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- How big does an arms dealer have to be... (Poll) discntnt_irny... Mon Nov-21-11 02:32 PM11
- In Oregon, Gun Rights Prevail Once Again [View All] mikeb302000 Mon Nov-21-11 12:55 PM59
- unstable with violent tendencies [View All] MichaelHarris Sun Nov-20-11 04:45 PM53
- Man killed by his own concealed weapon [View All] jpak Sun Nov-20-11 04:43 PM70
- Gun Owner Obsessed with Obama - Sounds Familiar [View All] mikeb302000 Sun Nov-20-11 04:33 PM28
- Guns and states' rights [View All] jpak Sun Nov-20-11 02:54 PM30
- I see both sides of the "National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act" Logical Sun Nov-20-11 02:16 PM19
- Can You HATE the NRA and still be pro-gun? (Poll) [View All] Logical Sat Nov-19-11 02:49 PM55
- Austin leftist under FBI surveillance: Incriminating gun and "quilt:" SteveM Sat Nov-19-11 10:13 AM16
- Police: Teen steals gun, accidentally shoots self jpak Sat Nov-19-11 02:45 AM15
- Bumper sticker Fear the government that fears your gun-Fed court upholds cops taking legal gun [View All] RamboLiberal Sat Nov-19-11 12:45 AM92
- Will eliminating: (Poll) [View All] discntnt_irny... Fri Nov-18-11 04:57 PM153
- CCW holder shoots fleeing robber, charged with murder [View All] Atypical Libe... Fri Nov-18-11 04:37 PM225
- House Passes Concealed Weapons Permit Bill [View All] TPaine7 Fri Nov-18-11 10:47 AM57
- How Does a Gun Control Advocate Teach His Kid About Guns? Part II [View All] mikeb302000 Thu Nov-17-11 11:19 PM87
- OREGON: Colleges Won't Fight Court Gun Ruling Allowing Guns On Campus [View All] GreenStormClo... Thu Nov-17-11 07:44 PM34
- Nationwide concealed carry-voting now [View All] Maine_Nurse Thu Nov-17-11 04:21 PM71
- 4-year-old Surprise (AZ) boy shot in face while playing with gun [View All] jpak Thu Nov-17-11 02:05 PM72
- Police: officer shoots at officer, goes for pizza [View All] Tejas Thu Nov-17-11 11:38 AM29
- How can this happen? burf Thu Nov-17-11 11:36 AM9
- The NRA doesn't want doctors counselling veterans not to have guns in the house if they have ptsd. [View All] applegrove Thu Nov-17-11 12:10 AM41
- Bloomberg's anti-gun candidates win in Va. but control measures could be repealed [View All] jpak Wed Nov-16-11 10:04 PM25
- New fast and furious related email surfaces. beevul Wed Nov-16-11 08:07 PM11
- DOJ/ATF use misleading numbers on US guns in Mexico [View All] burf Wed Nov-16-11 07:39 PM34
- Democratic Lawmakers Urge Obama to Veto (stupid GOP/NRA/moran) Gun Measure [View All] jpak Wed Nov-16-11 10:12 AM75
- WISCONSIN: 20,000+ CCW applications in first week of new law. GreenStormClo... Wed Nov-16-11 09:08 AM7
- Lax U.S. laws help arm the Mexican drug cartels. So who does the U.S. gun lobby blame? jpak Tue Nov-15-11 11:15 PM17
- I need some info. (Poll) [View All] discntnt_irny... Tue Nov-15-11 07:32 PM23
- Nation needs right-to-carry reciprocity [View All] Hoopla Phil Tue Nov-15-11 02:43 PM211
- Felons Finding It Easy to Get Gun Rights Reinstated SecularMotion Tue Nov-15-11 11:52 AM12
- Woman who took gun to church jailed over night for "prowling" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog [View All] Kolesar Tue Nov-15-11 01:19 AM136
- Apparently, some people in Madison, Wisconsin think word magic actually works... [View All] friendly_icon... Tue Nov-15-11 01:07 AM57
- Police: Teen had loaded gun in waistband during class (TN) [View All] jpak Tue Nov-15-11 12:03 AM63
- NRA Blocks Effort to Prevent Military Suicides [View All] onehandle Mon Nov-14-11 08:13 PM87
- Robert Farago Makes His Points in JS Online [View All] mikeb302000 Mon Nov-14-11 07:53 PM29
- Kid's toy gun scares Pomona motorist (also attracted 6+ sheriff's cars) alp227 Mon Nov-14-11 05:50 PM18
- Occupy Burlington (Vermont) shooting. [View All] russ1943 Mon Nov-14-11 04:55 PM20
- Triple Murder / Suicide in Pittsburg CA mikeb302000 Mon Nov-14-11 04:47 PM9
- jpak Mon Nov-14-11 04:26 PM12
- Shot with own gun, Clarksville man winds up in jail jpak Mon Nov-14-11 03:47 PM8
- gun rights were restored without even a hearing [View All] MichaelHarris Mon Nov-14-11 03:24 PM34
- The Brady Campaign is using the techniques of the anti-abortion crowd [View All] friendly_icon... Mon Nov-14-11 02:24 PM97
- Good reason to have national reciprocity. [View All] Remmah2 Mon Nov-14-11 11:09 AM66
- Barbara Sheehan gets 5 Years for Gun Charge mikeb302000 Sun Nov-13-11 01:42 PM9
- Obama's record at the 3-year mark [View All] iverglas Sat Nov-12-11 10:54 PM48
- Guns making us safer again [View All] CreekDog Sat Nov-12-11 10:19 PM62
- WA Ceasefire to seek Evergreen State open carry ban [View All] jpak Sat Nov-12-11 02:23 PM100
- Another toter has a neglegent discharge, this time in DC. [View All] Remmah2 Sat Nov-12-11 04:37 AM48
- another why only police should have firearms file submission. [View All] Remmah2 Fri Nov-11-11 05:22 PM31
- Out of control cop threatens to execute concealed firearms permit holder [View All] -..__... Fri Nov-11-11 04:18 PM55
- 10-Year-Old With Gun Threatens Woman After She Jokes About Taking His Halloween Candy [View All] Cirque du So-... Fri Nov-11-11 04:06 PM57
- Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness [View All] mikeb302000 Fri Nov-11-11 03:56 PM130
- Who should be banned from firearm ownership? (Poll) [View All] discntnt_irny... Fri Nov-11-11 03:22 PM85
- "I would just call the police; there's nothing in my house worth shooting someone for." [View All] mvccd1000 Thu Nov-10-11 10:08 PM31
- Is the "Gun Dungeon" a "fringe" or "extremist" forum? [View All] -..__... Thu Nov-10-11 06:09 PM177
- Has anyone else heard this re: Fast & Furious? [View All] jmg257 Thu Nov-10-11 04:19 PM39
- Gun collector with more than 140 guns jailed for 2 years for owning four air rifles without licence [View All] Abin Sur Thu Nov-10-11 02:17 PM102
- Rape Prevention [View All] mikeb302000 Thu Nov-10-11 12:06 PM102
- U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke admitts leaking F&F whistleblower's name one-eyed fat ... Thu Nov-10-11 11:12 AM6
- Al Sharpton on guns in black neighborhoods: [View All] Tejas Thu Nov-10-11 10:43 AM110
- Concealed Carry Football Fan Shoots Self by Accident [View All] mikeb302000 Wed Nov-09-11 09:45 PM52
- Brady Bunch: Vote "NO" on the Dangerous "Packing Heat on Your Street" Bill [View All] LAGC Wed Nov-09-11 05:40 PM50
- What Do You think Is A Reasonable Level Of Training Before Issuing A Permit? [View All] RSillsbee Wed Nov-09-11 05:40 PM72
- Mason, TX, concealed-carry instructor gets backed up by state... SteveM Wed Nov-09-11 03:00 PM8
- Wisconsin nixes required training for conceal carry [View All] TheMightyFavo... Wed Nov-09-11 01:49 PM45
- Wisconsin: Training? We don't need no stinkin' training! (Concealed weapons) [View All] Scuba Wed Nov-09-11 04:26 AM25
- 80,000 permit applications downloaded in first 9 hours [View All] Atypical Libe... Tue Nov-08-11 08:45 PM40
- A.G. Holder renews call for border state gun-control. SteveM Tue Nov-08-11 07:28 PM14
- U.S. Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer: Americans don't need semi-auto weapons. [View All] GreenStormClo... Tue Nov-08-11 02:21 PM63
- The Wisconsin Department of Justice has received more than 20,000 applications to carry concealed! Logical Tue Nov-08-11 12:30 PM14
- Celebrities on guns: [View All] discntnt_irny... Mon Nov-07-11 11:02 PM135
- 1.34 million gun background checks done in October. On target for 15.7 million in 2011!! [View All] Logical Mon Nov-07-11 10:29 PM20
- Changing times - Gallup - Record low 26% in US favor handgun ban [View All] banned from K... Mon Nov-07-11 09:07 PM45
- The Right Wing's Insurrectionist Mindset [View All] mikeb302000 Mon Nov-07-11 08:36 PM55
- Several cities, home invaders shot by residents. GreenStormClo... Mon Nov-07-11 08:28 PM10
- Wisconsin nixes required training for conceal carry TheMightyFavo... Mon Nov-07-11 07:59 PM0
- Antioch homeowner kills would-be thief [View All] alp227 Mon Nov-07-11 07:23 PM37
- Center-fire rifle legality in California. Or, why people are skeptical of "reasonable regulations" [View All] Atypical Libe... Mon Nov-07-11 12:21 PM20
- More on the Gun Registration Issue [View All] mikeb302000 Mon Nov-07-11 12:17 PM29
- WISCONSIN: State Senate Passes Castle Doctrine, 26-7 [View All] GreenStormClo... Sun Nov-06-11 07:11 PM25
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