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- The intermittent, unreliable nature of nuclear power plants kristopher Sun Oct-02-11 05:03 AM13
- bananas Sun Oct-02-11 04:15 AM0
- Y-12 Sentencing Summary bananas Sun Oct-02-11 04:12 AM0
- I have a question about negatively charged surfaces I'd like to ask madokie Sat Oct-01-11 09:23 PM17
- Markey: GOP Picks Risky Nukes Instead Of Clean Renewables (Solyndra) kristopher Sat Oct-01-11 09:19 PM6
- A Quarter of U.S. Nuclear Plants Leaking kristopher Sat Oct-01-11 08:43 PM3
- Radioactive water (tritium) found under Ga. nuke plant OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 07:31 PM10
- Reaping Oil From Discarded Plastic OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 07:11 PM12
- The Japan Times: Wave power excites as next energy source OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 07:08 PM0
- Chiba incineration plant to suspend operations due to high levels of radioactive substances kristopher Sat Oct-01-11 05:56 PM0
- UPS test Hydraulic Hybrid truck expected to achieve 60% - 70% fuel efficiency improvement -urban use Bill USA Sat Oct-01-11 04:40 PM4
- NRC says it must OK restart of Va. nuclear plant kristopher Sat Oct-01-11 04:17 PM1
- With Deaths of Forests, a Loss of Key Climate Protectors OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 04:06 PM1
- Highly toxic plutonium detected in soil 45 km away from Fukushima nuclear complex kristopher Sat Oct-01-11 03:34 PM2
- Ontario wind power bringing down property values alp227 Sat Oct-01-11 03:30 PM5
- NRC Chairman live Q&A with pro- and anti-nuclear bloggers on Oct 4 and 6 bananas Sat Oct-01-11 03:27 PM0
- OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 03:17 PM2
- NRC Safety Committee Signs Off On AP1000 Reactor Design Changes FBaggins Sat Oct-01-11 03:16 PM2
- Discovery of 8,000-Year-Old Artifacts and Fossils in Lake Whitney ChandlerJr Sat Oct-01-11 02:54 PM3
- Climate fix technical test put on hold OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 02:32 PM1
- Scientists and engineers create the 'perfect plastic' OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 02:15 PM7
- At town hall, Perry doubles down on climate skepticism OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 01:52 PM2
- OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 01:15 PM2
- A tithe to the holy mother, Terra.... WheelWalker Sat Oct-01-11 12:12 PM13
- txlibdem Sat Oct-01-11 10:48 AM6
- Helium filled wind turbines to be tested Yo_Mama Sat Oct-01-11 10:16 AM6
- Weeds are vital to the existence of farmland species, study finds OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 10:07 AM16
- Tesla roadster turning heads in Queensland HysteryDiagno... Sat Oct-01-11 10:02 AM4
- OKIsItJustMe Sat Oct-01-11 09:51 AM3
- Federal Court Ruling- oil and gas companies can begin drilling in the Allegheny National Forest appleannie1 Sat Oct-01-11 07:01 AM11
- Two biofuels stories here today mahina Sat Oct-01-11 06:54 AM0
- Paris launches electric car-sharing scheme (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sat Oct-01-11 01:22 AM1
- Canadian Arctic nearly loses entire ice shelf Dover Sat Oct-01-11 12:02 AM0
- USA should only subsidize residential and business rooftops providing solar for those locations.... msongs Fri Sep-30-11 10:34 PM2
- Tool Monkeys! World Getting Less Energy-Efficient, Per Worldwatch Report hatrack Fri Sep-30-11 09:36 PM5
- Energy Department Finalizes $1.2 Billion Loan Guarantee to Support California Solar Generation OKIsItJustMe Fri Sep-30-11 05:24 PM4
- Energy Department Finalizes ($1.46 B) Loan Guarantee to Support California Solar Generation Project OKIsItJustMe Fri Sep-30-11 04:48 PM0
- Energy Department Finalizes $646 Million Loan Guarantee to Support Innovative Solar Power Plant OKIsItJustMe Fri Sep-30-11 04:46 PM0
- Energy Department Finalizes Loan Guarantee for Transformational Rooftop Solar Project OKIsItJustMe Fri Sep-30-11 04:44 PM0
- Reefs recovered faster after (end-Permian) mass extinction than first thought OKIsItJustMe Fri Sep-30-11 04:06 PM7
- Non-electric Ford F-150 hydraulic hybrid could get 40 mpg (city) Bill USA Fri Sep-30-11 03:22 PM12
- UK North Sea Oil Output Below 1MBD - 36.4% Of 1999 Production Peak Of 2.7 MBD hatrack Fri Sep-30-11 02:48 PM0
- Westinghouse Solar Introduces Low-Cost, DIY Home Solar Power Kits kristopher Fri Sep-30-11 02:25 PM10
- Environmental Accounting for Pollution in the United States Economy phantom power Fri Sep-30-11 02:24 PM0
- bananas Fri Sep-30-11 02:23 PM1
- Icing the case for global warming n2doc Fri Sep-30-11 02:16 PM12
- TX State Climatologist - Current Drought Could Endure For Better Part Of A Decade - Reuters hatrack Fri Sep-30-11 02:04 PM5
- (Germany) Utilities Give Away Power as Sun Floods Grid phantom power Fri Sep-30-11 02:01 PM7
- n2doc Fri Sep-30-11 01:42 PM4
- tawadi Fri Sep-30-11 01:29 PM0
- Obama waives sanctions on Iceland whaling Submariner Fri Sep-30-11 12:31 PM8
- North Sea Gas Production Down 25% During Q2; Oil & Associateds Down 16.9% YOY In Same Period hatrack Fri Sep-30-11 12:19 PM0
- Reactors could fail during an earthquake, maker says kristopher Fri Sep-30-11 12:13 PM3
- 12,000 Dengue Cases, 126 Dead Confirmed As Govt. Control Measures Fail In Pakistan hatrack Fri Sep-30-11 12:12 PM0
- "Yergin's Explanation Is So Far Off The Mark It Suggests He Never Read The Paper He Cites." hatrack Fri Sep-30-11 11:45 AM5
- Burma dam: Work halted on divisive Myitsone project (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Fri Sep-30-11 11:27 AM0
- Online antinuclear organizing shifting away from Email to Facebook (and twitter and wordpress) bananas Fri Sep-30-11 11:03 AM3
- Danish Government Eliminates Bjorn Lomborg's Funding - Independent hatrack Fri Sep-30-11 10:56 AM4
- The Necessity of Funding Failure n2doc Fri Sep-30-11 10:08 AM4
- 2nd man charged for fake records at TVA nuke plant kristopher Fri Sep-30-11 09:23 AM0
- The Brown Revolution: Increasing Agricultural Productivity Naturally ("holistic management") bananas Fri Sep-30-11 09:01 AM2
- An Iranian Offer Worth Considering kristopher Fri Sep-30-11 08:41 AM0
- kristopher Fri Sep-30-11 08:41 AM1
- Drumbeat: September 30, 2011 Javaman Fri Sep-30-11 08:36 AM0
- Peak oil notes - September 29 Javaman Fri Sep-30-11 08:36 AM0
- A question about CFL light bulbs. Jamastiene Fri Sep-30-11 08:11 AM3
- Nuking our energy future kristopher Fri Sep-30-11 07:55 AM0
- New Analysis Confirms Sharks Are In Trouble OKIsItJustMe Fri Sep-30-11 03:29 AM2
- kristopher Fri Sep-30-11 12:55 AM2
- National University of Singapore researchers have devised the world's first energy-storage membrane OKIsItJustMe Thu Sep-29-11 08:26 PM1
- Brazil judge halts work on Belo Monte Amazon dam (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Thu Sep-29-11 08:22 PM1
- Construction Complete on 343-megawatt Lower Snake River Wind Farm txlibdem Thu Sep-29-11 05:04 PM2
- SolarReserve completes financing for nation's first commercial scale solar power tower Viking12 Thu Sep-29-11 04:55 PM6
- China: The Black Hole for American Clean Technology and Investment wtmusic Thu Sep-29-11 04:41 PM2
- Rising Volcanic Activity Prompts Evacuations On El Hierro, The Canary Islands phantom power Thu Sep-29-11 03:55 PM6
- 9/27 Drought Monitor; TX Range "Improves" From 98% P/VP To 96% P/VP; Minor Rain Relief In Eastern OK hatrack Thu Sep-29-11 03:16 PM4
- Hearings Puzzle Over Fraser River Sockeye Collapse; Spawning Productivity Down 80%+ In Past 20 Years hatrack Thu Sep-29-11 03:09 PM3
- Nebraskans Well & Truly Pissed About Pipeline Plan - a.k.a. The Newest Environmental Protesters hatrack Thu Sep-29-11 12:37 PM1
- Geology? Markets? 150+ Years Of Mining? No, No - Evil Regulations Behind Falling Coal Output! hatrack Thu Sep-29-11 12:29 PM1
- NYT - Shanghai Struggling Against Implacable Rise Of Ocean hatrack Thu Sep-29-11 12:12 PM0
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