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- Looks like the BATF and the Anti's, just got told "NO".. backlash continues. virginia moun... Tue Jul-19-11 09:32 PM7
- Sheriff's deputy kills his ex-wife in Virginia parking lot [View All] MyrnaLoy Tue Jul-19-11 08:54 PM72
- Woman fires at dog, kills husband [View All] MyrnaLoy Tue Jul-19-11 01:41 PM30
- virginia moun... Tue Jul-19-11 12:17 PM19
- Guns For Home Defense? Who Needs 'em? tucsonlib Tue Jul-19-11 08:55 AM7
- Where Have the War Protesters Gone? mikeb302000 Tue Jul-19-11 08:19 AM0
- Whitefish Bay bans guns in village buildings, other cities considering jpak Tue Jul-19-11 07:54 AM10
- Family of U.S. agent slain in Mexico demands to know gun source Hoopla Phil Mon Jul-18-11 09:42 PM4
- I guess the robber couldn't read the "no guns" sign. [View All] drpepper67 Mon Jul-18-11 05:15 PM30
- Gun-smuggling cartel figures possibly were paid FBI informants spin Mon Jul-18-11 05:12 PM3
- Question about felon's gun rights BeFree Mon Jul-18-11 04:56 PM4
- An video update from the shooter who managed to shoot himself in the leg ... [View All] spin Mon Jul-18-11 04:47 PM36
- Attempted Barber Shop Robbery Turns Deadly virginia moun... Mon Jul-18-11 04:01 PM11
- Governor Rick Perry NRA Convention Greeting safeinOhio Mon Jul-18-11 01:07 PM3
- Guns in Arizona: Killing in self-defense led to misery for man [View All] Logical Mon Jul-18-11 10:05 AM37
- The antis seem way more worried about honest citizens having guns than.... [View All] Logical Mon Jul-18-11 04:10 AM67
- LA Times: "Gun-smuggling cartel figures possibly were paid FBI informants" friendly_icon... Sun Jul-17-11 10:19 PM6
- 19 mass shooting committed by CWP holders [View All] MyrnaLoy Sun Jul-17-11 09:55 PM132
- NJ corrections officer thwarts armed robbery attempt - thug killed. -..__... Sun Jul-17-11 08:50 PM5
- Should Democrats support GOP-sponsored "Concealed Guns on Campus" laws? (Poll) [View All] jpak Sun Jul-17-11 07:17 PM52
- Guns for Me but not for Thee? [View All] RSillsbee Sun Jul-17-11 07:05 PM26
- New Del. Law Prohibits Drinking With a Gun [View All] jpak Sun Jul-17-11 06:55 PM25
- I Just F***ING Shot Myself - This will be a YouTube Classic [View All] RamboLiberal Sun Jul-17-11 05:40 PM63
- ICE agent who left gun behind isn't first (left on baby changing table) RamboLiberal Sun Jul-17-11 05:15 PM6
- CCWer Shot Robber GreenStormClo... Sun Jul-17-11 12:59 PM6
- Woman shoots at puppy, kills husband instead... joeybee12 Sun Jul-17-11 12:50 PM12
- (Moran) GOP creates pro-gun group jpak Sun Jul-17-11 12:49 PM7
- Burglary Turned Homicide: Title FAIL ileus Sun Jul-17-11 12:36 PM10
- What about the AWB? discntnt_irny... Sun Jul-17-11 10:45 AM17
- Is Obama Ready To Take On The Gun Lobby? [View All] jpak Sun Jul-17-11 10:28 AM32
- The racist roots of gun control..... [View All] AzWorker Sun Jul-17-11 12:44 AM52
- Police: Miss. woman shooting at dog kills husband n2doc Sun Jul-17-11 12:19 AM9
- Permit Holder shoots man who attacked him while he was stopped at an intersection drpepper67 Sat Jul-16-11 11:55 PM18
- Just some basic wisdom... discntnt_irny... Sat Jul-16-11 10:15 PM18
- To piggy back on recent polls, gejohnston Sat Jul-16-11 05:50 PM1
- Former Columbus mayor pleads guilty to gun-running... east texas li... Sat Jul-16-11 05:14 PM2
- drpepper67 Sat Jul-16-11 03:38 PM6
- Guns and alcohol: Gun owners drink more and take more risks, study says [View All] jpak Sat Jul-16-11 03:20 PM67
- Should Democrats support GOP-sponsored "Concealed Guns at Sporting Events" laws? (Poll) jpak Sat Jul-16-11 03:08 PM13
- A comment and question. . [View All] digonswine Sat Jul-16-11 01:35 PM47
- Charges filed in death of girl, 11, hit by bullet on July Fourth [View All] proud2BlibKan... Sat Jul-16-11 01:28 PM64
- Glenmary man told police he was 'scared and confused' before accidentally shooting 12-year-old jpak Sat Jul-16-11 01:25 PM11
- Will Gunwalker export violations bust criminal investigation wide open? Hoopla Phil Sat Jul-16-11 01:06 PM4
- Should Democrats support GOP-sponsored "Concealed Guns in Bars" laws? (Poll) jpak Sat Jul-16-11 12:37 PM11
- A politician in favor of gun bans and confiscation. discntnt_irny... Sat Jul-16-11 12:08 PM14
- Based on the Violence Policy Centers numbers, Concealed Carry Citizens are safer than the Police!!!! [View All] Logical Sat Jul-16-11 11:14 AM104
- Michigan concealed carry 10 years later - worst fears never materialized. drpepper67 Sat Jul-16-11 10:49 AM2
- Federal Judge Denies (moran) NRA Intervention In Doctor Gun Question Law [View All] jpak Sat Jul-16-11 09:43 AM70
- What about renewing the assault weapons ban? [View All] discntnt_irny... Sat Jul-16-11 09:37 AM22
- 2 more guilty pleas in border gun smuggling case jpak Sat Jul-16-11 09:16 AM1
- Alleged Flasher Who Hoarded Weapons And Ammo Shipped To Mental Ward jpak Sat Jul-16-11 09:10 AM5
- piedmont Sat Jul-16-11 08:56 AM8
- Guns bought at garage sales avoid background check [View All] jpak Sat Jul-16-11 07:19 AM22
- Is this the kind of enlightened society some gun control advocates imagine? [View All] X_Digger Fri Jul-15-11 04:56 PM106
- Gun ownership goes up, violent crime rate goes down. [View All] drpepper67 Fri Jul-15-11 01:52 PM26
- ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson won't stay under the bus. one-eyed fat ... Fri Jul-15-11 01:48 PM16
- 1.1 million gun background checks done in June. On target for 16 million in 2011 Logical Fri Jul-15-11 12:09 PM4
- Ready, aim, misfire [View All] MyrnaLoy Fri Jul-15-11 10:14 AM70
- Yet another criminal thwarted by CCW [View All] drpepper67 Fri Jul-15-11 08:55 AM21
- Ind. boy, 5, accidentally shoots, kills brother, 2, after finding gun in box in family's home jpak Fri Jul-15-11 08:21 AM3
- Home invader shot in his backside by homeowner. drpepper67 Fri Jul-15-11 07:42 AM1
- 4-year-old killed by gun shot jpak Fri Jul-15-11 07:35 AM2
- Victim of shooting takes gun and shoots and kills gunowner. [View All] russ1943 Fri Jul-15-11 06:55 AM50
- Guns, immigration and GOP hypocrisy [View All] struggle4prog... Thu Jul-14-11 11:27 PM20
- Chicago gun range ban struck down by US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals [View All] slackmaster Thu Jul-14-11 08:21 PM26
- D.C. Council poised to reject gun bill [View All] TPaine7 Thu Jul-14-11 02:06 PM46
- Permit Holder Defends Himself (Criminal Fail) drpepper67 Thu Jul-14-11 01:39 PM4
- delete. wrong forum postulater Thu Jul-14-11 01:10 PM0
- Interesting pictoral article on improvised and captured weapons in the Libya revolt. PavePusher Thu Jul-14-11 12:51 PM2
- Sheboygan DA blasts concealed-carry law -Gun rule raises questions of owner privacy, officer safety jpak Thu Jul-14-11 12:43 PM10
- Washington state man sentenced for shooting a man he thought was a sex offender (gun vigilante fail) jpak Thu Jul-14-11 12:18 PM8
- [View All] jpak Thu Jul-14-11 11:55 AM46
- Violence Policy Center makes us CCW license holders look pretty damn good! [View All] Logical Thu Jul-14-11 11:51 AM41
- (13 Y.O. girl shot) East St. louis Police track down missing gun, investigation continues jpak Thu Jul-14-11 11:41 AM3
- Republican (morans) vote to block funding for new gun-sale requirements jpak Thu Jul-14-11 11:27 AM6
- Teen was playing with gun when he shot and killed himself jpak Thu Jul-14-11 11:21 AM9
- A Gun Activist Takes Aim at U.S. Regulatory Power jpak Thu Jul-14-11 11:09 AM4
- Gov. Quinn bars disclosure of gun-permit holders [View All] MyrnaLoy Thu Jul-14-11 10:39 AM58
- Wow, Authorities Really Dropped the Ball on Loughner LAGC Thu Jul-14-11 09:14 AM0
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