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- Cops: NRA guy's a pizza work [View All] TheCowsCameHo... Wed Jul-06-11 07:58 PM119
- Concealed Carry Law "Restores Dose of Constitutionalism" (Wisconsin) [View All] shadowrider Wed Jul-06-11 05:59 PM51
- Detained Mexico crime boss details US gun smuggling jpak Wed Jul-06-11 05:00 PM14
- Big Federal Government is Bad, Big State Government is Good [View All] mikeb302000 Wed Jul-06-11 04:12 PM37
- VIRGINIA: Colleges don't have authority to ban concealed carry on campus. GreenStormClo... Wed Jul-06-11 02:54 PM6
- Man upset with fireworks, charged with firing gun jpak Wed Jul-06-11 02:26 PM4
- Lorain man celebrates holiday with gun, not fireworks jpak Wed Jul-06-11 02:25 PM1
- Police: Child's shooting was accidental, self-inflicted jpak Wed Jul-06-11 02:24 PM1
- jpak Wed Jul-06-11 02:23 PM4
- Trenton cops: Angry son points gun at Mommy Dearest ... and other crimes jpak Wed Jul-06-11 02:21 PM3
- Chicago Moves Toward Gun Ranges as Permitting Process Encumbers Owners RamboLiberal Wed Jul-06-11 01:59 PM14
- Concealed Weapons Permit Holder VS Would-Be Armed Robber. drpepper67 Wed Jul-06-11 11:50 AM1
- Illinois Gun Owner ID Publication Exemption Approved [View All] mikeb302000 Wed Jul-06-11 11:10 AM29
- NYT: Some With Histories of Mental Illness Petition to Get Their Gun Rights Back [View All] enough Tue Jul-05-11 07:03 PM20
- NJ Officials say, "Semi-automatic machine gun seized" [View All] virginia moun... Tue Jul-05-11 06:48 PM51
- Corbett signs bill on right to use deadly force (Pennsylvania - More backlash) [View All] shadowrider Tue Jul-05-11 03:34 PM29
- Course on guns changed my mind [View All] virginia moun... Tue Jul-05-11 03:00 PM48
- Parents Fight Gun Range Next to School [View All] jpak Tue Jul-05-11 02:22 PM48
- What characteristics should "sporting" weapons have in common with "tactical" ones? [View All] krispos42 Tue Jul-05-11 01:25 PM45
- NY Times: Firearms Bureau Finds Itself in a Rough Patch alp227 Tue Jul-05-11 01:16 PM7
- Urge Your U.S. Senator To Sign Sen. Moran's Letter To The Pres. Opposing The UN Arms Trade Treaty shadowrider Mon Jul-04-11 02:31 PM5
- Illinois: Firearm Owners Identification Card FOIA Exemption Bill Signed into Law Today (2 days ago) shadowrider Mon Jul-04-11 01:20 PM4
- Delaware Lack of Wisdom mikeb302000 Mon Jul-04-11 08:15 AM12
- Democrats seek crackdown on gun trafficking (Backlash) [View All] jpak Mon Jul-04-11 02:39 AM49
- Man follows bicyclist home and pulls gun for 'standing slightly off-center' in line. [View All] onehandle Sun Jul-03-11 09:26 PM32
- Suit seeks to halt harassment of citizens carrying firearms in Wheeling [View All] Bold Lib Sun Jul-03-11 01:47 PM70
- Tully: New gun law is prime example of bad legislation [View All] jpak Sun Jul-03-11 01:37 PM21
- Frederica man charged after threatening father with gun struggle4prog... Sun Jul-03-11 01:27 PM3
- Western Pa. boy, 3, dies after shooting self jpak Sun Jul-03-11 12:54 PM14
- And by "gun loons" I mean "insane people with guns". [View All] Warren Stupid... Sun Jul-03-11 11:21 AM27
- Man who helped smuggle guns to Mexican drug cartel gets more than 9 years jpak Sun Jul-03-11 08:57 AM10
- Nightmare Scenario: Cheesehead with a gun [View All] jpak Sun Jul-03-11 01:06 AM24
- Local police back concealed carry bill (Wisconsin) shadowrider Sun Jul-03-11 01:04 AM8
- Weapons linked to controversial ATF strategy found in Valley crimes Bold Lib Sun Jul-03-11 12:44 AM7
- OHIO: Governor signs two pro-RKBA bills into law. CCW OK in restaurants that serve alcohol. [View All] GreenStormClo... Sat Jul-02-11 10:34 PM32
- Question for parents who are gun owners: [View All] Orrex Sat Jul-02-11 10:26 PM31
- If you don't want guns in your restaurant, just post a sign--THEN WE WILL BOYCOTT YOU [View All] Kolesar Sat Jul-02-11 10:20 PM179
- Is Garry McCarthy Right About Gun Laws Being Racist? [View All] virginia moun... Sat Jul-02-11 09:07 PM105
- Concealed weapons law hits streets Friday (Wyoming - IF this is the "backlash", I want more of it) shadowrider Sat Jul-02-11 08:31 PM2
- [View All] shadowrider Sat Jul-02-11 04:45 PM23
- Man with gun repels crowd of rioters trying to assault him. Atypical Libe... Sat Jul-02-11 01:11 PM13
- Banning Gun Imports jpak Sat Jul-02-11 12:17 PM12
- [View All] kpete Sat Jul-02-11 12:04 PM342
- Britain says it's OK to use a knife or poker to defend your home. [View All] Atypical Libe... Sat Jul-02-11 01:48 AM57
- Here's another chapter in "All AK-47 All the Time" book... SteveW Sat Jul-02-11 12:09 AM8
- Tea Party group plans to sue Helena over gun ordinance [View All] RamboLiberal Fri Jul-01-11 11:24 PM22
- "Only the police should have guns" MicaelS Fri Jul-01-11 07:52 PM16
- (Moran) NRA Boss: Obama's Gone in 2012 [View All] jpak Fri Jul-01-11 06:21 PM85
- Atlanta ATF & APD Gun sale sting nets 373 weapons, 49 suspects RamboLiberal Fri Jul-01-11 06:04 PM17
- WYOMING: "Concealed weapons law hits streets Friday" [View All] friendly_icon... Fri Jul-01-11 05:35 PM29
- Weapons linked to controversial ATF strategy found in Valley crimes beevul Fri Jul-01-11 05:21 PM11
- Authorities: Live bullets fired at Old West show [View All] n2doc Fri Jul-01-11 04:59 PM54
- City Looks To Crack Down on Gun Seeking Car Burglars [View All] jpak Fri Jul-01-11 04:41 PM23
- Concealed Carry holder shoots assailants, receives medal. [View All] Atypical Libe... Fri Jul-01-11 03:46 PM35
- jpak Fri Jul-01-11 11:58 AM0
- Obama talks Gunwalker, ATF will have to cough up documents TPaine7 Fri Jul-01-11 11:15 AM9
- Juror in Pittsburgh 3x Police Murder Trial on Firearms Ownership: "There's got to be a limit." [View All] John1956PA Thu Jun-30-11 06:40 PM27
- I guess *some* Australians didn't get the memo. friendly_icon... Thu Jun-30-11 11:29 AM4
- Forgetful cop leaves rifle on trunk of car RamboLiberal Thu Jun-30-11 09:36 AM15
- PENNSYLVANIA: Governor Signs Castle Docrine Bill Into Law. [View All] GreenStormClo... Thu Jun-30-11 09:28 AM33
- Special report: Mich Concealed gun law turns 10 years old-Blood didn't run in streets as predicted [View All] RamboLiberal Thu Jun-30-11 09:06 AM82
- Today in history: [View All] discntnt_irny... Thu Jun-30-11 08:55 AM44
- INDIA: High Court (Madras) Rules Individual Citizens Cannot Be Denied Guns. GreenStormClo... Thu Jun-30-11 07:59 AM2
- Man, 66, Shoots Alleged Attacker in Groin Common Sense ... Wed Jun-29-11 08:25 PM9
- Update: Weapons Dealer facing charges after 3 wounded at gun show(2 ND's) RamboLiberal Wed Jun-29-11 07:05 PM6
- Teens brought gun to fistfight, killed SMN student jpak Wed Jun-29-11 03:34 PM18
- Gun Control Survives The Supreme Court [View All] jpak Wed Jun-29-11 12:34 PM24
- Gun owner says weapon that killed child not securely locked jpak Wed Jun-29-11 12:08 PM13
- [View All] hack89 Wed Jun-29-11 12:00 PM46
- Bellevue v. Big Apple: SAF files for summary judgment in permit case [View All] Bold Lib Wed Jun-29-11 11:51 AM60
- Man fires gun twice to scare off teens near Appleton, sheriff's deputies say jpak Wed Jun-29-11 11:19 AM4
- Airport Deputies Find Gun In Passenger's Bag jpak Wed Jun-29-11 10:30 AM5
- Attended an Interesting Second Amendment Talk Today Sponsored by the Local ACLU LAGC Wed Jun-29-11 04:48 AM2
- Boy, 15, dead after gun accident jpak Wed Jun-29-11 02:48 AM0
- Mayors invoke terrorism for gun control argument RamboLiberal Wed Jun-29-11 02:37 AM12
- Is there a legal (or moral or ethical) duty to shop at a store with policies you oppose? [View All] TPaine7 Wed Jun-29-11 12:20 AM143
- Fiscal responsibility [View All] Katya Mulleth... Wed Jun-29-11 12:09 AM212
- Stepfather pleads no contest in Fresno child shooting death RamboLiberal Tue Jun-28-11 05:20 PM1
- Self delete dupe RamboLiberal Tue Jun-28-11 05:01 PM1
- When a Terrorist Wants to Buy a Gun [View All] jpak Tue Jun-28-11 04:18 PM37
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