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- What do we KNOW about the environmental effects of fracking? [View All] kristopher Mon Nov-14-11 03:35 PM34
- Solar in Japan expected to boom due to beliefs changed by Fukushima kristopher Mon Nov-14-11 03:08 PM3
- On the Road: Elephant loses man's best friend {elephant sanctuary -- tara & bella}} xchrom Mon Nov-14-11 02:35 PM3
- Rich nations could take a page from the developing world tabatha Mon Nov-14-11 01:51 PM0
- Denier Claims GW Research is Discredited by Penn State Sex Scandal wtmusic Mon Nov-14-11 01:24 PM7
- Thinkprogress: The Koch-Funded Scientist Who Came In From the Cold tex-wyo-dem Mon Nov-14-11 01:10 PM0
- Britain steps into row over oil contracts in Kurdistan xchrom Mon Nov-14-11 12:56 PM0
- Peak oil review - November 14 Javaman Mon Nov-14-11 12:04 PM0
- How Fossil Fuels and Slavery May Be Strange Bedfellows wtmusic Mon Nov-14-11 11:24 AM0
- Obama sells bunker-busters to United Arab Emirates: More kindling for the nuclear fire. bananas Mon Nov-14-11 11:04 AM4
- The UK Committee for Climate Change recommends an energy mix of 40% nuclear, 40% renewable [View All] txlibdem Mon Nov-14-11 10:25 AM23
- Drumbeat from the weekend and today... Javaman Mon Nov-14-11 09:13 AM0
- bananas Mon Nov-14-11 04:58 AM5
- Fukushima: a $10 trillion dollar accident bananas Mon Nov-14-11 03:38 AM2
- Frogs, Crickets & Grass Snakes; Queen Wasps & Ripening Tomatoes - Ah, November In England, 2011! hatrack Sun Nov-13-11 08:54 PM3
- Dirty air (aerosols) fosters precipitation extremes (droughts & downpours) OKIsItJustMe Sun Nov-13-11 06:33 PM0
- White House circulated plan to replace DOE Secretary Chu (the plan was "not taken very seriously") OKIsItJustMe Sun Nov-13-11 06:23 PM1
- "New" Silk Road not just foreign policy, but part of U.S. energy policy Dover Sun Nov-13-11 05:49 PM3
- (Marcellus) Drillers using counterinsurgency experts(military psyops) RamboLiberal Sun Nov-13-11 05:48 PM3
- Jump-Starting the Hydrogen Economy: AFC Energy Takes a Back to Basics, Commercial Approach [View All] OKIsItJustMe Sun Nov-13-11 05:43 PM23
- Keystone Delay Unlikely to Stall Giant Oil Companies xchrom Sun Nov-13-11 03:51 PM3
- Growing your way out jpak Sun Nov-13-11 03:43 PM4
- Infant Mortality Rates In Some Milwaukee Neighborhoods Now Worse Than Rates In Guangzhou, China hatrack Sun Nov-13-11 11:35 AM4
- Reassessing the frequency of partial core melt accidents kristopher Sun Nov-13-11 10:37 AM4
- Lipton Tea Produced In China Removed From Shelves - High Levels Of Rare Earth Contaminants - FT hatrack Sun Nov-13-11 10:06 AM11
- Maine residents depending less on oil (45% reduction in 5 years) jpak Sun Nov-13-11 09:55 AM2
- CO2 is killing the planet - yet some are calling for an end to zero carbon nuclear power??? [View All] txlibdem Sun Nov-13-11 08:21 AM63
- Leading article: A black week for green energy (in Britain) OKIsItJustMe Sun Nov-13-11 01:04 AM0
- 'Smog-eating' material breaking into the big time (BBC) {TiO2} eppur_se_muov... Sun Nov-13-11 12:43 AM2
- Fukushima: Consequences of Systemic Problems in Nuclear Plant Design kristopher Sat Nov-12-11 11:07 PM2
- Eon develops wind to hydrogen plant OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 08:40 PM11
- Would you like to know what spcific type of government policy is most effective for clean energy? kristopher Sat Nov-12-11 07:04 PM0
- Future Aussie trucking: silent and green (and powered by fuel cells) OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 04:26 PM6
- What's new on the fusion front? OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 03:49 PM2
- What Should McKibben and the Climate Movement Do Next? bananas Sat Nov-12-11 02:33 PM0
- Newfoundland island tests replacing diesel (generated electricity) with renewable energy OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 02:30 PM1
- OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 02:02 PM1
- Feds ignore Gulf of Mexico oil spill in study of risks associated with oil exploration Dr. Smith Sat Nov-12-11 12:49 PM4
- The Focus Fusion Society Moe Shinola Sat Nov-12-11 12:31 PM2
- A Gold Rush of Subsidies in the Search for Clean Energy OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 11:46 AM2
- Resuts Of Study At Glover's Reef (Belize) Challenge Idea That Protected Status Protects Corals hatrack Sat Nov-12-11 11:43 AM0
- Science - Scombrids & Billfish Species Generally Holding On, But Big Tuna, Marlin In Serious Trouble hatrack Sat Nov-12-11 11:40 AM0
- DOE's Exiting Science Boss Steven Koonin: 'I've Been Effective' OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 11:36 AM0
- Germany to Look for New Nuclear Waste Site OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 11:31 AM0
- One picture is worth oh, about 4,000 words. [View All] wtmusic Sat Nov-12-11 11:29 AM45
- Better (Weather) forecasts put more wind on grid OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 11:08 AM0
- Largest Solar Plant in Central and Eastern Europe Opens in Ukraine OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 11:04 AM0
- Iraq May Not Recognize Kurdish Drilling Contracts xchrom Sat Nov-12-11 11:04 AM0
- Report Gives New Details of Chaos at Stricken Plant (Fukushima Daiichi) OKIsItJustMe Sat Nov-12-11 11:02 AM1
- Mystery Radiation Detected 'Across Europe' (xpost from LBN) bananas Sat Nov-12-11 10:06 AM12
- Would Obama bomb military nuclear weapons facilities in Iran? (poll xpost) bananas Sat Nov-12-11 04:31 AM0
- BBC News: Floating cities for environmental refugees [View All] txlibdem Sat Nov-12-11 01:25 AM46
- New Repub Anti-EPA Video Features Zombies, Jack-o-Lanterns, and Naked Aliens Wearing Ties wtmusic Fri Nov-11-11 11:06 PM2
- kristopher Fri Nov-11-11 09:40 PM18
- Pike River tragedy: Mine boss Peter Whittall charged (BBC) {New Zealand mine disaster} eppur_se_muov... Fri Nov-11-11 08:56 PM3
- N-plant data compromised / Infected server leaked plant designs during recent cyber-attacks kristopher Fri Nov-11-11 08:28 PM1
- Scottish nuclear fuel leak 'will never be completely cleaned up' kristopher Fri Nov-11-11 05:54 PM5
- 'Fracking' chemical found in town's aquifer IDemo Fri Nov-11-11 04:25 PM8
- TED Case Studies: British Nuclear Waste in the Irish Sea kristopher Fri Nov-11-11 04:24 PM3
- Koch Brothers Behind Push To Dismantle EPA GoLeft TV Fri Nov-11-11 03:52 PM6
- Pennsylvania Hunting and Fracking Vie for State Lands RamboLiberal Fri Nov-11-11 03:24 PM1
- Inexpensive renewable hydrogen . . . [View All] OKIsItJustMe Fri Nov-11-11 03:16 PM23
- Ocean Temperatures Can Predict Amazon Fire Season Severity OKIsItJustMe Fri Nov-11-11 03:15 PM0
- Coal Project Hits Snag as a Partner Backs Off groovedaddy Fri Nov-11-11 02:44 PM2
- Researchers Gain Insight into Hundred-Year-Old Haber-Bosch Process OKIsItJustMe Fri Nov-11-11 02:38 PM0
- OKIsItJustMe Fri Nov-11-11 12:39 PM1
- A Light Wave of Innovation to Advance Solar Energy OKIsItJustMe Fri Nov-11-11 12:35 PM8
- Stunning Triumph: Obama Sends Keystone XL Back to State for Re-Review wtmusic Fri Nov-11-11 10:44 AM14
- Drumbeat: November 11, 2011 Javaman Fri Nov-11-11 10:32 AM0
- Human-induced fires sow the seeds of the future xchrom Fri Nov-11-11 06:51 AM0
- Rhino subspecies vanishing from the wild Dover Fri Nov-11-11 04:37 AM3
- China: Yunnan gas-leak mine 'is illegal' (BBC) {21 dead, 22 trapped} eppur_se_muov... Fri Nov-11-11 12:58 AM1
- World has five years to avoid severe warming: IEA NickB79 Fri Nov-11-11 12:14 AM12
- New JRC (EU Joint Research Centre) report highlights risk of rare earth metal shortages OKIsItJustMe Thu Nov-10-11 11:18 PM1
- U.S. Solar Installers Oppose China Trade Complaint kristopher Thu Nov-10-11 10:24 PM19
- EDF (energy company) fined for spying on Greenpeace nuclear campaign Eugene Thu Nov-10-11 08:41 PM1
- Americans using more fossil fuels OKIsItJustMe Thu Nov-10-11 06:09 PM7
- Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Subcommittee (SEAB) on Shale Gas Production Posts Draft Report OKIsItJustMe Thu Nov-10-11 05:14 PM1
- Biofuels, wind power show gains, but hurdles remain OKIsItJustMe Thu Nov-10-11 04:54 PM0
- More than 50-per-cent decline in elephants in eastern Congo due to human conflict: UBC research OKIsItJustMe Thu Nov-10-11 04:23 PM0
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