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- Michigan is most improved state for energy efficiency, report shows marmar Thu Oct-20-11 03:11 PM1
- Ooops: "FirstEnergy Falls After Report of Nuclear Reactor Cracks" [View All] kristopher Thu Oct-20-11 12:53 PM26
- U.S. solar manufacturers seek duties against China FBaggins Thu Oct-20-11 11:28 AM1
- 4.6 Earthquake Near San Antonio, Texas (Karnes City) - more fracking?!!! Dover Thu Oct-20-11 11:17 AM3
- wtmusic Thu Oct-20-11 10:35 AM0
- Links in the chain: Global carbon emissions and consumption OKIsItJustMe Thu Oct-20-11 08:34 AM19
- Peak oil notes - October 20 Javaman Thu Oct-20-11 07:59 AM0
- German TV-channel ZDF talks with workers at Fukushima Dai-ichi (german, english subs) (video xpost) bananas Thu Oct-20-11 07:43 AM3
- Study Links (Pesticides &) Pollutants to a 450 Percent Increase in Risk of Birth Defects (in China) OKIsItJustMe Thu Oct-20-11 07:20 AM2
- Spain eliminates three marine bird sanctuaries to avoid diplomatic spats xchrom Thu Oct-20-11 07:09 AM0
- GOP candidates line up against Yucca Mountain kristopher Thu Oct-20-11 06:19 AM5
- Japan Reconsiders Plan to Cut Carbon Emissions FBaggins Thu Oct-20-11 04:30 AM6
- New Saudi Arabias of solar energy: Himalaya Mountains, Andes, Antarctica OKIsItJustMe Thu Oct-20-11 04:16 AM16
- Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack bananas Thu Oct-20-11 04:02 AM4
- Keystone XL pipeline corruption investigation n2doc Thu Oct-20-11 03:51 AM6
- Should private companies own our most precious resource? Should fresh water be a traded commodity? Dover Thu Oct-20-11 02:53 AM7
- Safety First, Fracking Second n2doc Wed Oct-19-11 10:39 PM2
- China Wind Power Capacity Could Reach 1,000 GW by 2050 n2doc Wed Oct-19-11 08:39 PM0
- NASA EO Imagery - Algae Bloom In Lake Erie "Worst In Decades" hatrack Wed Oct-19-11 08:30 PM2
- Xcel threatens to cut solar rebates, energy-efficiency programs for Boulder customers harvey007 Wed Oct-19-11 08:29 PM1
- Five Million In Sindh Province Struggling W. Floods; Donor Response "Pathetic", Aid Workers Note hatrack Wed Oct-19-11 06:43 PM2
- UN Report On Tuvalu; More Extreme Weather, Flooding & Soil Salination Killing Crops; Rainfall Short hatrack Wed Oct-19-11 05:48 PM0
- In "Emotional" Appearance, Thai PM Pleads For Forgiveness, Solidarity As Flood Situation Worsens hatrack Wed Oct-19-11 05:44 PM0
- Gee, What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong With Introducing Invasive Insect To US To Eat Kudzu? [View All] hatrack Wed Oct-19-11 04:47 PM25
- OKIsItJustMe Wed Oct-19-11 02:35 PM0
- Attention Golfers: you are driving an electric vehicle! (the golf cart) txlibdem Wed Oct-19-11 02:18 PM10
- France: the end of a 40-year political consensus on the merits of nuclear power [View All] kristopher Wed Oct-19-11 01:42 PM40
- Fukushima crisis: Can Japan be at the forefront of an authentic paradigm shift? By Mycle Schneider bananas Wed Oct-19-11 01:35 PM1
- Keystone XL Already Threatening US Farmers, Ranchers W. Condemnation For Pipeline Route hatrack Wed Oct-19-11 12:12 PM7
- USAID promoting GM and GE seeds in Nepal Shanti Mama Wed Oct-19-11 11:31 AM4
- It's time for another OP about... FLOATING CITIES MADE BY ROBOTS [View All] txlibdem Wed Oct-19-11 10:16 AM39
- South Texas Winds Push 8,000-foot High Dust Cloud Into Lubbock At Rush Hour Monday hatrack Wed Oct-19-11 09:43 AM14
- Republicans Tell Farmers EPA Will Penalize Them For the Dust They Create wtmusic Wed Oct-19-11 09:39 AM2
- St. Pete Times: Don't put customers on hook for Progress Energy nuclear plant repair Kolesar Wed Oct-19-11 09:34 AM2
- TED Talks: Recycling all kinds of plastic Speck Tater Wed Oct-19-11 09:34 AM6
- Drumbeat: October 19, 2011 Javaman Wed Oct-19-11 09:33 AM0
- Showdown: Money vs. Environment wtmusic Wed Oct-19-11 07:05 AM4
- International Team Crafts Plan for Feeding the World While Protecting the Planet OKIsItJustMe Wed Oct-19-11 06:03 AM5
- Across N. Canadian Arctic, Lakes Shrinking, Disappearing - 6700 KM2 Vanish From 2000 To 2009 hatrack Wed Oct-19-11 05:48 AM9
- On Tokelau Water Supply Will Fail By This Weekend; Tuvalu Crops Dying hatrack Wed Oct-19-11 03:55 AM2
- Problems seen in Olkiluoto-type project in China (French nuclear reactor project in Finland) kristopher Wed Oct-19-11 03:37 AM3
- Where Did Global Warming Go? n2doc Wed Oct-19-11 03:12 AM19
- 27-story "Vertical Forest" under construction in downtown Milan wtmusic Wed Oct-19-11 02:50 AM2
- Trees have a tipping point OKIsItJustMe Tue Oct-18-11 07:33 PM5
- French-Style Nuclear Reprocessing Will Not Solve U.S. Nuclear Waste Problems kristopher Tue Oct-18-11 06:50 PM16
- OKIsItJustMe Tue Oct-18-11 05:41 PM19
- Atlantic Bluefin "Certification" System Riddled W. Fraud - 2X More Than Reported Actually Caught hatrack Tue Oct-18-11 04:19 PM1
- arpa-e for energy kristopher Tue Oct-18-11 02:56 PM0
- kristopher Tue Oct-18-11 02:02 PM1
- Drought Fueling Biggest TX Gulf Coast Red Tide Bloom In 10+ Years - Galveston To S. Padre hatrack Tue Oct-18-11 01:57 PM3
- Invisible Hand Report - Chinese Pork Knuckles Soaked In Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hydroxide - Yum! hatrack Tue Oct-18-11 01:53 PM2
- After 10 Yrs Planning, BLM Opens 90% Of Little Snake Area In NW CO To Drilling; Oil Industry Whines hatrack Tue Oct-18-11 01:27 PM3
- NOAA - La Nina Likely To Continue Arizona's Decade Long Drought Through Winter hatrack Tue Oct-18-11 12:44 PM0
- From Tropics to Poles: Study Reveals Diversity of Life in Soils OKIsItJustMe Tue Oct-18-11 12:30 PM2
- Using Fossil Resources to Stimulate Growth is Like Stimulating Growth With Debt kristopher Tue Oct-18-11 12:18 PM1
- I routinely pan biofuels for use in automobiles, but for heavy lifting like aviation... kristopher Tue Oct-18-11 11:54 AM0
- (Japan) Investigation of faults under nuclear plant to resume kristopher Tue Oct-18-11 11:16 AM0
- (UK) Energy firms' profits per customer rise 733%, says Ofgem kristopher Tue Oct-18-11 11:14 AM0
- US rivers and streams saturated with carbon OKIsItJustMe Tue Oct-18-11 11:03 AM3
- Battery Research: Bionics Reduces Filling Time (Significantly Reduces Production Costs) OKIsItJustMe Tue Oct-18-11 10:56 AM0
- Norwegian Polar Institute Now Projects Potential For Seasonal Arctic Sea Ice Disappearance By 2020 hatrack Tue Oct-18-11 10:21 AM3
- Trees 'boost African crop yields and food security' (BBC) {nitrogen fixation} eppur_se_muov... Tue Oct-18-11 10:03 AM3
- Der Spiegel: The Death of the Kyoto Process marmar Tue Oct-18-11 09:47 AM0
- Environmental Accounting for Pollution in the United States Economy (IOW, coal sucks) Viking12 Tue Oct-18-11 09:19 AM0
- Fumigation nation: Battling pesticide use in California marmar Tue Oct-18-11 09:04 AM1
- What the hell is FLIBE? wtmusic Mon Oct-17-11 07:44 PM14
- Treedom! Dover Mon Oct-17-11 04:26 PM0
- Study: Fukushima storage pool was vulnerable to aftershocks kristopher Mon Oct-17-11 02:15 PM0
- Climate Change causes organisms to shrink n2doc Mon Oct-17-11 12:21 PM2
- Post-Fukushima, France breaks silence on nuclear safety kristopher Mon Oct-17-11 11:22 AM0
- Radioactive Strontium Detected in Yokohama - High Radiation Levels Detected in Tokyo kristopher Mon Oct-17-11 11:10 AM19
- US/Japan nuke industry plan to make Mongolia a nuclear waste dump quashed by public kristopher Mon Oct-17-11 10:58 AM3
- GM to College Males: Trade that Bicycle for a GMC Truck and You Might Get Laid wtmusic Mon Oct-17-11 10:52 AM4
- Guardian - Obama Administration Approves BP's Return To GOM Oil Bidding Process hatrack Mon Oct-17-11 09:40 AM10
- During Worst 1-Yr Drought Ever, TX GOP Refused Action On $3.25/Resident Charge For Water Supply hatrack Mon Oct-17-11 09:39 AM2
- Peak oil review - October 17 Javaman Mon Oct-17-11 08:22 AM0
- Drumbeat from the weekend and today... Javaman Mon Oct-17-11 08:22 AM0
- New report says roughly HALF of human-made greenhouse gas emissions are from our food system bananas Mon Oct-17-11 04:18 AM16
- Anybody remember my post here about the "aesthetically pleasing wind turbine" back in May? Dover Sun Oct-16-11 10:07 PM8
- Michael Mariotte statement to NRC on petition to close Mark I reactors. [View All] bananas Sun Oct-16-11 08:50 PM27
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