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- Rush and his Haiti comments Ihaterush Fri Jan-22-10 01:56 PM4
- struggle4prog... Mon Jan-18-10 06:10 PM18
- Obama birthplace lawyer denied new trial (Orange County Register) struggle4prog... Fri Jan-15-10 02:10 AM4
- Condoleezza Rice for President of the USA in 2012. [View All] Peter Dow Thu Jan-14-10 07:11 PM58
- Glenn Beck Accuses Liberals of Coordinating Birther Phone Calls (WAsh Indy | 4 Jan) struggle4prog... Sun Jan-10-10 01:23 AM6
- Great Birther Moments In 2009 struggle4prog... Sun Jan-03-10 08:41 PM0
- Charles Lincoln and Orly Taitz: A Love That Will Never Die struggle4prog... Sun Jan-03-10 07:16 PM4
- The measurable, quantifiable, dumbness of Sarah Palin RealityInSeat... Mon Dec-28-09 09:55 PM2
- Mary Matalin, Liar struggle4prog... Mon Dec-28-09 08:11 PM2
- Palin rides the 'birther' bandwagon (Guardian) struggle4prog... Thu Dec-24-09 11:56 AM2
- Palin fans can't read book TheRepublican... Wed Dec-23-09 12:20 PM2
- Poll: Sarah Palin, Choice of the Limbaugh Listener struggle4prog... Wed Dec-23-09 12:18 PM4
- At a seminar on sexual harassment in the workplace rocktivity Thu Dec-17-09 09:21 AM3
- Managed-Care Cos Rise As Lieberman Opposes Medicare Buy-In struggle4prog... Tue Dec-15-09 03:27 PM2
- Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, represented by attorney Orly Taitz, has appeal dismissed by 11th Circuit struggle4prog... Mon Dec-14-09 03:15 PM0
- God Hates Newt Gingrinch TheRepublican... Wed Dec-02-09 06:03 PM1
- Your Week in Birthers (Wash Indy) struggle4prog... Tue Dec-01-09 10:35 PM1
- Will distorted stolen CRU emails to argue against climate change legislation struggle4prog... Mon Nov-30-09 02:49 PM2
- What do you think of this display of ignorance by conservatives on Yahoo Answers ? Progressivism Fri Nov-27-09 06:59 PM7
- Poll: Iowans skeptical about Palin struggle4prog... Mon Nov-23-09 01:19 PM2
- Is this a Photo Shop job? pnorman Sun Nov-22-09 11:34 AM7
- Palin Book Could Be Your Cheapest Source For Winter Fuel struggle4prog... Sat Nov-21-09 08:55 AM3
- Palin Contradicts Her Own Version Of Events With Oprah struggle4prog... Thu Nov-19-09 01:34 PM8
- NY-23: Hoffman Campaign Looks at Overturning the Election struggle4prog... Thu Nov-19-09 05:59 AM5
- Whatever it is, it is not Sarah Palin's fault. Whether it's the emotional damage her daughter struggle4prog... Mon Nov-16-09 07:28 PM0
- Palin e-mails still a secret; what are they trying to hide? (ADN) struggle4prog... Sun Nov-15-09 01:06 PM3
- Palin misleads on aerial hunting struggle4prog... Sun Nov-15-09 08:21 AM4
- Palin attacks "Democrat lawmaker" who's actually a Republican struggle4prog... Sun Nov-15-09 06:36 AM7
- Palin .. falsehood that Obama opposed "protect[ing] babies born alive after botched abortions" struggle4prog... Sun Nov-15-09 12:05 AM0
- Palin still distorting NY Times article to defend "palling around with terrorists" claim struggle4prog... Sun Nov-15-09 12:03 AM0
- Palin .. falsely claiming stimulus money for .. efficiency she vetoed required tougher building code struggle4prog... Sun Nov-15-09 12:02 AM0
- PolitiFact: In recent statement, Bachmann's pants are 'on fire' struggle4prog... Sat Nov-14-09 05:54 PM3
- Palin accidentally burns her own book TheRepublican... Sat Nov-14-09 05:25 PM2
- struggle4prog... Sat Nov-14-09 07:04 AM15
- GOP congressman: President Obama an "enemy of humanity" struggle4prog... Fri Nov-13-09 10:53 AM3
- Limbaugh, Palin urge Right wing to step up efforts to purge moderates from Republican Party struggle4prog... Fri Nov-13-09 09:05 AM9
- Orly Taitz: If the Military Was Smarter, It Could Have Prevented Fort Hood struggle4prog... Wed Nov-11-09 10:18 AM7
- Republican judge stands alone in Dallas County struggle4prog... Sun Nov-08-09 03:56 AM0
- Steele warns wayward Republicans: 'We'll come after you' struggle4prog... Thu Nov-05-09 04:31 PM4
- Republicans revel in wins but ideological fissures loom (WaPo) struggle4prog... Thu Nov-05-09 09:15 AM2
- Is The Tea Party Over? struggle4prog... Wed Nov-04-09 06:02 PM1
- Tea Party Activists Are The New GOP (via NPR: Nichols | The Nation) struggle4prog... Mon Nov-02-09 05:50 PM2
- Obama to enslave white people, says GOP TheRepublican... Thu Oct-29-09 05:51 PM14
- Nazipalooza: A Closer Look at the Right's Obsession With Obama/Holocaust Imagery struggle4prog... Thu Oct-29-09 11:14 AM6
- Obama birthplace lawyer submits suspect document struggle4prog... Wed Oct-28-09 08:32 PM9
- Right-wing smear machine falls for fake Obama quote labeled as "satire" (Media Matters) struggle4prog... Sat Oct-24-09 06:16 AM4
- Orly Taitz: natural-born litigator (OC Register) struggle4prog... Fri Oct-23-09 03:47 PM5
- Hating the Hate Crimes Bill struggle4prog... Thu Oct-15-09 06:16 AM0
- ... Reached at her law office in California, Taitz said she was in the middle of reading Land's struggle4prog... Wed Oct-14-09 08:34 AM5
- President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win mocked in GOP fundraising letter struggle4prog... Sat Oct-10-09 04:12 PM9
- Limbaugh: Obama Nobel more embarrassing than Olympics loss (Salon re: Wingnut Reactions) struggle4prog... Sat Oct-10-09 07:11 AM2
- Bachmann: "I have no reason to doubt that (Obama) wasn't born in the United States" struggle4prog... Wed Oct-07-09 10:36 AM8
- August and September Insights from Trent Franks (R - Where the Sun Don't Shine) struggle4prog... Wed Oct-07-09 05:14 AM0
- McCaughey cited McKalip, who forwarded Obama witch doctor image (Media Matters) struggle4prog... Tue Oct-06-09 08:22 PM0
- Tax and Spend Boojatta Mon Oct-05-09 02:03 PM2
- Rev. Rick Scarborough: Schoolchildren Singing for Obama Raises Specter of Dictatorship struggle4prog... Wed Sep-30-09 10:23 PM4
- struggle4prog... Wed Sep-30-09 10:45 AM10
- Judge lets Orly Taitz withdraw as Capt. Connie Rhodes lawyer struggle4prog... Wed Sep-30-09 03:51 AM4
- Huckabee Calls For Destruction of UN: "It Has Become the International Equivalent of Acorn" struggle4prog... Tue Sep-29-09 11:16 PM3
- Rep. Steve King: Defund the SEIU or the Left Will Reform, Like the Communists struggle4prog... Tue Sep-29-09 10:10 PM3
- Bachmann's still talking about a "one-world currency" struggle4prog... Tue Sep-29-09 10:08 PM2
- Canada should be invading us any day now (Koppelman | Salon) struggle4prog... Tue Sep-22-09 09:38 PM1
- Notes From an Exclusive Interview With Orly Taitz (Rolling Stone) struggle4prog... Tue Sep-22-09 01:57 PM5
- Orly Taitz's Client Files A Complaint Against Her struggle4prog... Sun Sep-20-09 05:19 PM5
- Cheney: Somali pirates responsible for 9/11 TheRepublican... Fri Sep-18-09 01:15 PM4
- Kanye West hired by Republicans to heckle President TheRepublican... Tue Sep-15-09 05:13 PM0
- Ron Paul: 'Pretty sad' that Limbaugh is GOP leader (Raw) [View All] struggle4prog... Mon Sep-14-09 05:31 AM22
- House speaker calls for Sanford to resign struggle4prog... Thu Sep-10-09 11:15 PM1
- 10 of the Most Obscenely Stupid Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories and Attacks Against the President struggle4prog... Tue Sep-08-09 11:52 PM0
- [View All] sabra Tue Sep-08-09 04:04 AM23
- Mitt Romney eager to lose 2012 election TheRepublican... Sat Sep-05-09 07:34 PM0
- Obama to enslave white people, says GOP TheRepublican... Sat Sep-05-09 05:28 PM3
- struggle4prog... Sat Sep-05-09 04:50 AM10
- Full Cheney Panic (Andrew Sullivan) struggle4prog... Fri Sep-04-09 08:36 PM17
- Richard Cheney is Martin Borman Cobalt-60 Mon Aug-31-09 08:37 AM0
- Romney paves way for possible '12 run Eugene Thu Aug-27-09 03:45 PM4
- Obama v. Limbaugh: Poll finds it's no contest struggle4prog... Wed Aug-26-09 03:41 PM8
- Rush Limbaugh regrets not holding Michael Jackson TheRepublican... Tue Aug-18-09 10:26 PM4
- Mitt Romney eager to lose 2012 election TheRepublican... Tue Aug-18-09 10:26 PM6
- Palin baby to be sacrificed to volcano gods TheRepublican... Tue Aug-18-09 10:23 PM3
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