shot robber burf Tue Nov-01-11 07:53 AM19
- Do liberals and progressives need to arm themselves? [View All] Homer12 Mon Oct-31-11 07:17 PM173
- Washington 13-year-old Boy Shoots Dad mikeb302000 Mon Oct-31-11 05:27 PM17
- Long Gun Registry in Canada Worked Extremely Well [View All] mikeb302000 Mon Oct-31-11 01:20 PM90
- Open carry at Occupy Atlanta protest gets it shut down. [View All] Atypical Libe... Mon Oct-31-11 01:05 PM188
- NEW HAMPSHIRE: Bill to allow permitless carry clears committee 12 Yes, 5 No. [View All] GreenStormClo... Mon Oct-31-11 09:49 AM195
- When the phrase "guns on the streets" is used, are police firearms also included in that phrase? [View All] OneTenthofOne... Mon Oct-31-11 01:57 AM30
- Would making the Konami code mandatory save lives? (Poll) ZombieHorde Sun Oct-30-11 10:00 AM7
- Update: Philly open carry case [View All] one-eyed fat ... Sun Oct-30-11 08:35 AM98
- Will eliminating all handguns cost lives? (Poll) [View All] rrneck Sat Oct-29-11 11:25 PM41
- Is it possible (Poll) rrneck Sat Oct-29-11 06:53 PM4
- The 1st amendment protects my right to "bear arms" [View All] Tiggeroshii Sat Oct-29-11 03:58 PM76
- 3 Chicago teens arrested for helping their friend kill his parents. gravity556 Sat Oct-29-11 01:39 PM9
- HR 822 passes comittee 19 Yea, 11 Nay. Will go to House floor. [View All] GreenStormClo... Sat Oct-29-11 09:35 AM163
- No charges for armed man in Minneapolis robber killing Logical Sat Oct-29-11 07:01 AM6
- No charges filed against man who killed S. Mpls. robber burf Fri Oct-28-11 11:59 PM8
- Canadian long gun registry information being destroyed by the conservatives. [View All] applegrove Fri Oct-28-11 10:24 PM73
- Montgomery County man plans to sue Philly PD over open carry-Cops say they were F'ing setup [View All] RamboLiberal Fri Oct-28-11 09:37 PM73
- Wisconsin Capitol to allow guns Yon_Yonson Fri Oct-28-11 09:14 PM17
- OK - so toters show up to your protest - what do you do? (Poll) [View All] jmg257 Fri Oct-28-11 09:05 PM63
- Is Open-Carry Really Such a Bad Idea at These Protests? [View All] LAGC Fri Oct-28-11 07:50 PM44
- Self-Reported Gun Ownership in U.S. Is Highest Since 1993 [View All] Abin Sur Fri Oct-28-11 05:23 PM28
- Traffickers exploit state laws to move guns jpak Fri Oct-28-11 04:53 PM15
- Canada set to repeal their long gun registry by week end! [View All] Atypical Libe... Fri Oct-28-11 11:01 AM49
- Repeat after me Katya Mulleth... Fri Oct-28-11 10:33 AM16
- Gun turn-in pits Ceasefire against collectors with cash Hoopla Phil Fri Oct-28-11 12:37 AM13
- Support for gun control at record low. Atypical Libe... Thu Oct-27-11 09:55 PM11
- Why is support for gun control at record lows? [View All] belcffub Thu Oct-27-11 09:39 PM51
- Question for those in favor of gun control [View All] We_Have_A_Pro... Thu Oct-27-11 09:36 PM191
- n2doc Thu Oct-27-11 04:45 PM15
- 100% of criminals support a ban on guns. [View All] Peter1x9 Thu Oct-27-11 02:31 PM20
- Gun owing home owner stops robbery. Remmah2 Thu Oct-27-11 11:26 AM19
- Record-Low 26% in U.S. Favor Handgun Ban [View All] Abin Sur Wed Oct-26-11 09:47 PM30
- Only in America: Las Vegas to open 'ultra gun lounge' where guests are trained by 'gun girls' [View All] brooklynite Wed Oct-26-11 07:41 PM35
- could you kill someone breaking into your house? (Poll) [View All] rdking647 Wed Oct-26-11 02:10 PM83
- Milwaukee shooting case puts focus on gun rights [View All] jpak Wed Oct-26-11 01:49 PM144
- Another ethical hypothetical for the pacifists among us. [View All] Bake Wed Oct-26-11 01:36 PM159
- Guns don't belong in city buildings (Green Bay LTTE) [View All] jpak Wed Oct-26-11 12:30 PM43
- Floyd Dryden 6th graders learn gun safety [View All] ileus Wed Oct-26-11 08:46 AM31
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