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- A fascinating look behind the photos of Abu Ghraib in "Standard Operating Procedure" struggle4prog... Sat May-17-08 10:59 PM0
- Olbermann vs. Gregory One Sweet Wor... Fri May-16-08 12:01 AM6
- Olbermann To Bush: "This War Is Not About You...Shut The Hell Up!" DeepModem Mom Thu May-15-08 10:59 AM6
- Did anyone hear Noron O'Donnell today mitchtv Wed May-14-08 10:27 PM3
- Wait for it, darlings (Olbermann) Miss Authorit... Wed May-14-08 10:12 PM18
- Chris "Tweety" Matthews tells us about "older women" DeepModem Mom Wed May-14-08 04:10 PM13
- Networks Dismiss Hillary Landslide DeepModem Mom Wed May-14-08 03:51 PM7
- Hillaryland Hits Back at MSNBC DeepModem Mom Tue May-13-08 09:50 PM4
- GRIT TV with Laura Flanders will air Mon-Friday, 8 pm et oldgrowth Tue May-13-08 03:58 AM2
- NBC's Primary Source for Election '08: Chuck Todd Keeps The Numbers Flowing DeepModem Mom Mon May-12-08 11:23 PM5
- Murdoch quits US newspaper fight (BBC) {Newsday takeover bid} eppur_se_muov... Mon May-12-08 10:16 AM1
- Clinton campaign disavows MSNBC One Sweet Wor... Fri May-09-08 02:22 PM15
- A Challege to DU: Reframing the Abortion Debate texshelters Fri May-09-08 01:49 PM6
- Cleveland councilor Santiago is challenged by Plain Dealer stories Algorem Fri May-09-08 12:36 AM0
- Penn Jillette Makes Hillary "White B*tch" Joke On MSNBC, Joe & Mika Condemn Him DeepModem Mom Wed May-07-08 10:25 PM13
- CBS And Its 8:09 PM Indiana Call DeepModem Mom Wed May-07-08 03:21 PM3
- "Does MSNBC officially support Obama?" Matthews: "Well, it's not official." DeepModem Mom Wed May-07-08 11:16 AM11
- Stephanopoulos: Not Dumb, but Plays Dumb on TV Memekiller Tue May-06-08 06:32 PM0
- It's the Misogyny Stupid... Seymour Glass Tue May-06-08 05:49 AM13
- Sunday morning: Clinton Steals One Show, While Obama Endures Another DeepModem Mom Mon May-05-08 05:55 PM11
- Obama Up Next on the O'Reilly Factor? DeepModem Mom Mon May-05-08 04:18 PM9
- The delusions of Brit Hume... travelingtypi... Sun May-04-08 03:57 PM3
- Five media related things the Democrats should do when they retake the executive branch: Hokie Sun May-04-08 08:23 AM2
- Democrats and Fox News Make Friends DeepModem Mom Fri May-02-08 11:53 PM3
- Are male media types dissing Clinton? DeepModem Mom Fri May-02-08 09:32 PM2
- 'Mission Accomplished': How the Media Covered the Bush Pronouncement 5 Years Ago DeepModem Mom Thu May-01-08 10:19 PM1
- Olbermann names NPR's Rudin "Worst Person" for comparing Clinton to Close in "Fatal Attraction" DeepModem Mom Thu May-01-08 01:21 PM9
- Can Joe "Dead Intern" Scabrous BE any more annoying? LSparkle Thu May-01-08 06:27 AM16
- Good God I hate Chris Matthews colorado thin... Thu May-01-08 06:25 AM10
- What if the Media Focused on All the Crimes of the Bushies??? Pierzin Wed Apr-30-08 03:43 PM5
- New York Times skips White House Correspondents' Dinner DeepModem Mom Sun Apr-27-08 03:03 PM9
- At media party, journos predict Obama is next Pres (Russert splits as "Tweety" Matthews arrives) DeepModem Mom Sun Apr-27-08 01:00 PM0
- Chris Matthews obsession with Obama's ability to "walk into a dinette" continues [View All] DeepModem Mom Sun Apr-27-08 12:59 AM22
- Olbermann clarifies "taking her into a room and only he comes out" comment DeepModem Mom Sat Apr-26-08 09:14 PM19
- Tony Snow's Litany of Past Sins One Sweet Wor... Fri Apr-25-08 11:16 AM3
- Torture in Iraq: 'Standard Operating Procedure'? (USAT review) struggle4prog... Thu Apr-24-08 10:54 PM1
- Mama just read my letter on the air wryter2000 Thu Apr-24-08 07:12 AM1
- Karl Rove to join Fox News Channel [View All] DeepModem Mom Wed Apr-23-08 06:53 PM26
- Steph just read my e-mail! - Obama/Wright/Ayers vs various Repuke zbdent Wed Apr-23-08 12:40 AM3
- Media criticize ABC moderators for "flat-out repulsive" debate, "specious, gossipy" subject matter DeepModem Mom Mon Apr-21-08 01:40 PM4
- "What's the Matter with Kansas?" author joins Wall Street Journal as columnist DeepModem Mom Mon Apr-21-08 12:37 PM2
- 3 years of FAUX NOISE... SHRED Sun Apr-20-08 08:51 PM2
- FCC Media Rules Pass ColbertWatche... Sun Apr-20-08 08:21 PM7
- Selling off our airwaves...... Joanne98 Sun Apr-20-08 08:09 PM1
- For Chris Matthews, misogyny pays One Sweet Wor... Sat Apr-19-08 07:20 PM12
- Randi Rhodes [View All] bookman Sat Apr-19-08 05:16 PM35
- The MSM just runs wild with... SHRED Thu Apr-17-08 10:55 PM5
- Tim Robbins Addresses the National Association of Broadcasters ~ A Must Listen! fingrpik Thu Apr-17-08 02:35 PM3
- Joyner cites Obama flak as reason Smiley is leaving radio show maddezmom Wed Apr-16-08 11:39 PM5
- Who is Sam Seder and why should I help him get a 'daily show'? Bobbieo Wed Apr-16-08 03:39 PM10
- Laura Bush gets an hour as guest host on 'Today' show DeepModem Mom Tue Apr-15-08 11:39 PM5
- Inside Cable News: Most Powerful in TV News? DeepModem Mom Mon Apr-14-08 07:24 PM2
- TV News 10 Most Powerful; NBC News chief replaces Ailes at top of list DeepModem Mom Mon Apr-14-08 12:47 PM0
- Murdoch, Zell Appointed to AP Board maddezmom Mon Apr-14-08 11:57 AM2
- The Goddess of Radio returns in... travelingtypi... Mon Apr-14-08 09:00 AM1
- NYT Magazine: The Aria of Chris Matthews DeepModem Mom Sun Apr-13-08 10:57 PM7
- Duers, what are the best sources of information about US politics Lou Queb Sat Apr-12-08 10:23 PM7
- Corprat-owned Media Balks at FCC Rules Requiring Them to Provide Public Info Triana Fri Apr-11-08 06:23 PM3
- CBS News, Katie Couric Are Likely to Part Ways question ever... Fri Apr-11-08 02:08 PM5
- National media kills Obama/Rezko - now ignores Obama/Wright/Lewis - why papau Thu Apr-10-08 10:02 PM13
- Seder alert wryter2000 Thu Apr-10-08 03:42 PM4
- AZN TV Goes Dark, Poor Ad Revs Blamed kickysnana Thu Apr-10-08 02:41 AM1
- News Corp, Microsoft discuss joint Yahoo bid: report Eugene Wed Apr-09-08 11:20 PM1
- NYT Mag Matthews preview: Tweety's contract expires next year; MSNBC looking for a cheaper host? DeepModem Mom Tue Apr-08-08 09:15 PM10
- It was Matthews, NOT Olbermann, who claimed to feel "this thrill going up my leg" BerryBush Tue Apr-08-08 09:00 PM1
- CBS Said to Consider Use of CNN in Reporting No Surrender Tue Apr-08-08 07:17 AM2
- BBC Web site has a "new look", and it sucks. eppur_se_muov... Mon Apr-07-08 03:26 PM4
- Cable news changes: "Super Tuesday that never ends" DeepModem Mom Mon Apr-07-08 10:34 AM0
- VIDEO- if I didn't know any better I would have though Lauer just called Russert "a little moron" underpants Mon Apr-07-08 08:42 AM1
- Very few TV "news" or "news journal" shows... SHRED Mon Apr-07-08 07:41 AM2
- Randi's been suspended? wryter2000 Sun Apr-06-08 04:33 PM17
- Humans not the big dog when it comes to eliciting sympathy struggle4prog... Sat Apr-05-08 03:21 AM0
- AAR in NYC ramapo Fri Apr-04-08 02:35 PM16
- NYT editorial page editor: "Vanity Fair" report about Clinton endorsement "completely false" DeepModem Mom Thu Apr-03-08 12:57 AM3
- Politics Benefits CNN: Beats Fox "News" in primetime demo for first time since 2001 DeepModem Mom Wed Apr-02-08 11:33 AM3
- Olbermann Counting Up...Happy At Last DeepModem Mom Wed Apr-02-08 10:07 AM11
- NYC: Last Chance for Liberal Radio Talk until Noon Right Here! no_hypocrisy Tue Apr-01-08 06:08 AM1
- MSM seesPaulson's 218 page deregulation of Wall Street and notes only Investment Bk disclosures papau Mon Mar-31-08 04:44 PM1
- Schultz nailed by Clinton caller travelingtypi... Mon Mar-31-08 04:41 PM12
- Why does Does Keith Olbermann refuse to broadcast the tape of Rev Wright? [View All] papau Mon Mar-31-08 12:39 AM45
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