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- When Obama was elected [View All] BeFree Tue Jun-28-11 03:48 PM67
- ATF negating FBI checks during 'Fast and Furious'? Tejas Tue Jun-28-11 03:46 PM5
- Does anybody know what Billy Costigan's (Dicaprio) gun is in THE DEPARTED Mike 03 Tue Jun-28-11 02:33 PM7
- How is this acceptable? gejohnston Tue Jun-28-11 02:03 PM18
- No Federal law against straw purchase. russ1943 Tue Jun-28-11 01:29 PM10
- Federal appeals court rules that illegal immigrants don't have 2nd amendment rights alp227 Tue Jun-28-11 10:25 AM18
- Woman helped mentally-unstable boyfriend obtain gun jpak Tue Jun-28-11 01:16 AM8
- Business being threatened with boycott by gun rights advocates [View All] jpak Mon Jun-27-11 09:56 PM48
- Anti-Gun members, why does the Brady Group have only 50,000 members while the NRA has 4 million? [View All] Logical Mon Jun-27-11 09:24 PM76
- Gun-toting 84-year-old who illegally feeds birds threatens to shoot city worker [View All] jpak Mon Jun-27-11 04:48 PM25
- 2 workers, 2 patrons shot to death at NY pharmacy [View All] RamboLiberal Mon Jun-27-11 04:21 PM73
- The prohis will never admit it, but the great Starbucks boycott was a bust. [View All] friendly_icon... Mon Jun-27-11 01:40 PM26
- Mexican government holds an US FFL?????? [View All] one-eyed fat ... Mon Jun-27-11 10:45 AM36
- "It's a good thing Syria has gun control; otherwise the citizen-slaughtering troops could get hurt". [View All] hack89 Mon Jun-27-11 09:14 AM48
- Business being threatened with a boycott by anti-gun advocates shadowrider Sun Jun-26-11 11:19 PM13
- Bill would allow guns on campus, in church (Ohio) [View All] shadowrider Sun Jun-26-11 08:46 PM30
- Ask about guns to keep your children safe [View All] jpak Sat Jun-25-11 10:57 PM57
- Guns are legal. Drugs are not. The inevitable result? [View All] nonperson Sat Jun-25-11 10:49 PM133
- 2 shots accidentally fired (by customer & dealer) at Mt. Clemens gun show; 3 hurt RamboLiberal Sat Jun-25-11 10:00 PM15
- MAINE: Gov LePage signs concealed weapons bills [View All] GreenStormClo... Sat Jun-25-11 09:50 PM28
- Another Murder Linked to US Gunwalker Case beevul Sat Jun-25-11 07:59 PM11
- Sex offender killed during home burglary GreenStormClo... Sat Jun-25-11 07:56 PM14
- Giving Up The Helmke -- Brady President to Step Down (Effective 7/10/11) [View All] shadowrider Sat Jun-25-11 05:59 PM22
- Emmaus residents take aim at home gun sales [View All] jpak Sat Jun-25-11 05:57 PM40
- jpak Sat Jun-25-11 04:22 PM18
- Good Samaritan pleads not guilty to assault jpak Sat Jun-25-11 04:06 PM2
- NORTH CAROLINA:: Governor Signs NRA-Backed Omnibus Gun Bill into Law GreenStormClo... Sat Jun-25-11 01:05 PM18
- Tapes detail plot suspects' quest for guns, ideal target jpak Sat Jun-25-11 12:36 PM7
- shadowrider Sat Jun-25-11 11:18 AM5
- Oregonian: Boy told father gun just 'went off;' hit Yashanee jpak Sat Jun-25-11 10:15 AM0
- Begging felons to buy his handgun [View All] safeinOhio Sat Jun-25-11 08:48 AM49
- Recent accidental shooting news [View All] struggle4prog... Sat Jun-25-11 12:56 AM29
- White supremacists associate sentenced to 30 months for gun deal jpak Sat Jun-25-11 12:07 AM16
- Two held in Seattle machine gun plot jpak Fri Jun-24-11 10:25 PM12
- VIDEO: CCW holder defends self against two attackers. [View All] GreenStormClo... Fri Jun-24-11 09:08 PM29
- Illinois Now the Only State Without a Concealed Carry Law Logical Fri Jun-24-11 07:00 PM18
- San Francisco city worker shot in road rage attack [View All] jpak Fri Jun-24-11 06:11 PM21
- RamboLiberal Fri Jun-24-11 03:14 PM14
- Head of ATF Is Likely to Go X_Digger Fri Jun-24-11 01:47 PM12
- Texas among leaders in filing gun reports (Mental Health Reports) [View All] RamboLiberal Fri Jun-24-11 12:31 PM24
- Man With Child In Car Points Gun At Driver In Road Rage Case onehandle Fri Jun-24-11 11:48 AM4
- Taney County Homeowner Shoots Intruder [View All] Common Sense ... Fri Jun-24-11 08:01 AM26
- ATF agent that testified at hearings - FIRED Tejas Fri Jun-24-11 06:55 AM10
- (GOP-moran) Critic of ATF gun-trafficking program (Issa) raised no objection when briefed last year jpak Fri Jun-24-11 06:20 AM15
- The Daily Show's take on Mexican gun running Atypical Libe... Fri Jun-24-11 02:07 AM13
- Like a rat fleeing a sinking ship - Helmke to leave Brady Center. -..__... Fri Jun-24-11 01:49 AM6
- [View All] jpak Fri Jun-24-11 01:30 AM21
- Bin Laden is dead and Bulger is behind bars. RandySF Fri Jun-24-11 01:04 AM0
- Gun Rights Activists Assault Solidarity Singers jpak Thu Jun-23-11 10:50 PM8
- Bill would allow guns on campus, in church (Ohio) jpak Thu Jun-23-11 08:42 PM2
- Wisconsin Antis Predict "Wild Wild West" - Again. [View All] GreenStormClo... Thu Jun-23-11 07:36 PM38
- Mom who brought gun to school bus stop gets 2 years in jail RamboLiberal Thu Jun-23-11 06:04 PM2
- Elderly couple victims in double murder, son kills attacker Common Sense ... Thu Jun-23-11 05:37 PM7
- Is there any info on Andrew Traver's involvement with the "Fast & Furious" "gunwalker" fiasco? aikoaiko Thu Jun-23-11 05:31 PM4
- Forever Alone: from Reddit Atypical Libe... Thu Jun-23-11 04:30 PM2
- X-post from GD- "System Justification Theory -why people (even Dems) defend authoritarianism" friendly_icon... Thu Jun-23-11 04:24 PM0
- Gun used to threaten customers in robbery at Tulsa cafe [View All] RamboLiberal Thu Jun-23-11 04:23 PM41
- (Democratic) Bills will punish gun owners, advocates say (GOP whinage) [View All] jpak Thu Jun-23-11 03:13 PM48
- Family of slain agent weighing legal action. beevul Thu Jun-23-11 12:57 PM2
- Rancho Cordova homeowner shoots it out with intruder Common Sense ... Thu Jun-23-11 11:21 AM3
- Bastrop chief reports resident kills burglar GreenStormClo... Thu Jun-23-11 10:32 AM6
- TEXAS: Gov. Sign Guns In Employers Parking Lot Bill [View All] GreenStormClo... Thu Jun-23-11 10:03 AM44
- Who Should Not Carry a Gun? Common Sense ... Thu Jun-23-11 03:51 AM2
- Wirtz: Guns and the public: Rights vs. responsibility [View All] jpak Wed Jun-22-11 11:11 PM282
- W.Va. man in jail without bond, charged with murder in shooting of 13-year-old son jpak Wed Jun-22-11 10:11 PM4
- Man showing girlfriend his gun shoots self in groin, police say jpak Wed Jun-22-11 09:58 PM17
- (Reading High School) RHS teens urge (GOP moran) governor to veto expanded 'Castle Doctrine' jpak Wed Jun-22-11 08:44 PM17
- 2 shot in Father's Day gun swap accident jpak Wed Jun-22-11 08:43 PM7
- Concealed carry law used by Madison police chief as 'scare tactic' [View All] rl6214 Wed Jun-22-11 07:48 PM63
- Illinois Concealed Carry Ban Could Be The Nation's Last rl6214 Wed Jun-22-11 07:45 PM14
- Wisconsin Assembly passes concealed carry bill; sends it to Walker drpepper67 Wed Jun-22-11 06:40 PM18
- Quincy woman injured by bullet shot through floor, officials say jpak Wed Jun-22-11 04:02 PM2
- Conceal Carry Under Attack From "Tyrant of Madison" Mayor Soglin [View All] rl6214 Wed Jun-22-11 03:46 PM106
- PROMISES, PROMISES: No action from Obama on guns ... [View All] spin Wed Jun-22-11 03:24 PM55
- OH AG DeWine takes aim at gun criminals RamboLiberal Wed Jun-22-11 01:18 PM11
- Arundel council kills exemption for dealers in secondhand guns jpak Wed Jun-22-11 11:02 AM1
- PA Gov Corbett will sign Castle Doctrine [View All] RamboLiberal Tue Jun-21-11 10:59 PM42
- Woman Shot Through Floor In Upstairs Apt. 2 Men Facing Charges In Quincy Incident [View All] Ian David Tue Jun-21-11 09:33 PM35
- Wisconsin: Concealed Carry law expected to be passed today. Scuba Tue Jun-21-11 05:51 PM13
- Homemade Weapons? Preposterous!!11!!1 [View All] pipoman Tue Jun-21-11 05:41 PM21
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